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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that Taylor is not going to let up until she finds the truth. He says he will deal with her if he has to. Right now all he can focus on is Katie getting better. He doesn’t want to hear they are doing all they can for her any more….the doctors don’t know what they know. Taylor hears that as she walks into the room and asks again what it is they are they keeping from her as she is the doctor on record too. She knows how close they have become, and she hopes it hasn’t become something more. But she has this sinking feeling that it may have. Donna sits by Katie’s side and cries that she has to live. Her son needs her; they all need her, even Bill although he may have done something stupid and spent the night with Brooke. Taylor walks in on this and questions Donna of just what she knows.

Brooke is feeling guilty and asks Bill if Katie is where she is because she forgot to take her anti-rejection heart medication or from knowing what they did. He says it doesn’t matter; even the doctors don’t know why. He’s the one who should feel guilty even being over at Brooke’s in the first place. He is not an alcoholic, just stupid, acting like a frat boy taking shots just to prove a point that Dollar Bill Spencer doesn’t take orders from anyone. The marriage ended because of too many struggles, and he couldn’t deny his feelings for Brooke any longer. Katie misread all of that and it clouded her judgment when Taylor got inside her head. The accident started a chain of events that he didn’t see coming. And it started with his drinking and bull headedness. Taylor asks Donna if she knows how Bill got that bruise on his head. Donna tells Taylor that she knows she has Katie’s best interest at heart, but this is a family matter. Brooke walks in and says at this point they all need to rally around Katie. She’d like to be alone with her sister. Bill leans over and kisses Katie on the forehead. Taylor tells him that she knows this is difficult for him with a little boy they both adore. He says Katie will not leave Will ever. Watching through the window outside, he turns around and there is Taylor again. He barks at her that she must work for the CIA, she is always creeping around. Surely she has other patients she can bother. Katie doesn’t need her; she needs a miracle so unless she has one of those……Taylor says Katie has pulled through worse than this and when she comes to she is going to need him more than ever, unless something has changed. Brooke cries to Katie that it can’t end like this…their last conversation an argument. She just needs to open her eyes and fight as she loves her so much and she is so sorry. She breaks down at this point. Miss Busy Britches walks in and asks what Brooke is sorry about. She knows there is more to this story than she and Bill are saying. Bill walks in and is livid to see Taylor hanging around again. He tells Taylor to get out; she is not wanted there. Taylor says she thinks that is up to Katie to decide when she wakes up and until then she has every right to know what is going on so she can protect her patient. Bill charges that she is not a real doctor; just a shrink. She knows jack about heart failure. Taylor laments that she knows a lot about broken hearts and she just hopes that he and Brooke haven’t done anything to put Katie where she is, but more and more she is beginning to think they did. She doesn’t know what, but she will find out!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Daniel that Nancy and Parker were in Brazil instead of New York.  Kate gave Gabi a contract that gave Will rights to his daughter.  Jennifer went to see Laura to talk about breaking up with Daniel.  Chloe lied to Nicole about having anything to do with Jennifer dumping Daniel, but Nicole didnít believe her.  Rafe showed Daniel proof that Nancy took Parker to Brazil.  Gabi wasnít sure if she should sign the papers without a lawyer.  Kate tried to explain what the contracts were, but Nick interrupted them.  Daniel was upset that Chloe tried to take Parker out of the country.  Daniel thought he couldnít do anything because Philip is considered Parkerís father.  Daniel wanted to do something to stop Chloe.  Chloe and Nicole continued to argue over Daniel and Jennifer.  Gabi told Nick about the contract, but Nick looked over the contract and knew Kate was lying.  Chloe said hurtful things to Nicole, which led to Nicole leaving.  Daniel thanked Rafe for his help.  When Rafe left, Daniel got a call from Nicole.  She wanted to talk to him about Chloe.  Kate got into an argument with Gabi over the contracts.  Rafe showed up while they were arguing to find out what was going on.  

Sonny went to see EJ to talk about getting Nick.  Sonny told EJ that Nick and Gabi were staying with Victor so he (Sonny) could sneak in their room to find out what was going on with Nick.  Daniel met Nicole at the church.  He wanted to hear what she had to say about Chloe instead of what she was saying about him and Jennifer breaking up.  Kate told Rafe that she, Gabi, and Nick were talking about the baby.  Nick told Rafe that Kate was trying to force Gabi to sign the contract.  Nicole told Daniel that Chloe said she was never going to give up on him.  Nicole told Daniel that she believed Chloe made Jennifer break up with him.  Rafe was upset with Kate for coming up with the contract for Gabi to sign.  Rafe wanted to talk to Kate in private.  After talking with Nicole, Daniel realized Chloe used Parker to break up his relationship with Jennifer.  He thanked Nicole and left the church.  Nick and Gabi talked about people trying to get Will full custody of her baby.  Nick told her he was the only one she could trust.  Rafe and Kate got into an argument over the contract.  Daniel was back at his apartment when Chloe came in looking for him.  She noticed something was wrong with him.  He wanted to talk to her about where they go from here.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis goes to Nikolasís hospital room and sees that Scott has been sitting vigil all night. He says isnít going anywhere until he hears from Laura. Bobbie coaxes him into going back to the hotel. Elizabeth wonders if Nikolas was the anonymous donor that underwrote the Nursesí Ball. Nikolas squeezes her hand and opens his eyes. She tells him that he was shot, that he is in General Hospital, and that the bullet was successfully removed. She asks him questions to determine how cognizant he is, and he is able to answer them all correctly. Alexis tells him that Spencer is safe with Lauraís mother. He says Lulu is in danger and asks if she is alright. Alexis tells him that Lulu is missing and that Laura, Luke, and Dante are looking for her and that they wonít let Helena succeed. Nikolas says it isnít Helena. Alexis argues that Helena called and said she had Luke and Laura. Nikolas repeats that Helena didnít take Lulu. Luke and Laura stand on the deck of the Haunted Star, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean watching another ship coming toward them. Luke wakes up from the dream, but doesnít know where he is. He wakes up Laura who is sleeping next to him. They are still fully dressed in the clothes that they were wearing before, including coats. They try to piece together what they can remember. They recall Cassadine men boarding the Haunted Star, fighting them, being put in a stateroom where Luke listened at the door. Luke remembers being hit on the head. They hope Ethan got away and continue to worry about Lulu and Dante. Laura recognizes that they are on Cassadine Island and in the room that she shared with Stavros. Luke says Helena, Mikos, Stavros, and Stefan are all dead and wonders who is left to torment them. Luke finds a dinner invitation with their names on it and a tuxedo and couture dress in the closet. They change clothes and go to the dining room where they are joined by the presumed-dead Stavros Cassadine.

