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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie stands before Bill and demands that he tell Brooke that he won’t stand for Brooke to jeopardize their family for this. She says Brooke needs to hear him say it. He tells her that he loves her, but he can’t take the judgment. She needs to accept him flaws and all. This has to stop. He tells Brooke that she doesn’t have to defend either herself or him. This is between him and his wife. He put up with it for the sake of Katie having post partum depression but that is over and she is fine now. Katie fires back that they need to hold themselves to a higher standard now for the sake of their son. Bill says only if they can decide what that is, and he doesn’t agree that he has to do everything that she says. She huffs fine. She will go home and they will continue this discussion there when he decides to show up. Dayzee surprises Marcus by explaining to him that the man that Maya is so into is Rick Forrester.

Caroline sits on Rick’s lap at the office and pouts that he can’t keep blowing her off or she will have to take his credit cards and do a little retail therapy. Or make a date for Dayzee’s, he won’t turn that down. Hope interrupts before they can continue further. Rick tells Hope that both Maya and Caroline need to hear the truth, but Maya feels tricked and Caroline doesn’t want to hear the truth. It’s not Rick that Maya hopes for, but Carter, the lawyer, asks Maya out for a dinner and movie. She remembers what Dayzee said – there will be no pairing with Rick Forrester. She finally says that he has caught her at the right time; she is free tonight. Dayzee catches Caroline and confides in her that Rick has been spending a lot of time with Maya. She doesn’t think it will go any further, but she though Caroline should know. They both agree that they need to keep Rick and Maya apart. Hope tells Rick to keep after his hope of being with Maya. It’s better than no chance at all. But she cautions that he needs to talk to Caroline too and let her know where she stands. She says she tried for a second chance with Liam and it didn’t work, but she is glad that at least she tried. Rick remembers his first meeting and fun times with Maya and he can’t get her out of his mind. Brooke doesn’t understand why Bill had to unload on his wife like that. She laments that all Katie needed was a little reassurance and yet Bill said nothing. He says he couldn’t, because it wouldn’t be true. He can’t say there is nothing between him and Brooke as they all know there is and now so does Katie. Brooke advises him to go see his wife. He says he will, but lately he feels like he married the wrong sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Rafe and Kate made love while Stefano was calling her.  Sami moved in to the mansion and ran into Stefano.  Sonny told Will that he got in a fight with Nick.  Gabi told Nick that she doesnít really know him.  Sonny told Will why he and Nick got in a fight.  Gabi wanted Nick to tell her what happened to him in prison.  Cameron put money and a gun in his case before he got ready for his date with Abby.  Kateís phone rang again.  Rafe wondered who it was, but she lied.  Rafe looked at the phone and read the text from Stefano.  Stefano welcomed Sami to the mansion.  When EJ came in the room, Stefano let it slip that EJ and Sami were getting married.  Sonny wanted Will to do something to Nick to keep him from raising the baby, but Will was afraid that Nick would go to the police.  After they talked, Sonny went to the coffee shop.  Nick told Gabi about what happened to him in prison.  Rafe and Kate talked about Stefano.  Sami confronted EJ about Stefanoís slipup.  EJ came up with an explanation.  Nick flashed back to what happened to him in prison.

Adrienne wanted to give Willís baby a gift, but Sonny told her she couldnít do it. Nick finished telling Gabi what happened to him.  He thanked her for giving him his life back.  While Rafe was in the shower, Kate called Stefano.  She wanted him to leave her alone and that he would never be in her life again.  She also told him that she moved on and hung up.  Stefano wondered who the person was.  Cameron and Abby spent time together.  Abby tried to pump him about what she saw him doing before, but he didnít tell her about it.  Sonny talked to Adrienne about Will not being part of his babyís life.  While they were talking, Kate walked in on them and wanted to know when Will gave up his rights to his child.  Rafe went to check on Gabi.  Gabi told him how Will gave up his rights to the baby.  Rafe wondered if Nick had something to do with it.  Gabi thought it was best for the baby.  She told him how she was moving in the Kiriakis mansion, but Rafe was upset.  Kate got into an argument with Sonny and Adrienne over Will giving up his rights to the baby.  Will called Sami and told her he wanted to see her about his baby.  Kate went to see Rafe and slapped him.  Adrienne wanted to know if Will was in trouble, but he couldnít tell her.  Sami met with Will.  Will wanted her to get Stefano to help him get his baby back.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth takes Emma to Sabrinaís commencement. Emma says her daddy will be sorry he missed it. Felix tells Sabrina says Patrick is just gun-shy after losing his wife and then getting tangled up with Britt. Felix is excited to see that Milo came.  Emma asks Elizabeth if she can play with her phone. Patrick looks at the commencement invitation from Sabrina and then watches the goodbye video that Robin left for him in which she tells him to move on and find another woman who loves him and Emma. He thinks about moments Sabrina has shared with Emma and him. Emma sends the pictures on Elizabethís phone of Sabrina in her cap and gown to Patrick. The commencement ceremony begins. When Epiphany gives Sabrina her diploma, Patrick cheers from the back of the room. Patrick tells Sabrina that they need to talk because he has to tell her something. Milo tells Felix that watching his graduation was inspiring. Felix is crestfallen when Milo asks him to help him woo Sabrina.

