Wednesday 4/3/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/3/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s the next morning and Brooke wakes Bill up and asks how he is doing. He moans and groans and looks like a freight train has hit him. He says he feels like his eyeballs are gong to explode in his head and the life force will drain out of his eye sockets. Brooke brings him the antidote, some ugly green concoction that has cilantro which Bill hates, but she makes him drink it. He asks if she is a witch as suddenly he feels a little better. Katie turns Will over to Donna who has come to baby-sit. Katie says he should sleep pretty good as neither slept much last night. Donna isn’t sure Katie needs to go confront Bill, but Katie says she has no choice. She has to make assumptions when her man did not come home all night but spent the night at her sister’s. The last time Katie stayed away is how this all started. Both Liam and Hope show up separately surprised to see each other. Bill tells Brooke that he better call Katie. She agrees as she did not like the way she left it with her last night when she talked to her on the phone. He says she did everything right as she took care of him, but now he needs to get home. Brooke says she will call him a cab. Lt. Baker is not there anymore as she looked. She tells Bill that she is sure he and Katie will be okay. It’s her and Katie that she is worried about. She loves her sister very much and would like Bill to put in a good word for her. Suddenly there is Katie at the bedroom door and she quickly covers her eyes and starts screaming. She says they both make her sick and she realizes now that she should have never come here. Brooke is trying to say let her explain; it isn’t what Katie is thinking. Bill reaches out, but Katie won’t let him touch her. She sees the bloodied brow and asks what happened. He explains the accident and how he sideswiped Brooke’s car and they both went off the road. Katie is livid when she hears he had been driving after having all those shots of licquor at the office. And then Brooke brought him to her house instead of taking him home or to a doctor. She wonders how long it will be before suddenly his drinking and the accident becomes her fault. She imagines they didn’t want to go to hospital or talk to the police and have him charged with a DUI or face the headlines that would go along with that. She asks Brooke why she did not tell her all of this last night on the phone. Brooke responds that she didn’t want to worry Katie. Katie doesn’t think this is the less of two evils. Brooke keeps saying that nothing happened, but Katie keeps wailing and crying. Bill admits that he slept in Brooke’s bed, but she was not in it. Katie has no reason to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. She cries that he should have come home and spent the night in their bed, not Brooke’s.

Hope explains to Liam that this is her regular morning to baby-sit Will. Liam says his dad asked him to come here so they could strategize some union plans in privacy so he’d better stay until Bill gets there. They are soon on the floor playing and giggling with Will. She tells him that he will make some little girl or boy the perfect father. She confesses that she always thought this is the way their life would be and they’d be really good at it. Bill tells Katie to leave Brooke out of this. They need to concentrate on just the two of them. Katie snaps at him that they have no relationship. He has now made Brooke his confidant. She’s always there to make his bad choices seem okay and it’s only Katie that has the problem because she is too rigid and uptight. Bill says enough, she’s calling him a liar. She says he is lying to himself if he thinks nothing is going on here. Brooke intercedes again and tells her that whatever she thinks is going on here, she would never do that…..ever….. because she loves Katie too much. Bill says he has tried but nothing is ever good enough for Katie unless he changes completely. Katie mocks him, oh poor Bill, stuck with a wife who doesn’t understand him and is not fun anymore. She says it is not just about him anymore. They have a child to think about so she has to think of him first and just doesn’t trust Bill any more. Bill says he is not being selfish. No one likes spending time with Will more than he does. But he’d like it to have a little balance and spend more time with Katie, but she doesn’t want to hear any of that. So he wonders if this is the part where she walks out again although that has never gotten her what she wanted before. Brooke encourages her to listen to Bill as he really loves her. Katie admits that yes she has walked out before, but she’s always come back and maybe that was her mistake. Maybe she should have just kept on walking. She laments that she will not make that mistake again……she is done. She is tired of looking over her shoulder all the time to see if someone is gaining on her. She points to Brooke and says Bill wants someone to play games with. He wants someone he can drink with, someone who can write him a blank check for whatever he wants to do and clearly that is Brooke. Well she can have him. She is far better suited to Bill than she is. Brooke says no; she does not mean that. She and Bill are just friends. Katie cries that Brooke has no friends. Stephanie was her friend; Katie was her friend but most women do not trust her. And men just want to sleep with her or already have. She tells Brooke again just take Bill. It doesn’t matter what Katie wants anymore. She takes off her wedding ring and hands it to Bill and says she just wants a divorce.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Kristen saw Marlena and Sy talking to each other.  When Sonny was about to tell Will about Rafe and Kate, Kate interrupted them.  Daniel wanted to Chloe to tell him what she did to upset Jennifer, but Chloe kept denying doing anything.  Abby wanted Jennifer to tell her what happened with Daniel.  Sy tried to give Marlena the envelope with the pictures in it, but Marlena wouldnít take it.  Nancy and Chloe talked on the phone while Chloe was arguing with Daniel.  Daniel took the phone from Chloe and spoke to Nancy.  Nancy put Parker on the phone so Daniel could talk to him.  After Daniel and Chloe argued, he left.  Chloe left too.  Chloe went to see Jennifer and told her she was going to Brazil.  Jennifer tried to talk Chloe out of leaving, but it didnít do any good.

