Tuesday 4/2/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tends to Bill’s bruises/cuts. He thanks her and says she did not have to bring him to her house or help him. She says yes she did. Katie fills Donna in on her latest battle with Bill and his drinking game every time she said no. Now she is just supposed to deal with it. And she knows her sister has a total lack of judgment when it comes to the men in her life. She will not put up with him spending any more time with Brooke, but she wishes she knew where he was right now. Katie tells Donna to please not get the wrong idea. She loves being a mom and Bill is an amazing father, but his attention has shifted and it seems Brooke has changed as well. All she can see is them laughing and touching, rolling around on the bed. Lt. Baker drops in on Brooke. She’s surprised and caught off guard when he says he wanted to check up on her after finding her car and seeing she had been in an accident. She covers by saying it was only a little fender bender and she even walked home. He remarks that he saw some skid marks in her driveway leading to the garage and wonders if he can look there. Brooke says no, not without a warrant. Afterwards she tells Bill that she doesn’t think Baker believed her and he might be back or at least watch from down the street for anyone leaving her house. She states Bill can not leave. He will have to spend the night there. He says he can not spend the entire night out. She says she will call Katie. He says no, he made this mess and he has to clean it up. Brooke convinces him that would be a big mistake – drinking and driving. She calls and only explains that Bill is okay but he is with her and will spend the night. Katie goes ballistic and insists that Brooke put Bill on the phone. Brooke insists that would not be a good idea right now and hangs up. She tells Bill that the police are already suspicious so he absolutely can not leave her house nor explain to Katie.

Rick tells Thomas that none of his ideas have been half as good as his mother’s. Taylor says Brooke is good at two things – being the center of attention and causing a scandal. The press will eat this up with Brooke and her Bedroom Line and backed by Bill, a handsome guy who is her brother-in-law. Their picture will be splashed on every tabloid in town. She can’t believe Eric wants Forrester to be dragged into this again. They argue and Eric says Taylor may be right but he’s not pulling the line. Rick says there is no scandal. This line will be lauded around the world and put Forrester back on the map. Katie is livid. She rants at Donna that they had one little fight and now Bill is spending the night at Brooke’s house. How dare they! There can not be another explanation. Donna advises her to go to Brooke’s and get this settled. Katie says no; she is not going to chase him. He has got to come home on his own where she will be waiting for him. But if he spends the night with Brooke, their marriage is over. Brooke looks in on Bill one more time and gives him an Ibuprofen and water to take for the swelling. She sees his exposed torso and calls him stallion. He looks at her longingly and repeats again that he wishes he could get through to Katie but it always ends up the same. Slowly they say goodnight to each other.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nick thought about Vargas threatening him.  Will walked up on him and wondered what was going on.  Nick told him to leave him alone.  John met Sami at the pub and told her he was glad she lived in the DiMera mansion.  Sy saw Kristen at the town square and wanted to show her something.  While Chloe and Anne were talking, Kate wanted to know what was going on.  Jennifer drove it home that Daniel wasnít Jack so she didnít want to be with him anymore.  Daniel didnít think she meant what she was saying.  Will was curious at to what was bothering Nick, but Nick walked away. Will followed him.  Kristen wanted to settle things with Sy.  Chloe lied to Kate and told her she was going to New York, but Kate didnít believe her.  Daniel pressed Jennifer about what was going on with her.  Will caught up with Nick and wanted to know what was going on with him.  Nick said he was under pressure, but Will didnít believe it.  Nick apologized to Will for snapping at him and for calling Sonny a f*ggot.  Kristen and Sy talked about him lying about his daughter.  Sy threatened to expose her.  He showed her an envelope he wanted her to look in before she made her decision.  John wanted Samiís help with Brady, but she wasnít sure she could do it.  Brady walked in and wanted to know why they were together.  Chloe told Kate that she was going to keep people away from Parker who hated her.  Jennifer explained to Daniel why Jack was the reason why she wanted to break up with him.  Daniel wasnít convinced because he believed she loved him.  She continued to drive it home that she wasnít ready to be with him.  She said she needed to end things with him.

