Thursday 3/28/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/28/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke gets a phone call from Bill. She is glad to hear from him as she was worried about him last night. He confesses that he occasionally has a bad moment and thanks her for her listening to him. She says it’s been a while since she’s had a press conference all about her, but she’s ready for it and wants him to be there. She’d like him to invite Katie as she could use the distraction. Not overly enthusiastic, he says he will mention it to her. It doesn’t take long as Katie walks in the door to his office. She informs him that she is not going to any press conference and neither is he. Caroline flirts with Rick and asks if he still thinks she is sexy. He says she doesn’t have to ask that. She says she does as he didn’t seem too into it last night. There she was standing in some awesome, exquisite, expensive lingerie and he threw her out of his house. He apologizes and says he was pre-occupied as this re-launch means so much. She thought perhaps it was because of Mariah. He corrects her, it’s Maya. Pam tells Donna that Brooke is a little long in the tooth to be having this press conference with her parading around in her underwear. Donna pretends that she doesn’t know what Brooke’s teeth have to do with it. She’s still gorgeous. Eric tells Taylor that he is glad she is here as he knows she doesn’t have her heart in this re-launch. She admits that she thinks it is a colossal waste of time and money and that he didn’t take the time to really think it through, but she is there to support him. He says and there is another reason; he’s going to make another announcement about them living together. Caroline marches into Dayzee’s and walks up to Maya and calls her Maria. Maya corrects her and Caroline says whatever, she doesn’t care but Maya needs to stay away from her man. Maya explains that when she met Rick that she did not know he was in a relationship. Caroline says now she does. No woman except a loser ex-con who is looking to get something would pursue him now. Even if she proclaims her innocent in going to prison, that is what they all say, the point is she does not have a place in Ricks life now. Maya wonders if that is Caroline’s place to make that call. Caroline turns up her attitude and says she really doesn’t want to hurt her but sometimes the truth must be told even if it is harsh. She says she moves easily in Rick’s world because that is her world too. She has founded a charity that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help fight cancer. She has traveled the world; she speaks three languages. Rick can take her anyplace. He hides Maya in this dinky little diner. That should tell her something. Taylor goes to Brooke’s office and says she is just checking in. Brooke says if she is looking for Bill, he’s not under her desk. Taylor says if he is smart, perhaps he won’t come at all. Maybe Katie has been able to make him understand it would be inappropriate to be there. Brooke justifies that Bill has a stake in the company. Taylor corrects her and says Bill has a stake in Brooke. And all the more reason for Katie to keep him away. Brooke laments that she knows Taylor ran straight to Katie when she saw her and Bill together. Taylor could not wait to make Katie angry at her. Taylor offers that she should be, after finding her rolling around on the bed, giggling and swilling champagne. Brooke says Taylor is one to talk. After only five minutes of Stephanie dying, there was Taylor making a pass at Eric, moving into his house and Stephanie’s bed. Taylor sees nothing wrong with them being together as they aren’t hurting anyone. Brooke can not say the same for herself. Brooke tells her to go get a life. Taylor says she does and she is reveling in it.