Marlena and EJ talked about his love for Sami.  Sy went to Marlenaís office, but he saw Kristen there instead of Marlena.  Kristen threatened Sy if he said anything about them working together.  Will found out that Rafe and Kate were together.  Will was okay with them being together.  Will and Rafe talked about Willís situation with the baby.  After they talked, Will assured Kate that he wasnít going to say anything about her and Rafe being together.  Will told Sonny that he was okay with Sonny keeping him in the dark about Kate and Rafe because Will was keeping something from him.  Kristen offered Sy money to keep his mouth shut.  Sy took the money.  Kristen told him to leave and never come back.  Will told Sonny that heís getting Stefanoís help to get his baby.  Sonny thought Will was doing that because of what Nick called him (Sonny).  After they talked about Will getting Stefanoís help, Sonny understood why Will had to do it.  Kate and Rafe were talking about Will knowing the truth.  Rafe assured Kate that Will wouldnít say anything to Sami or anyone else.  Kate wondered if Stefano already knew about them.  Sy thought the money Kristen gave him wasnít enough so he had to resort to another plan.  Daniel saw Jennifer and he told her he wasnít giving up on them.  Jennifer wanted him to, but he kissed her.  Chloe saw them kissing and was upset.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick thinks about the message he left for Sabrina telling her that he has something important to talk to her about and wonders why she hasnít called him back, not knowing that Milo erased the message before Sabrina knew it was there. Elizabeth says she hasnít talked to Sabrina either so maybe she is just busy. A patient asks about his favorite nurse with the long hair and big glasses. Patrick tells him her name. The patient says he is surprised someone hasnít snatched her up. Patrick says someone did. Felix enviously watches Sabrina and Milo. Molly is frustrated by not coming up with good lyrics for the song that she and TJ are for the ball. Lucy likes what Molly wrote. Anton says he can work with the music that TJ put together. Milo tells TJ about erasing Sabrinaís message. Sabrina overhears him saying he feels bad and presses him to tell her what is wrong. Milo gets out of answering Sabrina when Lucy calls her over. TJ congratulates Milo on dodging a bullet. Milo says he doesnít feel right about deleting the message. He says he doesnít want to get her by deceit, especially not if she is into someone else. He adds that he is a terrible liar. Lucy tells Molly and Sam to take Epiphany and Elizabethís places in the rehearsal. Elizabeth runs in to take her place among the dancers. Anton is disappointed that he has to stop teaching Sam. Felix asks Anton to show him the moves that he was just teaching Sam. Anton obliges, and Felix is thrilled to have Anton touch his hips to coach him. Elizabeth gives Sabrina an update on Nikolasís condition and then asks why Sabrina hasnít called Patrick back. Sabrina doesnít know what Elizabeth is talking about.

Jax tells Carly that he is engaged to Brenda Barrett. She canít believe that he would marry Brenda again. She says Brenda is only engaged to him to provoke a reaction from Sonny because running off to Rome didnít work. She bets him a million dollars that Brenda is with Sonny right now. Brenda tells Sonny that she is engaged to Jax. Sonny congratulates her. He says that if she only came to tell her about her engagement, he wonders why she bothered to tell him about the letter she wrote a year ago that said she was waiting for him in Rome. Carly goes to Sonnyís house, lets herself in with her key, and listens to Sonnyís conversation with Brenda. She hears Sonny asking Brenda if she is there to pay him back for not coming to Rome or if she is hoping that he will talk her out of marrying Jax. He says Brenda didnít have to come in person; she could have called, sent an email, or written another letter. She hears Brenda wondering if she and Sonny would be together if he had read her letter and wonders if they should give it another try. Carly leaves as quietly as she came in, but drops her scarf on the floor. Sonny tells Brenda that it is irrelevant to talk about what might have happened. Jax runs into Michael at the Metro Court and tells him about his engagement and Carlyís reaction. He says he knows Carly is wrong about Brenda. Michael congratulates him. Jax goes up to his room and finds that Brenda is not there. He remembers Carlyís bet.

