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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill hands baby Will to Katie and tells her to sit back and relax at the table; he has a few surprises for her. Lt. Baker has a sampling of Pam’s lemons bars and says he needs to see Brooke Logan. He needs to chat with her about her car. Without realizing she is giving up information, Pam says the bill for the car repair just arrived and Brooke has it now. Taylor shows up and Pam must run an errand and leaves her outside Eric’s door. When she hears that Lt. Baker is in there about a fender bender, Taylor listens at the door. She overhears him say that he thinks he knows what happened that night. Bill was driving drunk and they hid his car in her garage after the accident to be towed later and that’s why they are being on secretive. Steffy thanks Liam for the ideal honeymoon. She likes Bob Hope videos, but thinks they need a break from that if he is “up” for it. He says yeah and it was the ideal wedding too. He opines that she has no idea how hot it was when she drove up on the bike. She says she knew when it was right for them; the day he tore up the annulment papers.

Bill gives Katie a small box of big gorgeous diamond earrings. She gushes that he has given her so much, but she loves them. She apologizes again for losing her way. She loves him so much for being so supportive. That old Katie is gone; she is his fearless Katie again. She will never doubt him again or try to change him. Brooke tells Lt. Baker that he is only guessing. He says Bill Spencer is not worth lying for. He’s the kind of man that will do it again. As he leaves, Taylor walks in and tells Brooke what she just overheard. OMG, she brought Bill back to her house and he spent the night right in her own bed! Brooke confesses that Bill drank too much, and she brought him home and he did sleep in her bed, but nothing happened that night. Katie then came over, saw what she wanted to see and took off her rings and walked out saying she wanted a divorce. Despite what Brooke says that it was all innocent, Taylor knows deep in her gut that something happened….Brooke slept with her brother-in-law.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara told Brady that Kristen has a lot of money to give away to people.  Kristen wanted John to take the jersey and leave, but he grabbed her.  She told him to let her go.  Gabi and Rafe talked about Sami and his relationship with her.  Rafe told Gabi that Sami is marrying EJ.  Sami called Will to tell him to come to the DiMera mansion to talk to Stefano about helping him.  Kate and Nick talked about him keeping Will away from his daughter.  She threatened Nick if he continued to hurt Will.  Brady tried to explain how Kristen gives money to people.  Ciara wanted to show Brady what she was talking about.  Kristen wanted John to leave her office.  Gabi and Rafe talked about Sami living in the mansion.  Sami wanted Sonny to tell her where Gabi and Nick’s room was and to tell her when they are not in their room.  Ciara gave Brady the envelope, but he didn’t look at it because Hope came back.  Ciara lashed out because she missed Bo.  John refused to leave Kristen’s office until he found out what was going on.  He talked to her about the jersey and the game they played when he gave it to her.  John wondered if Kristen could be the woman she was then.  Kristen said that woman was dead because he killed her.  While Nick and Kate were talking, he told her how Rafe was stripping for charity.  While John and Kristen were talking about her not being the woman she was, Brady walked in on them.  Brady wanted to know what was going on between them.

Stefano came back home and was happy that EJ and Sami were getting married.  Sonny called Adrienne to pump her about who was there.  When Adrienne said everyone was out, he decided to go over there.  Kate ran into Rafe at the town square.  He told her about stripping at the club.  Will showed up at the DiMera mansion to talk to Stefano.  Brady was upset that John was bothering Kristen.  Brady was ready to fight John until Kristen told him to stop.  When Sonny got to the Kiriakis mansion, he talked to Adrienne about Will, Gabi and Nick.  Hope talked to Nick and Gabi about Will and Sonny being a part of the baby’s life.  Nick asked if that would be an ideal life for the baby.  Hope and Gabi wanted to know what he meant by that.  Will, Sami, and EJ told Stefano how Nick is blackmailing Will to keep him from his baby.  Kristen told Brady that she told John to see her so he could get the jersey back.  When John left, Brady was furious that John wouldn’t leave Kristen alone.  He wanted to know why she didn’t throw the jersey away.  He tried to tell her that John wasn’t over her.  He wanted to know how she felt about John.  He said it would be over between them if she had feelings for John.  Sonny talked to Adrienne about Nick and Gabi’s living situation.  Nick thought the baby would be confused about the situation until she’s older, but Hope assured him that things would be okay.  When Hope left, Gabi told Nick she agreed with Hope.  Sami and EJ talked about getting rid of the evidence at the police station.  Adrienne suspected that Sonny was trying to get information on Nick.  She warned him to be careful because she didn’t want him getting hurt. When Brady wanted Kristen to tell him the truth about her feelings for John, she kissed him.  The two started to make love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke shows up at Anna’s room with a room service cart. They chat over dinner and decide to take a chance on moving forward with their relationship. Carly refuses a collect call from Johnny Zacchara. Carly, Sabrina, and Felix discuss Sabrina and Patrick’s big first date. Carly tells Sabrina that Felix was mistaken when he said Sabrina should asks her for advice about men, but she offers to tell her what not to do. Britt goes to Patrick’s house and tells him that she can’t go through with the abortion alone. Felix arrives to babysit Emma and wonders why Britt is there. Patrick calls Sabrina to break their date. She says she understands. Carly says that will happen a lot with dating a doctor and says she will save the champagne for the next time. Sabrina joins Felix at Patrick’s house. Patrick and Britt go to the clinic.

