Friday 3/29/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/29/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Brooke again to back off of her husband. He never had any interest in his 12% before until she flashed her underwear at a press conference. Brooke says it was all for business, but that isn’t even the problem. Katie is the problem as she is making demands on her husband. It’s as if Bill's feeling don't matter to her anymore. She should stop trying to control every single little move Bill makes. She thinks Katie has forgotten the kind of man she married. She needs to stop worrying about his drinking and Brooke. Katie just needs to appreciate him before she drives him away. Katie says that she has to protect her marriage and her child. Brooke needs to back off as something is happening between her and Bill whether she wants to admit it to herself or not. Brooke opines that if he is turning to Brooke, it's because Katie is not giving him what he wants or needs. Katie laughs that is is amazing that Brooke always justifies what she does. Brooke says she is only trying to help her. Katie reminds her that she may not think Bill's drinking is a problem and maybe he is not an alcoholic, but he's never quite there either. Brooke says that is a good point, but she needs to stop badgering him as that is what makes him defensive and dig in his heels. Brooke can't understand why Katie has to analyze everything and be so difficult. She is so insecure and lives in fear. Katie nervously laughs again and reminds Brooke that it is because of her history; the many times that she has been married. She knows Ridge is gone and there is a void. And Brooke doesn't do well in situations like that so she looks around to find a man, but it won't be Katie's man. Brooke tells her to come on, stop being this way. She is only trying to help her marriage....have a little fun with Bill, smile every once in a while, do something that will turn him on. If she doesn't, she is going to lose him. Tears falling from both of them, Katie begs Brooke to think about what she is doing and do not ruin her marriage.

Obviously drinking his way through the bottle, Bill explains to Allison about his drinking game with Katie. She tells him she will call for his driver so he doesn’t have to drive home in this condition. Dayzee gets tough and tells Maya to forget she ever met Rick. Caroline is his girl. Maybe Caroline got a little rough with her, but everyone would probably get a little testy if someone was trying to steal their guy. Maya said that isn't what was happening. And if that is the kind of girl Rick is interested in, then forget it. Caroline pops in on Rick and tries to make amends for the other night. Then she pops in at Dayzee’s to ask Dayzee if Rick is scheduled for volunteer work tonight. When told no, she says good but she needs a little help from Dayzee as she needs some alone time with him. Dayzee tells her that Maya is not Rick’s girlfriend; Caroline is. Caroline says okay; they both have talked to Maya so that should be the end of it. Maya goes to Rick’s office and says she really likes him and she tried to see him to tell him so the other night but by time she went by his house she saw Caroline there. Everyone, especially Dayzee has been telling her to stay away from him. She states that she reckons Caroline is sexy, she's rich and comes from a powerful family and will make a perfect match for him except that she is so awful. Life is such a a bitch. He shouldn’t have to spend his life dating one. He gets her to tell him that Caroline actually told her she was a loser and didn’t stand a chance with Rick. She kisses him and he responds. She says suddenly she doesn’t know what Caroline is talking about as she likes her chances. Dani drops in on Katie. Katie explains what is happening and how worried she is about what might happen with Bill and Brooke. She tries to fight her attraction but it never ends that way. If Bill doesn't stop his drinking and Brooke is always there, she doesn't know what kind of marriage they will have. Bill calls Brooke and says Katie was just there and he was dealing with that and couldn’t get to her press conference. He wants her to meet him at home and hash this all out with Katie once and for all. On the way, both Brooke and Bill think about each other and his argument with Katie. Suddenly there is screeching and both are unconscious in their cars.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe wanted Jennifer to make Daniel choose between her and Parker.  Jennifer wanted to call Daniel, but Chloe threatened to keep Parker from Daniel.  Chloe also said it would be Jenniferís fault.  Jennifer didnít believe Chloe would keep Parker away from Daniel.  Chloe said Daniel would never find him because Nancy took him where Daniel wouldnít find him.  Daniel called Nancy to check on Parker.  While they were talking, he heard someone talking in the background.  Nancy was able to cover up what Daniel heard.  Jennifer didnít think Chloe would keep Daniel from Parker, but Chloe said she would.  Chloe pulled out a laptop and showed Jennifer that Nancy and Parker were in Brazil.  Jennifer didnít believe her until Nancy showed her proof that they were in Brazil.  Chloe said Parker was going to stay there until Jennifer left Daniel alone.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Nick overheard Hope and Gabi talking about him being in prison.  While they were talking, Nick had a flashback of what happened to him in prison.  Kate and Rafe talked about Stefano coming between them.  Kate was worried about what Stefano would do if he found out, but Rafe wasnít worried.  Jennifer wanted Nancy to bring Parker home.  Jennifer tried to tell Chloe that Parker needed his father.  Jennifer told Chloe she was going to call the police because she couldnít keep a father from his son.  Chloe said Jennifer was wrong.  Chloe showed Jennifer Parkerís birth certificate. 