Luke tells Helena that if she is going to shoot someone, it should be him because he killed her husband and sons. Helena says she isnít going to shoot anyone; Laura is. Laura says the only person she is going to shoot is Helena. Helena says that if Laura doesnít shoot Lukeís son then she will kill Lulu. Laura takes the gun and turns to Luke, searching his face for help. Ethan tells her to shoot him. Laura says Lulu wouldnít want her to trade her brotherís life for her own.  Helena tells her to shoot Luke instead. Luke tells Laura that there is only one way out of it and that she has to take the opportunity while she has it. Laura holds the gun out toward Luke and moves closer to him. He grabs the gun and shoots the two bodyguards before they have a chance to fire, and then he shoots Helena. Everyone is glad that their tormenter is finally dead. Ethan realizes that they still donít know where Lulu is. Laura hears a boat horn and hopes Dante called for backup. Luke finds a flashing earpiece on one of the dead bodyguards and fears that the approaching boat is filled with Cassadine cronies. He tells Ethan that he canít be on the Haunted Star when the other boat arrives. Ethan says he is going to stay and find Lulu. Luke tells Ethan to take the launch because the other boat might follow him and leave the Star alone. Luke and Laura watch the boat draw near and brace themselves for what might happen next.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy is upset with Delia when she cannot find her blue sock and refuses to wear anything else. Victoria comes downstairs from feeding Johnny and has stains all over her shirt. At the hospital, Chelsea tells a doctor to tell Sharon everything about Adam’s condition. Michael comes home and is surprised to see Lauren there. Lauren announces that she now knows what she wants. Carmine returns to his hotel room and makes plans for the night. Chloe and Kevin argue over the fact that she doesn’t think he is doing his fair share to get them out of debt. Cane and Katherine are in the living room of the Chancellor mansion when the phone begins to ring incessantly. Jill barges in to answer it. Jill tells Katherine that the people at the charity have not received their donation. Katherine insists that she sent it. Chloe and Kevin discuss money laundering as a way of getting them out of their trouble. Lauren tells Michael that she wants him and her family. He is surprised by her sudden change of attitude. When the phone rings, Lauren sees that it is Carmine calling. She tries to ignore the call, but he calls back. Chloe joins Chelsea at work. Chloe wants to know how Adam reacted to the news that he was going to be a father. Chelsea tells Chloe that he didn’t heard a word she said. When he did come to, he asked for Sharon. Victoria and Billy discuss having a baby. Katherine tells Jill and Cane that she didnít forget to get the donation together for the auction. Chelsea tells Chloe that she fears Victoria heard her telling Adam she was pregnant. Chloe tries to calm her worries but with no luck. Victoria and Billy bring Delia to Chloe thus interrupting Chloe and Chelsea. Carmine calls Lauren to make plans for the night, but Lauren tries to brush him off but with no luck. Lauren agrees to meet him thus lying to Michael that there is something wrong at Fenmore’s and she is going to have to go and take care of it. Michael understands.

Delia asks when would they get the new baby. Chelsea fears that Victoria knows about her baby and will use it against her. Billy and Victoria try to smooth over what Delia said about a baby. After they leave, Chelsea insists to Chloe that Victoria knows about the baby. Cane tries to calm Katherine down about the auction. Katherine asks Cane about his twins. Jill lets Katherine and Cane know that the donation cannot be found and they know what that means. Kevin talks to someone on the phone about money laundering when Michael walks in and interrupts him. Michael questions him about the laundering but Kevin makes up some excuse to keep Michael from knowing what he is up to. Michael informs Kevin about reconciling with Lauren. Chloe leaves to take Delia home. Chelsea begins to have pains. Victoria worries that Chelsea knows about them planning to have a baby. Billy shows Victoria the headlines where Sharon was named acting CEO of Newman Enterprises. Lauren joins Carmine in his hotel room to make love.

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