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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya and Rick continue their lunch while Caroline is telling the adult film director that her client is willing and able to do his kind of films. He’s a little unsure until Caroline says yes he is going to hire Maya for his next feature. He says $300. She says no, $5000 and she will give him an extra $5000 for himself to make sure she takes the job. Maya tells Rick they don’t need to rehash his past or how they met. She understands and she won’t even say anything bad about his girlfriend with the attitude. Bill and Brooke are in bed basking in the afterglow. She calls him stallion and he says she is quite the filly. She is what a man needs, her joy, her laughter and not always saying no. She says that she never thought with Ridge gone that she would feel this loved again, but Bill has always been there for her and been very supportive.

Mark, the producer, calls Maya and says he saw her photo and resume and is very impressed. He’d like for her to come in right away and tape a little something and see if the camera likes her. She’s elated and tells Rick who is also happy for her. He gives her a big hug. Perhaps this is her big break. She finds the office and goes in and speaks with Mark. He tells her that she is even more beautiful than her picture. She asks if she needs to read for a part. He nixes that and says they just need to make some new headshots. Brooke gets a phone call and they let it ring and ring and can barely tear themselves away from each other. She finally does answer and it’s Dr. Meade who tells Brooke that he was unable to get Mr. Spencer, but they both need to come to the hospital. Katie is not feeling very well.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel kissed Chloe.  Cameron turned out to be a dancer.  Abby forgot her purse and went back in the club.  She saw Cameron dancing.  Kristen went to see John.  She brought him mementos of when they were together.  Hope went to see Jennifer to find out why she broke up with Daniel.  Daniel and Chloe made out on the couch until he stopped himself.  Chloe told him it was meant to be.  He was convinced and kissed her again.  John and Kristen talked about old times as well as Brady.  Kristen left Johnís room.  Daniel stopped himself from kissing Chloe again.  Chloe tried to talk him into being with her by reminding him of what Jennifer did to him.  He didnít want to be with her like that because he didnít want to hurt the mother of his child.  Jennifer tried to convince Hope that she didnít want to be with Daniel, but Hope didnít buy it.  Jennifer wanted Hope to leave.  When Cameron finished dancing, he saw Abby watching him.  Chad ended up seeing him too.  Kristen overheard two nurses talking about Jennifer dumping Daniel.  When Chloe left Danielís apartment, she called Nancy and told her to bring Parker back home because the plan worked.  Kristen went to see Jennifer to make sure she was okay.

Cameron wanted to know why Abby and Chad followed him.  John wondered why Kristen brought the mementos to him.  Kristen tried to find out why Jennifer dumped Daniel, but Jennifer wouldnít tell her anything.  Abby confronted Cameron about the guy he gave money to at the hospital.  She thought Cameron was in trouble and wanted to help him, but he said he didnít need her help.  Chad brought up how Cameron was carrying a guy.  Kristen tried to get Jennifer to open up to her, but Jennifer wanted her to leave.  Chloe went to see Jennifer after Kristen left.  Cameron said the gun was a prop.  It turned out that Cameron borrowed money and had to pay it back.  Cameron wanted Chad and Abby to promise not to say anything.  Jennifer wanted Chloe to leave.  Chloe said Parker was coming back unless Jennifer tried to get back with Daniel.  Jennifer tried to put Chloe in her place for using her son, but Chloe wasnít phased.  After Jennifer put her in her place, Chloe left.  John and Kristen said to themselves that it wasnít over.  While Daniel was at the town square, he saw Jennifer there.  Daniel walked away from her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

All of the Port Charles elite arrive at the Metro Court for the Nurses' Ball. They walk the red carpet as they are introduced and photographed. Felicia arrives with Maxie, followed by Frisco, then Mac and Mr. Marbles. They are all photographed together and in various combinations. Duke arrives solo, wearing a kilt, followed by Anna and Emma in sparkling dresses, Annaís gold, Emma looking adorable in purple. Anna gives a statement to the press about honoring Robin.  Spinelli and Ellie walk the carpet together. Ellieís mood flattens when he comments on Maxieís growing bump, and she reminds him that they agreed not to talk about babies. Carly and Sonny arrive together, sparking questions about whether they are back together and comments about their exes being engaged to each other. Brenda arrives alone in a heavy red dress with one long sleeve and says Jax sends his regrets. Michael arrives with Olivia and his grandmother, Bobbie Spencer. The announcer says it would not be a Nursesí Ball without General Hospitalís former Head Nurse.  Elizabeth arrives on AJís arm, followed by AJís mother Monica and Aunt Tracy, who are biting their tongues to appear civil. Alexis arrives in a stunning red gown, accompanied by Shawn. Molly and TJ follow them, with Molly in a lovely light blue teen gown. Her sister, Sam, follows them in unescorted in a strapless gold lame gown. Epiphany arrives in purple, escorted by choreographer Anton Ivanov. Standing in for Kevin, Felix escorts Lucy for her grand entrance in a slim-fitting white gown with gold sparkle trim snaking from her left shoulder to her left hip. He wonders where Sabrina is. Patrick finds Sabrina in Annaís room at the Metro Court and is taken aback by how beautiful she looks in her pink gown. He says he hopes it is not too late, and then confesses his feelings for her. He kisses her and then asks her to ditch Milo and be his date for the ball. He joins his father and daughter at their table. Noah can tell that Patrick found Sabrina by the lipstick stain on his collar. Sabrina rushes into the dressing room and tells Felix and Elizabeth that she is late because she was kissing Patrick.

