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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Bill watch as Katie finally moves her finger a little bit and tries to speak. She tells Bill that she thinks Katie is saying ring; she wants her wedding rings back on her finger. Taylor finds Donna and ushers her into Eric’s office. She says they did not finish their conversation at the hospital and as Katie’s doctor she needs to get to the bottom of this. She knows Katie was worried that Brooke was taking her husband from her. Donna says she is not even going to dignify that with an answer. Taylor continues that Katie has had a terrible setback and something put her in the hospital….something that obviously happened just after she left Brooke’s house when she found Bill there. She needs to hear from Donna what happened there. Donna says she heard Taylor the first six times she said she was Katie’s doctor, but she just thinks Taylor is getting back at Brooke for past injustices and that is unethical. When Katie is well, she is going to advise her to fire Taylor as her doctor.

Steffy and Liam continue to plan details of their wedding, vowing of course to wait for Katie to get out of the hospital and be able to attend. Carter introduces himself and as it turns out he is an ordained marriage officiate. So they take him up on his offer of marrying them. It seems like fate. Both are so excited because they were alone when they got married in Aspen. This time they will have their family there. Taylor tells Donna that she is not the bad guy here. She is only trying to help Katie. Donna repeats that this is a family matter and they will solve this without Taylor. Brooke and Bill may have some attraction on some level, but when it comes to family Brooke will always do what is right. Bill laments to Brooke they can’t take it back. Katie practically threw them at each other. It’s too late for her to change her mind now. Brooke cries no. It doesn’t matter what they want. She hands him his wedding ring and tells him to put it back on. Then she hands him Katie’ rings and suggests that he put them back on her finger. When Dr. Meade is through examining Katie, Brooke greets her and says she is glad that she is awake again. Brooke tells her they just want her to be healthy and happy. Katie holds out her hand and asks for her rings. Bill puts them on and she kisses his hand and cries that she will never take them off again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami threatened to make Nicole pay if she hurt Eric.  John met Marlena at the coffee shop to get her key.  He wanted to get things out of storage, but she thought he wanted to talk things out.  Stefano warned Kristen to come home.  Sy called Victor again, but Victor told him to call back in an hour.  Chloe told Daniel that she petitioned to get his name on Parkerís birth certificate.  Chloe let Daniel and Jennifer know that she was leaving town.  She wanted to make up for Daniel losing two years of Parkerís life.  Daniel wanted everything to work out for Chloe.  Chloe wanted to say goodbye to Parker.

Kristen went back to the DiMera mansion.  Stefano warned her that Sy was in town causing trouble.  Stefano and Kristen argued over Sy.  Stefano said he would take care of Sy.  Brady ran into Marlena at the coffee shop and they had a nice talk.  He wanted to talk to her about the art project heís doing for Titan.  While they were talking, Brady pulled out the envelope Sy sent to Victor.  Chloe said goodbye to Parker.  Chloe left Jenniferís house and ran into Anne at the town square.  Chloe told her she gave up on Daniel.  Anne wondered why Chloe gave up on him.  Chloe said it wasnít what she wanted anymore.  Anne and Chloe said goodbye to each other.  EJ proposed to Sami.  While Sy was out, he ran into Stefano.  John showed up at the DiMera mansion to see Kristen.  He had something for her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate/Connie goes to Sonnyís house after being released from psychiatric care. She tells him that she is integrated so she is no longer Kate or Connie, she is both. She tells him that she has chosen to use the name Connie. She thanks him for sticking by her through everything, but says she canít see him anymore, because he is a point of conflict and the only way to avoid a relapse is to avoid him. Tracy pitches Pickle-Lila to Shawn. AJ tells her that Spinelli will find the missing Quartermaine before Luke does because Luke is busy with his own family crisis. Tracy says she isnít going to fight him for ELQ; she will start her own business and call it TAQ for her initials. He tells her that she may own the Pickle-Lila recipe, but ELQ owns the name. She says she will name it something else. Spinelli goes to visit Heather in the high security mental institution. After some convincing, she agrees to tell him about Francoís daughter, Lauren Frank.

Felix parodies the ways Britt will try to use her pregnancy to get Patrickís attention. Sabrina canít stop thinking about the probability that Britt got pregnant purposely to trap Patrick. Britt tells Patrick that she is going to have an abortion because she doesnít want to bring a baby into the world that will be unwanted and unloved by its father because that is the kind of childhood she had. Patrick tells Sabrina about Brittís plans. Felix tells Britt that her plan to use her baby to break up Patrick and Sabrina wonít work because Patrick is too smart.

Dr. Kelly Curtis goes into Nikolas' room while he is talking to his son Spencer on the phone. She asks him if he named his son for the other side of his family. He says that is a strange question for a doctor to ask a patient. She calls him ďPrince NikolasĒ and tells him that he can tell her anything because she is very discrete.  She starts firing off question after question. Epiphany comes into the room and recognizes the woman as a reporter. Nikolas tells her that if she publishes any portion of their conversation, he will have his aunt, Alexis sue her, and he will buy the production company, fire her, and put it out of business. Epiphany kicks her out of the hospital. Lulu doesnít recognize her family and doesnít want to go anywhere with them. She says Stavros Cassadine is her husband. Dante tells her about their wedding, but she doesnít remember. Luke takes him aside and tells him to stop trying to force Luluís memories. Lulu tells Laura that she doesnít remember anything except Stavros. Luke asks her to let them take her home because otherwise, she will be alone on the island with nothing but corpses of people who never cared about her. He reveals that Stavros is dead and that any other Cassadine would want to kill her. She agrees to go with them. Laura wonders to Luke what Stavros did to Lulu and if she will ever recover.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Alex questions Kevin and Chloe about the box of charity donation items that was stolen from Mrs. Chancellor. Kevin blames Adrian and tells Alex she could have used a fence to sell the stolen goods. Chloe gets nervous when Kevin shows her some jewelry that he stole when he broke into a house. Chloe tells Kevin they should stop now, because it doesn’t seem like he wants to donate some of the money they get from stealing to charity. Kevin tells Chloe that he doesn’t want to stop stealing, because their marriage wasn’t very exciting until they started stealing things. Chloe continues to push Chelsea to start seeing Dylan and make him the pretend father of her child, but Chelsea is determined to find another way to keep her baby a secret from Adam. Dylan asks Avery to marry him, but she tells him that she has moved on with Nick and plans to marry him because she loves him. Avery admits she still has feelings for Dylan, but their past relationship is filled with too much pain, and she doesn’t think they could start over again.

Dylan decides to sell the engagement ring that he planned to give to Avery since she doesn’t want to marry him. Victor talks to Abby, Nick, and Victoria and asks them to come to a birthday party to celebrate Nikki's birthday. He also tells them that he and Adam plan to run Newman Enterprises together. Victor asks his children to be nice to Adam, because he is also invited to the party. Sharon tells Adam to keep his guard up with Victor, because he can change his mind in a split second. Sharon tells Chelsea that Adam is home now recovering, and she should go by and see him. Sharon also advises Chelsea to let Adam go and move on unless she wants him back in her life. When Chelsea’s prenatal vitamins fall out of her purse, Sharon wonders if Adam knows that she is pregnant. Chelsea tells Sharon that Adam isn’t the father of her child. Victor agrees that Adam stay CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he will be a consultant but later Victor is sitting at his old desk at Newman Enterprises.

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