Monday 4/29/13 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

Dixie cries as she caresses a photo of her and Tad. Adam wakes Brooke up from a recurring nightmare involving the shooting by JR at their engagement party. AJ advises Brooke to just move on, but she is haunted by how much they lost that day. Adam asks her to marry him, and she accepts. Angie is happy when Jesse serves all her favorite foods for breakfast to make her feel better. She's sad that Lucy now lives in Portland and that Pine Valley lost part of its soul 5 years ago. After a few more kisses, Jesse urges Angie to get dressed for a surprise: Cassandra is coming from Paris. There's only one problem, she never arrived. At the hospital locker room, Cara recalls making passionate love to David until Griffin snaps her out of her reverie. In a hospital room, Griffin and Cara sadly stare at someone who's been there for the last five years. Griffin assures Cara that David will never find out, since he's behind bars for manslaughter. Now out of prison, David goes to a PV cemetery where he vows revenge.

Miranda walks in on AJ playing air guitar naked. She's upset at the nasty comments she always gets about having two moms, but AJ promises to always defend her. At school, her crush on Hunter Morrison disturbs AJ. Looking at a picture of Palmer, Opal excitedly waits for her "baby boy" to come home. Meanwhile, Peter drives to Pine Valley while listening to "Internet Killed the Video Star." Opal welcomes Pete with hugs and kisses then shows him her latest project, a scrapbook all about him: "Silicon Valley's hottest young mogul." Her wish is for him to revive Cortlandt Electronics, but he advises her to let the company go. While out for some air, Pete sees a damsel in distress named Celia. He's impressed enough to stay in town a few extra days, which pleases Opal.

***Bonus Recap by Suzanne

Brooke is sad about the shooting that took place five years earlier. Adam comforts her and proposes marriage again after admitting that he has neglected her. Brooke agrees and also signs some business papers for him. Now-teenaged AJ thinks Brooke should get past the shooting. He and Miranda are good friends. Brooke asks Miranda how Bianca is. Miranda replies that she is as good as she ever is since what happened. AJ angrily yells that they all need to let it go and move on. Miranda likes a boy at school named Hunter, but AJ is not too impressed with the guy. Jesse makes a special breakfast for Angie to distract her from the anniversary of the shooting; they have couch sex and then eat strawberries. Lucy and her mom have moved to Portland; Angie misses Lucy. They talk a lot about the past and their family. Jesse worries about his surprise for Angie (a visit from Cassandra) when he can't get Cassie on the phone. He's expecting her to fly in from Paris, but she's not answering him. Jesse is shocked to find out that Cassie never showed up at the airport. Dixie looks at an old photo of her and Tad, caressing it.

Pete arrives back in town in a flashy Porsche convertible. Opal welcomes him home but reminisces about Palmer. She asks Pete to help fix Cortlandt Electronics because he's a big Silicon Valley success. The CEO of the company wants to break up and sell the company, but Opal doesn't want that. Pete is reluctant to move back home; she chastises him for not visiting more often. He goes for a ride and admires a cute girl name Celia. He helps her when she drops some papers and eats an apple she dropped on the ground. He learns that she is "taking a gap year" and teaching art history at her old high school. He admits that he took a gap year, too, but it lasted a lot longer when he dropped out of Stanford and started his own company. She wonders what he's doing there, and he can't really answer. He notices that she dropped her locket. Opal questions him when he returns. He might stay around a while, so she is overjoyed. Celia's headmistress, Evelyn, asks her to explain why she has a condom. Cara has a sexual fantasy about David at the hospital. Cara and Griffin look sadly at a coma patient. Griffin remarks that she and the patient are both victims of David. Cara is worried that David will find out what she did, but Griffin reminds her that David is behind bars for manslaughter. David is released from prison and heads back to town. His cab driver recognizes him as the person who did the shooting at Chandler mansion. David visits someone's grave, saying that there's going to be hell to pay.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline sees red again when she finds Rick talking to that girl again out on the Rooftop while doing his workout. Of course he is surrounded by Carter, Marcus, Thomas and other hot bodies, but all she can see is Rick and Maya. She grunts that she doesn’t see what he sees in her and there must be some way to get rid of her. She rushes up to Rick and says since he seems to be into charity cases, she has one for him. It’s time for another Spencer Cancer Fundraiser and she needs his help. She bemoans to Hope that Rick can not drag that jailbird into this, but what is more hot than men and their hot bodies. She can work this into a fundraiser somehow. Caroline gushes her plans for the fundraiser to Rick and wants it to be there in the showroom and he okays it. Liam and Steffy continue to be hot on their honeymoon. He won’t have the stamina to make it up that hill.

