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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie holds out her wedding rings and tells Bill that she is sorry. She has taken all that she can. She wants a divorce. He asks her not to do this. Do not break up their family for the sake of their son. Brooke begs her to give it some time; she needs more time to think. Katie says no, she is done thinking. She keeps holding out the rings to Bill. He says if she is playing a poker game, he is not playing. He has a full house of rules and regulations, demands and accusations. He is done begging. Nothing he ever does is ever good enough for Katie. She cries that he's right; he isn't good enough. She turns to Brooke and tells her to take him. She can make him happier than she ever could. She takes the rings and lays them on a table and leaves. Bill is shaken. Brooke tells him that he must go after Katie as she knows that she does not want this. She only wants him to fight for her; fight for their marriage. Bill says he is not so sure. This time he thinks she really means it. Brooke advises him to swallow his pride and do a little begging. This is his marriage; he can not give up. He confides in Brooke that when he met and married Katie that he thought he had finally found the right woman. But what happened to that woman who knew his flaws and embraced them. But at long last she must have come to realize that she was not going to fix him. He is trying to be understanding and did make it through her post partum, at least physically, but the woman she was emotionally is gone. Katie has been on him constantly and last night was no exception. It could have been deadly with him drinking and driving. He looks at the rings and says Katie did this once before and now she has done it again. He looks closely at Brooke looking up into his eyes, says perhaps this time Katie is right. Katie told him that Brooke would make him happier.

Rick has lunch with Maya on the rooftop. He tells her that he wasn’t sure she would even come. She says she is being cautious, but she has forgiven him for starting off on the wrong foot by not telling her who he really was – a Forrester. They laugh about when she becomes a big star that she will let him be a part of her entourage. Caroline is only a few tables away and is having lunch with Dayzee who is super bored at listening to Caroline go on and on about herself, social media and how many hits she has on her page, even what kind of salad she is having for lunch. She keeps badmouthing Mitzi, Monica, whatever. Dayzee halfway defends Maya and says she feels somewhat responsible for her and she'd like to help her out, but she is a Forrester now and likes it and doesn't want Maya to infiltrate into her family. Caroline says Maya is the odd man out here. She does not belong in their lives. She stops talking long enough to spot Rick. Her face brightens up until she sees he's with what's her face. Rick is explaining more of his past to Maya....about Amber trying to pass off her cousin's baby as his. Totally ignoring Maya, Caroline walks up to Rick and says she is happy to see him. She demands that he stand up and give her a hug so she can make a point to show off in front of Maya - my man! She promptly tells Rick that he really doesn't have time to be having lunch with Monica, whoever. They both need to get back to the office and work on Hope for the Future and couture. She goes back to Dayzee and snorts that does she really think that Rick will turn his back on her for that! Maya is crazy if she thinks she has a chance with Rick. She brags more that she was handpicked by Brooke and imported here because L.A. had so many skanks. She is here to be with Rick. She wants to look up online what Maya has done as far as acting. Dayzee says very little, but she is sure she is willing to do almost anything to get a job. Caroline dashes off and ends up in the office of a director of "adult" entertainment. She acts as the agent and hands him a picture of Maya and explains that yes she knows what kind of business this is and her client would be up for it. Rick and Maya finish their lunch and he confides that most people only like him for what he can do for them with his family connection. Even Caroline would not be into Rick, the waiter. When Brooke sees that Bill is not going after Katie, she tells him to give it a few days. Let Katie cool off. She'll come to her senses. He walks much closer to Brooke and says he thinks Katie did mean what she said and he's tired of pretending. He tells Brooke that he knows she feels it; they both feel it. Katie said it was over and he believes her. He says he wants Brooke. She looks at him and starts to say that she thinks......He tells her not to think. He kisses her passionately and all the while gently pushes her closer to the bed. He unties her robe and lets it fall to the floor. He kisses her again and she clings to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel told Jennifer he wasn’t giving up on them.  Jennifer tried to tell him to give up, but he kissed her.  Chloe watched them kissing.  Chad and Abby followed Cameron to find out what he was up to.  Nick got a text from Vargas to meet him at the rectory.  Lucas went to see Sami at the DiMera mansion and was upset with her for living in the mansion.  Jennifer stopped Daniel from kissing her.  He wasn’t going to give up on them.  Chad and Abby followed Cameron to his apartment.  She had reservations about following Cameron until Chad convinced her otherwise.  Jennifer noticed Chloe looking at her so she told Daniel to give up on them.  Daniel declared his love for Jennifer in front of Chloe and everyone looking at them.  Jennifer flashed back to Chloe threatening to keep Parker away from Daniel.  Jennifer told Daniel they were done and looked at Chloe again.  Abby stopped Chad from confronting Cameron, but Chad wanted to know what was going on.  She decided to talk to him herself and agreed to let him know what was going on.  Lucas refused to let Allie stay in the DiMera mansion.  He threatened to sue Sami for sole custody if she stayed at the mansion.  Daniel wanted to talk to Jennifer privately, but Jennifer didn’t want to talk to him.  She wanted to settle things once and for all.  She continued to break his heart by comparing him to Jack.  Abby told Cameron that she wanted to talk, but he told her had to work.  Nick met Vargas at the rectory.  Lucas and Sami got into an argument over EJ.  She wanted to explain why she was living at the mansion.  Lucas thought Sami was making a mistake living at the mansion because she was going to owe Stefano.  While Jennifer was breaking his heart, she brought up the fact that he didn’t listen to her about Chloe trying to come between them.  Daniel said Chloe wouldn’t come between them.  Maggie showed up while they were arguing and heard Jennifer humiliating Daniel.