Maxie confronts Ellie about hacking into her medical records. Connie hires someone else to take Maxie’s place at Crimson because Maxie has not shown up for her first day back at her job. She calls the woman “New Maxie.” New Maxie accepts a collect call from Johnny Zacchara and puts it through to Connie. Johnny demands that Connie come to see him at Pentonville immediately. Maxie arrives at Crimson to discover that she has been fired and replaced. She convinces Connie to rehire her. Connie tells her to organize her office while she goes to Pentonville to see what Johnny wants. She isn’t sure if they are still married or not. On her way out, Connie fires New Maxie. Maxie tells New Maxie not to worry about it because Connie hires and fires people all the time. New Maxie watches Maxie work her magic. Maxie finally asks New Maxie what her real name is. It is Gwyneth. Maxie feels her baby move for the first time. Ellie continues to try to hack into Maxie’s files. Spinelli calls her from his trip to see Betsy Frank. She makes up a story about locking herself out of the GH computer to persuade him to get her into the mainframe. She copies Maxie’s file to a flash drive and puts it in her pocket. Carly talks to Jason’s spirit and tells him that he would be proud of her for getting herself out of the Todd situation and refusing to talk to Johnny. At Pentonville, Johnny tells Connie that someone’s life is in danger.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam looks out the window when Sharon comes downstairs and lets him know that she is going to meet Avery. Sharon sees something wrong with Adam and asks him if he is all right. Victoria comes home just as Billy is getting ready to leave. Victoria had planned on getting to work on their project tonight. They begin to kiss and start upstairs when there is a knock on the door, and it is Nick. Dylan brings Chelsea to work. He tells her that he will be around for her and the baby. Anita overhears and asks “Your child?” Neil and Leslie have dinner and discuss Gus. Leslie tells Neil that she found the letters in the box of Gus’ things. Noah introduces Quinn and Donna to Tyler. Tyler apologizes for not hiring them. Sharon and Avery meet to discuss Nick. Avery tells Sharon that she fears that she is losing Nick. Sharon asks Avery if she did anything that would make Nick believe that she still wanted Dylan. Nick tells Victoria that he proposed to Avery. Victoria asks Nick if he loves Avery. Anita gets acquainted with Dylan and asks him some very pointed questions. Anita asks Dylan when he and Chelsea are getting married. Leslie gets a call from the hospital that Gus is worse. At the bar, Tyler and Quinn get better acquainted. Tyler gets a text message from Leslie about Gus. Victoria advises Nick to give it time between him and Avery. Avery tells Sharon that she hasn’t completely gotten over Dylan. Chelsea warns Anita not to ruin this for her or she will never forgive her. Anita advises Chelsea to get out of this mess before it blows up in her face. She wants Avery to call this thing off between her and Nick. Dylan asks Billy for a job. Although Billy has reservations, he soon agrees.

Adam comes in and sits down at the bar and orders a drink. Dylan begs Adam not to make a scene. Adam calls Chelsea a “con artist” and asks Dylan if he planned this all along. Billy comes in and interrupts them. Adam lets him know that he is there for another poker game. Victoria walks in and interrupts them and wants to know what they are talking about. Chelsea warns Anita that Adam can never find out about the baby. Avery comes in to Nick’s and only finds a note from Summer. Avery immediately pours two drinks when Nick comes in. Avery wants to get back with Nick the way things were, but Nick doubts that it will ever be there again. Gus asks to talk to Tyler. Leslie asks Gus about Rose when his heart monitor begins to beep. Nick asks Avery why she loves him and why she loves Dylan. Adam tells Dylan to take care of Chelsea. Victoria asks Billy what he and Adam were discussing. Billy lies to her and makes up another story. Sharon goes to visit Adam. Upon seeing her, Adam asks her what she wants. Adam reminds Sharon that this is not a relationship but only sex. Dylan brings Chelsea a “rose.” Avery tells Nick that he is the only man for her. Avery asks Nick if he is calling off the engagement.

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