Taylor demands Brooke tell her just what is going on between her and Bill. Brooke turns her back and says the conversation is over; nothing happened that night. Eric walks into his office and sees the two and asks what is going on. Ms. Blabbermouth can’t resist and tells Eric that Brooke spent the night with Bill the night before Katie had her heart failure. She didn’t deny it because she can’t. Brooke has crossed the line. Eric listens but tells Taylor to back off. He wants her to leave Brooke alone. The way she is talking is that she is trying to get Brooke to admit something she hasn’t done. He wants her to drop it right now. He laments that Taylor is treating Brooke unfairly and he is siding with Brooke. Maybe Taylor should not be treating Katie either. Thorne calls and needs Eric so he leaves. Brooke reminds Taylor what Eric just said so not one more word about this. Brooke taunts Taylor that she must be jealous of Brooke or perhaps insecure where Eric is concerned. She snaps her fingers and says Taylor better think twice before she says any more against Brooke as she could have Eric just as easy as that!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano agreed to help Will see his daughter.  Sami and Will were relieved.  EJ knew that Stefano would help them.  Gabi was upset that Nick didnít think they would work things out with Will over the baby.  Nick apologized for upsetting her and said they would work things out.  Vargas got money from someone.  Ciara was caught looking at the picture of Kristen and Sy.  When John realized that he would be able to keep Brady from Kristen, Roman showed up to talk to him.  Roman wanted to know what was going on.  John didnít want to talk to him and walked away.  Vargas called Nick and told him to meet him.  Nick lied to Gabi and told her he was going to meet Kate.  Once Stefano left, Sami wanted to destroy the evidence of Willís confession.  Nick met with Vargas.  Sami called Lucas so they could go check the Kiriakis mansion.  Roman met up with John and argued over what John was doing to Marlena.  Roman warned John about hurting Marlena John thought Roman was going to put a move on Marlena.

Will called Gabi so she could meet him.  Gabi agreed to meet him.  Will let Sami know that Gabi was going to meet him so they could go to the Kiriakis mansion.  Vargas reminded Nick about what he did for him in prison.  Ciara talked to Kristen at the town square.  Roman let John know that he wasnít going after Marlena.  When they finished arguing, Roman left.  Brady saw John and wanted to know what he was trying to do.  Will and Gabi talked about the baby.  Vargas wanted Nick to triple $30,000 for him so he could start a new life.  Sami and Sonny searched the Kiriakis mansion.  Ciara told Kristen that she got in trouble because of her.  Kristen wanted to know what happened.  Brady confronted John about his past with Kristen.  John talked to Brady about the miscarriage Kristen had and how it changed her.  While Ciara and Kristen were talking, Ciara told her she was giving Brady a picture.  Brady was listening while they were talking.  While Sami and Sonny were searching Nick and Gabiís room, Sonny found Willís confession on the laptop.  Sami thought Nick would have more proof somewhere else so they looked for a flash drive.  While they were looking, Nick came back.  Ciara gave Kristen the envelope and told her to open it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia invites him to dinner at the Metro Court for his birthday. He is still shell shocked from last yearís birthday party at the Metro Court when Connie set him up to catch her in bed with Johnny. She assures him that she isnít throwing him a surprise party and that he wonít have to see anyone he doesnít want to see. At Pentonville, Johnny asks Connie to tell Carly that her son Morgan is in danger because he is in deep with a gambling debt to an online gambling outfit that one of the convicts runs. He says it will only get worse when Morganís association with the Corinthos family comes out. Connie wonders why he is telling her instead of Carly. He says Carly wonít accept his calls and Kristinaís community service was transferred to another facility so he canít tell her either. He says his wife was the only person left. She apologizes for the way she treated him when she was sick. He tells her that he wonít fight a divorce and that she can have everything. She agrees to relay the information to Carly. At the Metro Court, AJ asks Carly if she can get him a last-minute table. She concludes that he has already messed things up with Elizabeth and doesnít want to help him weasel out of it. Olivia and Sonny arrive and find AJ grappling with Carly. Olivia tells Carly that they are there for Sonnyís birthday. Carly apologizes for forgetting Sonnyís birthday. AJ starts in on Sonny about Michael apparently forgetting too. He says he must be preoccupied with Brenda. He goads Sonny until he finds Sonnyís fist embedded in his face. He gets up from the floor and starts goading Sonny again. Carly lays into AJ with insults. He falls to the floor and has a panic attack, which Sonny finds fitting. Carly escorts AJ out. Connie just misses Carly. Olivia forces Sonny to make a wish and blow out a candle on a birthday cake. When he opens his eyes, Connie is standing there.

TJ asks Shawn for $500 for prom. Shawn says TJ can earn it by picking up extra shifts behind the counter. Molly and Alexis visit Sam, Danny, and Rafe. When Molly heads out to meet TJ for their date, Sam tells Rafe to go with Molly. Once they are alone, Sam reveals to Alexis that she is worried about Rafe because she thinks he is traumatized. Alexis suggests that Sam give Rafe time to adjust because it is a major life change for him. Outside of Kellyís, Molly realizes that the only other time Rafe had been there was the night his mother died. He says it is OK because he met Molly that night and she treated him as if he mattered. She says he does matter. He kisses her and admits that he has liked her since the day they met. She protests that he knows she has a boyfriend. He says he thinks she likes him too. She tells him that friendship is all she can give him. Rafe goes home. Molly goes inside to meet TJ. TJ wonders what is wrong. She denies that it is about Rafe.

