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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke hug. Both say they got practically no sleep last night. Bill is trying to think positive that Katie will be better today. Brooke surmises she may be having trouble with her heart because they broke it. They took Katie at her word that she wanted a divorce, but that came from anger at the moment. They should have given her more time. Taylor tells Eric that Katie is no better, but Taylor still has strong feelings that there is something going on between Brooke and Bill. Eric won’t hear of Liam and Steffy delaying their wedding. He wants them to forge ahead and assume that Katie will be better by then. Liam says he wants his dad at his wedding and he wants Katie by his side. Bill tells Brooke that Katie had problems with him long before this. When she realized Bill wasn’t gonna change, she said they were through and Brooke would be better for him. Bill thinks she was right. Steffy asks Taylor to be her matron of honor and Taylor is delighted. Eric says there is only one more little detail and that is the actual date. Liam says sooner rather than later. It’s up to Katie now to get well so she can be at Bill’s side.

Brooke tells Bill that Katie may not have wanted him, but she did. She hadn’t loved anybody like that in a long time. Bill says he doesn’t give a damn what Taylor thinks and he refuses to feel guilty and will not apologize for what happened when they made love. Katie knew what she was doing and he still believes she meant it. Dr. Meade informs Bill that Katie has had no change and that is beginning to bother him. If much longer her heart muscles could atrophy. Brooke begs Katie to come out of it. Bill grabs her and says Katie is not going to die. Suddenly Brooke sees Katie’s finger move, then her entire hand. Her head moves and she tries to speak. Brooke thinks she said ring. It must mean that she wants him to put her wedding ring back on her finger.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sy gave the envelope to someone to give to Victor.  Sy thought the picture would make Victor happy.  Brady told Victor that he wanted Kristen to work with them on their project.  Rafe called Kate so they could work things out.  Sami wanted to talk to Rafe.  Chloe wanted to talk to Nicole about what Nicole told Daniel.  Daniel went to see Jennifer.  She tried to get him to leave, but he told her that he knew everything. Sami wanted to talk to Rafe about Kate.  Rafe thought Sami knew about his relationship with Kate.  Victor agreed to meet with Kristen.  Chloe told Nicole that she thought she could get Daniel back, but she was wrong.  Nicole let Chloe know that she lost Daniel to Jennifer.  Daniel let Jennifer know that he knew what Chloe did to get her to break up with him.  Jennifer told him he had to stay away or he would lose Parker, but he said he wasnít going to lose Parker or her.  Nicole and Chloe finally agreed to be friends again one day.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on, but Chloe told her she would find out eventually.  Sami told Rafe about Kate making Gabi sign the contract she made up.  Sami realized that Rafe thought she was talking about something else.  Kate showed up while they were talking.  Sami wondered what was going on with them. 

When Syís friend showed up at the Kiriakis mansion, Kristen showed up.  She took the envelope that the guy had.  Daniel tried to convince Jennifer that they could be together.  While they were talking, Chloe walked in on them.  Chloe wanted to talk to them.  Sami wanted Kate to tell Rafe that she had nothing to do with the contract.  Sami didnít want Rafe to hold Kateís actions against her or Will.  Rafe agreed not to hold it against them.  Brady nearly caught Kristen opening the envelope.  Victor talked to Kristen and Brady about the mugger who attacked Brady.  Victor wanted Brady to make sure the police were on top of Bradyís attack.  When Brady left, Victor wanted Kristen to tell him what she wanted.  The two of them talked about Brady.  Kate and Rafe talked about her going to Gabi with the contract.  Daniel let Chloe know she wasnít going to come between him and Jennifer.  Chloe told Daniel and Jennifer that she wanted to apologize.  Sy called Victor to see if he got what he sent.  Kate and Rafe got into an argument over the contract.  When he accused her of using him to get what she wanted from Gabi, she was livid.  She walked away from him.  Chloe apologized for everything she did, but Daniel and Jennifer didnít believe her.  Sy tried to tell Victor that he sent the picture to him, but Victor hung up on him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

AJ sees Carly outside Michaelís apartment begging him to open the door. He suggests that Brenda probably wore Michael out. She lets herself in with her key. He shouts to Michael that Carly is about to barge into his room, but Michael isnít there. Carly says she is going to go see Sonny. AJ thinks that is a stupid idea. He says Michael isnít the only person in the world who has gotten drunk and slept with someone they shouldnít have. He says it is the same as when he slept with her. He says Michael is a grown man and that she should let him know how treating Michael like a child works out for her. Sonny arrives home and finds the door open. He enters with his gun drawn, thinking it is an ambush, but he finds Michael. Michael tells him about getting drunk and sleeping with someone after Starr broke up with him. Sonny says that is a normal response to that kind of hurt. Michael reveals that the person he slept with was Brenda. He says he didnít mean for it to happen and that he is sorry. Sonny closes the doors and takes his gun out again. Michael asks him what he is doing. He says he is going to lock it up to avoid any accidents. He asks Michael exactly what happened. Michael says he went to Brendaís room to talk and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in Brendaís bed. Sonny asks if Brenda said she was sorry. Michael says Brenda said they didnít do anything that they should be ashamed of, but he is ashamed and he is sorry that he betrayed his father. Sonny tells him that it wasnít his fault because he was drunk and distraught. He advises his son to let go of the guilt because guilt will kill him. He commends him for coming to him and telling him what happened.  Michael goes home and finds Carly inside his apartment. He tells her that she canít just let herself in anytime she wants to. He tells her to go away and leave him alone. Sonny makes a call and gives an order to find Brenda and bring her to him. His doorbell rings and tells the person to hold off on that order because Brenda might be at the door. Sonny opens the door to Kate or Connie.

