Wednesday 3/27/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke gets ready for bed, picks up a copy of the book, Stallion, from her bedside table, smiles and thinks about Bill. Meanwhile Bill is standing in silence in the living room instead of the bedroom where he had just been. He’s thinking of Brooke in her red teddy, rolling around on the bed and them celebrating. In bed, Brooke sleeps fitfully, tossing and turning. She sees Bill as they celebrate and at an earlier kiss upon Stephanie’s death. Bill is still thinking about Brooke as well. Caroline is having Chinese dinner with her mom, Dani, in the office and spilling to her about Maya…..a con. If it were anyone else like a model or an actress she could understand. Dani understands that she is hurting but that she will get over it. Caroline says no she won’t, Rick will have to get over it. She is not losing him as that is not part of this picture. Dayzee wants to go out and get Maya from the front porch where she followed Rick out. Marcus pulls her back down to her seat and says give it a minute. Carter mentions that he didn’t realize that Maya knew Rick. Eric states that he thinks she met him at the coffeehouse although Carter says it seems more than that. Eric says it is probably just a misunderstanding. Maya tells Rick this is just her first date. In an awkward situation, Rick says that Carter seems like a nice guy. Dayzee can’t stand it any longer and says this is rude of Maya and she should not be out there with Rick and leaving Carter inside on their first date. She says she is going to go get her. Maya laments to Rick that he seems upset. He says no, just surprised. She comments that Carter is a nice guy, honest and forthcoming. Rick says he deserved that as he should have been honest from the beginning with Maya. Dayzee walks out and interrupts. Although clearly neither Rick nor Maya want this, Rick says she really should go back in. Dani tells Caroline that she is worried about her and here she thought she was doing so well out here. Caroline defends by saying that she was trying so hard to fit in and then Rick went all Mother Teresa on him, helping the needy (as if that is a dirty word). Dani reminds her that is important and he is helping the needy. Caroline snorts that he could write a check….besides she has needs too. She hasn’t been to a club in a few days. Dani mocks poor thing. Caroline says it is not her fault that she was raised in Manhattan on Park Avenue. Dani points out that there are many more men out there. Caroline retorts they don’t have the Forrester credentials; Rick is hers. She huffs out leaving her mother alone and says she is going to give Rick a taste of what he has been missing. Bill wakes up Brooke. He says he can’t sleep. Taylor was just here and got Katie all riled up by talking about Brooke’s Bedroom. Brooke guesses then Katie took it out on Bill. He says he is not sure how much more of this he can handle. He says there is no gratitude, just rules and regulations. She warns him to try and not let it bother him. He thanks her for listening. Eric offers Maya a dessert. She apologizes for being so incredibly rude by walking out. And she should not have come in the first place. Eric says of course she should have; she was invited. She offers an explanation although Dayzee says it is not necessary. Maya says yes it is. She tells them how she met Rick at Dayzee’s while he was waiting tables. He took her to Rodeo Drive where they went to Forrester’s and she tried on many dresses. She shared with him many intimate moments of her life yet he never told her who he was.

