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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke catches Hope moping over pix of Liam and Steffy’s wedding on the internet. Brooke tells her it is moving day…..time for her to move on. She is strong and she will survive; she is a Logan. There’s always Oliver. Hope says she is not ready for another relationship this quickly. Bill hands Katie her baby and some medication and she cries that she is sorry. She knows she put him through hell and he and Brooke have been so supportive. Donna comes by and she tells her that it feels so good and right being home with her family and Bill deserves better. She is going to work hard to be a better wife. Donna looks skeptical when Katie goes on and on about how loyal Bill has been and she’s done nothing to show her gratitude.

Caroline sashays into Rick’s office and proceeds to strip off her clothes and offers him his “breakfast”. She’s miffed when he has to turn her down. He’s got a meeting in his office. She’s even more miffed when it turns out to be Martha….er Maya. She makes a point for Maya of planting a big kiss on Rick before she leaves. She immediately heads outside to the Rooftop and finds Carter doing weights. She flirts by admiring his body but then gets to why she is there. She wants Maya out of the company and out of Rick’s life. She thinks Carter might want that too so he better get working on that. The word charity comes to mind….as Maya is a charity case to Rick, some little waif he can rescue. Suddenly the light bulb goes off in her head. Charity functions, that is right down her alley. It takes money to get things done she says. She can play this game. If Rick wants charity, she can do charity and throw the biggest function he has ever seen. Rick has his meeting with Hope, Oliver and Maya present and a few young ladies vying for the job as another of his spokespersons for the campaign. Maya thanks him for bringing her into his life. Brooke calls Bill to check on Katie. She says she would have called Katie, but she thought she might be resting. After hanging up, they think of each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John thought about Kristen and was ready for her to make her move.  Ciara wanted to talk to Hope about Brady and Kristen.  Brady was upset that Kristen still had the jersey John gave her.  She explained why she still had it and he bought her explanation.  They were both curious as to why John gave her the jersey.  Brady suspected that John had feelings for Kristen.  Ciara told Hope that she knew something about Kristen.  Vargas ran into Nicole at the pub, but things didnít go well.  He left so he wouldnít have to be bothered with her.  When Brady left the room, Kristen called John and told him to meet her at her office.

Nicole talked to Abe about wanting to be a good person.  When Ciara was about to show Hope the picture, Bo called and told Hope that he wasnít coming home.  Ciara wanted to know what was going on.  Hope told her it was bad news.  John met with Kristen at her office.  She wanted to straighten things out.  Jennifer talked to Seth about getting her job back.  Seth gave her her job back.  Maxine and Jennifer celebrated the news, Anne was upset.  Kristen gave John the jersey back.  They started about the pictures she gave him.  He taunted her about her wanting to see him.  She told him she wouldnít let him come between her and Brady.  Ciara had a fit over Bo not coming home.  Brady had to come to the rescue to get Ciara to calm down.  Jennifer wanted to start over again with Anne, but Anne didnít want to get along her.  They ended up getting into an argument.  Nicole went to the rectory to get her stuff.  While she was there, Eric told her she shouldnít quit.  Brady talked to Ciara about his father not being around when he was her age.  She asked him if he got to see his father now.  John and Kristen talked about Bradyís reaction to the jersey.  She wanted him to leave, but he wanted to keep talking.  Eric told Nicole that he wanted to be friends and she agreed to be friends again.  While Ciara and Brady were talking, she told him that she knew a secret about Kristen.  Kristen told John to leave her and Brady alone.  When she pushed him away, he grabbed her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth confronts AJ about telling Nikolas to stay away from her. He admits that he may have overreacted to seeing them hugging but that he doesnít trust Nikolas. She asks him if he trusts her. He says she did sleep with Nikolas behind Luckyís back. She canít believe he threw that in her face and concludes that he just called her a slut. She says he is in no position to judge anyone. He says he didnít mean it that way and that he thinks there is something good between him. She tells him that there is nothing between them and that she was wrong to believe that he had changed. Tracy offers Nikolas a partnership in Pickle-Tracy. He brings her up to speed about Stavros having not been dead and having done something to erase all of Luluís memories. He says Stavros really is dead this time, but that Lulu became overwhelmed and ran away. Tracy is confident that Lulu will be alright. She tells Nikolas about losing everything to AJ. Nikolas agrees to help her, but says they canít call the product Pickle-Tracy. Tracy goes to Kellyís and gloats to AJ about her new business partner as she retrieves Nikolasís pants that Elizabeth forgot to take with her.  

