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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dani tells Katie that she has been good for Bill whether he knows it or not. Katie says yes but she has been pushing him and maybe it’s too far. She tells Dani about Bill’s drinking game of taking a shot every time she said no. She states that Brooke always goes too far and it always ends in disaster. Dani agrees that it is not insecurity; Katie does have a family to protect. She wonders if Brooke has developed feelings for Bill if she really can pull away even if Katie asks her to. After a car accident, Brooke wakes up in a fog and struggles out of her car and sees another. She peeks in the window and realizes it is Bill. She panics to get him out of here. When Bill finally wakes up, she realizes that he has been drinking. Immediately she tries to protect him by slipping into the driver’s seat herself. Dani says Bill is a spoiled child or at least he is acting like one. It’s one thing to act this way when he’s a bachelor, but now he has a wife and child to think about and they should come first. Katie says she just wants him to come home from wherever he is.

Brooke helps Bill into her house and they realize how very lucky both of them are. Brooke attends to his wounds on forehead and gets him an ice bag for bruising. He thanks her and says this is a wake up call. It was reckless and stupid to drink and drive. He never does that. Brooke put herself on the line for him and he will never forget it. She wants to call a doctor but he nixes that….the less people that know about this, the better. He comments that he will be fine. He ends up confiding in Brooke about the drinking game and how Katie wouldn’t let up. He feels like nothing he does will please her or be good enough. He wants his wife back, but maybe she is done with him. He says he is a man and he won’t put up with her always nagging at him. Perhaps it is the medication she is on, but she just won’t let up. Katie tries to call Bill but no answer. She looks over her wedding album and remembers how happy they were and how much love and enjoyment he has brought into her life. She admits that she loves him as much for his flaws as for his honesty and strength. An officer finds Brooke’s car and calls Lieutenant Baker and tells him whose car it is. Baker says he has dealt with the Logans for years, so he will handle this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Stefano saw Kate and Rafe together.  Anne went to Danielís apartment to celebrate that Chloe got Daniel.  Daniel went to see Jennifer.  Will talked to EJ about getting Stefanoís help to see his child.  Kate lied and said she was asking Rafe about Gabi.  When Rafe left, Stefano introduced Kate to his friend.  Nick didnít want to be seen with Vargas, but Vargas let him know he (Vargas) was free.  Vargas let Nick know that he had to serve more time because of him and he was going to make him pay.  Jennifer pumped Daniel about him talking to Chloe, but he said he didnít.  He told Jennifer no on was going to come between them, but she looked uncomfortable.  Daniel noticed it and wondered what was wrong.  EJ wondered what made Will change his mind about getting Stefanoís help.  Vargas let Nick know that he saw his wife and that he was going to make him pay.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on with Jennifer.  She said there was no easy way to do this.  Will wanted to tell EJ something without him telling Sami.  EJ gave Will his word that he wouldnít say anything.  Will told EJ that Nick wanted Will out of his babyís life because heís gay.  Rafe and Kate met up and talked about Stefano.  While they were talking, Nick saw them together.  Jennifer told Daniel that she wasnít ready for their relationship.

Rafe and Kate stopped Nick from leaving because they wanted to talk to him.  EJ assured Will that he and Stefano would help Will get his baby.  Chloe and Anne went to the town square and talked about Chloeís plan to get Daniel back.  Daniel didnít believe that Jennifer wanted to break up with him.  He thought Chloe had something to do with it and wanted her to tell him what Chloe did.  While EJ and Will were talking, Sami and Stefano came in.  Sami told Stefano that Will was having a baby, but Stefano already knew.  Kate and Rafe grilled Nick about what was going on with him.  Jennifer told Daniel that the reason she didnít want to be with him had nothing to do with Chloe.  He wanted to know what it was because he loved her with all of his heart.  When Stefano left, Sami said Will would get his daughter back.  Rafe tried to talk Nick into letting Will see his daughter, but Nick didnít change his mind.  When Nick left, Kate told Rafe that something was going on with Nick.  Daniel kept trying to get Jennifer to tell him why she wanted to break up with him.  Jennifer told Daniel that Jack was why she didnít want to be with him.  She said she kept comparing her feelings with Daniel to Jack and it wasnít the same.  She said that  Daniel wasnít Jack.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth tells Monica that Helena called and that she is worried about Nikolas. She says Luke and Laura are with Helena and that they think she took Lulu. Elizabeth talks to the unconscious Nikolas and tells him that she is afraid of becoming involved with Jasonís brother. She remembers how her affair with Nikolas while she was engaged to his brother, Lucky, destroyed everyone and that Lucky left and will probably never comes back. When Elizabeth leaves the room, Audrey puts her hand on Elizabethís shoulder. Nikolas opens his eyes. Helena is about to shoot Laura. Luke jumps in front of Laura. A shot is fire. Dante has shot the gun out of Helenaís hand from the entrance to the Haunted Starís main room.  Helenaís bodyguards aim their guns at Dante. Dante asks if they think they can drop him before he gets a shot into Helena. Luke and Laura tell Dante to put down his gun. Helena tells her bodyguards to kill Dante first and then Laura. Dante kicks over a chair, retrieves his gun and starts shooting. The guards help Helena get to safety. Dante tosses Helenaís gun to Luke and he starts shooting too. After Dante and Luke have dropped both bodyguards, Dante goes behind the bar where Helena is hiding. She comes out with her hands up. Dante tells her to take him to Lulu and if she is alive, he will let Helena live. Two more bodyguards appear. Luke turns his gun to them and tells them that if they make a move, Dante will shoot their employer. Helena tells her bodyguards to stand down and one of the bodyguards radios the rest of the staff to stand down. Dante says the WSB picked up an infrared signal in one of the staterooms and tells Luke and Laura that he will take care of the old lady while they go get Lulu. Luke and Laura go into a state room where they find a person tied to a chair with a bag over their head that they presume is Lulu. Luke takes the bag off.

