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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter tells Liam and Steffy that it’s official – they are husband and wife. Eric announces that the cake is ready so they all should go inside. Taylor wants to give a quick toast as she is overjoyed to welcome Liam to the family. Bill gives his best man toast. As a parent, he says knowing your son has found his true partner in life feels pretty damn good. He welcomes Steffy back into the family as a true Spencer. Eric follows by giving his and tells Steffy that the original Stephanie set a high standard and he is sure she is smiling today. They all look toward the portrait over the mantle. He too welcomes Liam into the family. He reminds Steffy she may be a Spencer now, but she will always be a Forrester too. Donna and Brooke show up at the hospital where they find Dr. Meade announcing good results for Katie and may even be sending her home today. They all laugh over having a good excuse not to go to the wedding. Later Donna tells Brooke that she won’t judge. Katie did take off her rings twice and pushed Bill toward Brooke. They did get much closer, but Brooke is doing everything right now and encouraging Bill to go back to Katie. Brooke promises that nothing happened that night that Bill slept over so Katie has nothing to worry about and Katie won’t let anything else come between her and Bill.

Liam tells the group that they are all a fun group, but he and Steffy have to go. They have a honeymoon, but first he has a surprise for his bride. He tells Eric that he actually inspired this. No, it’s not the Celtic Woman but Julia Michaels whom Steffy adores. They are thrilled to have her sing. Before they leave, Katie reflects back on that night and questions Brooks one more time. She needs to hear again that nothing happened that night between Brooke and Bill. Brooke assures her that no, nothing did (but oh that next morning). Brooke says she simply needs to appreciate Bill more….go on more adventures with him, do not try to change him, do not take off her rings again, just accept him as he is. Katie assures her that she will. As the crowd throws lots of black confetti, Liam and Steffy leave with her dancing out the door and down the walk and kissing Liam at the end. They holler they are married!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Maxine told Abby that Anne was questioning the hospital administratorís assistant about a personnel problem.  Maxine wanted to know if there was something going on with Cameron.  Eric walked in on Nicole and Vargas kissing on the desk.  Ciara continued to look at the picture of Kristen and Sy.  When Ciara was walking towards Brady and Kristen, they left the pub.  Abby told Maxine about Cameron stripping and how it was her fault that Anne could get him fired.  While Abby and Maxine were talking, they noticed Anne talking to the hospital administrator.  Eric was upset with Nicole for making out with Vargas.  Abby overheard Anne talking to the administrator about getting someone fired.  Maggie showed up at Jenniferís place to apologize for the way she treated Jennifer when she found out how she treated Daniel.  Eric was visibly upset with Nicole for making out with Vargas in his office.  Jennifer and Maggie talked about Jack.  Anne told the administrator that Cameron strips in a club.  The administrator wanted proof so Anne told him to go with her to the club and catch him in the act.  Abby and Maxine were eavesdropping and walked away.  Eric and Nicole argued over her making out with Vargas.

While Eric and Nicole were arguing, she ended up quitting.  Abby told Maxine that she had to stop Anne from taking the administrator to the strip club.  Nicole invited Vargas to meet her at a hotel.  Abby, Jennifer, and Maxine came up with a plan to keep Anne from finding out that Cameron works at a strip club.  Eric confessed to Father Matt that he was upset that Nicole was in a compromising position.  Vargas didnít want to mess things up with Eric by being with Nicole, but she was able to convince him to change his mind.  Maxine, Jennifer, and Abby were at the club when Anne and the administrator were there.  Maxine, Jennifer, and Abby made it seem as if Anne was a regular at the strip club.  When the music started playing, Anne thought Cameron was on stage.  Father Matt asked Eric if there was something other than friendship going on between him and Nicole.  While Nicole and Vargas were making love, she called out Ericís name.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Carly that he didn't have sex with Brenda and that Brenda set Carly up to believe that he did. At the airport, Sonny asks Brenda if Michael was a one-night-stand. She admits that she let everyone think she slept with Michael just to get back at Carly. She tells him that she loves him and always will, but that she respects his relationship with Kate. He tells her that there is no Kate. She invites him to live with her in Rome. He tells her that the rebound is a terrible place to start. He says they have to heal before they can find out if they still have a shot together. He surprises her with a kiss when she goes to board her flight. Carly arrives at the airport too late and thinks she is breaking news when she tells Sonny that Brenda lied about sleeping with Michael. Michael remembers Brenda forcing him to drink coffee to sober him up the night of his blackout.

Felix asks Patrick to join Sabrina and him at the Floating Rib, but Patrick canít get away from the hospital tonight. Felix urges Patrick to take Sabrina out soon because she wonít wait forever. Sabrina runs into Milo at the Floating Rib. She tells him he will find someone who appreciates him.  Sabrina tells Felix that Britt said she is having an abortion. He tells her not to let the Britch keep getting in the way. Connie makes Milo uncomfortable when she sits next to him at the bar. She tells him that she isnít the same Connie that jumped his bones and explains her integration. He assumes that she and Sonny are back together, but she reveals that they are over and tells him why. He points out Sabrina and says he likes her, but she is into someone else. He notes that he always gets hung up on the unavailable ones, starting with Lulu.  She tells him not to give up hope because the girl of his dreams could walk through the door at any minute.

