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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Liam tease each other and end up dancing around the living room to the exact spot they will be married. Eric and Taylor even join in. He thanks her again for making this her home and for bringing such joy and love and energy into it. Taylor drags out her IPad and starts talking about more plans so Eric and Liam think that is their cue to head out. Liam says they have a tradition of marrying outside so he’d like to go chose a location on the property. Visiting Rick, Hope tells Rick that he has Caroline to consider but if he likes Maya, then he should pursue that too. He does. He calls Maya and asks if she can meet him at Forrester. She’s with Carter who has just dropped in to say their first date didn’t go so well with all the Forrester’s around, but he’d like to ask her out again. She smiles her approval. Walking around the property, Taylor spots Hope through the window of the guest house and barges in wanting to know why she is there. She sees Rick is gone, so tells Hope that she should too as Steffy and Liam are by the pool and they are planning their wedding today. She should not intrude on that. Hope says she will not get in their way, but she certainly isn’t going to run hide every time they are around. Taylor, more than anyone else, should know how that feels to love a guy she thinks she is going to spend the rest of her life with and then end up losing him.

Rick thanks Maya for meeting him. He’d like to talk to her about something. He explains that the Hope For the Future campaign has had some problems and yet he doesn’t want to get rid of it, but re-vamp and he needs her help. She can’t imagine how since she knows nothing about fashion. He says he’d like to use her, not necessarily as a spokesman but the everyday woman who would want his fashions. She likes the idea and gives him a big kiss and says he’s incredible. With Taylor still harping to Hope that she should have a little dignity and leave, Hope finally says she will. However, she sees Steffy and Liam through the window and sheds tears when she sees them giddy while kissing and chasing each other around the courtyard.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel wanted Chloe to tell him that she could keep Parker away from his father if she didnít get what she wanted.  Abby told Chad that Anne could ruin Cameron if she saw him.  Abby realized it was her fault and tried to get one of the guards to stop him from going on.  Nick apologized to Sonny for calling him a f*ggot.  Nick wanted to talk to Will about his family bothering Gabi again.  Chloe told Daniel that he blew his chance to be a family with Parker.  He tried to stop her, but she said there was nothing he could do about it.  Nick told Will that Kate gave Gabi a contract that said Will would have rights to his baby.  Will and Sonny told Nick that Gabi wanted Will to see the baby, but Nick said that was for now.  Daniel stopped Chloe from getting to Parker, but she said she was going to take him and leave.  EJ and Sami met Sonny and Will to talk about Stefano helping him.  When Nick went to the pub, he saw Vargas talking to Gabi.  Daniel and Chloe got into an argument over what she did.  Chloe tried to explain why she did what she did, but Daniel wasnít hearing it.  She realized that she lost him and she had to accept it.  She told him that she wanted to take her son and would destroy anyone who got in her way.

Anne saw Abby at the club.  They talked about Jennifer dumping Daniel.  Gabi introduced Vargas to Nick.  Vargas said that he and Nick met in prison.  Chloe declared her love for Daniel, but he didnít want to be with her.  He let her know that he loved Jennifer.  Abby and Chad came up with a plan to keep Anne from seeing Cameron.  Chloe decided not to take Parker away from Daniel.  Anne passed out while Cameron was dancing and didnít see him.  Vargas warned Nick to come up with a way to make his money.  Chloe told Daniel that she wanted to be a good mother and knew what she wanted.  She wanted to do what was best for Parker.  He warned her that Parker wasnít leaving town.  He said he was calling Justin to get his parental rights to Parker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica asks AJ if Elizabeth is going to be her new daughter-in-law. He asks her what the rush is. She tells him that Elizabeth hasnít left Nikolasís side since he was admitted to the hospital. Mac stops Maxieís rambling and tells her that he knows she is worried about Dante and Lulu. He tells her that he is sorry that Frisco left her high and dry again. She says she is used to it and that she doesnít need Frisco because Mac is her real father in every way that counts. He tells her that he and her mother are about to make it official. Maxie canít wait to start planning their wedding. She admits that she is concerned about what will happen to the baby if Dante and Lulu donít come back. He tells her that it will be up to the grandparents to figure out, reminding her that she has no legal connection to the child. She says she is prepared to give up the baby, but that she was counting on giving it to Dante and Lulu.