When Cameron left his apartment, Chad and Abby saw the gun Cameron pulled out.  Vargas told Nick that he wanted him to help get money, but Nick didn’t want to take the risk.  Nick wanted Vargas to leave town to pull of his scheme, but Vargas didn’t want to.  Jennifer gave Daniel back the necklace and told him she was quitting her job.  She also told him to stay away from her.  When Jennifer left, Chloe was happy.  Lucas finally agreed to let Allie stay with Sami at the mansion, but he didn’t want her doing something like this again.  She asked him not to tell anyone and he agreed not to say something.  Chloe went to see Daniel at his apartment.  She told him how she saw what happened between him and Jennifer.  Chloe apologized to him.  Maggie went to see Jennifer.  Lucas ran into Nick while he (Nick) was talking to himself about Vargas.  Chad and Abby went to a club and thought that Cameron was there.  Jennifer told Maggie why she broke up with Daniel, but Maggie didn’t care.  Maggie didn’t approve of the way she humiliated Daniel.  Chloe tried to comfort Daniel, but he threw her out.  When Chloe insulted Jennifer, he warned her not to insult Jennifer.  Chad and Abby left the club because they thought they were in the wrong place.  When they left, Cameron was dancing on the stage.  Maggie told Jennifer what she did was unforgivable and left.  Chloe tried to comfort Daniel again.  Daniel kissed Chloe after she told him not to shut her out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda thinks about Sonny telling her that he was in a free-fall when she left him. Jax tells her about his conversation with Carly in which Carly said Brenda was only marrying him to get a reaction from Sonny and that she was probably at Sonny’s house as they spoke. Brenda says she wasn’t at Sonny’s house. Carly stops by their room and tells Jax that he can bring the million dollar check to the nurses’ ball because he lost the bet. She reveals that she went to Sonny’s house and heard Brenda asking Sonny if they can try again. Carly finds Sonny in her house. He says He figured it was fitting since she let herself into his house last night. He returns the scarf that she had dropped while she was there. He tells her that she should stay out of Jax and Brenda’s relationship. She says it is too late; she already told Jax everything. Jax asks Brenda if she went to Sonny’s house. She admits that did. He asks her directly if she wants to get back to get back together with Sonny. She says yes. He leaves.  Carly asks Sonny if they can go to the ball together.

