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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Bill quickly get dressed to get to the hospital for Katie. Brooke tells him that she doesn’t know what is wrong, but it’s not good and this is their fault. Mark tells Maya that she has a face like an angle and she is star in the making. She wants to know about the character she will play. She understands it will be a love scene. He says it can be if she wants it to be. He wants her to start now and is ready to show her around. Mark gives her two pages of very little dialogue and introduces her to a scantly dressed male co-star. She’s beginning to get a little suspicious when Mark mentions twenty minutes of whatever they want to do between dialogue. She asks Mark to spell it out for her. He tells her it not PG, it’s for adult entertainment. She puts the script down and says he’s got the wrong girl, not even for $5000. Liam and Hope get closer while babysitting Will, but wonder where Katie is. Caroline flaunts herself at Rick in his office and says she will throw something at him if he blows her off again. He puts his paper down and says she has his undivided attention. But she must understand how much his work performance is going to be scrutinized and he must keep his focus on business at all times. She throws it in his face that he has time for that girl…that loser. He won’t listen to her badmouth Maya and says she was in prison for something she did not do and is only trying to make a new life for herself and he respects that.

Caroline calls Mark and asks when Maya starts shooting. He grumbles that it is not going to happen; she walked. Caroline says he was supposed to convince her. He says he tried but even for $5000 she wasn’t going to do it. She considers herself a legitimate actress. Caroline says okay, then she wants her money back, all of it. Mark replies no way. This is not a department store. There are no refunds. She says to herself, they will see about that. Brooke and Bill rush to the hospital and Dr. Meade fills them in that they are working to make sure no clots are formed in Katie’s heart that could cause a stroke or another heat attack. Donna joins them in a panic and wonders how this could have happened so quickly. All beg Katie to hang on as she is one of the strongest women they know. Maya comes back by Rick’s office and tells him about Hercules and what kind of movie her very first role was going to be. He kisses her and says he is much more conservative, but he can be bad too. That’s good, she says, and they kiss. Caroline sanitizes herself again to go into Mark’s office. She starts again about wanting her money back or she will call the police. When Hercules comes in, she is distracted and starts flirting with him, even touching his half naked body. She doesn’t notice Mark grabbing a small camera and taking pictures. Donna suddenly misses Katie’s wedding rings and demands to know what happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe went to see Daniel after he had a dream about Jennifer.  She brought Parker to see him.  Brady told Kristen that his MRI showed that he was fine after the mugging.  She flashed back to giving Sy the money he wanted.  Hope showed up at the DiMera mansion to tell Brady that the police thought they found one of the guys who attacked Brady.  Kristen looked worried.  Lucas went to see Jennifer because he was happy that she dumped Daniel.  Kristen pumped Hope about the suspect they arrested, but was interrupted when Brady approached them.  Hope wanted Brady and Kristen to go to the police station to identify the suspect.  Brady wanted to go, but Kristen was worried.  Nancy questioned why Daniel threw Chloe out of his apartment, but he wouldn’t tell her.  Daniel wanted to take Parker out for a walk to give Chloe and Nancy time to move her things out.  Lucas wanted to celebrate the fact that Jennifer dumped Daniel.  Victor and Maggie talked about Jennifer dumping Daniel.  Maggie was upset about it until Victor comforted her.  Lucas apologized for upsetting Jennifer.  He wanted to make sure she was okay.  She said she was and wanted to go out for a jog.  Nancy was worried that Jennifer would tell Daniel the truth, but Chloe wasn’t worried.  Chloe wanted to spend time with Daniel and Parker despite Nancy trying to stop her.

Kristen was busted looking through the folders on Hope’s desk.  Hope wanted to know what Kristen was doing, but she lied.  Hope wanted to wait for Brady before they looked through the files.  Chloe met up with Daniel and Parker.  While Jennifer was jogging, she saw Daniel with Chloe and Parker.  Jennifer walked away before Daniel could see her.  Daniel wanted to go back to his apartment to get his phone.  Hope showed Kristen a mug shot that wasn’t Sy.  Kristen said the guy was the one who attacked Brady.  When Brady came in the office, he said the guy in the mug shot didn’t attack him.  Kristen said it was, but Hope reminded her that she didn’t know who hit Brady when she was questioned about it.  Before Kristen and Brady were about to leave, Hope said they could look at an updated mug shot book.  When Daniel went back to his apartment, he saw Nancy’s passport.  While Brady was looking in the book, he said Sy was one of the guys who attacked him.  Sy called Victor so he could give him information about Brady and Kristen.  Daniel saw Nancy’s ticket from Brazil.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma asks Sabrina if she can be her daddy’s girlfriend. Watching the Nurses’ Ball on television, Britt gets angry when she sees Sabrina sitting with Patrick and Emma like she is part of their family. Her mother, Dr. Obrecht, says all they need to do is remind Patrick what his real family looks like. Britt wants to call the whole thing off. Dr. Obrecht refuses. Britt complies and puts on a dress to wear to the ball. At the Nurses' Ball, Frisco Jones publicly proposes to Felicia on the microphone. She says she’ll always him, but man is the man she wants to be with. Maxie runs after her father when he leaves. He says coming to Port Charles was a mistake, and that he is leaving because there is nothing left to keep her there. Maxie asks what about her? She reminds him that he said he came to Port Charles to support her through her pregnancy. Privately, Felicia asks Mac to marry her. He accepts.