Anna tells Sonny and Olivia that the WSB retrieved satellite images that show bodies that went overboard the Haunted Star and suggests that they prepare themselves in the event that one of the bodies is Danteís. Sonny tells Olivia not to lose hope because their son is resourceful. Alexis tells Anna what Nikolas said about Stavros Cassadine being alive and having taken Lulu to Cassadine Island. Anna makes a call and then gives Alexis an update. She says the WSB have positively identified a body on the Haunted Star in a satellite image as Helena Cassadine, but that the body is no longer on the boat. Alexis doesnít believe Helena is really dead. Anna adds that Ethan Lovett was on the Star and made it safely to a passenger boat so they will be able to interview him. She says, finally, that Luke, Laura, and Danteís RFIDs were picked up on Cassadine Island.  Anna tells Olivia and Sonny that Dante is on Cassadine Island, but that the psychopathic Stavros Cassadine is there too.  Alexis returns to the hospital and shares all the news with Nikolas. They wonder why Ethan was on the Haunted Star. Nikolas thanks Elizabeth for staying with him through the ordeal. He raises himself up to hug her. AJ comes to the door and gets the wrong impression when he sees the embrace so he leaves without making his presence known.

In the Cassadine dining room, Stavros assures Luke and Laura that Lulu is safe. He says she is hot blooded like Laura so he had to cool her down. Dante is in the secret lab at the Cassadine mansion where he sees Lulu through a window to a refrigerated room, but he canít get in because it has a fingerprint sensor security system.  He drags in a dead guard and uses his fingerprint, but access is denied. He picks up a fire extinguisher and begins banging on the security console.  Alarms go off. Stavros fears for his ice princess and goes running with Luke and Laura at his heels. Stavros goes to the lab and tells Dante that Lulu isnít his anymore. Luke hits Stavros over the head with the dead guardís gun and then they use Stavrosís fingerprint to open the door. Stavros comes to and sees Dante and the Spencers taking Lulu off the machines. He goes into the room protesting that Lulu is his. Dante carries Lulu out while Luke holds the gun on Stavros and then they lock Stavros in the room. Dante treats Lulu for hypothermia, but she isnít breathing and has no pulse. Laura continues to apply friction to warm Luluís body. When they concede that Lulu is dead, Dante holds Lulu and cries, apologizing for not being able to save her. Laura stops Luke from turning on the cryogenic freeze in the room where Stavros is locked. She turns it on herself.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane nibbles on Lily’s neck while she goes over some layouts that have to be in that night. Cane inquires if this isn’t Tyler’s project. Lily tells him that it is but she hasn’t heard from him. Tyler orders another drink from Dylan, who refuses to serve him anymore. At the Newman home, Nick gives Summer helpful advice concerning her chasing after Kyle. Summer doesn’t want to believe a thing that Nick says about Kyle. She threatens to move out of Nick’s home just as Avery comes in. Avery tells Nick to let her go. In Istanbul, Jack and Phyllis come in from shopping for trinkets to take home. Victor and Katherine have lunch and small talk about how Adam is doing since he was shot. Victor informs Katherine that Marcus Wheeler was responsible for the shooting. Jack makes fun of Phyllis’ cooking when she almost burned down his home. Katherine cannot believe that Marcus is the one behind the shooting. Katherine gets a phone call and has to leave. Lily and Cane walk in just as Katherine is leaving. Katherine tells Cane that the test results are in. Cane insists on accompanying her to the doctor, but she doesn’t want him to. When Cane explains to Lily what is going on, she insists that Cane accompany Katherine. Kyle enters the bar just as Tyler rushes out. Kyle wants to know what is going on. Nick lets Avery know about Cassie and Summer and shocks her when he tells her that he wants more children. Kyle meets up with a strange woman at the bar and begins talking to her. When he notices Marcus come into the bar, Victor approaches him and promises to bring him down.

Marcus insists to Victor that he will not get away with what he is doing. Kyle and the woman have drinks at the bar when he gets a phone call from Nick. Dylan finds out that Avery is engaged. Lily and Tyler spend time together talking about his problems. Dylan lets Avery know that he doesn’t blame her for them breaking up and losing each other. Summer and Courtney look at outfits from a magazine that will turn the heads of older men. Kyle and Nick discuss Summer, and Kyle lets Nick know that he told Summer in no uncertain terms that he is not interested in her. Nick orders him to stay away from Summer. Katherine and Cane find out from her doctor that she has a tumor which is pressing against a nerve in her brain. Marcus calls Jack and tells him that he is free and can make all the phone calls he wishes. A police officer comes in and arrests Marcus on the spot. Victor picks up the cell phone and lets Jack know that he is coming after him next. Avery asks Dylan if he ever thinks about their child. He replies that he does, all the time. After Lily urges Tyler to forgive his dad, he kisses her.

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