Rick finishes his shower and walks back into the den with only a towel around his bottom torso, only to be surprised by Caroline. He’s a little miffed that she just happened to be passing by and found the door unlocked and walked in. She cheerfully drops her coat, revealing a flimsy, see-through black teddy. She grabs a bottle of champagne, sidles up to Rick and offers herself to him. He declines, not tonight. She says this other woman disappointed him. What did she do? Rick says if she wants the truth – he met someone else, and she’s sweet and kind. Caroline adds….and she is fresh out of prison. So he was trolling. He is a guy and he picked up a little jailbird. Rick says it’s not like that. Maya is a good person. Caroline wonders if she is this good….she proceeds to drape herself around him and kisses his neck over and over. Rick tells her that Maya likes him for who he is. Caroline gets the inference and jerks away. Rick says she seems to be all into the Forrester name, the influence and such. She says all of that is good. She finally admits that she will take some responsibility for her attitude the first time that he took her to Dayzee’s. But he’s only known her for less than two weeks and surely he isn’t going to throw away this for someone that he doesn’t even know. And Maya doesn’t know him, not like she does. She continues to try to seduce him by kissing him and swishing her body on his. Bill calls Brooke again and apologizes for hanging up earlier. He says it is so damn frustrating that he is climbing the walls. Katie won’t let him near her. She’s so different from him and Brooke as they are so alike. They are free and fearless, they devour life. Brooke stops him and says no, he must not think that. This time she says she has to go and hangs up. Caroline moves Rick over to the couch to continue her seduction. Maya apologizes to Carter and says she had no idea that Rick lived on this property and she would see him. But she really needs to see him as she has given him a hard time. Eric tells her that he is in the guesthouse across the courtyard. She excuses herself and goes there. She stops short of the door as she sees the forms through the blinds and peers in. Caroline sees her and is fully aware of who it is and moans and groans even louder. Bill comes in from a swim and there is Brooke. She says she was worried about him. She knows what he is going through. She thought she had met the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. That was Ridge, but now he is gone. Bill says it’s the same with Katie. He wonders now if things had been different….if Brooke had been there and available. He kisses her passionately and she responds. Bill snaps back. He’s in his den alone just having a daydream fantasy… is Brooke at home in her bed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

When Will asked Sonny what was bothering him, Lucas interrupted them.  Will and Lucas wanted Sonny to tell them what was going on if it could help Will get to see his baby.  Kate and Rafe talked about Stefano coming between them.  Sonny said Gabi wanted Will to see the baby.  Lucas wanted to know what Nick thought about it.  He also didnít want Nick to raise the baby because heís a blackmailer.  Chloe and Nicole argued over Daniel.  Chloe hit Nicole with a low blow and told her that she couldnít give Daniel or any man a baby.  Nicole wanted Chloe to take it back, but she refused.  Chloe reminded Nicole that she was the only one who wanted to be her friend and didnít understand why she was pushing her away.  Chloe ended up blaming Nicole for why she didnít have Daniel.  Sonny and Will arrived at the coffee shop and saw Kate and Rafe together.  Kate backed away from Rafe, but Will let her know that Sonny told him everything.

Sonny said that Kate and Rafe knew about Will signing his rights to his daughter away.  Kate and Rafe understood why he did it. Will wanted to talk to Rafe alone.  Will thought Rafe was glad that he signed his rights away.  While Nicole and Chloe were arguing, Chloe said she didnít want Nicole in her life.  Nicole was okay with staying away from Chloe.  Chloe was determined to get Daniel.  Rafe assured Will that he wanted Will to be part of the babyís life.  Kate interrupted them because she wanted to know who forced Will to sign his rights away and what they were going to do about it.  Daniel went to Brady and Kristen to talk about Jennifer.  While they were talking, Kristen told Daniel about Bradyís headaches.  Kate was determined to find out what Nick had over Will, but Lucas needed her help.  Kate went with Lucas and Rafe went to the police station.  Lucas warned Kate to leave Willís situation alone.  Kate wanted to know what was going on, but Lucas thought she would make things worse for Will.  Sonny believed Gabi wouldnít keep Will from the baby.  When Brady left the mansion, Sy showed up to see Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Milo goes to visit Patrick at the hospital. He says Sabrina told him that Patrick doesnít return her feelings, but that he wanted to find out from Patrick before asking Sabrina out. Carly shows Lucy, Sabrina, and Felix the newly renovated Metro Court Ballroom. Michael goes to the Metro Court to check on Carly and tell her that Lucy roped him into performing at the Nursesí Ball. Sabrina asks Felix why he is giving her the cold shoulder. He tells her that he canít believe she went out with Milo. She tells him that it is his fault that he told Milo that she was available and that it is his fault that she has to get over Patrick after forcing her to reveal her feelings and get shot down. Felix vents to Carly, who tells him that he is a great catch, but that Milo is straight. She says he should be happy for his best friend.  Sabrina vents to Lucy. Lucy tells her that men come and go and that best friends are more important. Sabrina calls Milo and asks him to meet her at the Metro Court. Felix stops her from telling Milo that she canít go out with him. He tells Milo that Sabrina wanted to ask him to escort her to the Nursesí Ball. Scott goes to the Metro Court and tells Lucy about Nikolasís shooting and that he doesnít know much because Laura is only confiding in her ex-husband. She tells him to go to the hospital to be with Laura in spite of the fact that Luke is there. Bobbie tells Laura that Scott wants to be there with Laura. Luke injects Nikolas with Epinephrine (Adrenaline). The monitor beeps. Laura and Bobbie go. Luke says he has to wake up Nikolas because he has information about Lulu. Laura slaps him and tells him to go to hell. She tells him that she will not allow him to trade the life of one of her children for another one. Scott opens the door to Nikís room. Laura, not seeing who is there, orders Luke out. Scott asks if he can stay. She clings to him and tells him what Luke did.  