Felicia and Mac go to Annaís office and overhear offer to help with the search for Dante and the Spencers, but Anna says it is out of her jurisdiction and in the hands of the WSB. Mac and Felicia tell Anna that they are engaged. Felicia says they must also congratulate Anna on getting back together with Duke. Anna says she doesnít know what is happening with her and Duke, but admits that they kissed. AJ wonders if Duke is getting back together with Anna. Duke says he is hopeful. Duke asks about AJ and Elizabeth. AJ says they had a good first date last night. They wonder what is taking Michael so long to arrive at their meeting.

Carly takes Brendaís room service into her room and tells her to leave her hotel today. She sees pants on the floor and concludes that Brenda couldnít wait to jump into bed with Sonny when Jax broke off their engagement. She pulls back the blankets and finds Michael. Carly is ready to kill Brenda. Brenda says Michael is a grown man. Michael asks Carly to leave so he can talk to Brenda. Michael asks Brenda how much he drank last night. She says it was a lot. She shows him the breakfast tray, but the sight of food makes him queasy. He apologizes to her and says it was inappropriate with his step-mother. She tells him that they didnít do anything. Carly goes downstairs and tells the front desk clerk to have security throw Brenda out. Bobbie and Scott arrive and ask Carly what is going on. Carly says she just saw Michael and Brenda naked in bed together and that Michael seemed as if he had been drugged. Carly tells Bobbie that Sonny will kill Brenda when he finds out what Brenda did to Michael. Bobbie stops her from making the call. Scott warns Carly against alienating her son. Carly concedes that they are right. Michael sneaks past Carly, Scott and Bobbie to get out of the Metro Court and go to his meeting. AJ tells him that he looks and smells like he didnít make it home. Michael reveals that he spent the night with Brenda. Brenda gives Michaelís tie to Carly, making a point of telling her that he left it in her bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon lets herself into Nickís home and upon yelling for him, she finds the house deserted. Looking around, she finds an engagement ring in a jewelry box. At the Underground, Nick and Avery spend quality time together and she lets him know once again that she needs time to sort out her feelings. Dylan walks in and sees Nick and Avery together. At the Baldwin home, Lauren and Michael make plans for later on that evening. Michael is taken aback when he realizes that Lauren is going out once again. Lauren assures him that she will be back right after her meeting. Abby commends Kyle on acting so businesslike. Kyle reminds Abby that he told her that nothing could ever develop between them. At the coffeehouse, Summer and Courtney make plans on how to seduce an older man. Kevin and Chloe kiss but then notice that they have two customers sitting outside. Chelsea walks up to the bar and notices that Chloe has her blouse on backwards. Chelsea asks Chloe if she had just had sex. Chloe notices her top and immediately goes to turn it around right. Sharon confronts Nick about the engagement ring. Upon hearing that he proposed marriage to Avery, Sharon begins to give him unwanted advice. Dylan tells Avery that he heard about the proposal. Avery answers that she did not say yes. Lauren lets Michael know that she is going to a meeting with Kyle but will be back soon. Abby asks Kyle if Summer was “naked” in front of him. Summer walks in all dressed up and looking all grown up. Nick asks Sharon if she has a problem with him marrying Avery. Dylan is surprised that Avery didn’t said yes to Nick’s proposal.

Lauren is surprised when she arrives to meet Kyle and sees Carmine working behind the bar. Abby commends Summer on how great she looks and tells her that she could have any man she wanted. Michael gives Kevin a check to cover some of the expenses on the house, but he refuses it. Lauren lets Carmine know that things are over between them. Abby visits Nick inform him about Summer pursuing Kyle. Dylan gives Avery helpful advice on marriage. Lauren comes home to Michael, but not without getting a text from Carmine telling her that he misses her. Lauren ignores the text. Sharon visits the Underground to tell Dylan that Nick asked Avery to marry him, but Dylan says he already knows. Nick asks Summer to come home immediately but then changes his mind and tells her that he will come to find her. He is starting out the door when Avery arrives saying that she will marry him.

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