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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show did not air today due to basketball.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Gabi asked Will if he was okay with giving up his child, and Will said he wasn’t.  Chloe was upset after seeing Daniel and Jennifer making love.  Nick went to the coffee shop and demanded that Sonny tell him where to find Will.  Sonny wouldn’t help him.  Will lied and said he was okay with giving up his rights because Sami would never leave her alone.  Gabi said she knew why Will gave up his rights.  Gabi told Will that she knew that Nick made a deal with him because he knew something about Will.  Nick demanded again that Sonny tell him where to find Will.  Sonny thought that Nick would dig into his past the way he did with Will.  Chloe went back to Daniel’s apartment and told Nancy that she saw Daniel making love to Jennifer.  Nancy tried to make Chloe feel better about Daniel.  EJ and Sami went to the mansion to tell Kristen that they were moving in the mansion.  Gabi and Will continued to talk about the baby.  Gabi told Will she would never have kept him from the baby.  Will told her to talk to Nick about it.  Nick and Sonny continued to argue until Nick decided to leave.  Sonny stopped him and Nick told him to let go of him.  Nick called Sonny a f*ggot.  Sonny punched him and they started fighting.

Sonny and Nick fought a little more before Nick walked out of the coffee shop.  Kristen told EJ and Sami that she and Brady were getting married.  Chloe told Nancy that Daniel would never leave Jennifer because he loves her the way he loved Rebecca.  Gabi wanted Will to tell her why he felt that Nick wouldn’t let him see his daughter.  Will was about to tell Gabi something about Nick when Nick found them together.  Gabi confronted Nick about keeping Will out of the baby’s life.  Nick denied that and said Will could see the baby.  Nick told Gabi that she had to be tired and took her home.  Sami left the room so EJ asked Kristen if she was sure she wanted to marry Brady.  Kristen was sure she wanted to go through with her plan.  Brady went to Eric and talked to him about his engagement.  Brady also talked to Eric about the problems he had with John and Marlena.  Eric was surprised that John and Marlena were talking. Brady let him know John and Marlena only agree that Kristen was wrong for him.  Brady talked with Eric about his bad luck with women.  Eric assured Brady that he would be able to love again.  When Nick and Gabi got home, Gabi questioned whether she knew Nick at all.  Nick assured Gabi that she knew him better than anyone ever knew him. He also said he loved her more than he loved anyone.  Gabi seemed to accept that explanation and they ended up kissing.  Brady arrived back at the mansion and told Kristen that he wanted to get married right away.  Chloe decided that she was going to give up on Daniel after all.  She told Nancy that she was determined to get Daniel back and they were going to be a family with Parker. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu goes to Maxie's apartment and demands to know why Maxie lied about the baby. She says Dr. Westbourne told her everything. She is angry that Maxie didn't tell her that she lost the original baby and is trying to pass off Spinelli's baby as Dante's and hers. She berates Maxie for giving away her own child. Maxie tells Lulu that she doesn't want the baby and Spinelli doesn't either. When Maxie is jolted awake, she finds Spinelli standing over her. Spinelli tells her that she was having a nightmare and that he heard her saying that he doesn't want a baby. He concludes that she must have overheard his conversation with Ellie, but that Ellie is the one that doesn't want to have children. He says he realized that he wants children when he saw Maxie's sonogram. Maxie says life is long and things change so maybe Ellie will change his mind or he might end up with someone else.

Lucy and Scott pass out fliers to find Lulu, who has been kidnapped. Dante confronts Scott and demands to know what he did to Lulu. Lucy tells Dante that Scott was with Lulu's parents at the courthouse at the time of Lulu's kidnapping. Lucy gives a flier to Dr. Obrecht, the doctor that took Robin to Jerry Jacks. Lucy comments that a person that would kidnap someone from their home must be insane. Dr. Obrecht observes that a person does not have to be insane to do evil things; some people are just evil. Dante tells Maxie and Spinelli about Lulu's disappearance. Spinelli offers to join in the investigation. Luke reminds Laura that Lulu is Spencer and that she will find a way to contact them. A technician informs Luke that surveillance is installed. Bobbie goes Dante and Lulu's apartment. Luke tells her that someone knew what kind of gift she sent Lulu and sent a booby trapped duplicate that arrived first. Bobby concludes that someone must be watching her. Luke suggests that it is Scott. Scott arrives and Luke tells him to leave. The two men argue. Laura is sick of them arguing all the time. Scott and Bobbie leave to go canvass some more. Laura tells Luke that they should focus on Luke's first instinct when Lulu received the Ice Princess replica. Helena Cassadine. Laura's son, Nikolas Cassadine arrives at the door.

Elizabeth goes to Patrick's house to go to the nurses' commencement together, but Patrick says he isn't going with Elizabeth and Emma because he has to review a new procedure. Elizabeth tells him to admit that he is avoiding Sabrina. He says he isn't avoiding Sabrina, it's just that things are more complicates now. Elizabeth reveals that she pushed Sabrina to tell Patrick how she felt. She tells him that if he didn't feel anything for Sabrina, he wouldn't have almost kissed her on New Year's Eve. He tells her that after hi s experience with Britt, he realized he isn't ready for a relationship with anyone. She tells him that Robin would want him to be happy. Britt is surprised to see that Sabrina is graduating since had heard that Sabrina cheated. Felix informs her that Sabrina took the test again and got a perfect score. Epiphany tells Britt that someone tampered with Sabrina's final exam and that it has been suggested that Britt did it. Britt denies it. Epiphany gives Britt the envelope that she received from Spinelli. The report documents all the places that Britt's fingerprints were found including Sabrina's locker, her lock, her final exam, and the file and file cabinet where the exam answers are kept. Britt tells Epiphany that as a nurse, she has no jurisdiction over a doctor. Epiphany she is turning the information over to the chief of staff. Britt threatens to make Epiphany's life difficult. Epiphany tells her to do her worst. Britt tells Epiphany that she is making a big deal about something she doesn't understand. Epiphany says she understands that Sabrina is better for Patrick that Britt is and that Britt wants her out of the picture. She assures Britt that Sabrina isn't going anywhere. Felix hopes Patrick and Milo come to the commencement. Sabrina says Milo is straight. Felix says Milo is either in the closet or extremely comfortable around gay guys.  Britt stops Sabrina and Felix in the hallway and tells Sabrina that she is going to pay. Epiphany tells Felix and Sabrina about the investigation. Sabrina thanks Epiphany for clearing her name. Epiphany reveals that Patrick paid for the investigation. Felix says that proves that Patrick cares about Sabrina and predicts that Patrick will come to the commencement. Elizabeth and Emma arrive without Patrick. Seeing Dr. Obrecht throw the flier about Lulu on the ground, Britt says she could get fined for that. Dr. Obrecht addresses her as "Brita."  Britt calls Dr. Obrecht "Mother."

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The show did not air today due to basketball.

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