Nick and Gabi talked about Will having to sign his rights away to the baby.  While they were talking, Gabi told Nick that Rafe knows that Will gave up his rights to the baby.  Nick was concerned, but Gabi assured him that it was okay. Jennifer didnít believe that the birth certificate was real because Danielís name wasnít on it, but Chloe said it was real.  Chloe explained to Jennifer why Danielís name wasnít on the birth certificate.  Jennifer said Daniel could fight it, but Chloe thought it would take too long and she could take Parker anywhere.  Chloe also intimated that she would use Danielí helping Nicole as a way to keep Parker.  Jennifer was upset that she would do that to Daniel.  Chloe said it could be avoided if she stayed away from Daniel.  Jennifer told Chloe that she wouldnít get Daniel because he doesnít love her.  Jennifer let Chloe know that she wasnít staying out of the picture.  Jennifer warned Chloe that she was calling Daniel, but Chloe said she would fly to Rio.  Jennifer was convinced Daniel would fight Chloe, but Chloe said she would be gone.  Chloe warned Jennifer to end things with Daniel or else.  Chloe checked Jenniferís phone and saw that Daniel was coming over. Chloe told Jennifer to think of something to say that will convince Daniel that she wanted to end things with him.  Jennifer said she hated Chloe before she left.  While Nick was at the park, he ran into Vargas.  Daniel showed up to Jenniferís house.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felicia tells Maxie not to worry about Lulu because Frisco got the WSB involved and that Luke and Laura are on their way to the Haunted Star to get her. Maxie wants to talk about Friscoís intention to get Felicia back. Felicia says Mac knows all about it and that he punched Frisco in the jaw. Maxie doesnít blame him. Felicia says Mac isnít speaking to her now. Maxie says Felicia has been sending Frisco mixed signals and that she needs to decide who she wants to be with. Mac clears out the Floating Rib with his delivery of bad jokes by way of his ventriloquistís dummy called ďMr. MarblesĒ as he practices his act for the Nursesí Ball. Frisco comes in. Mac refuses to apologize for punching Frisco and tells Frisco that everyone would be better off if he had stayed away. Frisco says he is there to support Maxie through her pregnancy because Maxie and her baby are his flesh and blood. Mac says flesh and blood are all Frisco ever gave Maxie and that it didnít pass to the baby because Maxie is a surrogate. He says it is a pathetic attempt at a do-over with the family he walked out on. He says Frisco wasnít there for a moment of Georgieís life and then made her birthday into a date night with Felicia. He asks Frisco how low he can go. Frisco punches Mac and asks him if that is low enough. Frisco says Mac has always been good to Felicia and the girls and that he doesnít want to see him get hurt. He suggests that Mac step aside before things get ugly. Felicia arrives at the Floating Rib. Mac asks her to tell Frisco that she doesnít return his feelings. She says she canít do that because she loves both of them. Mac tells her that she has to choose.  