Michael goes to visit Sonny, who is anxious about Kate and Connieís integration. He says that he is going to lose one of them and that he has no idea which one it will be. Sonny says that his illness is different from Connieís, but that he can relate to spinning out of control and doing terrible things to the people you love the most. He admits that he loves both Kate and Connie and that he hurt both of them by his love for the other. Sonny tells Michael about having to choose between Brenda Barrett and his wife Lily. He blames himself for Lilyís death because it all happened because he was torn between two women. After Michael leaves, Sonnyís doorbell rings. Bobbie Spencer goes to visit her daughter Carly. Carly tells Bobbie about AJís return from the dead. She says the first thing AJ did was try to turn Michael against her. She says that if she could figure it out, she would help Tracy take ELQ back and kick AJ out on the street. Bobbie advises Carly to stay out of it. Carly is angry that AJ roped Michael into going to work at ELQ when he should be a full-time college student. Carly tells Bobbie about Jasonís death and his son Danny. Bobbie thinks Carly should get back together with Jax. After Bobbie leaves, Carly answers her door. Itís Jax.

AJ confronts Tracy about stealing the lab report on Pickle-Lila. She says she didnít steal it; the courier gave it to her, and furthermore itís legally hers because her father left it to her in his will. She adds that she is going to find her fatherís other heir and vote AJ out of the company. She tells him that she already had a manufacturer and supplier waiting and that she sent the recipe hours ago. AJ searches the house for another copy of the recipe. Monica comes home to change and tells Tracy about Nikolas. Tracy gives Monica some crackers with the Pickle-Lila sample on them. Monica thinks it tastes wonderful. Tracy tells her what she just ate. AJ comes back into the room and argues with Tracy. Monica stops AJ and tells him that he will go back to prison if he hits Tracy. Monica tells Tracy to move out. Tracy says Monica will have to serve her with an eviction notice. She says she canít believe that her brother gave the house to Monica when she was cheating on him with Rick Webber. She says if Alan werenít dead, she would kill him. Alanís spirit appears.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Chelsea tells Adam that she is pregnant as Victoria listens at the door. Suddenly, the monitors start going off. Chelsea hurriedly yells for a doctor. Sharon holds a news conference concerning Newman Enterprises. Nikki, upon hearing Sharon’s remarks, tells Sharon that she cannot speak for the Newman family. Sharon lets Nikki and Victor know that she will taking over for Adam until his recovery. Paul and Alex approach Jack at home concerning Marcus Wheeler and his daughter. Alex questions Jack about Stephanie. Kay tries to remember the date, the president of the United States, and her name. The doctor comes in to begin the tests on Katherine. Cane orders Tyler away from Lily which results in an argument between the two men. Lily tries to separate them. Lily reprimands Cane for his actions toward Tyler. Victor accuses Sharon of using this situation and Adam. Chelsea watches anxiously as the doctor works on Adam. Victoria urges Chelsea to stay positive and assures her that Adam is a fighter. Victor reminds Sharon that Newman Enterprises is a family business and she is not family.

Cane rejoins Katherine at the hospital to assist her in the tests. Nikki watches Sharon who sits at a nearby table. Paul is trying to find out who shot Adam and set the bomb at the Newman ranch. The doctor tells Chelsea that Adam seems to be coming around. Chelsea goes in to see Adam, but he doesn’t remember their previous conversation. Chelsea becomes upset. Victoria asks Chelsea about Adam’s condition and if she may see him. Victoria lets Adam know that she is deeply indebted to him for saving Victor’s life. Victor assures Nikki that he will take care of her. Paul urges Jack to be honest with him. Jack begins to open up, but he will not put any of the blame on Adam. Jack calls Victor to come to his house ASAP. As the doctor begins to test Katherine’s memory, she seems to pass with flying colors. Chelsea tells Victoria that Adam asked for Sharon. Victoria tells Chelsea that she doesn’t have to lose Adam if she don’t want to. Lily and Tyler once again talk about his problems.

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