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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie talks to Taylor. Taylor wonders if Katie wants to talk this out so she can just dismiss what she saw with her own eyes. Bill walks in and asks is this the way that Taylor spends her hours – fanning the flames to make his wife feel insecure. He tells them both that he and Brooke did not hide anything because there is nothing to hide. He tells Taylor that as of today, she no longer works for him. Katie objects to the fact that is not his decision to make. He says it is as long as his name is on the check; Taylor is gone. Eric has a small dinner party now that he is back from Genoa City. He invited Marcus and Dayzee over and Carter and Maya show up as well. She thinks his house is gorgeous and he gives them a tour of the wine selection. Dayzee is a little ruffled as she doesn’t want Maya to get the idea that they are best buds now. Alone, she tells Maya that she should not be here. Rick lives in the guest house on the premise. It’s okay for her to date Carter, but she can tell that Maya doesn’t have much interest in him. Suddenly Rick walks in to show his dad some designs. It’s awkward as they give introductions. Eric invites Rick to stay for dessert but he gives a quick coverup that he has to go. Maya follows him out while the others wonder at this. She apologizes to Rick for not knowing this might happen. She says Carter invited her but she barely knows him. Rick reminds her that she barely knew him either a few days ago. She states that she wanted to though.

Donna questions Brooke how any of this could have happened….with her own sister’s husband yet! Does Katie have room to be worried? Brooke explains it innocently as props and wardrobe and not on a bed at home. It was nothing but business. If Katie loses Bill, it won’t be due to her. She says at some point Katie needs to take some responsibility of walking out on Bill. And yes at one time she had her own doubts about Bill but that is now in the past. Katie needs to lighten up. Donna asks Brooke to take a long look at herself. If Bill would leave Katie, would Brooke want Bill to turn to her. Bill turns out the lights and asks Katie if she is coming to bed. That doesn’t seem to do the trick and he unloads on her that she is never there for him. He’s lonely and he needs her to treat him like he matters and stop pushing him away for every little thing she has to do for Will. He can get a nanny for that so they can spend more time together. He laments that he can not remember the last time they made love. He kisses her while she’s crying. He asks her to come to bed as he heads in that direction. He waits alone in bed as she slips in and lays on her side of the bed, still crying. He holds out his arms for her and she says that she knows what he needs from her tonight, but she just doesn’t have it to give. His mind drifts off to Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Will wanted Sami to get Stefanoís help to get Nick out of the way.  Marlena ran into Brady and he told her how Kristen accepted his proposal.  Kristen told Stefano that sheís engaged.  Cameron and Abby started kissing and took their clothes off.  Kate was furious with Rafe for lying to her.  Justin was at the coffee shop to check on Sonny.  Sonny told Justin that Will needed help for custody of his child.  When Sami wanted to know why Will changed his mind about getting Stefanoís help, he said he knew what kind of person Nick was and didnít want him raising his child.  Rafe wanted to know why Kate thought he lied to her.  She assumed he knew that Will signed away his rights to the baby, but Rafe didnít find out until ďtodayĒ.  Rafe wanted to know why Will did that, but Kate thought he and Gabi were happy about it.  Stefano wondered if Kristen would have been able to destroy Brady, but she convinced him that she could.  Marlena was upset that Brady wanted to marry Kristen.  Marlena and Brady got into an argument over Kristen.  John showed up while they were arguing and he demanded that Brady not marry Kristen.  When Cameron and Abby were about to go upstairs, she put the brake on things.  Brady yelled at John and Marlena and was willing to write them off if they couldnít accept that he was marrying Kristen.  When Brady walked off, Marlena tried to explain what she was saying to Brady.  John told her to stay out of it.  Kate and Rafe argued for a little while before they kissed and made up.  Sonny talked to Justin about Willís situation, but he wouldnít tell him why Will signed his rights away.  The most Sonny said was something Will did is coming back to haunt him.  Will wanted to know what Sami was going to do to get Stefano to help.  She thought it wouldnít be that easy to get Stefanoís help.  She said they had to do some scheming and had to make it look as if Stefano did it all on his own.  Will was willing to do whatever it took to get Nick out of the way.  Cameron assumed that Abby stopped him because she wanted her first time to be special.  She said that wasnít the reason why she stopped.  She stopped because of him.  When Brady was back at the mansion, John called him.  John wanted to work things out, but Brady wasnít willing.  While Brady was yelling at John, Kristen was eavesdropping.  After Brady hung up, he told Kristen about the argument he got in with John.  Stefano walked in on them.  Kristen left them so they could talk.  Kristen had an idea to ruin things for Brady, John, and Marlena.