Emma wonders why Sabrina is at her house instead of on a date with her daddy. Sabrina and Felix tell her that Patrick is with a patient who is having a procedure, but that they are not allowed to tell her who the patient is. Britt asks Patrick to go with her into the consultation with the abortion doctor. The doctor asks Britt if she is certain about her decision. Britt says she doesnít have any other options because Patrick is with someone else and single parenthood isnít an option for her. Patrick tells her that he never said he would abandon the baby. He says he would take responsibility if she had it. Patrick is pleasantly surprised when he goes home and finds Sabrina sleeping on his sofa. She tells him that she is subbing for Felix, who is subbing for another nurse at the hospital. He tells her that Britt decided to keep the baby. At the clinic, the receptionist asks Britt if she wants to reschedule the procedure. Britt says that wonít be necessary because she wasnít planning to have the procedure in the first place.

OLTL Recap Written by Anthony

Viki and Clint talk about the past couple of months and their relationship in general. Viki explains that she is having a great day based on an article that makes Dorian look bad. Over at Dorian's house, David and a camera man shoot an online web series due to the success of DVD sales on his film. Dorian storms in with her oil painting and a copy of the new article. She explains that she needs to fix her career. Dorian sports a hair style similar to Michelle Obama's in order to help fix her image. Natalie and a SORA'd toddler Liam discuss where she will be going for the night while she gets changed.

At Tťa's house, she is still depressed over the loss of her child and plays with the baby's toys and other things. She ignores Dani who clearly is hurt and leaves her alone. Tťa then sings a Spanish lullaby to a teddy bear. At Bo and Nora's apartment, he yells at Matthew over drugs that he found in his room. Matthew denies that they're his and attempts to leave the apartment but keeps getting yelled at. He storms out of the apartment not wanting to reveal whose drugs they are. Newcomer Jeffrey King, a reporter who found the story on Dorian, comes to Llanfair to discuss his future with Viki who is pleased with his work and says he may have a good chance at a future with the Banner. Jeffrey, who assumes he is spending the night over at Matthew's, leaves with him to go to Shelter.

At the airport, Todd has a limo take him to Shelter. Matthew runs into Destiny at the club who tells him off for not letting her have a social life when he does not want to be part of the baby's life. Natalie and Cutter dance for a brief second. Natalie then goes back home, strips down to nothing but her bra and underwear, and lies on the couch. Blair is rejected by a guy she flirts with because he thinks she is a cougar. Todd gets to the club and storms in along with David who looks like a joke in disco clothes. Todd searches for Dani and finds her when she has passed out from drinking and drugs. At Bo and Nora's, Clint shows up and asks for Bo to be his best man to which he agrees. Dorian shows up at Viki's and wants her article retracted. In the end after Todd and everyone leave the club, it is revealed Victor was there and had been wondering around town.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In her hotel room, Tyler and Quinn make love. At the Underground, Noah and Donna get comfortable and make plans for the night. Nick and Avery argue. He insists that he asked her to marry him not because of Dylan but because he loved her. Sharon and Adam talk about their relationship. He cannot promise her anything more than they have right now. Adam says he is tired of involvement. Adam also reminds Sharon that Dr. Watkins advised her to stay away from him. Sharon lets Adam know that she is all right with the way things are between them right now. Dylan comes home and looks at a newspaper ad for a crib for sale. Avery visits Dylan to talk. Summer and Courtney get fake IDs in order to get into Nick’s club. Noah's plans for the evening fall through when Donna finds out he still lives with Nick. Sharon visits Nick and lets him know her plans for Faith and also to tell him that she had a talk with Avery. Adam remembers his talk with Sharon about Chelsea, her pregnancy, and the large settlement that he gave her. Adam gets his jacket on and leaves.

Mason confronts Noah about Nick and the job that he promised him. Noah lets him know that he will keep his promise. Noah and Tyler discuss Quinn and Tyler’s evening with her. Summer and Courtney enter the bar. Avery lets Dylan know that she isn’t sure what she wants. Courtney and Summer approach Mason for a talk. Tyler appears and blows Summer’s cover as being an older woman. Tyler warns Summer that she will ruin her image as the face of Jabot. Noah and Summer argue over the fact that she has a fake ID and is here in Nick’s club. Summer doesn’t want Nick to find out but he walks up behind her. Summer and Nick argue as usual. She says will be moving in with her mother and Jack. Adam and Avery have a heartfelt conversation about Chelsea and Dylan.

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