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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that he did the right thing last night and she hopes he knows that. Katie loves him and the baby, and Bill even still has deep feelings for Katie. He had to feel that too. He says of course, but then there is them. She answers there is no “us”; there never can be. Oliver and Hope are working on some proofs but she is distracted and doesn’t answer him when he asks what she thinks about Maya as spokesperson for the HFTF line. She says she is okay but he knows she’s not…..not with Liam and Steffy getting married tomorrow. Oliver says the wedding plans are pretty much all over the building this morning. Hope says she knows; just another noble but stupid move on her part. And if there were a way she could stop that wedding without messing with that baby’s future…..but there isn’t. She’s really trying to accept this but it’s hard. He gives her a big hug. Liam and Steffy kiss and kid around about the wedding. She has her secrets and he has his. He won’t tell her where they are going for the honeymoon. But Katie gave them her blessings and told them not to wait and for once she actually agrees with her. Caroline catches up with Carter on the Rooftop working out and she praises his abs…..even touching them and says they are more 8 pack than 6 pack. Hubba hubba. He says okay now that he has been felt up, what does she want? She just needs a status report on Forrester’s newest spokesperson and resident jailbird. He’s supposed to be turning up the heat and wooing her so there will be no heat for Rick. Rick walks out and hears this last part and asks what is going on. Caroline gasps but rushes to him. She says Carter is officiating the wedding and she just wanted to make sure everything was ready. Carter quips Caroline never leaves anything to chance. She says that is all behind Liam now and all will be right after tomorrow. Rick says unless his sister has other plans. Caroline guesses that he knows something about his ex-jilted sister and wants to worm it out of him. Perhaps he has a little wedding bashing in mind. Rick takes a phone call and Caroline continues with Carter that she wants Maya out of Rick’s life. He says he is not being paid to get her out of Forrester or out of Rick’s life. She snaps at him that with his law degree and those abs, well just do it! She kisses Rick but tells him don’t let that fool him. She is still upset with him for hiring that Maya person. He says don’t go there. There must be some charity or fund-raising function or club opening she needs to attend and think about. She brightens up and says the wedding. He can escort her to the wedding tomorrow. He doesn’t think his sister would appreciate that with him going to Liam’s wedding. Caroline says she needs her Prince Charming there. Pooh, Hope is a big girl and has been jilted ten or twelve times before so what else can she do.

Liam drops in at Hope’s office. She plays it cool and says she already knows about the wedding. Remember she was the one who told him to go ahead and get married as soon as he could. He knows; he had just hoped he could be the one who told her. They talk about the beautiful life he will have. He says he will never feel about anyone else like he feels about her. And he will spend the rest of his life wondering what could have been. Bill opines to Brooke that this is not easy. She says nothing about this is easy, but Katie needs to feel secure with him and their marriage. It’s the only thing Katie is living for right now. He has to forget. He says he can’t and never will. She asks him to really listen to her. He needs to focus on Katie and what she really means to him. He can have his family back. Katie is counting on him and so is she. She tells Bill that she does love him. And it’s strange that love had to come into her life again and then leave so soon. But she loves her sister too and she will never hurt her. They will have their memories. This has to be their secret. She puts her hand on Bill’s face and he kisses her. She says goodbye with tears falling and she calls him stallion one last time before she leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

While Chad and Cameron were talking, Caroline showed up and said she recognized Cameron.  Brady went to the mansion to see Kristen.  He was visibly upset and she said she could explain.  Will warned Brian that Sonny was his.  Brady was upset that his car was missing.  Kristen told him that Stefano had it towed.  Kristen asked if he was upset about the car.  Brady wondered what else he was supposed to be upset about.  There was a shot of the envelope with the picture that Sy sent Victor on the floor of the coffee shop.  Hope wanted to talk to John about Marlena and Kristen.  Brady wanted to know what Kristen wanted to tell him.  Chad told Caroline that Cameron works at the hospital for why she recognized her.  When Caroline left, Chad told him that Caroline was at the strip club.  When Chad and Cameron finished talking, Caroline came back and let Cameron know that she liked his act.  Hope ripped into John about the way he has been treating Marlena.  She also warned John that he would lose Brady.  Kristen told Brady that John gave her the coach’s uniform.  Victor and Maggie argued over him wanting to get the information from Sy.  When Brady left the room, Kristen looked through his briefcase for the picture.