Cameron wanted to know why he was the reason she didnít want to make love.  When she was about to tell him, his phone rang.  She told him not to answer, but he had to since it was the hospital.  It turned out that he was needed at the hospital and had to go.  He let her know that he couldnít keep doing this.  He said if there was a next time, they had to meet in a public place so they could avoid getting intimate.  While Sonny was looking for Gabi, he caught Kate and Rafe together.  Kristen used Bradyís phone to text John and Marlena.  Kristen took Brady out to get something to eat.  When Sonny went downstairs, he ran into Sami.  Kate and Rafe came down within a minute of each other.  Sonny left the pub.  Rafe wanted to talk to Sami about Will signing his rights away to the baby.  He wanted to know why she didnít tell him.  Sami didnít think it was his or Kateís business.  John and Marlena saw Brady and Kristen at the town square.  Brady was upset that they were there.  Kristen admitted that she texted John and Marlena so they could work things out.  Marlena blamed Kristen for why things were messed up.  While Rafe, Kate, and Sami were arguing, Rafe let it slip that Sami broke in the evidence room at the police station.  Sami justified her actions by saying that she and Lucas are doing whatever it takes to help their son.  Marlena tried to reach out to Brady, but it didnít work.  Brady told John and Marlena to stay out of his life.  Sami was convinced that Gabi was going to keep Will from the baby, but Rafe didnít think she would.  Sami thought Gabi would do whatever Nick wanted.  While they were going back and forth, Sami told Rafe that she was moving in the DiMera mansion with EJ and the kids.  Sonny ran into Will and couldnít tell him how he saw Rafe and Kate together.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt says she isnít comfortable with her motherís plans for Patrick. Dr. Obrecht thinks the Nursesí Ball seems like the perfect place to spring their little surprise on Dr. Drake. Felix tells Milo that he doesnít mind if he asks Sabrina out. Emma says she minds because she wants Sabrina to go out with her daddy. Felix tells Milo that as far as he knows, Sabrina and Patrick are not dating. Patrick tells Sabrina that he wants to talk to her about her disclosure the other day. She apologizes for revealing her inappropriate feelings. Milo comes up and asks Sabrina if he can escort her to the graduatesí party at the Floating Rib. Patrick gets paged and tells Sabrina that he has to go the emergency room so Sabrina accepts Miloís offer. Epiphany asks Patrick why he didnít go to the party. He tells her that he didnít want to get in the way of Sabrinaís date with Milo. Epiphany says he seems jealous and asks if Sabrinaís feelings are no longer one-sided. She canít believe he let Sabrina go to the party with Magic Milo. Patrick tells her that Sabrina wouldnít stop talking long enough for him to say what he needed to say, so maybe he is too late. At the Floating Rib, Sabrina notices that Felix seems out of sorts. Felix and Emma invite sit at Molly and TJís table, where TJ has just asked Molly to go with him to the Nursesí Ball. TJ notes that Felix doesnít look very happy after just graduating. Felix reveals that Milo asked Sabrina out right in front of him. TJ says he can relate to another man trying to move in on your girlfriend. Emma tells TJ that Felix likes boys. Emma tells Felix to follow his dreams and he will find someone else to love. Milo wonders if there is something between Sabrina and Patrick. She admits that she likes Patrick but Patrick doesnít return her feelings. He asks her if she is ready to move on yet. She says she is. Molly and TJ start to worry about their parental figures, having heard nothing from either of them.

