Friday 4/19/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/19/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor gives Steffy a big hug and tells her everything outside looks so lovely and she is so happy for her. And now all she has to do is stay here and get lovely for her groom and she will take care of all the rest. Taylor finds Eric outside and they both agree the place looks stunning. She doesn’t know how she will ever thank him. He says that light in her eyes is enough for him. Rick finds a pensive Hope on the Rooftop and gives her a big hug. He knows this is a tough day for her. She laments that she can’t believe after all she and Liam have been there that it is going to end up with him and Steffy together. And she was the one who told him to marry Steffy before the baby came. But now that day is here and she will lose Liam forever. Thomas comes in to see Steffy, another big hug. He says once she made up her mind that it was Liam, he didn’t stand a chance. Taylor slips back in; group hug. Bill helps Liam adjust his cufflinks and tie. He quips that he’s a big, handsome, strapping guy; kind of reminds him of his old man. He gives Liam a big hug and says he is marrying the right woman. Liam just wishes Katie could be there. Bill says she is much improved and will be home soon. Liam says so much has been going on that he forgot to ask….Bill interrupts and says he doesn’t have to ask …..yes he will be his best man. It will be his honor to stand up for Liam. Another big hug. Caroline drops in on the bride as well and before Steffy can stop her, Caroline is hugging Steffy and pretending to be best bud….well, she astonishes they are cousins-in-law; big hug. And she says she is excited to have a best friend. She really doesn’t have that many friends. Somehow other women don’t really like her. Steffy can’t imagine why. While everyone is getting a little antsy, Liam shows up. Eric tells him that his son is still prodigal but he will speak for him and welcome Liam into the family. Eric reminds him that he is trusting him with precious cargo. Steffy loves him. Liam says he knows and he is thankful every day and knows how lucky he is; Steffy is quite the prize.

Steffy hugs Bill and he tells her how pleased he is. She thanks him for all his support. He says he knows a good thing when he sees it. Liam tells Taylor that he knows he has given her reason to doubt him in the past, but his love for Steffy is rock solid otherwise he would not be here. She says he does not have to convince her. She’s known all along that he was right for Steffy. Another big hug. Over canapés, Carter introduces himself to Justin and tells him that he’s the one responsible for his annoying little brother. They chitchat and exchange phone numbers when Justin invites him to call him sometime. Bill finds Liam staring off in space and says he knows he is thinking about Hope. Liam jokes that is very irritating, but he is not going to make a run for it if that is what Bill thinks. Very reflective, Bill says it is very easy to think about the past when you are standing at a milestone. He bets he is thinking about his mother today too and he wishes she were here. He smiles and puffs up and says but he is here. He’s not sure that is comforting or horrifying; another big hug. He tells Liam that he is proud of him. Him and Steffy and the baby; they will have a beautiful life together. Taylor gives Steffy a beautiful necklace that Stephanie gave her years ago and now she wants Steffy to have it. Steffy says there are people that can’t be here today, Phoebe, Ridge, Stephanie but the woman that she loves the most in this world is by her side. She cries that she is so grateful to have her as her mom. Another big hug. Rick is jabbering away about Maya and the Hope for the Future line and Hope jumps up and says she can not sit here any longer. She needs him to take her to Eric’s right now. Finally it’s time and they all congregate in the courtyard, only no Steffy. Suddenly they all hear the revving of an engine and up the driveway comes a black clad Biker Chick Mom complete to the strains of Here Comes The Bride. The bride and groom beam; life will never be dull.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Days was pre-empted today.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

GH was pre-empted today.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy pours himself a drink and remembers his talk with Adam concerning the restaurant. Victoria walks in and wants to know what is going on. Sharon dreams that Adam comes to see her and tells her that they were meant to be together, and they kiss. Sharon is awakened. Adam pays Chelsea a visit at work. They discuss the baby that they lost. At the Underground, Tyler is swarmed by ladies who want his attention. One woman in particular takes Tyler by surprise while Noah lets the other one down easy by telling her that he is studying for the priesthood. Nick confronts Dylan about staying in town. Dylan orders Nick to back off. Avery barges in on them and interrupts their conversation. Tyler acquires a lady friend and asks to buy her a drink. Billy lets Victoria know that he bought a restaurant. Victoria is upset that Billy discussed it with her. Victoria goes into work at Newman despite Billy’s wishes. Chloe finds Chelsea asleep at work. Chloe finds out that Chelsea had a visit from Adam, but she didn’t tell him about the baby. Leslie comes rushing out of her apartment and tells Neil and Tyler that she isn’t going to have anything left from Gus breaking up her things.

Avery asks Nick why he asked her to marry him and was it because he thought that he would lose her to Dylan. Nick tells Avery that he asked her to marry him because he loved her. Dylan leaves his hotel room after packing up the rest of his things. Gus tries to move out of Leslie’s, but she stops him. Lily interrupts Chloe and Chelsea's argument. Victoria goes to work at Newman and catches both Adam and Sharon by surprise. Sharon lets Adam know that Chelsea is pregnant. Adam demands to know who the father of the baby is. Billy meets with Barry and signs the papers taking over ownership of the restaurant. Adam confronts Chelsea. Dylan and wants to know about the baby.

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