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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester jet is flying and Steffy and Liam kiss and call each other husband and wife. She still wants to know where they are going on a honeymoon, but thinks she knows since he said it is her most favorite place on the earth and that is Aspen, Colorado. She’s ecstatic and that calls for another kiss. In her office Hope looks a little down while looking at wedding pix on the internet of Liam and Steffy. Oliver enters and tries to cheer her up by bringing her a box of her favorite cupcakes and suggests they eat them together. She says that is sweet of him. He knows it will take a while to get over Liam, but vows that he will always be there for her. She says it should be her wedding day. He suggests she ought to hate Liam yet she doesn’t. He says things will look better tomorrow and gives her a hug. Katie is glad to be home from the hospital. She thanks both Bill and Brooke for being so attentive and taking such good care of her and Will while she was gone. She apologizes and says she can’t believe it took her almost dying again to realize how insensitive and crazy she was to accuse them of crossing the line. She hasn’t been herself and she appreciates Brooke’s loyalty and support. She says she is glad to have her life back and thanks Bill for giving her another chance.

Alone in their bedroom, Bill brings Katie her baby. She holds him close and says it is so good to see his big smile again. She keeps going back to what could have happened and Bill says they do not need to talk about that now. She’s home and healthy and that is all that matters. But she can’t let it go. She apologizes again and says he and Brooke were right. She was over-reacting. She tells Bill that she loves him and she will never walk out on him again. She doesn’t want anything to change and that includes Bill. Their family is so special and she doesn’t want that to change. Bill moves closer and gives her a little kiss. He puts Will to bed although Katie says she might bring him in later to their bed. She doesn’t want to make a big deal of it (then why doesn’t she shut up) but she says she does trust him with Will. She never should have said she didn’t. She says she is going to get ready for bed. She’d like it if he says goodbye to her sister. He says he will see her out. He thanks Brooke for having his car towed. She said she didn’t want it there when Katie came home as a reminder of that night. She assures him Lt. Baker has not come back around asking questions. The honeymoon couple opens the door to the cabin and Steffy remarks that she has one romantic husband with the way it looks, all filled with flowers, candles, chocolate covered strawberries….and Liam quips the frij is stocked with anchovies and ice crème. They won’t have to leave this place for days. She jumps on the bed and says that is the idea. They make light of the fact that not every kid, whether girl or boy, gets to go on his parent’s honeymoon. When Steffy is out of the room, Liam gets a message of congratulations from Hope. Bill tells Brooke there is so much he’d like to say. He didn’t expect it to turn out this way. She says there is no need to say more, this is all to the good. She wants her sister to be happy. He wipes a tear from her eye and says the same for her. She deserves a good man. She says that will happen eventually but what they shared……they will just have to let that go. Katie is home and wants this to work out, so he needs to be the husband that she wants him to be. What they shared together, he just needs to hold onto that and nurture it and it will grow. He says he will. She just wants him to be happy; that’s all she wants for him and everything will fall into place. Before she lets herself out, Brooke looks around the living room at the wedding pictures and thinks of all the good times with Bill…..the walks in Aspen, the balloon ride, their kisses, making love and her telling him he had to put the rings back on Katie’s finger. No looking back, she lets herself out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vargas was upset that Nicole called out Ericís name.  She tried to explain what happened, but he was upset.  Maxine, Abby, and Jenniferís plan to make Anne look bad worked.  They got Rafe, Daniel, and Brady to dance at the strip joint with Cameron.  It was for a fundraiser for the pediatric center.  Cameron confessed to Seth that he temporarily worked at the strip joint to pay off student loans.  Seth was happy that they raised the money.  Anne still wanted Cameron to be fired, but her plan backfired.  Ann warned everyone that this wasnít over. 

Father Matt talked to Eric about his feelings for Nicole.  Nicole didnít want Vargas to tell Eric about her feelings for Eric.  Vargas agreed not to say anything, but he would tell Eric how he (Vargas) felt about her.  He walked out of the room.  While Sami and Rafe were talking, Kristen let it slip that Sami was engaged to EJ.  While Abby was talking to Cameron about why she came up with her scheme, Cameron kissed her.  Nicole ran into Father Matt who told her that she owed Eric an explanation about what happened. Vargas went to see Eric and wanted forgiveness for being with Nicole.  Cameron let Abby know that he appreciated her help.  Nicole went to see Eric.  Rafe was surprisingly understanding about Sami marrying EJ which surprised her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy goes to the Floating Rib to pitch her motherís relish to Mac. He canít wait to stock up on Pickle-Lila. She tells him that since she owns the recipe but ELQ owns the name, she is re-branding it as Pickle-Tracy. He doesnít think people will buy it without Lilaís image. Meanwhile, AJ and Michael work on putting together a new recipe for Pickle-Lila in the kitchen at Kellyís. AJ cuts Shawn in on the operation in exchange for his expertise about a spice from Afghanistan. Tracy goes to Kellyís and pitches Pickle-Tracy to Shawn. AJ pops his head out of the kitchen and tells her that Pickle-Lila is making a comeback after all. They have her taste a sample with the spice that Shawn added and she has to admit that it isnít bad. AJ reveals that ELQís assets are no longer frozen so they are taking it to production. Tracy thinks to ask Nikolas to invest. Elizabeth and Nikolas have a moment when she falls on him while withholding his pants to keep him from leaving the hospital to look for Lulu. He agrees to stay in the hospital. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that AJ advised him to stay away from her after seeing them hugging. Tracy arrives to hear Elizabethís tirade about AJ overstepping his bounds. She tells Elizabeth where AJ is. Elizabeth goes to Kellyís to confront AJ.