Marlena walked in on John, Sami, and Brady.  When Brady was about to leave, John stopped him.  Kristen didnít want to look in the envelope.  Sy said he would have to do what he had to do.  Kristen said she would do what she had to do too.  Kate walked away from Chloe and Anne after they argued.  Anne wanted to go to Jenniferís house to see what was going on with Jennifer and Daniel.  Jennifer explained what changed her mind about their relationship, but Daniel didnít believe her.  Brady told John that he wasnít his son anymore and that there was no chance of fixing things.  Sy warned Kristen that the pictures would be worth something to someone.  When Sy left, Kristen took out the pictures.  Daniel tried to convince Jennifer not to give up on them, but Abby showed up.  Anne got to Jenniferís house just as Daniel left and saw Daniel leave.  Anne called Chloe and let her know what was going on.  Kristen looked at the pictures Sy gave her. Kristen panicked when she saw them.  Kate wanted nick to meet her so he could tell her what was going on with him.  Will met with Sonny at the coffee house.  Sonny told Will that there was a secret he was keeping.  Daniel went to his apartment to look for Chloe.  When Chloe walked in, he said he knew what she did.  Kate didnít approve of Nick keeping Will from his baby.  Kate wanted to know what Nick did to force Will to stay away from his baby.  Chloe wondered what made Daniel so upset.  He confronted her about making Jennifer think they slept together, but Chloe denied it.  Chloe wanted to know what happened, but Daniel said she knew what happened.  Kate warned Nick that she could help him or hurt him if he didnít tell her what was going on.  Sonny said the secret was about Rafe and Kate.  Daniel told Chloe that he knew she went to see Jennifer.  He wanted to know what she said to Jennifer.  Sy met Marlena at the town square.  Kristen saw them together. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

For the 50th anniversary, a clip of the classic General Hospital opening rolls, followed by action clips from decades past, and a clip of an opening from the '80's before the current opening. A maintenance worker places a portrait of General Hospitalís first Chief of Staff, Steve Hardy, on a tripod for a dedication. Dr. Hardy's widow, Audrey, visits her granddaughter, Elizabeth Webber, while she is at the hospital to see her husband's portrait, on the 50th anniversary of his joining the hospital. Elizabeth wishes the rest the Hardy family could be there. Head Nurse Epiphany Johnson talks to Doris on the phone and tells her that the current Chief Of Staff, Monica Quartermaine, is nowhere to be found. Dr. Patrick Drake welcomes the new group of interns and tells them about Dr. Hardy, his successor, Alan Quartermaine, and his successor and wife, Monica Quartermaine. Epiphany tells the interns that they can go to the Nursesí Ball. Elizabeth and Audrey go to look at the portrait. Elizabeth observes that it will be the golden anniversary of Audreyís arrival at General Hospital soon. Audrey remembers dancing with Steve when they were young. Everyone applauds when Audrey wishes her late husbandís portrait a happy anniversary. Monica is at home arguing with her sister-in-law, Tracy Quartermaine. Tracy says if he werenít already dead, she would kill her brother Alan for giving the family home to Monica. Alanís spirit appears and dares her to do it. Emilyís spirit arrives next so they can referee the argument. Tracy asks Alan why he brought Monicaís adopted waif daughter instead of their parents. Tracy says Alan canít take Monicaís side after her long line of infidelities starting with Rick Webber. Rickís spirit appears and tells Tracy not to drag him into it. Rick and Alan decide that their mutual hatred is moot in the afterlife and agree to bury the hatchet. Emily asks Tracy and Monica to do the same. Rick threatens to haunt them. Alan makes them hug each other. When the apparitions disappear, Monica asks Tracy what is in Pickle-Lila.