Bill tells Katie that he is a minority shareholder and it was his idea for Brooke’s Bedroom Line and he’s going to be there to support her. Katie counters with his 12% is next to nothing of his own empire and he doesn’t have to be there to see her sister parading around in her underwear. Bill’s secretary, Alison, walks in with an expensive bottle of booze. She says she knows there is a ban on spirits now but this was from Mr. Henderson and very special. Bill lets her sit it down. Katie says again that she doesn’t need to go to the press conference. She has seen Brooke in her underwear and so has Bill so she doesn’t want him to go either. Bill throws it back at her that he doesn’t want her dictating to him where he can go and what he can do or who he can see. She says she is only trying to avert a disaster in the family. She knows her sister very well and would think that he could understand. He says no, because it really means that she doesn’t trust him. He’s tired….he’s tired of hearing no all the time. He picks up the bottle and says they will play a little game of study control. Every time she says no, he will take a hit from the bottle. Katie says “no” way, she is not going to play any drinking game with him. He says they are on and he takes the first drink. She can’t believe he is serious and he says she doesn’t realize how often she says no. She reminds him they agreed on no more drinking. There is that word again, so cheers – he takes another slug. She tells him this is ridiculous, knocking back shots in the middle of the afternoon. That won’t prove anything. He says he is a husband and he is a father but most of all he is a man. He makes his own choices ad lives on his own terms, answering only to himself. She says no, not anymore. There she said it again, so he takes another shot, bottoms up. She cries that he should answer to Will, he comes first. He states that he will teach their son to live life to the fullest, grab it by the throat and never let go. And he doesn’t intend to let go either. He will not give up drinking, or motorcycle racing or heli-skiing. Those are his passions and his passions will become his son’s too. Katie screams no way, no way. He’s out of his mind if he thinks he can turn their son into some adrenaline junkie. When she reminds him that she is a heart transplant patient and doesn’t know how long she might live, he fires back that she can’t be afraid of her own mortality. He can’t stop her but he’ll be damned if he is going to let her turn their son into someone who is afraid to look out from under the sheets each morning. He wonders what happened to that incredible woman that he married. He misses his wife, he misses Katie. He says having a baby shouldn’t change her into an entirely different person. He gets a text from Brooke and Katie sees it and is very upset. Eric thanks the press for coming on such short notice and proceeds to tell them that it is with pride and pleasure that he announces the re-launch of Brooke’s Bedroom line and she comes out in another gorgeous piece of lingerie and teases them with showing more, the more exposed the better. Eric announces that he has his own piece of news to share and announces that he and Taylor Hayes are living together and he couldn’t be happier. Clearly the press wants more details as to if she will become his wife. Maya tells Caroline that she doesn’t even know her. She just came in and basically called her a worthless lowlife and that is not who she is. She really is a woman on her own doing the best that she can. She’s made his mistakes, hooked up with the wrong people but she’s doing better now. And she has dreams and aspirations like anyone else. Caroline snipes oh, she means being an actress/model – her and about a million other young girls who come to L.A. and then realize their talents aren’t all that great so they latch onto some rich guy. She just wants Maya to know that rich guy isn’t going to be hers. And with that she sweetly says have a nice day now. Dayzee has overheard some of this and comes and tells Maya that Caroline was right. She and Rick were in an exclusive committed relationship long before Maya came to town. Maya needs to accept that and leave Rick alone. Katie storms into Brooke’s office and demands to see her phone. She thumbs thru the messages and finds the one she sent Bill. She rants to Brooke that her husband runs Spencer Publications. He’s not involved in her little lingerie line. She hates that it has come to this, but she doesn’t like what is happening. She demands that Brooke stay away from Bill. She wants to make herself very clear – no texting, no talking to him, no communication in any form.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Sy went to see Kristen, but she wanted him to leave.  Chloe went to see Jennifer.  Chloe told Jennifer that she saw her making love to Daniel.  Jennifer was upset.  Chloe wanted to be honest and realized everything changed.  Sy told Kristen that he has money problems so he needed money.  She didnít care and wanted him to get out.  Jennifer wanted Chloe to leave, but she wouldnít leave.  Chloe realized that Daniel loves Jennifer and that sheís lost him.  Chloe asked Jennifer if she truly loved Daniel.  Brady went to see Victor who was upset about him being with Kristen.  Brady wanted Victor to be happy for him, but he wasnít.  Brady had enough and wanted to leave, but Victor stopped him.  Sy tried to appeal to Kristen by telling her about his sick daughter, but Kristen refused to help.  Sy told her that he saw Bradyís family after he attacked Brady.  Kristen wanted him to forget about working for her and threw him out.  Jennifer told Chloe that she loves Daniel.  Jennifer wanted Chloe to talk to Daniel because they (Jennifer and Chloe) were done.  Chloe didnít agree with Jennifer about them being done.

Victor didnít want to fight with Brady anymore and gave him his blessing to marry Kristen.  Brady appreciated it.  Kristen wanted Sy to leave, but he wanted money.  He wanted to make a deal, but she wanted him out.  She warned him to never come back.  He finally left.  Jennifer didnít want to keep fighting with Chloe and wanted them all to move on.  Chloe told Jennifer that she didnít want to move on.  Chloe wanted to talk about Parker.  Victor told Henderson that he didnít really accept Brady being with Kristen.  Victor only said that he accepted it so Brady would have somewhere to go when Kristen showed her true colors. Chloe told Jennifer that Parker didnít like her (Jennifer) and was threatened by her.  Chloe decided Jennifer couldnít be around Parker.  Jennifer said she will be involved with Parker as long as sheís with Daniel.  Chloe said Jennifer was wrong.  Sy called Kristen to ask for the money, but she still refused.  He wanted to resort to another plan.  He called Marlena and was going to make an appointment to see her.  Chloe told Jennifer that she will never have contact with her son.  Chloe said Daniel had to choose between Parker and Jennifer.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie catches Tracy in the lab looking for the Pickle-Lila recipe. Tracy tries to bribe Ellie, to no avail. She tries to pit Ellie against Spinelli, but Ellie says she isnít even sure if Spinelli is still her boyfriend because they canít agree on whether to have children or not. Tracy observes that Ellie is a woman of principles and advises her not to let anyone force her to compromise her principles. Ellie tells Tracy that she wishes she could help her with the recipe, but the chemical makeup was sent to an independent lab for further analysis and they are sending their results directly to AJ at ELQ. AJ calls Spinelli to his office and asks him to find the mystery Quartermaine. Spinelli says he can use the diversion from his relationship woes. AJ says he has never seen a more perfect couple than Ellie and Spinelli. Spinelli reveals that their compatibility diverges on the subject of having children. AJ tells Spinelli that parenthood is a big deal and that Spinelli shouldnít back down if that is what he wants. Spinelli tells AJ that Elizabeth is probably at the hospital because her good friend Nikolas Cassadine was shot. Spinelli goes to see Ellie and says they need to talk. Tracy sneaks into AJís office. A courier arrives with the package from the lab and asks Tracy to sign for it.