Scott tells Nikolas about his engagement to Laura and his disappointment that she turned to Luke when Lulu went missing. Nikolas advises him to do the one thing that Luke never could. Stay. Luke, Laura, and Dante take Lulu to the General Hospital. Laura abandons Luke to greet Scott with a hug and a kiss when he goes to the triage area. She tells him about Luluís condition. He tells her about Nikís condition. Laura goes to Nikolasís room and tells him about Luluís condition. She reveals that she killed Stavros. He says he expected it to end that way and that the alternative would have been Lauraís death. He tells her that in the same situation, he would have killed Stavros too, and that he regrets not killing him before any of it happened. Scott tells Luke to stay away from Laura. He says Luke will never sleep with Laura again. Luke says he already did. After having the satisfaction of watching Scott blow a gasket, Luke admits that he and Laura only slept, fully clothed, when they were hostages. Dante is hurt when Lulu doesnít want him to go with her while Patrick runs tests. He listens from the other side of the door. She is able to answer all of the cognitive questions. Patrick says her memory loss may be temporary. She tells him how uncomfortable it is to have people looking at her every second, expecting her to remember things that she just doesnít remember. Dante bursts into the room and tries to force a memory out of Lulu by staring into her eyes, but she still doesnít remember him. Patrick takes Dante out of the room and asks him to stop pressuring Lulu. Sabrina asks Patrick to go out with her tomorrow. He accepts. Laura goes into the exam room to relay Patrickís request that Lulu stay overnight, only to find her gone. Lulu goes to the Floating Rib and sits on the barstool next to Milo that Connie has vacated.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery models her dress that she is going to wear for the announcement of their engagement. Nick, though, is preoccupied by the news that Sharon hasn’t picked Faith up at school. Sharon and Adam kiss passionately until she pushes him away and tells him that she knows that he went to visit Chelsea. Chelsea talks to the baby as Dylan walks in. Jack and Phyllis arrive at his house. Jack lets her know that she is the lady of the house now. Phyllis raises objections. Jack asks her if she changed her mind about moving in with him. Nick and Avery decide that she will go to tell Phyllis about their engagement while he goes to pick Faith up at school. Chelsea and Dylan discuss how he found out about the baby. Jack lets Phyllis know that he is more than ready for her and Summer to move in. Phyllis leaves to go and pack her things and to talk to Summer. John visits Jack to let him know his reservations about Phyllis moving in with Jack. Chelsea tells Dylan that she is not looking for anything from him concerning the baby. Dylan surprises Chelsea by asking when the baby is due to be born. Sharon and Adam discuss Chelsea's baby not being Adam’s. Adam lets Sharon know that, despite all the thoughts that are going through his mind, he still wants to kiss her. Sharon gets a call from Nick notifying her that she hasn’t picked Faith up at school. Chelsea lies and tells Dylan that the baby is due in November. Dylan tells her that he will probably be having turkey in Genoa City. Sharon arrives home to find Nick sitting on the sofa. Nick wants to know where she has been. Sharon tells Nick that she had some things to take care of. Avery visits Phyllis. Phyllis gives her some authentic spices that she had gotten in Istanbul. Avery tells Phyllis that she and Nick are engaged.

Jack tells John that he wasted his time in coming to warn him against getting involved with Phyllis again. Phyllis tells Avery that Nick is on the rebound from her and that is why he proposed to Avery. Phyllis accuses Avery of committing to Nick because Dylan is in town. Sharon warns Nick against committing to Avery. Sharon advises him to get to know Avery and build a bond between them that will last, but Nick doesn’t want to take her advice. Adam visits Chelsea and brings her a present for the baby. Chelsea opens the package and finds a baby blanket and a letter that Adam wrote to the baby. Chelsea begins to cry as she reads the letter. Adam goes home alone and pours himself a drink. Sharon lets it slip that Dylan may be sticking around town. Avery denies that this engagement has anything to do with Dylan. Avery and Phyllis continue to argue as Jack comes to visit. Avery leaves in a rage. Jack lets her know that he came to help her pack. Phyllis says that Avery told him that she and Nick are getting married. Avery runs into Dylan at the coffeehouse and is surprised to see him still in town. Dylan tells her that he has some things to take care of. Avery offers him her help as Nick stands in the doorway. Nick accuses Avery of knowing that Dylan is still in town. She denies his accusations. Nick says that she is not over Dylan. At the hotel room, Dylan remembers when Avery told him that she was pregnant with his child. Sharon goes to visit Adam, and they begin to kiss passionately.

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