Monday 4/22/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Carter announces that they are all gathered here for a very special event – the wedding of Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester. Brooke and Rick try to change Hope’s mind and advise her against crashing Steffy’s wedding. They point out that Steffy is pregnant with Liam’s baby and they are gonna get married so please do not do this to herself. She argues that it can’t be any worse than having Steffy show up at her wedding and telling Liam that she was pregnant. So maybe it’s stupid, but maybe she just has to look him in the face when he does this. She goes on about how many times Steffy has stole Liam from her and now today she will lose him forever. Thomas speaks at the wedding and just advises Liam to let her have her way as she is gonna do it anyway. Bill speaks and says he is very comfortable with this couple carrying the Spencer name and legacy forward. He hugs Steffy. Taylor speaks and laughs that only Steffy could pull off wearing a black wedding dress (pants). She thanks Liam for making this part of the mother of the bride much easier for her…and tells him just take care of Steffy.

Liam and Steffy exchange their vows and then wish to speak from the heart their own words. He ends by saying he is a lucky man spending his life with her and their baby. His dad is always telling him about commitment so today he is telling Steffy that he will spend the rest of his life joyfully being with her til death do they part. Hope regrets not going to the wedding, but Brooke says she just kept her from feeling foolish. It wouldn’t change anything. Hope says that Brooke and Taylor set the bar a long time ago and they can’t change that now. She says she feels so empty. Brooke says things look bad now but she will meet someone in the future and this pain will pass. Hope says she is not sure. It feels like her hope for the future ended today. When Steffy speaks she says Liam saved her life literally, but in so many other ways too. So today she is giving it all back to him, everything that she is, the love and the laughter and they are going to share such an incredible future. They exchange rings and Liam doesn’t even wait for the “now you may kiss the bride” – he dives right toward her with kisses.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wondered what Ciara was looking at.  Ciara said nothing and put the picture away.  Hope asked if Ciara was lying to her.  Ciara said she had something for Bo.  Hope told her that Bo was coming home.  Ciara wanted to tell Caroline about Bo coming home so they went to the pub. Maggie wondered if John wanted Kristen to remember the good times they spent together, but Brady was upset.  Maggie left the mansion.  Chad and Abby talked to Anne about being at the strip club.  Anne apologized to Abby about the tings she said about Jennifer.  Anne wanted a fresh start.  Kirsten called Brady to pump him about where he left the art proposal.  He let her know what happened at the coffee shop with Marlena.  Abe and Cameron argued over Theo and how Cameron had to get a second job.  Kristen went to the coffee shop to look for the envelope.  A waitress told her that it was in the trash.  Brady met John at the town square to find out what John was up to when he sent Kristen the jersey.  Kristen looked through the garbage for the envelope.

Abe talked to Maxine about Cameron.  Chad and Abby talked about Cameron as well.  Abby wanted to go to the hospital to talk to Cameron while Chad was going to pick up Theo.  The waitress at the coffee shop told Kristen that the trash was gone.  Kristen thought the envelope was destroyed.  Abby apologized to Cameron for putting his job on the line, but Cameron was upset with her.  He wanted her to put him out of his mind.  Maggie ran into Kristen at the coffee shop and talked about John giving Kristen the baseball jersey.  Brady confronted John about him giving Kristen the baseball jersey.  John tried to explain what he was doing, but Brady wouldnít let him.  Kristen was upset that Maggie told Brady the significance of the jersey.  While Brady was arguing with John, Kristen called Brady and told him not to do anything to John.  Brady warned John to stay away from him and Kristen before he left.  John didnít think he could.  John ran into Maggie and she confronted him about giving Kristen the baseball jersey.  He never told her what he was up to.  Brady and Kristen met at the pub.  He said nothing anyone said or did would come between them.  While they were kissing, Ciara looked at the picture again.  Ciara recognized Kristen from the picture.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny and Olivia wait at the airport for Dante and Luluís flight and commiserate about not being able to be with their partners. Olivia tells Sonny that Connie is suffering too. Sonny tells Olivia that Michael slept with Brenda and that she had no remorse and went so far as to rub it in Carlyís face. Carly tells AJ that she is going to find Brenda and run her out of town. AJ says Brenda wonít be hard to find because she is with Michael. Brenda tells Michael that they did not have sex when he was in his drunken blackout. She tells him that he passed out and she made it look like they slept together to get back at Carly for feeding Jax overblown information from a conversation that she had eavesdropped on. She apologizes for using him to get back at his mother. He forgives her and asks her to forgive him for passing out in her bed. She tells him that his broken heart will mend and that he will meet someone who will be the luckiest girl in the world to have him. Carly storms into Kellyís, but Brenda has already left.  