Dr. Obrecht has to go home to Switzerland and says she hopes Britt doesnít undermine the progress that they have made with Patrick. She tells Britt not to be weak and to do what she must to lure Patrick back. Britt says she knows what she has to do. Sabrina arrives at work maintaining Felixís makeover look. She tells Patrick that they need to talk about Britt and her baby. Patrick says he isnít going to let Britt ruin their relationship.  Felix tells Sabrina that he thinks Britt got pregnant on purpose and that she is going to use the little monster to try to break up Sabrina and Patrick. Britt arrives and hears him. She says she doesnít intend to use her pregnancy to get in the way of the lovebirds. Felix opines that she wouldnít have interrupted Patrickís tribute to his dead wife to announce it at the Nursesí Ball otherwise. She doesnít see anything inappropriate about her announcement. She tells Sabrina that she needs to talk to Patrick about their child. Patrick takes his father, Noah to the airport. Noah tells Patrick not to let Britt ruin his relationship with Sabrina. Dr. Obrecht passes them and tells Patrick that she has something important to tell him about his wife, but then she only says he made a moving speech about Robin. She says the announcement that he is going to be a father again made her think what a wonderful father he would be. Patrick and Noah think something was strange about her. Patrick returns to the hospital where Britt tells him that she has decided not to have the baby.

Bobbie goes to Scott and Lauraís hotel room and finds Scott in a drunken stupor. He shocks her with a kiss and wonders what might have happened if they had stayed together. She tells him that he always had eyes for Laura and that Laura will still be his fiancťe when she returns. She says she stopped by to say goodbye before she goes home to Seattle. She calls Carly and tells her that Luke, Laura, and Dante are all safe, but that there is no news about Lulu. She says she is going home and says goodbye. She runs into Noah at her airport gate where he tells her that he is on his way to start his new job at Seattle General where she works. Laura and Luke think that freezing Stavros in his own cryogenic lab wasnít a harsh enough death after he froze their daughter to death. Dante canít accept that she is dead. Laura, Luke, and Dante each talk say goodbye to her separately. Dante lays his head on her chest and thinks he hears a faint heartbeat. Luke and Laura verify that they feel a pulse in her neck and wrist. They perform CPR and bring her back. They tell her where she is and what happened. When they say they are going to get her to a hospital and then take her home, she says she has never seen any of them before.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick roams around the room deep in thought when Noah comes in. Nick lets Noah know that he proposed to Avery and they are not engaged. Noah asks Nick if he was rushing into this, because Dylan came to town. At the Underground, Dylan asks Avery if she ever thought of the baby that they lost. Avery feels she lost the baby, because they were being punished for what they did. Neil lets Leslie into her apartment only to find her father there, cooking spaghetti for dinner. Tyler and Lily kiss. Chloe and Chelsea go to the Underground for a good time and also to find a father for Chelsea’s baby. Chloe spies Dylan sitting in the booth and suggests to Chelsea that she go over and introduce herself to him. Dylan tells Avery that she deserves to be happy. Cane and Katherine have dinner together and talk about the biopsy that she has to have done. Cane encourages Katherine to tell her family, but she insists that they need not know. Lily pulls away from Tyler. Cane asks Katherine to reconsider her decision to let her family know about the biopsy. Tyler tells Lily that he always felt a connection between them. Tyler lets Lily know that she is the only one he trusts. Gus serves Neil and Leslie their spaghetti and salad. Avery lets Dylan know how things are between her and Nick. Dylan asks Avery if there is anything that she hasn’t told Nick.

Chloe encourages Chelsea to talk to Dylan. Chloe pushes the drinks aside and tells Chelsea to start talking. Dylan and Avery discuss the child they lost and how they made plans for its future. Nick and Noah discuss Adriana. Nick tells Noah to find him a woman that he would be happy with for the rest of his life. Cane urges Katherine to tell her family about the biopsy. Katherine reminds Cane that she is the one with the tumor, and she will decide what to do. Lily joins Cane for dinner and asks about Katherine. Neil finds Tyler still at work and wonders what he is still doing there. Neil and Tyler discuss Leslie and what she is going through. Neil asks Tyler how he feels about Leslie. Chelsea watches Dylan and reminisces of making love to him. Chloe watches her expression and knows that Dylan is the one who Chelsea made love with. Dylan asks Avery to marry him.

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