Wednesday 4/17/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/17/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya stops by Rick’s office. She says just because her first film offer wasn’t the kind of movie she’d ever make, didn’t mean there wouldn’t be one just around the corner. She’s optimistic. She thought that $5000 was her big break. Rick says it will come one day soon. When she gets her second Oscar she will look back on this and laugh. He reminds her meantime she will have the Hope for the Future campaign. She doesn’t want him to do her any favors. He muses that with her story, this is just what this line is about. Caroline, all prissy, waltzes up to Pam at the desk and quizzes her of why her Forrester page is not updated. She says there should be some mention of her dating Rick and the picture there is three weeks old. Pam laughs whoa…whoa….whoa…and shows Caroline a pix on the internet….the one of her checking out and playfully patting Hercules’s behind. She about has a cow. As an explanation she tells Pam that she can be a good girl or a bad girl, but she doesn’t want it splashed on the internet. Pam better erase that and get rid of it fast. She never wants Rick to see it. She hears laughter in the office and asks Pam who is in there with Rick. Pam confesses it is someone named Maya. Caroline is livid and barges in. All sweetness and light, she hugs Rick and calls Maya Myrna. Rick corrects her and says she best remember it this time since she will be working with them. Dr. Meade tracks down Liam by cell while he and Steffy are kissing. Dr. Meade says Katie is better and he thought she could use a boost and Liam could help him out.

With Brooke and Bill throwing quiet guilty looks at each other, Katie shows off her rings and says she will never take them off again. She cries to Bill that he has to know how sorry she is. She says she loves them both. Looking at Brooke she says her sister has always been there and taken care of her and she should have trusted her. She realized that when she was in the car just how stupid she had been and had turned around to come back and apologize. She asks them both to please forgive her. She doesn’t know how she could even think the things she did. Bill and Brooke exchange another glance at each other. Katie says she loves Bill and there will be no more no’s or running away or trying to change him. She apologizes again and says she is sorry, she should have trusted them. She wants him for the rest of her life if he still wants her. More looks between Bill and Brooke. Just in the nick of time, Dr. Meade opens the door and says he didn’t think they’d mind the interruption. Steffy and Liam bring in little Will for Katie. More looks between Brooke and Bill. Nonplussed, Caroline says how could Maya even pass the criminal background check or even know how to sew. She tells Rick that she knows he means well and his heart is in a good place, but please don’t do this. This would not be a good place for her. Forrester doesn’t need to take on this liability. Keeping his cool, Rick tells her that he didn’t hire Maya for the sewing room. She assumes it is in shipping then with Thorne. Rick says no, it’s with Hope. She says no that can’t be. Then she sees red when he says Maya is going to use her voice to be one of the spokespersons for the line. Brooke takes Will from Steffy and gently hands him to Katie. Dr. Meade says medicine can only do so much. Maybe just having her husband and child by her side will do more good. More looks by Bill and Brooke. Caroline bickers that this is a PR nightmare and not something young women should aspire to. Rick gets a conference call and has to go. Maya assures him that she will be fine alone with Caroline. He promises he will be back soon and show her on a tour of some people he wants her to meet. On the way out, Caroline grabs him and plants a big smooch on him and sweetly says she will be happy to show Maya round if he’d like. No, he would not like. He even suggests that she surely has some sketches she could attend to. Maya braces herself for what is sure to follow. Caroline turns on a dime and faces Maya and announces that she is way over her head. Maya disagrees and says she is very comfortable speaking in front of an audience and this will be easy for her. Caroline wags her finger at Maya and says she’s had her number from day one and this just proves that she was right. Jake brings in a long rack of dresses and tells Caroline that Eric wanted her to look at them. She shouts back at him not now! He leaves them behind her by the door. She continues her smear against Maya about how foolish she will look on the Forrester runway. She is bound to stumble and fall right in front of Rick and he will finally see what a charity case she is and how wrong he was to hire her. And the best part of it is that she will be there to see it, laughing her face off. Speaking of laughing her face off, Caroline moves backward and manages to topple the entire rack around her pretty little head while Maya has to stifle her laughter. As Steffy and Liam get ready to say goodbye, Brooke takes Will and hands him to Bill and they exchange more glances. Quietly she sheds tears and says he can do this….. Katie will make it and they will live many, many, years together with Will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nick met Vargas at the church.  They got into an argument over what they are doing together.  Gabi wanted Rafe to meet her at the Kiriakis mansion to talk about Kate.  Sy apologized to Stefano for going to Victor.  Hope showed up while Brady and Marlena were talking about art.  Marlena started to open the envelope Sy gave to Victor.  Stefano wanted Sy to tell him what he did.  Hope told Brady that the police had an APB out on the mugger who attacked him.  John brought Kristen a bag, but she wasn’t interested in seeing it.  He thought she would change her mind once she saw it.  Vargas brought up Nick’s personal life, but Nick thought it had nothing to do with what they were doing.  Rafe tried to reassure Gabi that Kate wasn’t trying to hurt her.  While Rafe was defending Kate, Gabi realized they were together.  Lucas and Kate talked about Rafe.  Kate was upset when Lucas believed Rafe would never get over Sami. Sami couldn’t accept EJ’s proposal until she was sure that he wanted to get married for the right reasons.  John told Kristen how the pictures she brought him made him think of their time together so he wanted her to have what was in the bag. 

