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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dr. Meade tells Brooke, Donna, and Bill that there is no change; Katie is still in critical condition. Her blood count is still very high. Donna asks Brooke and Bill if they can talk outside Katie’s room. She explains that she was there with Katie when she got Brooke’s phone call with no explanation, but that Bill was going to spend the night at Brooke’s place. Katie left to go to Brooke’s place and confront them, but somehow now she’s here in the hospital with heart failure. They must be responsible for this. Katie must have walked in on something. Both Brooke and Bill try to explain this is not Katie’s depression talking, but yes, Katie took her rings off and said she wanted a divorce…….the marriage was over. Taylor is surprised to find Hope and Liam babysitting and wonders where Katie is. Liam says that Bill never showed up for their meeting either. They don’t know where they are. They just took over for Donna when she had to leave. Taylor said she had a scheduled session with Katie also, so this is very unlike her not to be there. She’s had a lot to deal with lately. Hope gets worries and calls her mom. Brooke tells her Katie is in the hospital, and she should come right away. Hope, Liam, and Taylor all run out leaving the baby nurse with Will.

Donna continues to quiz Bill and Brooke about just what happened. Bill explains his drinking and the accident that he and Brooke had. Donna doesn’t like the sound of this and accuses Brooke of hiding Bill’s problem. She could have just told Katie this on the phone, and she would not have come charging over and seen whatever it is she saw, making her mad enough to take off her rings. Brooke says they need to keep this private. The family and the business cannot stand another scandal. The police must not know that Bill spent the night or that his car is in the garage. Bill takes responsibility for drinking too much as Katie was pushing his buttons. Donna is aghast that so much happened and Brooke is protecting Bill. She figures out that Katie found them in Brooke’s bedroom. Perhaps it was innocent and well intentioned, but apparently that isn’t the way Katie took it. They all agree that Katie is in pretty bad shape, but they have to believe she will be okay. Holy cow, it’s like Grand Central Station….. all six go into Katie’s room while Hope holds her hand and begs her to hang on and come back to them. They comment that she’s tough. She’s a fighter, she’s Logan strong. She has a lot to live for…..a baby, a husband who adores her. Liam says she will recover and until then they are all there for her and Will. Katie will be in good hands. Donna tells Brooke they simply cannot lose their sister now. Taylor calls Brooke aside and wants to know more details of what happened. Katie was driving the car and she left Will behind. Where was she going that was so important? Bill joins in before Brooke can say any more. She doesn’t think it matters now where Katie was going. She had an attack while in the car. Bill says if Taylor has a question then go ahead and ask it. He reminds her that he fired her, so she no longer is Katie’s doctor, so she must be here just to stir up trouble. She sees his bloodied bruise on his forehead and puts two and two together and knows it must have something to do with Katie being here. When they won’t answer any more questions, she says never mind, but she will find out the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady recognized Sy in the mugshot book.  Brady noticed that Kristen recognized the guy.  Hope wanted to put out an APB so the police could catch him.  Sy called Victor with information about Kristen.  Kate and Rafe talked about Stefano finding out about them after they made love.  Chloe wanted Parker to tell people he was in New York, but he said Brazil.  Anne warned Chloe that she would be in trouble if Parker kept saying Brazil.  Nancy walked in the room while Daniel had his back to her looking at her passport.  Sy wanted to be reassured that Victor would give him what he wanted before he told Victor everything.  Victor said he would.  Before Victor could find out the truth, Maggie walked in the room.  Kristen tried to say that Sy wasn’t the attacker, but Brady said he was.  Daniel covered up how he was looking at Nancy’s passport by saying he was looking for his phone.  Nancy asked Daniel if he saw her keys which were by the passport.  Roman came in Hope’s office to talk to Brady about screwing up John’s life by being with Kristen.  Chloe and Anne talked about Jennifer dumping Daniel and quitting her job.  Daniel let Nancy know where her keys were.  Daniel questioned Nancy about her trip.  Sy hung up on Victor when he overheard Maggie talking.  Roman and Brady argued over Brady being with Kristen and hurting John and Marlena.  Brady and Kristen left the office.  Nicole found out that Jennifer dumped Daniel.  Daniel wondered if Nancy had pictures of Parker in New York later.  When he left the apartment, he called someone to meet him at the town square.