Sonny warned Brian not to flirt with him.  Chad and Abby talked about Cameron’s secret and whether or not Cameron’s going to get fired.  At the hospital, Anne wanted to talk to Cameron.  John appreciated Hope’s advice, but he was going to handle it.  Hope warned him about Kristen and what she could do to Brady, but John said he would do anything for his son.  Hope wanted to know what John was going to do to Kristen, but he wouldn’t tell her.  Maggie went to see Brady and talked to him about Kristen and the jersey.  Kristen went to the mansion to see Victor so she could look for the envelope.  Anne talked to Cameron about a letter of recommendation.  Maggie told Brady about the game John and Kristen played.  She also told him that was the day John had deep feelings for her.  Kristen wondered who had the envelope when she didn’t find it at the mansion.  Ciara found the envelope and saw the picture.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia goes to the newly renovated Crimson office and confronts Connie about breaking Sonny’s heart after everything he did to facilitate her recovery. Connie says she loves Sonny but being around him undermines her recovery. She explains that she can feel Kate’s love and Connie’s love for Sonny and that it is too overwhelming for her to deal with. She explains that it could cause her to splinter again. Olivia tells her that it wouldn’t be fair for her to change her mind again so she needs to forget about what the doctors said and figure out for herself if she really wants to give up the man she has loved her entire life. Carly tells Sonny that Brenda seduced Michael. He already knows. She wonders why Brenda isn’t dead. He tells her to leave it alone because ultimately, Michael will be the one that will be hurt because he will blame himself. Carly thinks Brenda slept with Michael to get revenge because Carly told Jax about Brenda’s conversation with Sonny. Sonny says Carly and Brenda are alike in that respect. Brenda runs into Michael and AJ at Kelly’s and is horrified when AJ mentions her having sex with Michael. Brenda wonders why Michael told anyone. AJ thinks it is great that they are together. Brenda tells Michael that she is going back to Rome. Michael tells her that he told Sonny about their night together. She says he shouldn’t have done that. He says he doesn’t remember anything that happened. Brenda tells him that she has a confession.

Elizabeth is upset to see Nikolas out of bed. He compromises and sits in the chair. She tells him that his sister is coming home. She doesn’t have details about Lulu’s condition or what happened to Helena and Stavros. AJ goes to the hospital to find Elizabeth and for the second time, he finds her hugging Nikolas. AJ confronts Nikolas when Elizabeth leaves the room and she returns in the middle of their argument. They both deny that there is a problem.

Lucy Coe suggests that Sam become Rafe’s guardian. Molly says the only other option is for him to stay at her house. Lucy points out that it isn’t a good idea for a teenage boy to stay under the same roof with a teenage girl, especially when the girl has a boyfriend. Alexis couldn’t agree more. Sam agrees to petition for guardianship and says it is what Jason would do if he were there. Lucy and TJ chat about his relationship with Molly. Molly tells Rafe that she won’t let him go back to the group home, even if it means running away together. The judge agrees to allow Sam to be Rafe’s provisional guardian for 90 days. Molly tells TJ that she knows he doesn’t care about Rafe; he is just glad that he isn’t going to live at her house. Sam takes Rafe home to the penthouse.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria thinks Adam will turn on Victor at the first available opportunity and ruin Newman Enterprises. Victor thinks Victoria should forgive Adam, because he is trying to change, but she believes he can’t ever change. Victor makes it clear that he won’t allow Adam to ruin Newman Enterprises. He advises Victoria to just concentrate on expanding her family. Dylan sells the engagement ring that he intended to give to Avery in order to give her back the bail money he owes her. Dylan gives Avery the money and tells her he moved the court date up to tomorrow, and he will be leaving after the hearing. Avery doesn’t want Dylan to leave and wants to remain friends, but he says he can’t just be friends with her. Nick arrives at Crimson Lights and sees Avery talking to Dylan and crying after he leaves the restaurant. Nick is upset that Avery lied and didn’t tell him that she was meeting Dylan. Nick wonders if Avery accepted his marriage proposal, so she wouldn’t have to deal with her feelings for Dylan.

Fen blames himself for the problems in Michael and Lauren’s marriage although Lauren tells Fen that isn’t true. Fen thinks that they should all stop pretending to be a happy family, and Michael and Lauren should get divorced. Adam, Billy, Carmine, and Michael play poker at On the Boulevard with one of Billy’s old gambling buddies named Barry. Everyone eventually gets out of the game, because the stakes are too high. The only two men who still play are Billy and his buddy Barry who owns On the Boulevard, and he decides to play his restaurant. Billy recognizes that Barry is bluffing about his poker hand and wins the restaurant from him. Adam wonders how Billy will tell Victoria that he now owns On the Boulevard. Carmine shows up at Lauren’s house. Even though she tries her best to resist Carmine, they start kissing. Michael puts his key in the door of the house but then decides not to go inside. Later Carmine finds a sad Fen and decides that he might need to talk to someone, so he offers to listen to his troubles.

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