Shawn receives a heroís welcome at Alexisís house where they all praise him for saving the commissionerís life. TJ says he canít stop thinking about what might have happened. He says Shawn is the closest thing he has to a father since his own father died, and that he canít afford to lose another one. Alexis asks Sam if she has recovered from her ordeal with Steven Clay. Sam says she doesnít hate him because she understands that he did everything because he couldnít accept his wifeís death. She says she hopes he and his wife are at peace together now that he has died. Carly leaves a message for Sam and says that even though they arenít friends, Sam should call her if she and Danny need anything.

Anna tells Dante that they got a database hit on Nikolasís shooter and found that he had previous ties to Helena, but that they donít have any leads on Helenaís location. Dante kicks a table. Anna says he needs to focus. He tells him meet her at the Haunted, but they end up meeting somewhere else where Anna informs Dante that the Haunted Star is gone. They take a black and white to the harbor and find that the boat has been gone since last night so it is probably in international waters by now. Dante and Anna find Luke at the hospital and tell him that they know where Lulu is. Anna says Haunted Star is out of her jurisdiction now, so it is up to Luke. She tells him that Frisco is arranging for the WSB to provide Luke and Dante with temporary credentials. Anna tells Luke that she will always have his back no matter what. When Luke is about board the helicopter, Laura runs up and announces that she is going with him. The two of them get on the helicopter, bound for the boatís coordinates in the Atlantic Ocean.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie testifies for her father while Tyler testifies against him at the hearing, then they wait to find out if Gus will go free or stay in jail. Neil confronts Congressman Wheeler with the fact that he was having an affair with Leslie’s mother. Congressman Wheeler doesn’t confirm or deny Neil’s allegations but he cautions him to be careful not to slander him. Neil tells the congressman that his allegations are not slander if they are true. Neil tells Congressman Wheeler that the truth will come out once Gus Rogan goes free. Bob still refuses to name the person who hired him to shoot Victor, but Paul and Alex think that Congressman Wheeler and Bob might be connected to Avery’s innocence foundation case. Since they can’t make Bob talk about Victor’s shooting, they decide that they will try to make him talk about Congressman Wheeler.

Phyllis tells Jack about Summer spilling coffee on her blouse so that Kyle could see her in her bra at the office. Phyllis decides to put a stop to Summer’s crush by moving her from the main Jabot office to the fashion division. Jack confronts Victor about not caring that Billy and Abby almost died in the near explosion of his house. Victor accuses Jack of putting everyone in danger and Adam being in critical condition. Sharon sits by Adam’s bedside at the hospital. When he awakens, she tells him how much he means to her. Adam struggles to speak and asks Sharon to make sure that Victor doesn’t try to take Newman Enterprises from him while he is in the hospital. Sharon tells Adam not to talk about business, but he gets upset when she won't promise to help keep Victor away from the company. When the monitors begin to sound, Sharon calls the doctor who informs her that the repair they made to Adam’s lung caused a blood clot, which traveled to his brain and caused him to slip into a coma.

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