Thursday 4/11/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Steffy lounge around the pool at Eric’s and Liam says this is exactly what he has needed all day. She responds that she knows how frantic it must have been with Katie and she’s just glad he was there for Hope during this time. Taylor greets Eric with a big hug and tells him how grateful that she has him. He says she shows it every day. He asks about Katie and Bill and comments that she seems to think that Brooke and Bill are somehow responsible for her hospitalization. Taylor says well something distracted her and made her not take her anti-heart rejection meds. She knows Katie had been worried about Bill and her sister and now they are very vague over just what happened. But they know more than they are letting on. She feels something very dangerous is going on between the two of them and she intends to find out just what. He looks at the portrait of Stephanie beaming at them and says he knows what can happen when a person stresses too much about others in her life and he wants to avoid that. Caroline and Dayzee are in Eric’s office discussing Maya. Caroline is grousing how Maya is trying to steal her boyfriend. Dayzee assures her that she has tried to get her to keep her distance from her entire family. Yet she’s become friends with Rick and she’s even gone out with her brother-in-law. Caroline snipes that she can have Carter; she doesn’t care. She just needs to stay away from Rick. She says she is not sharing him, especially to a loser like Maya. There’s gotta be something she can do, but nothing has worked so far so it has to be of epic proportions. There has to be some way that Rick can see what kind of person she really is. Dayzee says he already knows her past and it doesn’t seem to matter. Caroline mocks yes home, sweet home penitentiary. She’s just playing the sympathy card, trying to get him to feel sorry for her. Oh if the press ever got word that he was all buddy-buddy with an ex-con and should still be there if nothing more than a crime against fashion. Carter walks in looking for Rick and then want to know what they are up to. Caroline smiles sweetly and says just chitchatting and then quickly turns it to Maya and she thinks Carter ought to ask her out. He says he has once and maybe he will again unless she hooks up with Rick. Caroline reveals that would be a good idea since he is so handsome and successful and he could wine her and dine her and charm those cargo pants right off of her. Rick is hers and she is not about to lose him.

Hope fills Rick in on what is happening and how sweet Liam was with her when they were babysitting Will and then visiting Katie in the hospital. She changes the subject and says she has been hearing more and more about him and Maya. She wonders if Caroline is still his girlfriend or not. He grins that Maya is very special and he likes spending time with her. Then he asks about her love life and she says she has none but is living vicariously through him. She has no choice but to give up on Liam as Steffy is having his baby and they will get married soon and that is as it should be. Taylor tells Eric that she knows she lets Brooke get under her skin, but she knows Stephanie would not have approved of this Bedroom Line re-launch. Eric says probably not, but they are here and Stephanie is not. Taylor laughs that he always says the right thing and gets her to calm down. He looks at the portrait again and says he’s had years and years of practice. He tells Taylor that she’s made this a happy home again and he thanks her for that. She states that moving in here was probably the best decision she has made in her life. She tells him Liam and Steffy are down by the pool and she’d like to ask him a small favor if they could have the wedding there. It would mean so much to her. Of course he says yes. Steffy and Liam are elated when Taylor asks them. Eric says it is Steffy’s house too now and he’d be delighted for them to marry here. Taylor is excited as she has so many wedding sites already bookmarked and has practically everything already planned. Steffy even takes up Eric’s offer to design her a dress, something with a little edge to it. Hope tells Rick that is the kind of guy Liam is to step up and make things right. She’s glad though that he is still in her life. He was so sweet and sensitive with her today in the hospital. It was like things had never changed between them. She just wishes that were true. Liam says Taylor is pretty stoked about the wedding. He doesn’t know who is more excited, Steffy or Taylor. They are excited and hug. Steffy can’t wait to be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Anne was eavesdropping while Abby and Chad were talking about Cameron.  Daniel wanted to get to know Chloe better.  Anne overheard Abby say that no one could know that Cameron worked at that place.  Anne took the card Abby had and left the coffee shop.  Daniel and Chloe reminisced about the time they were together.  While they were talking, Daniel confronted Chloe about wanting to be friends.  He reminded her that she accepted the fact that he wanted to be friends.  Chloe wanted to know why he was bringing that up and he told her that he knew how she really felt.  Stefano went to the coffee shop and talked to Chad.  Stefano wanted Chad to move in with him.  Jennifer told Laura about the way she broke up with Daniel.  Daniel let Chloe know that he knew what she did.