At the police station, Olivia thinks she sees Shawn pointing a gun at her, only to realize that it is Alexis standing there. She tells Alexis that she gets visions that she doesnít want, but canít get one about Lulu. She reveals that Anna and Dante bolted out of the station when they got a report of a shooting at Danteís apartment. Dante and Anna chase a suspect in Nikolasís shooting. The man drops his gun and turns around, revealing that he is Shawn. Surprised, Dante asks Shawn if he shot Nikolas Cassadine.  Shawn says he was watching Luluís loft at Sonnyís request, heard shots, and was following the shooter. He describes the man he was following and tells them which way he was going. Suddenly he throws Anna down to protect her from a shot coming from the woods. Dante returns fire and goes after the shooter. Anna notices that Shawn was hit in the shoulder. At the police station, Alexis asks the desk officer Rafe Kovich. He answers Annaís call and then tells Alexis that he will help her in a moment, after he calls an ambulance for a civilian Shawn Butler, who has been shot. Shawn and Anna are still at the park with Anna applying pressure to his wound. Anna wonders if they are too deep into the park for the ambulance to find them so she goes to look for it. She finds Britt and tells her that she needs her help. She doesnít see Dr. Obrecht. Meanwhile, Shawn sits on a park bench and discretely reaches for his gun when he feels a presence behind him. The shooter has his pistol trained on Shawn. Shawn turns around and aims his gun in return. Dante appears behind the shooter and tells him to drop his weapon. When Anna returns with Britt, the shooter is handcuffed on the bench and the ambulance is there to take Shawn to the hospital. Dante tries to force the man to tell what he knows about Lulu, but the man remains silent. Anna stops Dante from punching the man. The man begins to froth at the mouth and falls to the ground dead, having taken a cyanide pill.  

Nikolas is crashing on the table in the General Hospital Emergency room. When Laura sees the crash cart, she concludes that Nikís heart must have stopped. Luke stops her from barging into the cubicle. The ER team is able to get Nikolasís heart started and they put him on a ventilator. Scott Baldwin and Bobbie Spencer go to Luluís apartment and find it cordoned off with police tape. An officer tells them that the Spencers went to the hospital because Lauraís son was shot. Scott calls Laura. She tells him not to come to the hospital because she doesnít want any drama between him and Luke. She asks him to stay at Luluís apartment in case the kidnappers call. Scott tells Bobbie that it is all her fault because if she hadnít brought Luke to Port Charles all those years ago, there would never have been a Luke and Laura. He says that ever since then, Luke has been in his way. Bobbie reminds him that he and Laura are together now. Scott asks her if she is seeing anyone. She says there is no one that she is serious about. She tells him that her son, Lucas dates a lot but hasnít found the one. She says she hopes he finds a nice young man to settle down with. Laura calls her mother and tells her what happened to Nikolas. She asks her mother to keep a close eye on Nikís son, Spencer.  Luke calls Anna to give her an update on Nicolasís condition. Alexis arrives at the hospital and asks Luke if he knows where Shawn was taken. Luke doesnít know anything about it. She tells him that Shawn was shot. He breaks the news that her nephew, Nikolas was also shot. Laura tells Alexis that she thinks the person that shot Nikolas was trying to keep him from revealing information about Lulu. They sit with Nikolas until he is taken to an operating room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria decide to try in vitro fertilization to have a child of their own. Although Victoria loves their family, she feels like she shouldn’t waste any more time and have the baby she has always wanted with Billy. Lauren and Michael’s marriage continues to crumble when she refuses to get marriage counseling. Michael walks out on Lauren after she doesn’t say a word when he asks her if she still loves him. Dylan and Avery say a painful goodbye and he heads back to Chicago, because he can’t settle for just being friends with her. The doctor is able to get the bullet out of Adam and stop the internal bleeding, but the next 24 hours are crucial to determine if he will recover. Chelsea confronts Victor, letting him know that all Adam has ever wanted is the love and approval of his father, and that is why he stepped in front of a bullet to save his life. Victor tells Chelsea that he wanted to be a part of Adam’s life, but his mother Hope was the one who chose to raise their child in Kansas and keep him away from his father.

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