Nick let Vargas know that he had to be careful with the project they were doing.  Vargas asked why Nick got involved with Gabi.  Rafe admitted to being with Kate.  EJ tried to convince Sami that he loved her and wanted to marry her.  Sami finally accepted EJ’s proposal.  When Brady left, Marlena and Hope talked about John.  They realized that Marlena had to expose Kristen in order to get John back.  When John left the DiMera mansion, she looked in the bag.  John gave Kristen a coach’s uniform that he gave her years ago.  Rafe talked to Gabi about his relationship with Kate.  He told her that he broke up with Kate because he thought she was using him.  Nick told Vargas about his love for Gabi.  Vargas reminded Nick about what he went through in prison, but Nick didn’t want to talk about it.  Vargas warned him not to let things get in the way of what they were trying to do.  Marlena told Hope how she suspected Kristen set up the mugging.  Marlena thought the mugger might talk if Hope caught him.  Stefano told Kristen that he took care of Sy, but it wasn’t clean.  Stefano told her that Sy sent the pictures directly to Victor.  Stefano got a text from someone and had to leave.  Kristen said Brady couldn’t see the pictures.  While Brady was at the town square, he opened his briefcase and looked at the envelope with the pictures in it.  Marlena avoids John as he goes down the town square stairs with a plan in mind, which he hopes will work. Fearing that John and Brady have already seen the photos, Kristen decides she has to do something, but when she opens the door, Brady is standing there staring at her. She looks aghast, afraid that he already knows.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie has the Manning Enterprises sign removed from the office at Metro Court and tells Carly that she is taking her office back. She says she is one person now and has chosen to use the name she was born with. She asks Carly not to ever call her Kate again because Kate was the alter ego. Carly says she is sure Sonny is glad to have her back. Sonny tells Olivia about Kate’s integration and that she left him because he is a trigger for relapse. Carly can’t believe that Connie dumped Sonny. She informs her that Sonny turned down Brenda Barrett’s offer to get back together because he chose to keep the promises he made to her, and now she can’t reciprocate. Connie says she loves Sonny but she can’t risk being around him. Carly tells her not to change her mind again and put Sonny through more turmoil. Olivia goes to see Connie at Crimson and asks her what the hell she is thinking.

Maxie accuses Ellie of stalking her when she bumps into her at the hospital. Ellie says she knows Maxie is keeping a secret about Dr. Westbourne’s baby. Dr. Westbourne overhears when she arrives to take Maxie into her appointment. Maxie tells Britt that Ellie thinks Maxie is keeping a secret about Britt’s baby. Ellie takes Maxie’s file to the exam room and hears Britt and Maxie confirming that the secret is about Maxie’s baby.  Britt scolds her about not respecting patient privacy and makes her leave the room. Britt reminds Maxie that she warned her that this would low up in her face. Maxie wonders what Ellie heard and whether she is going to tell Spinelli. Spinelli tells Sam that AJ hired them and gives her half of the fee, but she refuses to take it because he needs the money more than she does. He tells her that the case is to find Franco’s daughter because she is the missing Quartermaine heir. AJ tells Shawn that he has to take down the Pickle-Lila posters because Tracy doesn’t have the right to use the name so she is going to name it something else. Michael suggests that since ELQ owns the name, that they develop their own recipe for it. Shawn offers them the use of the Kelly’s kitchen. Spinelli tells Michael and AJ that Heather cooperated when he asked about Franco’s daughter and that his next step is to talk to Betsy Frank. Carly calls Spinelli to ask him to find Brenda, but he tells her that he is working on a case. Ellie finds Spinelli outside of Kelly’s with Danny and tells him that Maxie’s secret is about her own baby, not Britt’s. Carly goes to Sonny’s house to tell him about Brenda seducing Michael. He says he already knows about it. She asks him why Brenda isn’t dead. Brenda runs into Michael and AJ at Kelly’s.

Lucy Coe petitions to be Rafe’s guardian. She tells Rafe that he is her family whether her cousin was his biological father or not. TJ is jealous about Molly going to court and in spite of Shawn’s advice not to hover, he goes to court too. Rafe thanks TJ for coming. The judge says he is concerned about Lucy’s fitness as a parent. Sam addresses the court as a character witness, but the judge denies the petition because Lucy had a break with reality when she believed Steven Clay was Caleb, King of the Vampires and she has not been treated for it. Lucy asks Sam to be Rafe’s guardian.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack and Phyllis enjoy the last day of their vacation in their room since it is raining in Turkey. They eat lunch and dinner from room service and get massages. Jack asks Phyllis to move in with him once they are back home, and she agrees. Avery can’t go to Nikki’s birthday party because Nick can’t find a babysitter, so Avery stays with Faith. Faith isn’t happy to stay with Avery and pouts the entire night. She won’t let Avery read her a book and refuses to eat the chocolate chip cookies Avery made for her. Nick arrives home and Avery fills him in on the terrible night and concludes that Faith hates her. Billy is shocked when Victoria announces at Nikki’s birthday party that she wants to go back to work at Newman Enterprises. Billy and Victoria argue when they arrive home, because he thinks she is addicted to pleasing her father just like he is addicted to gambling

Michael and Lauren try to have a romantic evening at home but Lauren thinks of Carmine when Michael kisses her and tells him to stop kissing her. Michael thinks that their marriage ended when he pressed charges against Fenmore, so it's time they end it for real. Adam, Michael, and Billy all end up at the bar where Carmine serves them drinks to drown their sorrows. Carmine sends Lauren a text, and she tells him that she will not see him, because she wants to save her marriage. Katherine admits to Nikki that she forgot about the wedding, and she has seen a doctor and will get everything straightened out soon. Nikki tells Victor that Billy and Victoria are trying to have a baby of their own, but she is afraid that she will put her dreams of a family on hold to try and please him by going back to work at Newman Enterprises. Adam is happy there wasn’t major drama at Nikki’s birthday party and thanks Victor and Nikki for the invitation. Nikki appreciates the bird of peace figurine that Adam gave her as a present.

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