Lulu still doesnít remember anything about her life. She freaks out when Dante mentions the baby. She doesnít remember Maxie either. She tells Dante that his badgering is smothering her. When they land, Olivia tries to give Lulu a bouquet of balloons and a hug, but Lulu pushes Olivia off her and yells that she doesnít know who the hell any of them are. Laura comforts Lulu. Lulu tells Laura that she feels lost not knowing anything about herself. Luke tells Sonny and Olivia what is going on with Lulu. They all hope Patrick can help her. Luke says it is unsettling to have a stranger come home. Sonny says he understands more than Luke knows. Sonny sees Brenda standing there at the airport.

Connie offers Maxie her old job back and explains that isnít Kate or the old Connie anymore; she is a whole person with pieces of both. She explains that both Kate and the old Connie were constantly struggling for control and that now that she is whole, she doesnít have to do that anymore and doesnít need to lash out at everyone as she did before. She says Maxie has a good eye and would like her help in bringing Crimson back to its former glory. She then says they will need to deal with the baby problem. Maxie wonders why it is a problem. Connie clarifies that it would be a problem if Maxie decided to stay home with the baby instead of coming back after maternity leave. Maxie tells her that she is a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. Ellie overhears Spinelli telling Sam how much he is enjoying babysitting Danny while she bonds with her new foster child, Rafe Kovich. Ellie tells him that she loves children; she just doesnít want any of her own.  She asks him to help her find out what Maxie is hiding about her baby. He doesnít want to get involved. Maxie comes home and hears them talking. She tells Ellie to back off. Ellie says they were talking about Danny. Spinelli tells Ellie that he still doesnít want to get involved. Ellie says she canít let it go.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe talk and apologize to each other for their most recent argument, and they agree that their marriage has lost its spark. Kevin and Chloe decide that they need to find a way to put some excitement back in their marriage; something that doesn’t involve stealing, since the police almost caught them stealing the charity donations from Mrs. Chancellor. Chelsea feels cornered when Adam confronts her at Crimson Lights demanding to know if Dylan is the father of her baby. Dylan also wants to know the answer to the question. Chelsea tells both of them that Dylan is the father of her child. Once Adam leaves the restaurant, Chelsea tells Dylan that this isn’t his responsibility; it is her responsibility. Chelsea heads to her design studio to talk to Chloe and tells her that she regrets getting Dylan involved in this mess. Chelsea also regrets lying to Adam about the baby, since he was hurt, because he thinks Dylan is the father of her child. Dylan decides to talk to Sharon about everything. He admits to Sharon he doesn’t know what to do about the news since he was planning to leave town.

Victor doesn’t think Victoria will be able to work and try to have a baby but Victoria assures him she can do both things because she wants to have it all. As Adam arrives to work, Victor can tell there is something wrong. After a few awkward minutes when Adam doesn’t want to tell Victor what is wrong, Adam tells Victor about Chelsea’s baby with Dylan. Adam even sheds a tear and admits to Victor he had always hoped that he and Chelsea would get back together. Adam even tells Victor that the baby he and Chelsea lost was a boy. Victor persuades Adam to take the day off and later tells Victoria the details of his talk with Adam. Leslie, Neil, and Tyler wait for news about Gus at the hospital. Leslie tells Neil and Tyler that if Gus survives the heart attack, she wants to work to make the relationship with her father better. Leslie tells Tyler he should also work on the relationship with his father, but Tyler can’t handle it, so he heads to The Underground and forget his problems inside a glass of bourbon and talk to Noah. Noah is surprised how well Sharon takes the news that Nick and Avery are engaged. Sharon tells Noah she is going to find her place in the world. Noah thinks it's time for him to do the same thing. Leslie is surprised when she goes inside her father’s hospital room, and he apologizes to her and calls her Rose. Adam is at home when Sharon arrives to see if Adam is okay. He opens the door, and when she comes inside the house, Adam gives her a kiss.

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