Noah Drake catches up with Bobbie and Anna. Frisco presses Felicia to choose between Mac and him. Michael asks Sonny if his appearance with Carly has something to do with Brenda. Carly takes the signed divorce papers to Brenda and tells her that she is free to marry Jax. Brenda blames Carly for Jax calling off the wedding. The two women argue. Shawn offers to get another table for Brenda, but she says she will sit in her assigned seat, next to Carly. Lucy takes the stage in her second dress, a bejeweled gold gown with a slit up to her hip.  She thanks everyone for participating and credits Molly and TJ for writing the song for the opening number. The nurses sing and dance in scrubs with sparkly Nursesí Ball logos on them. Sabrina, Felix, and Epiphany each serve as lead singer. Sam compliments Anton on his choreography. He asks her to stand in for his dance partner who is injured. She doesnít want to. Lucy returns to the stage in her third dress, a tight black number with a dramatic ruffled flair from the knees down and large bow at the hip, attached by a silver clasp to match her tiara and the dressís silver straps.  She pays tribute to past nurses, Amy Vining and Jessie Brewer who are no longer with us, and then calls for a round of applause for Nurse Bobbie Spencer. Finally she thanks the anonymous donor who underwrote the entire expense of the ball. Next up, Spinelli and Ellie perform a number with Spinelli singing the 1982 Thomas Dolby song, ďShe Blinded me With ScienceĒ and Ellie queuing special effects. They end the number with kisses. Frisco sees that Maxie is upset and tells her that it is not too late for her to tell Spinelli that the child she is carrying is his.

Brenda childishly hits Carly in the back of the head with a bread roll. Carly returns the gesture, throwing a small piece of bread back. Brenda throws a second roll, this time with force. Carly stands up, throws a glass of champagne in Brendaís face and tells Security to remove her. Sonny thinks Carly was harsh and goes after Brenda. Elizabeth says it is nice to see that Tracy and AJ are not throwing champagne. Tracy and Monica decide their truce has lasted long enough and go their separate ways.  Milo admits to Sabrina that he erased Patrickís message and observes that she and Patrick have an undeniable connection. Sabrina joins Patrick, Emma, and Noah at their table. Felix offers to be Antonís dance partner when Sam comes into the dressing room and says she will do it. Lucy comes back on stage in her sparkling green fourth dress with a thick white feather boa, and thanks Anton for choreographing the ball. She introduces Sam and Antonís ballroom dance, which draws a standing ovation. Lucy returns to the stage in her fifth gown with a multicolored peacock patterned bodice and blue ruffled skirt. She introduces Mac and Mr. Marbles. Without naming names, Mr. Marbles delivers a series of insults intended for Frisco. Mac closes his performance by telling Felicia that he wants her to be happy no matter what she decides and that he loves her. Maxie observes to Felicia that Mac has finally decided to fight back. Lucy returns wearing her sixth gown of the evening, a flowing red dress with jewels along the bust line. She introduces Friscoís act. He performs the 1984 Jack Wagner (the actor that plays Frisco) song, ďAll I NeedĒ and then says it is dedicated to the love of his life. He walks up to Felicia and publicly asks her to marry him. Lucy hears a noise in the dressing room while she is choosing which dress to wear next.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery informs Leslie and Tyler that their father will soon be free, but Tyler can’t forget the abuse that Gus made his family suffer. Leslie tells Tyler that prison has changed Gus, and he deserves a second chance. Leslie advises Tyler to let go of the resentment toward his father. Later, Tyler goes to the prison to visit Gus. Kyle tells Abby about Summer spilling coffee on herself and taking off her blouse in Jack’s office. Abby tells Kyle he needs to stay away from Summer. Summer arrives at Jack’s house to see Kyle with the excuse that she needs the phone number of the place where Phyllis is staying in Turkey. Abby tells her she has the number to the hotel and will send her a text with the information. Summer waits until Abby leaves the house to sneak back inside and go up to Kyle’s bedroom. Kyle is surprised to see Summer in his bed when he gets out of the shower.

During a heartfelt talk, Victor tells Adam that when he got in the way of the bullet that was meant for him, he finally realized that he (Adam) is just as much a Newman as his other children. Adam and Victor shake hands and decide to end the war between them. Nick isn’t happy that Dylan is staying in town and wants to use the influence of the Newman name to get Dylan’s charges dropped, but Dylan refuses the help telling him that Avery wouldn’t like him using the Newman name to get around the law. Once Wheeler hears from his lawyer that he will soon be arrested, he decides to take Jack and Victor down with him. Avery is surprised when she goes to Nick’s club and he has a romantic dinner set up for her. After dinner, Nick tells Avery that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and pulls out a box with a beautiful ring inside it.

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