Daniel confronted Chloe about Nancy about taking Parker to Brazil.  Daniel showed Chloe a copy of Nancyís visa proving that Nancy took Parker to Brazil.  Chloe tried to deny the claim, but Daniel didnít believe her.  He said she had Nancy bring Parker back as soon as he broke up with Jennifer.  Jennifer told Laura that Chloe blackmailed her to stay away from Daniel or she would keep Parker away from Daniel.  Chloe denied that she had anything to do with Nancy taking Parker to Brazil, but Daniel didnít buy it.  He told her that her plan wouldnít have worked because he would have tracked him down.  She told him that he didnít have any rights to Parker.  While they were arguing, she showed him how his name wasnít on the birth certificate.  Anne arrived at the strip club where Cameron works.  Jennifer and Laura continued to talk about Daniel and Chloe.  Chloe threatened to take Parker away from Daniel when he kept confronting her about what she did.  Abby and Chad went to the strip club and saw Anne there.  Abby was worried that Anne would figure out what Cameron was doing if she saw him there.  Daniel and Chloe continued to go back and forth about her trying to keep Parker away from him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia and Sonny let themselves into Dante and Luluís apartment where Dante tells her that he couldnít save Lulu. She hugs him, only to discover that she is hugging a police officer. Sonny tells her that Jax told Carly about his engagement to Brenda, and then Carly went to Sonnyís house and eavesdropped while Brenda asked him if he wanted to get back together with her, and then Carly went and told Jax what she heard, and then Jax broke off the engagement. Sonny tells Olivia not to worry about Brenda because he is committed to Kate and Connie. Michael tells AJ that Starr broke up with him and then went to the Metro Court bar and got plastered and that he spent the night with the love of his fatherís life, Brenda Barrett, and that his mother walked in on them. He says he doesnít remember anything, but he woke up naked in her bed so he assumes they had sex. AJ thinks the whole think is hilarious. After he has finished laughing, AJ says he is concerned about Michael drinking himself into a blackout because alcoholism runs in their family. At the Metro Court, Brenda asks Carly to return Michaelís tie to him for her. Carly says she should ring Brendaís neck with it. She says Michael has a girlfriend. Brenda reveals that Starr broke up with Michael. She laughs and says she consoled him. Carly attacks Brenda. Security guards break it up. Carly asks Brenda how she thinks Sonny is going to react when he finds out. She says parents have to protect their kids. Brenda says Michael is not a kid and that Carly is a freak for thinking that he is. Carly tells her that she is going to hold off on telling Sonny because he is already in hell worrying about his other son who is missing. She tells Brenda to enjoy her revenge while she can and then orders her out of the hotel.