Dante tells Milo that some low-life dirtbag ran off with Lulu last night and asks for his and Maxís help to find her. Maxie reminds Dante that Lulu has an inbuilt Spencer survival instinct and that her gut probably told her that the person she left with was safe. Dante realizes that Lulu might have left the bar with someone that knows her. Mac brings out all the credit card receipts from last night so they can find out who was in the bar and gives Dante the bartender that was on dutyís contact information. Lulu hits Max over the head when he lets himself into Miloís apartment with his key. He almost shoots her. He wonders why the bossís daughter-in-law is in Miloís apartment wearing only Miloís shirt. He starts banging on the bathroom door threatening Milo. She assures Max that she and Milo didnít sleep together. He wonders why she spent the night there and if she didnít feel like she was taking advantage of Miloís longtime crush on her. She reveals that she doesnít remember anything. He tells her his name. She tells him about running away from the hospital and asking Milo to hide her. Milo returns to the apartment and tells Lulu how worried everyone is. He says he didnít tell them where she is, but that they will figure it out soon, so she needs to call Dante. She asks for more time to look herself up on the Internet. Max says if she doesnít call Dante right now, he will. She makes the call and tells Dante that she is fine, but that she canít tell him where she is. She says she is sorry, but she isnít ready. She hangs up on him.  

Patrick asks Britt if she is sure she wants to have an abortion. She says she thought it was what Patrick wanted, and then confirms that she is having the procedure today. He offers to go with her, but she says no. Sabrina and Felix stop by to talk to Patrick about passing the babysitting gauntlet to Felix while Patrick and Sabrina go on a date later. Emma announces that she isnít a baby, but her brother or sister will be. Patrick tells Sabrina about his conversation with Britt. He explains to Emma that there wonít be a baby after all. She says she isnít sad about it, but she thinks he is. Britt catches Ellie looking at Maxieís file. Ellie says Dante and Lulu have the right to know if something is wrong with their baby. Britt says the baby is perfectly healthy and that Ellie will be out of a job if Dr Quartermaine finds out that she was snooping in confidential patient files. She says Ellie wouldnít be interested if the patient were anyone other than Maxie. She warns Ellie to drop it. Britt calls Maxie and tells her what Ellie tried to do. Maxie goes to the hospital and startles Ellie as she is attempting to hack into Maxieís file again. Britt goes to Patrickís house and tells him that she couldnít go through with the abortion.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine is upset that Cane told Jill and Murphy about her surgery, but Cane makes Katherine realize that her family and friends love her and want to be there for her. Jill sees Nikki talking to Dr. Costner who is also Katherine’s doctor and assumes that Nikki and Cane were the only ones that knew about Katherine’s condition. Nikki tells Jill she didn’t know about Katherine’s brain tumor. Nikki goes to Katherine’s hospital room and tells her about her MS. They tell each other how much they love each other. Katherine tells Cane she is grateful to have him in her life and asks him to run Chancellor Industries if anything should happen to her Cane agrees in order to give Katherine peace of mine, but he assures her she will come out of the surgery just fine. Lily gets jealous when she sees Tyler flirting with one of the models who is auditioning to be the face of the Jabot fashion line. Tyler thinks that Summer should audition to be the model, but she doesn’t want to make Chelsea uncomfortable. Chelsea tells her she doesn’t blame her for the accident anymore and thinks Summer deserves a second chance. Lily looks at Summer’s pictures and agrees that she would be the perfect model for the new fashion line.

Cane walks into the Jabot fashion office and looks a little bothered when he walk and sees Tyler and Lily talking and laughing together. Cane asks Lily to come back to the hospital with him and wait for Katherine to get out of surgery. Adam gives Chelsea the final divorce papers and tells her now she is free to sleep with any random stranger. Chloe continues to push Chelsea to forget about Adam and concentrate on Dylan but she feels guilty about lying to him. Adam goes to work and is bothered because Victor closed a deal without him. Adam asks Victor to give him the main office because he is CEO but then he agrees to take Sharon’s old office, because he doesn’t feel like arm wrestling Victor for the main office. Victor gives Adam the keys to the penthouse, and Adam calls Gloria to tell her to sell his mansion with the furniture included, because he wants to move on with his life. Nick and Sharon talk to Faith who tells Nick she is worried about losing her family if Nick marries Avery. Nick explains to Faith that Avery makes him happy and assures her that, even if they live in separate houses, they will always be a family. Dylan tells Avery that Chelsea is having his baby, so he will be staying in Genoa City, because there is nothing left for him in Chicago. Adam christens his new penthouse by making love to Sharon on top of the piano keys. Avery tells Nick that Dylan got Chelsea pregnant, so Nick tells Avery that he has to make sure that Faith doesn’t have more changes in her life that won’t last. Nick tells Avery that he can’t marry her until he is sure she doesn’t have feelings for Dylan.

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