Carly is surprised when she answers her door and finds her ex-husband, Jasper Jax. He hugs his daughter, Josslyn and gives her a tea party set. Then he gives Carly divorce papers and tells her that the state has no record of the original filing so they are still married. She wonders if it is a sign that the divorce is a mistake because they were so good together. She asks if he wants to try again. He tells her that the only reason he found out about their marital situation was because he got engaged. Sonny answers his door to his ex-wife, Brenda Barrett. She says she stopped by to ensure that they would be civil to each other at the Nursesí Ball in Robin Scorpio-Drakeís honor. She mentions the letter that she left with Robin to give to Sonny. Sonny remembers tearing up the letter without reading it. She tells him that everything would be different if he had read her letter because she said she loved him and would be in Rome waiting for him to come for her when things settled down. He tells her about Kate and says he might lose her forever too. She tells him that she is engaged. Brenda and Jax reveal to their respective exes that they are engaged to each other.

Luke and Laura look for Lulu on the Haunted Star. They find Ethan tied up with a burlap sack over his head. The door slams shut and they are locked in. Luke and Laura tell Ethan about Lulu. He tells them that Helena snatched him from Luckyís flat in Dublin but that Lucky was her intended target. He tells them that Lucky is in Africa working with orphans and that Helena decided to use him as a distraction since she couldnít get Lucky. Luke wonders what she wants them distracted from. Ethan says he will join the search for Lulu. He tells Laura that her kids are his siblings and that he loves them both. Laura sees a lot of Luke in Ethan and wishes they had met sooner and under different circumstances. Helena and two henchmen come into the stateroom and take the trio to the deck, where Helena announces that a gangsterís bastard son is no match for a Cassadine so Dante is no longer a problem. She takes a gun from a henchman so she can shoot Laura. Luke tells her to shoot the right person. He reminds her that he was the one that killed her husband and sons. Helena decides not to shoot anyone. She is going to make Laura do it. The episode ends with a screen thanking all the fans for 50 years of support.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer’s crush on Kyle continues to grow as Kyle encourages her without intending to do so by telling her that she is a hot girl who knows a lot about fashion and she is a perfect fit for the Jabot fashion division. Summer knows Phyllis moved her to the fashion division to keep her away from Kyle, so she tells Phyllis that all her little mom tricks won’t keep her away from Kyle. Phyllis later talks to Nick and tells him about the Kyle situation and asks him to keep an eye on Summer while she is away in Turkey with Jack. Phyllis also mentions the Jamie bullying situation and discovers that Summer never told Nick about bullying Jamie. Nick and Phyllis argue, because she never punished Summer for bullying Jamie. Phyllis storms off angry with Nick. Phyllis later sees Dylan and encourages him not to give up on Avery because Nick will get bored with her soon and end the relationship.

Nick’s bad day continues when he learns that Dylan must stay in town until his hearing for the bar fight he got into defending a female bartender from the harassment of the sheriff’s son. Dylan assures Nick that he will move to Chicago as soon as this legal matter is settled, and he can pay Avery back the money she paid for his bail. Nick gives Dylan back his job at the club as bartender, so he can use the money to pay his debt to Avery. Nick has a long talk with Summer about how wrong it is to bully someone. He tells her that this summer she will be doing some community service helping people in need. Tyler and Leslie agree not to let their differences about their father separate them. Avery is shocked when she learns that Gus’s appeal was denied and struggles to figure out what went wrong. Leslie is sure that Congressman Wheeler had something to do with the appeal being denied. Jack and Victor meet with Wheeler and offer him money to keep silent about their part in his daughter Stephanie’s death. In return, they will keep silent about him killing Belinda Rogan and putting an innocent man in jail. Congressman Wheeler tells Jack and Victor that Gus will never get out of jail, and they don’t have any evidence to prove he killed Belinda Rogan. Congressman Wheeler storms out of Jack’s house. Once he is gone, Paul and Alex come out of their hiding place. Paul assures Jack and Victor that, because of their help, they will be able to build a strong case against Congressman Wheeler.

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