Spinelli tells Ellie that he doesnít think any secret Maxie is keeping about the baby she is carrying for Dante and Lulu is their concern. Ellie says he should be concerned because Lulu is his friend and her baby is in trouble. He asks her to table it until he returns from his trip to find Lauren Frank. However, she takes the opportunity to look up Maxieís file when Dr. Evans fails to log off the triage computer. Maxie stops by to see Lulu, but Dante tells her that Lulu is missing again. He tells Maxie about Luluís amnesia and that Lulu left the hospital. He says he is worried because she is out there alone and doesnít know who anyone is. He blames himself for coming on too strong with Lulu. He wonít allow Maxie to ditch her first day back at Crimson to help look for Lulu. He only asks that she take care of the baby. She says she knows Lulu will remember that she loves him. Lulu wakes up at Miloís place. She had chatted with him at the Floating Rib and learned that he was her father-in-lawís bodyguard and asked him to let her hide out at his apartment.

Felicia bites into a beautiful diamond engagement ring with a handful of peanuts and puts it on. Mac says it isnít from him. Maxie stops in at the Floating Rib and tells her mother that they mystery ring is Luluís. Maxie calls Dante and gets the stuck ring off Feliciaís finger. Lulu realizes that she probably left her ring at the bar, but she doesnít want to go get it and risk being sent back to the hospital so she asks Milo to go get it for her. Mac calls the bartender that was on duty last night and verifies that Lulu was there last night. Milo walks into the bar just as Mac tells Dante that Lulu left with a well built man in his late 20s and Dante crushes his glass in his hand.  Lulu looks herself up on an Internet search engine on Miloís computer. Someone knocks on the door. .

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily and Neil discuss the new clothing line for Jabot. Cane and Lily wonder where Tyler is. Tyler and Leslie stand vigil at the hospital for word on their father’s condition. Leslie begs Tyler to make peace with their father before it is too late. At the restaurant, Billy asks Carmine if he would like to take the restaurant off his hands, but Carmine  wants no part of it. Billy urges Carmine not to let Victoria know about his gambling. Michael comes home to Lauren and tells her that he made a decision. Phyllis and Summer hug. Phyllis gives Summer her present that she got her in Istanbul. Phyllis asks Summer why she is dressing so grown up. Kyle congratulates Billy on the restaurant. Jack also joins them. Michael and Lauren argue as usual. Lauren takes the blame for their failed marriage. Leslie asks Tyler if the name “Rose” means anything to him. Leslie explains to Tyler that Gus mentioned the name Rose when he woke up. Neil, Cane, and Lily discuss the new clothing line for Jabot and that Lily and Tyler will be in charge. Lily asks Cane why he is all for her and Tyler to be in charge of the new product line. Neil asks Lily what is going on between her and Tyler. Lily denies that anything is going on. Leslie lets Tyler know about the box of things that Gus brought home with him from the prison. Leslie visits Gus and urges him to stay in town so they can make things better between them. Jack tries to get Billy to come back to work at Jabot but he refuses. Jack congratulates Billy on the new restaurant venture. Jack lets Billy and Kyle know that Phyllis is moving in with him. Phyllis informs Summer that she is moving in with Jack. Summer volunteers that she would like to live there also. Phyllis reminds her that Kyle will be there too.

Jack asks Billy how Victoria feels about the restaurant. Billy says that she went back to work at Newman. Summer insists that she is completely over Kyle. She tells Phyllis that she cannot live with Nick anymore because of Avery. Michael asks Lauren how she made things worse for them. Fenmore walks in. Michael lets them know that he is moving out. Fenmore accuses Michael of not even trying to make things better. Leslie asks Gus about Rose. Gus denies knowing a woman by the name of Rose. Cane catches up with Tyler at the hospital and finds out that his father had a heart attack. Lily denies that anything is going on between her and Tyler. Phyllis asks Jack if Summer can move in with them. Jack agrees. Kyle and Summer meet at the restaurant for a brief moment before Fenmore interrupts them. Fenmore wants a more meaningful relationship with Summer, but all she wants is to be a friend to him. Carmine urges Fenmore to go after what he wants. Tyler gets a call from Monica. Leslie tells Neil about the box, but he insists that she stay out of it. Leslie opens the box and finds some love letters. Lauren joins Carmine at the bar. She tells him that she needs to disappear in bed for a couple of days. Carmine insists that he join her.

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