Emma tells Patrick that Sabrina has a boyfriend. She asks him what abs are because Felix said Milo had great ones. Sabrina checks her phone for the message that Elizabeth said Patrick had left, but it isn’t there. She misses another call from Patrick while she is helping Felix to move Lucy’s dress rack. Patrick left a message confirming the plan for Sabrina to take Emma to the ball. Patrick’s father, Noah Drake, shows up unexpectedly at Patrick’s door. He says he wouldn’t miss a nurses’ ball honoring Robin. Patrick introduces Sabrina to Noah when she arrives. She reveals that they know each other and Skype frequently when she is babysitting Emma. Patrick tells his father that he has grown to like Sabrina but that she has met someone else already. Noah says, “So what?” He tells Patrick that he has to put away his pride and go get Sabrina.

Felicia tells Anna that she admitted her feelings for Frisco to both Frisco and Mac and that she has to choose. Mac tells Duke about Felicia’s disclosure that she loves both Frisco and him. He says he isn’t giving up on Felicia and that Duke shouldn’t give up on Anna either. Kevin tells Lucy that he won’t be at the nurses’ ball because he has a patient in crisis back home in Seattle. Mac and Duke promise to look after her in his absence. Lucy rejects Mac’s ventriloquist act that attacks Frisco. Her dance routine with Duke is the last rehearsal so she tells everyone to go change for the real thing. Bobbie joins Anna, Felicia, Maxie, and Olivia at Anna’s place and says Carly couldn’t make it. Felix makes CoeCoe cosmetics delivery and tells Anna that he adores her granddaughter, Emma but that Emma’s father is a clueless dolt. Sabrina and Emma arrive. Felix insists on helping Sabrina get ready because she has no knack for it. All the women, including Emma, change into elegant ball gowns and make their way downstairs. Sabrina stays in the room and says she will meet everyone later. Patrick goes up to Anna’s room looking for Sabrina. She turns around and looks beautiful in her gown, contact lenses, and Felix Dubois makeover.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea has a dream that she has a baby girl in her arms and Adam brings them both balloons. Adam tells Chelsea that he distanced himself from her when they lost their first baby, because he couldn’t deal with the sadness of the loss. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Adam tells her that he is going to take the baby from her, and she will never see her daughter again. Chelsea awakens from the dream frightened and asks her doctor if she lost her baby. The doctor tells Chelsea that the baby is fine, but she has to be more careful to avoid stress and not do any strenuous activity. Jack goes to visit Adam and tells him that he and Victor helped the police set a trap for Congressman Wheeler. If everything works out, the Congressman will soon be in jail. Jack also tells Adam that Victor has been at the hospital before and after his surgery and has been very worried about him. Jack advises Adam to recover slowly, be careful with his pain medication, and not waste the second chance that he has in life.

When Chelsea goes to visit him, Adam tells her that he has a second chance to be a better man and doesn’t intend to waste it. Victor arrives and thanks Adam for saving his life. Chelsea is in the hospital hallway when her doctor gives her a sonogram of her baby. She looks at the sonogram as she watches Victor and Adam talking to each other. Leslie blames herself for her father’s appeal being denied, but Gus tells her it wasn’t her fault. Gus asks Leslie to forgive him for the way he treated her when she was younger. Leslie is touched by her father’s words and forgives him. Lauren is startled when she wakes up in Carmine’s hotel room and feels guilty that she fell asleep and didn’t go home last night. Lauren tells Carmine that their relationship is over, because she intends to do whatever it takes to save her marriage. Lauren tries to have breakfast at the Athletic Club with Michael, but Carmine is too much of a distraction, so she tells Michael she wants to go home. Lauren tells Michael that she will never let anything come between them again, but Carmine doesn’t give up and leaves a message on her phone. Paul tells Victor that he and Jack have immunity for their role in Stephanie Wheeler’s death, because they helped set a trap for Wheeler. The ghost of John Abbott arrives to tell Jack to let this thing with Stephanie go, but Jack knows he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Paul tells Leslie that they finally have the DNA proof to show that Wheeler killed her mother, and the Congressman will soon be behind bars.

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