Kate saw Gabi at the pub and told her that she knew about Will singing his rights away.  Maggie and Victor argued over him talking to Sy.  Victor was suspicious that Kristen could have set it up for him to look like he was getting dirt on Kristen on purpose.  Daniel went back to the town square.  He saw Parker and told Chloe he wanted to spend time alone with him.  When Chloe left, Daniel asked Parker about New York.  Parker said New York instead of Brazil.  Rafe was the one Daniel called and they talked about Nancy’s trip.  Daniel wanted to find out if Nancy really took Parker to New York.  Sy called Victor again to pick up where they left off.  Daniel explained to Rafe that Nancy was supposed to be in New York, but he saw her passport and visa.  Daniel didn’t believe that Nancy was in Brazil and wanted Rafe to use his connections to check on his suspicions.  Nicole showed up at Daniel’s apartment to talk to Chloe. Kate and Gabi talked about the baby and how Nick made Will sign away his rights.  Kate asked whose name would be on the certificate.  Victor didn’t want to talk to Sy, but Sy wanted to show him something.  Victor wanted Sy to email them to him. Sy didn’t want to email the picture because it could be traced back to him.  Nicole questioned Chloe about Jennifer breaking up with Daniel.  Gabi said she wouldn’t fight it if Will wanted his name on the birth certificate. Kate had a contract for Gabi to sign.  Kristen called Sy to warn him that the police were after him.  Sy put a picture in an envelope.  Nicole suspected that Chloe caused Jennifer and Daniel’s breakup.  Rafe told Daniel that Nancy and Parker were in Brazil.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt crashes the Nurses’ Ball while her mother, Dr. Obrecht, looks at a picture of Cesar Faison and says he would be proud of their daughter. Britt announces that she is pregnant. Anna goes up on the stage to get Emma away from Britt. Emma tells Anna and Duke that she doesn’t want to be a big sister if it means Britt will be her new mommy. Patrick ushers Britt off stage in the other direction. He tells her that a baby will not make him get back together with her. Sabrina is angry that Britt ruined the benefit for Patrick’s late wife with her announcement. Elizabeth and Felix doubt that Patrick is the father. Sabrina tells Patrick that Britt is a known liar and that she could be lying about this, too. He agrees and says he will insist on a paternity test. Sabrina predicts that Britt will try to use the pregnancy to break them up. He assures her that they will be fine and he kisses her.

Ellie tells Maxie that she overheard her talking to her father about the baby and tells her that if she or the baby is in danger, she will be there to help her.  Maxie says it is none of Ellie’s business. Spinelli comes looking for Ellie and wonders why the two women are arguing. Maxie tells him that his girlfriend eavesdropped on her conversation with her father. She goes back into the ballroom. Ellie tells Spinelli that she heard Maxie and her father saying something that sounded like Maxie and a doctor were hiding something. They conclude that the doctor must be Britt Westbourne. Spinelli tells her that she missed Dr. Westbourne’s announcement onstage that she was pregnant with Patrick’s child. He suggests that they save the discussion about Maxie’s drama for later and return to the ball now. Max and Olivia perform a comedy act in which she is the Bensonhurst Medium. Molly sings a song with TJ on keyboards. AJ and Elizabeth discuss their number that was not shown. She tells him that he is an upgrade from the old AJ. They kiss. The Grand Finale is “Epiphany and the Revelations” (Monica and Tracy), who perform their rendition of the Pointer Sisters’ song “Jump (For My Love).”  Britt goes up to Dr. Obrecht’s room at the Metro Court and finds her mother dancing along. Dr. Obrecht congratulates Britt on her performance. Britt isn’t so sure that trapping Patrick with a baby will bring them together. She observes that it didn’t work when her mother used the same tactic with her father.

Lucy thanks everyone for their support. Felix goes onstage and presents Lucy with a bouquet of roses and asks everyone to give a round of applause to the woman who made the ball happen. Lucy in turn thanks Sabrina for resurrecting the ball. Sabrina takes the microphone and announces that it was Emma’s vision to bring back the Nurses’ Ball. Sabrina and Patrick sing to Emma. Starr calls Michael and tells him that she is never coming back.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gus, Leslie, and Tyler confront Congressman Wheeler about killing Leslie and Tyler’s mother, Belinda. Congressman Wheeler continues to deny that he killed Belinda but suggests that she may have slept with other men and maybe one of them killed her. Congressman Wheeler’s comments about his mother cause Tyler to lose his temper, and he almost punchers Wheeler, but Neil and Gus hold him back, so that he won’t land in jail. Cane tells Lily about Katherine’s memory problems and then they argue about Tyler, because Cane thinks that Lily’s good heart won’t allow her to see that Tyler is putting the moves on her. Jill thinks Adriana stole the box of items that they were going to donate to charity. Kevin agrees with Jill that Adriana can’t be trusted. Kevin and Chloe consider letting Adriana take the blame for the items they stole but then decide it’s not a good idea, because they can’t let an innocent person be blamed for their crime. When Adriana arrives for work, Jill accuses her of stealing the box of items that were supposed to be donated to charity as well as one of Katherine’s family heirloom necklaces. Adriana quits her job so she won’t cause any more trouble for Katherine.

Adriana thinks that she and Noah should move in together. Noah agrees after some thought, but now Adriana doesn’t know how she will pay for her half of the rent since she quit her job, but she doesn’t tell Noah that she doesn’t have a job anymore. Billy and Victoria celebrate Johnny’s first birthday by giving him a little party with his sister Delia and they talk to Reid on Skype . Kevin and Chloe get an idea once they see how Victoria redecorated the house and put her old things in storage. Kevin and Chloe decide that there are a lot of rich people in town who redecorate their homes every year and put their old very valuable things in storage, so they will continue stealing from the rich and giving to the poor by stealing things from storage buildings of rich people. Cane advises Katherine to tell Jill about her memory loss. Katherine almost tells Jill but decides not to do so, because she doesn’t want Jill to think she is weak and thus harm Chancellor Industries. Cane encourages Katherine to tell her family soon, so they can be there for her.

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