Dr. Obrecht from the Swiss clinic, who took Robin Scorpio-Drake to Jerry Jacks, throws away a flier about Luluís disappearance. Britt Westbourne goes up to her and greets her mother. After an uncomfortable reunion, Britt asks her why she is in Port Charles, since she wouldnít be there to visit her. Dr Obrecht says she does have other business in Port Charles, but that it isnít anything for Britt to be concerned about. Dr. Obrecht asks Britt why she isnít engaged to Patrick yet. Britt admits that everything she tried blew up in her face and now her career is on the line because of it. Dr Obrecht says Brittís father would be disappointed in her. Britt begs her mother not to tell her father. Britt says Patrick and Sabrina arenít together; itís the daughter that complicates things. Dr. Obrecht asks her what is so hard about dealing with a child. Britt says it might be easier if her own mother had a shred of maternal instinct. Dr. Obrecht slaps Britt.

Anna leaves a message for Frisco Jones, asking him to help her find Helena Cassadine. Dante tries to contact Homeland Security and Interpol to report Luluís kidnapping. He asks Olivia if she foresees anything about Lulu. She tries to see something, but tells him that she canít force her visions. Laura tells Luke that his vendetta with Scott upsets her and that it isnít productive.  She asks him to keep his focus on finding their daughter and concludes that the Cassadines are probably behind it. Lauraís son, Nikolas Cassadine arrives to see Lulu and is surprised to see Laura in Luluís apartment. Luke tells him that Lulu was kidnapped. Nikolas says he arrived too late. Someone shoots through the window and hits Nikolas.  The police guarding the door rush in. Luke sees the shooter running away so some officers go after him. Another officer calls for an ambulance. Anna gets the shots-fired report. She and Dante rush to his apartment. Luluís family is safely out of the apartment when Anna and Dante arrive. The detective reports that a visitor named Nikolas caught the bullet. Dante gives Lulu the back-story of Nikolasís relationship to the Spencers. He says Nikolas wouldnít hurt Lulu; he would protect her. Anna wonders if Helena wanted to silence Nikolas. The detective reports that the shooter was spotted in the park so they all rush out. When they arrive at the park, the man puts down his gun, puts his hands on his head, and turns around, revealing that he is Shawn. In the emergency room, Luke presses Nikolas goes for information about Lulu. The doctor kicks him out. Elizabeth scrubs in and is shocked to see Nikolas on the table. Laura calls Lucky to warn him that her children appear to be targets. Laura swears that when she finds out who did this to her children, she will kill them. Luke assures Laura that Nikolas will survive. Nikís blood pressure plummets and then he codes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

As Adam protects Victor, Bob shoots Adam in the back while he and Nick are struggling for the gun. Alex arrests Bob and calls Paul to tell him about the shooting. Billy smells gas and heads down to the basement. He is able to turn off the gas with only twenty seconds left until the explosion. Alex and Paul question Bob who refuses to tell them who hired him to kill Victor. Victor tells Bob that if Adam dies, nothing in the world will be able to save him from his revenge. Adam is rushed to the hospital and the doctor tells Victor that Adam needs surgery immediately to stop his internal bleeding and repair a punctured lung. Congressman Wheeler overhears Abby and Alex talking about what happened at the wedding and Alex promises Abby he will make Bob tell him who hired him to kill Victor. Nick can’t shake the feeling that he has seen Bob before, but he can’t remember where he has seen him. Nick wonders if Avery wants his marriage proposal during the wedding reception to be real. Victoria is grateful to Billy for saving the lives of everyone at the wedding, and she is grateful that Adam saved Victor’s life.

Sharon finds Adriana’s underwear between the couch cushions and tells Noah that he shouldn’t get involved with Adriana again, because she will only hurt him. Kyle tells Phyllis that Summer spilled coffee on her blouse. He was only giving her his jacket to cover up, and nothing happened between them. Kyle asks Phyllis to talk to Summer and make her understand that he only thinks of her as a friend. Phyllis has a talk with Summer and advises her to look for someone her own age, because Kyle only thinks of her as a friend. Phyllis’ talk with Summer goes in one ear and out the other, so Phyllis calls Jack to tell him that they must cancel their trip to Turkey. Noah and Summer have a talk and decide that their mothers are only trying to protect them and keep them from getting hurt. Summer tells Noah to dump Adriana, because she doesn’t deserve him.

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