Lucy finds Richard Simmons hiding in a closet in the dressing room. He ties her up and puts her in the closet to keep her from returning to the stage. Elizabeth stands as emcee. The next act is Lucy’s dance with Duke. Anna dances with him in her place.  Afterwards, he asks her if she thought of Faison while she was dancing the tango. She says no. He says the key to getting the Faison memories out of her head might be to make new memories together. He says he is just as afraid as she is that it may not work out, but he wants to try. She kisses him. Patrick, Emma and Sabrina see Anna and Duke kissing. Emma asks Anna if Duke is her boyfriend now. Anna says she thinks he is. Anna is glad that Patrick is seeing Sabrina.

Lucy breaks out of the closet. She and Richard fight. Milo, Max, Michael, Anton, Spinelli and Felix perform a synchronized strip tease dance that ends with them in their underwear that spells out ‘N-U-R-S-E-S-B-A-L-L in the backs. The women in the audience begin chanting “underwear, underwear, underwear.” Suddenly, everyone hears Richard yelling at Lucy that he hates her, and then their fight comes out onto the stage with Lucy in her underwear, keeping with the tradition that she said wouldn’t happen this time. The men restrain Richard and then carry him out like a diva at the end of an act.  Ellie goes to find security and hears Maxie and Frisco in the hallway talking about the baby. Spinelli wonders what is taking Ellie so long. Frisco says goodbye to his daughter. Ellie asks Maxie if she is ok and tells her that she can talk to her about whatever is on her mind. Lucy returns to the stage, dressed, and announces that Dr. Noah Drake has arranged a special guest appearance. Rick Springfield takes the stage and performs, "Jessie’s Girl." Bobbie tells Noah that she never noticed how much he resembles Rick Springfield. Emma and Sabrina perform a duet of “Call me, Maybe” in matching dresses. Patrick goes onstage to speak about HIV/AIDS and his wife, Robin, in whose honor the ball was reinstates. Britt arrives at the ball. After Patrick has finished speaking, Britt goes on stage and says she has something to add. Dr. Obrecht looks at a picture of Faison and says Brita is about to make him a proud papa.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Kyle comes out of his bedroom and finds Summer naked in his bed. Nikki comes to visit Victoria. Victoria tells Nikki about the party she is planning for Johnny, because before too long, she will be too busy. Nikki picks up on Victoria’s slip of the tongue and asks her if she is pregnant. Victor and Adam come to a truce in the hospital. Chelsea and Dylan meet again at the coffeehouse. Adam tells Victor not to kick him out of Newman. Abby brings Alex dinner at the police department. Abby leaves to set up their picnic in the coffeeroom when Marcus Wheeler walks in. Marcus informs Alex that he knows that there is a warrant out for his arrest. At first Victoria denies being pregnant, but then confesses that they are trying. Nikki gives Victoria the worried mother look which leads Victoria to know that Nikki is against her trying to get pregnant. Kyle refuses to go to bed with Summer and tells her to get dressed. Avery tells Nick that she loves him, but she hesitates when giving him a “yes” answer. Avery asks Nick if they hadn’t been facing death a few days prior, would he be proposing now? Kyle tries to explain his actions to Summer, but she is deeply hurt by his actions in refusing her. Nikki promises to stand behind Victoria in this matter and Victor would too. Victoria lets Nikki know that she doesn’t want Victor to know. Wheeler denies killing Belinda. After talking for a few minutes, Alex reads Marcus his rights. Adam reminds Victor how his other two children betrayed him. Dylan lets Chelsea know that he wanted to see her to see how things turned out for her. Chelsea tells him that her marriage is over. Avery stalls in giving Nick an answer, afraid that she will hurt him.

Summer asks Kyle who the girl is that he is into, but he refuses to tell her. Kyle encourages Summer to find someone else. Chelsea and Dylan grow closer when she finds out that his father just died. Victor and Adam discuss how they each challenge the other. When Abby comes into the squad room, Alex suddenly remembers his lunch date with her. Abby tells him that she understands since she is the girlfriend of a police officer. Alex is surprised and happy that Abby views herself as his girlfriend. Victor and Adam agree to try to work together. Nikki catches up with Victor in the hall and tells him that she will visit Adam also. Nikki goes in to see Adam and thanks him for saving Victor’s life. Nikki warns Adam not to betray Victor or he will pay. Marcus gets a visit from Victor and realizes from their conversation that Victor and Jack were the ones who managed to get him arrested. Alex witnesses the conversation between Victor and Marcus. Abby visits Kyle and finds out that Summer was there in Kyle’s bed.

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