Elizabeth tells AJ and Alexis that Nikolasís heart stopped again and that they were able to restart it again. She says the doctor doesnít think it was related to the adrenaline injection that Luke gave him. Elizabeth tells AJ about her affair with Nik and Helena tampering with Aidenís paternity test results to make everyone believe that Nikolas was his father. Luke and Laura arrive at the Haunted Star in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by helicopter. They ready their weapons and carefully go into the main room. Helena reveals herself and says it is just like old times. Her bodyguards come into the room. Luke says he thinks he can still get a good shot. Helena tells him that if he doesnít hand over his gun, they will shoot Laura. Luke gives up his gun. Helena is horrified when Laura demands to know if she plans to have them shot the way she had Nikolas shot. She says she wouldnít hurt her own grandson. Luke reminds her that he saw her kill her own daughter. Helena says she hated her daughter, but she loves her grandson. Luke wonders who ordered the hit on Nikolas if it wasnít Helena. Helena makes Laura call Scott at the hospital and put the call on speaker. Alexis answers Scottís phone and gives Laura an update. Helena tells Alexis that she is entrusting Nikolas to her care and that if she fails, she will slit Alexisís throat just as surely as she did to her mother. Helena concludes that it is Lauraís fault that Nikolas was shot because everything comes back to Laura. She picks up a gun and says she will resolve everyoneís misery by getting rid of Laura. Alexis thinks she might have heard an inkling of human emotion from Helena. Alexis tells Elizabeth that Luke and Laura didnít catch Helena; Helena caught them. Elizabeth asks if Helena has Dante too. Alexis says Helena didnít mention Dante. Dante scales the hull of the boat from the water.  

Spinelli and Ellie discuss their differing opinions about children. He tells her that he isnít going to back down on his conviction to become a parent someday. She thanks him for his honesty, but says she wonít change her mind about not reproducing. She asks him if they are going to break up because of it. Neither of them wants to break up. They agree to stay together despite their difference of opinion. Spinelli goes to see Maxie and tells her his troubles. He says that it appears that if he wants a future with Ellie, it will mean that he will never have a child of his own. AJ goes to see Ellie. She tells him that the independent lab sent the Pickle-Lila findings to ELQ. She checks the routing number and finds that it was already delivered. The signature reads, ďKiss my tuches AJ. I Win!Ē

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine tells Cane she is afraid she has Alzheimer’s disease, although she has not gone to the doctor to confirm her suspicions. Cane persuades Katherine to go to the doctor for the sake of her family and everyone that loves her. He assures her that she won’t be alone; he will be with her every step of the way, then he takes her to the hospital. Cane is called away to work, but Katherine promises him that she will stay and take the tests. Cane promises to return and pick her up. Tyler tells Lily about his life and the reason he and Leslie changed their names. Lily thinks that Tyler should forgive his father and let go of the hate he has been carrying around all these years. Billy and Victoria have lunch and then wait nervously at the hospital for their preliminary appointment with the fertility doctor. Billy and Victoria discuss names for the baby and the possibility that the in vitro fertilization won’t work. Victoria assures Billy that if the procedure doesn’t work, she will be disappointed, but she will be happy, because she still has a family.

Avery arrives home and finds Nick with a bottle of champagne. He tells her he has planned a romantic dinner for her since he is positive she has won her case. Avery has no idea that at the end of dinner, Nick plans to propose to her after she eats a cake that he made in the easy-bake oven. Dylan is at a bar drinking his troubles away, and he gets into a fight with a guy who is bothering the female bartender. When Dylan is arrested, the bartender uses his cell phone to call Avery and tell her about Dylan’s arrest, interrupting Nick’s romantic dinner with her. Cane arrives at the office and is very angry when he sees Tyler hugging Lily. He shouts at Tyler to take his hands off of his wife. Chelsea has a long talk with Chloe, telling her that she still loves Adam and always will. She regrets that she will never have a chance to tell him about the baby. Chloe encourages Chelsea to tell Adam about the baby right now, because people always say that coma patients are aware of what is going on around them. Chelsea cries as she sits at Adam’s bedside and tells him that she is pregnant with his baby.

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