Luke and Laura find themselves in a dining room with Stavros, who they thought was dead.  Laura stops Luke from attacking Stavros with a steak knife, reminding him that Stavros knows where Lulu is. Stavros asks them to join him for dinner and then he will share all the details. He assures them that he isnít going to kill them by poisoning. He adds that he would never hurt Laura. He says he had hoped that they would be a family again. She tells him that she will willingly stay with him if he lets Lulu go. He tells her that he knows she would never return his affections and that it is too late for them. Besides, he has met someone else. In his room at General Hospital, Nikolas tells Alexis and Elizabeth that his father is alive and that he is obsessed with Lulu. He tells them about going to Greece to find information about Cesar Faisonís impersonation of Duke, and finding Stavros in a locked-down lab, nearly catatonic Helena saying Stavros had survived his fall a decade ago but had yet to fully recover. He reveals that Helena faked Aidenís paternity test hoping that another heir would help Stavros recover. He says he helped to nurse his father back to health and one day saw him looking at a picture that he called his princess, but it wasnít Laura in the picture, it was Lulu. He tells them that Helena said that when she and Stavros were on their way back to Greece from a clinic that a brilliant German woman doctor runs, the plane made and unscheduled landing in Istanbul, where they saw Luke, Lulu, and Dante boarding a plane after Lukeís release from a Turkish prison and Stavros thought Lulu was Laura. Nikolas says he showed Stavros a picture of Laura and Lulu together to explain that they are not the same person and that Stavros said he understood, but then he clocked him over the head. He says he tried to call Lulu to warn her and when he couldnít reach her, he left a message for Lucky, but Helena caught him and went to Ireland to intercept Lucky. He says that he then came to Port Charles, but he was too late. Alexis tells Nikolas that Helena didnít mention Dante when she called. Nikolas says Stavros will consider Dante a rival. Alexis adds that Stavros doesnít tolerate rivals. Nikolas is afraid of what Stavros might do to Lulu. On Cassadine Island, Stavros tells Luke and Laura that Lulu is everything that Laura was when they first met and that nothing is standing in the way, now that her husband has been disposed of. Stavros reveals that he sent the Ice Princess replica and the teddy bear clock to Lulu and that he knocked Dante out and took Lulu to the Haunted Star, only to discover that Nikolas was in Port Charles to expose him. Laura is shocked to learn that Stavros had his own son shot. Stavros says Nikolas has no concept of loyalty. He says he and Lulu left on the Haunted Star. Laura says only Helena and Ethan were on the boat. Stavros tells them that Helena went to Ireland to get Lucky after Nikolas had called to warn him, but found Ethan instead, and decided that he would make a good diversion while Stavros and Lulu came to Cassadine Island on a plane. Luke says he was happy to put a bullet in Helena. Stavros tells Luke that he is taking care of his mother the same way that she took care of him. Downstairs in front of the lab, Dante overpowers the guards and then uses a guardís fingerprint to get into the secret lab where he finds a covered body on a table and braces himself to see Lulu. He pulls back the sheet and finds Helena. Dante looks through another doorís window into a frozen room and sees Lulu inside.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam gets out of bed and is going through the chest of drawers when Victor comes in. Victor asks him when he will be released from the hospital. Billy and Victoria arrive at the hospital for her doctor’s visit. Lauren brings Michael a cup of coffee and then she drops the bombshell that they go away just the two of them. Paul and Christine catch a moment to have a glass of orange juice and some small talk. As Paul mentions the situation between Lauren and Michael, Carmine listens intently. Leslie, Neil, and Gus have breakfast together without Tyler. Tyler walks up and meets Gus’ eyes. Adam asks Victor why he is there. Victor asks Adam what his plans are when he gets out of the hospital. Adam tells Victor that there will not be another Newman heir. Tyler objects when Leslie asks Gus to move in with her. Michael refuses to go away with Lauren at this time. Victor suggests to Adam that he buy the penthouse for $1.5 million dollars. Adam is reluctant at first. Lauren confronts Carmine and orders him not to call, text, or see her ever again. Paul listens to their conversation. Paul catches up to Lauren and wants to know what is going on.

Christine and Michael have a chat about a case that he is working on. Lauren lies to Paul about why she was talking to Carmine. Noah visits Alex and lets him know that he hasn’t heard from Adriana. Alex refuses to be concerned or even worried about Adriana’s whereabouts. Adam gives in and agrees to buy the penthouse. Victoria and Billy walk in. Victor informs Victoria and Billy that Adam just bought the penthouse. Adam lets Victoria know that he and Victor will be working side by side at Newman. Victoria cannot believe her ears. Paul asks Michael how things are going between him and Lauren. Carmine visits Lauren at home. Michael calls Lauren to meet him for lunch. Carmine and Lauren kiss passionately while Paul is just outside the door. Lauren manages to get Carmine to leave but not before he runs into Paul outside the apartment. Carmine lies to Paul about why he went to see Lauren. At the Underground, Noah and Tyler talk and have a drink together. Billy catches Victoria listening outside of Adam’s hospital room door.

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