Volunteers arrive at the Metro Court ballroom to prepare it for the Nursesí Ball. A handsome man (Maksim Chmerkovskiy of Dancing with the Stars) arrives to help set up the ballroom and recognizes Sam from somewhere. Sabrina blushes when Milo wipes his face with his shirttail, exposing his perfect abs. TJ is frustrated by listening to Lucy asking Molly questions about Rafeís wellbeing.  TJ advises Milo not to let the other man that likes Sabrina get in his way. Fitness guru, Richard Simmons arrives to choreograph the ball. He wrote a song especially for the occasion with lyrics about Port Charlesís colorful denizens. He turns on the music and shows everyone dance steps. Sabrina asks Felix if he thinks Richard really wrote the song. Felix observes that the song is very Ď80s. Molly and TJ wonder about the accuracy of the lyrics. Sam tells Molly to ask her Uncle Sonny. Lucy turns off the music and tells Richard that they canít use the song because it reveals secrets that could be potentially embarrassing, especially for the Chief of Staff, Monica Quartermaine. Richard doesnít care. He says that if his friend Bobbie Spencer were there, she wouldnít have a problem with his song. Epiphany sides with Lucy. Richard says they have lost the song and the choreographer as he storms out, taking a moment to say a personal goodbye to Milo.  TJ suggests that they recruit Molly to write a song. Molly points out that a novel is completely different from a song and that she doesnít know anything about writing music. TJ says Molly can write the lyrics and he can compile the music on his computer. Felix observes that they still need a choreographer. Maksim offers to help.  Lucy asks him to audition so he dances with her.  Elizabeth badgers Patrick for information about his feelings for Sabrina. He says it doesnít matter because Sabrina is dating Milo. Elizabeth tells him that he should think about what will make him happy. Patrick calls Sabrinaís cell phone. Remembering TJís advice, Milo presses the ignore button. Patrick leaves a message telling her that he still has to tell her what he started to say at her graduation. Milo deletes the message.

Rafe goes to Alexisís house and says he needs her help. The kids at the group home are still tormenting him. She tells him that she is doing everything she can to find him a good foster home. Shawn asks Rafe if he is clear on the fact that Molly has a boyfriend. Rafe thinks he should go, but Alexis orders him to stay. Alexis calls to check on Nikolas and is shocked by what she is told.  AJ finds Elizabeth at the hospital and asks her how Nikolas is doing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe sees Esther packing some of Katherine’s things in a box. She explains to Chloe that Katherine is donating the things to a silent auction to benefit the needy. Chloe later shows the box of things to Kevin and tells him the things in the box will help them pay their bills. Katherine forgets a lunch with Cane. When he calls her, she apologizes and heads to the restaurant where they agreed to meet. Cane gives Katherine some picture frames the twins made for her and then tells her how much the twins enjoy pre-kindergarten. Cane gets worried so he thanks Katherine for her advice on the Jabot fashion line. When Katherine responds she was happy to help, Cane tells her that he never asked her for advice on the Jabot fashion line. Katherine admits to Cane that her memory lapses are getting more frequent so he encourages her to go to the doctor. Katherine tells Cane that she doesn’t want to go to the doctor because she already knows what is causing her memory lapses.

When Lauren and Michael have an argument, he tells her that he feels like he is the only one trying to save their marriage. Michael tells Lauren he doesn’t see another option but to file for legal separation, so they can both have some time to think about things. Michael later talks to Kevin who thinks that Michael shouldn’t file for a legal separation, because he could lose Lauren. Michael thinks that the separation will force Lauren to make a decision to fight for their marriage. Michael is right and Lauren has a talk with Carmine to tell him that she loves Michael and wants to save her marriage. Carmine asks Lauren for one last night together before they say goodbye. Paul and Alex question Wheeler about his relationship to Victor, but Congressman Wheeler only tells the police that he and Victor only see each other at social gatherings. Paul tells Alex to start digging for information about Wheeler, but Alex is unable to find anything until he sees a picture on the Internet of Congressman Wheeler and Stephanie. Paul tells Alex that Stephanie is the congressman’s daughter. Alex remembers seeing Stephanie at the Athletic Club on New Year’s Eve, and he could tell right away she was a prostitute. Alex also tells Paul that he saw Stephanie leave the Athletic Club with Jack Abbott. Jack and Victor decide to team up to confront Wheeler, because they think he is trying to hurt both their families, because they are both to blame for Stephanie’s death. Jack and Victor talk to Wheeler and tell him to admit that he paid Bob to try and kill Victor at his wedding. Victor warns Wheeler that if he doesn’t tell the truth, he will be surprised at the secrets he can uncover about him.

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