Thursday 3/21/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/21/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show did not air today due to basketball.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi didnít understand why Will would sign his rights away to his daughter.  Nick tried to explain to Gabi why will couldnít be in his daughterís life.  Sami wanted to find a way to make sure that Will could still be in his childís life.  Will wanted Sami to stay out of it, but Sami didnít want to do that.  Daniel found Jennifer at the cabin and wanted her to know that he loved her.  Chloe decided that she wanted to go to San Francisco to be with Daniel.  Nancy warned her that it was a bad idea, but Chloe didnít see it that way.  Gabi demanded to know what Nick did to make Will sign away his rights.  Nick lied and made it seem as if Will did it on his own.  Gabi didnít believe that and wanted to know what Nick did.  Sami explained that destroying the evidence Nick had would help Will.  Sami let Will know that she wanted to get Stefanoís help.  Chloe had a plan to explain her appearance in San Francisco.  She was going to go on an audition for voice over work in San Francisco.  Chloe was convinced that she could get Daniel back because he still wanted her.  Daniel explained to Jennifer that he knew that she believed he slept with Chloe.  Daniel told Jennifer that he loved her.  He apologized to Jennifer for everything.  Daniel also admitted that Chloe came on to him and kissed him.

EJ talked to Sonny about finding a way to ease Willís pain.  Sonny didnít like the idea that EJ could do something illegal.  Gabi demanded an explanation.  Nick put the blame on Sami and Sonny.  Sami tried to convince Will that it was a good idea to move in with Stefano.  Will hated the idea.  Chloe tried to make a reservation and found out that Daniel didnít show up at the hotel.  Daniel and Jennifer continued to discuss their relationship.  Daniel and Jennifer kissed each other.  Nick told Gabi that Sonny threatened the baby so he made a deal with Will.  Gabi wanted to know what Nick knew about Willís family, but he wouldnít say anything.  Gabi didnít approve of what Nick was doing.  Gabi wanted to know who else knew about the secret and Nick told her about everyone who knew.  Nick wanted her to keep what she knew to herself.  Nick walked out of the room and Gabi left soon afterwards.  Will didnít want Sami to g to Stefano to get his help.  Later on, Sami met up with EJ and he wondered if she was going to move in with him.  Chloe tried to reach Daniel, but he was making love with Jennifer.  Sami told EJ that she was ready to take the next step, but she wasnít thrilled with moving in with Stefano.  EJ assured Sami that moving in the mansion would be the best way to get Stefano to help Will.  Gabi found Will at the coffee shop and wanted to talk to him.  Gabi wanted to know if Will was really okay with giving up his daughter.  Chloe arrived at the cabin and looked through the window and saw Daniel and Jennifer making love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Frisco goes to Maxieís apartment with a pizza. He says he isnít sure that she should pass Spinelliís baby off as Dante and Luluís. She stands firm to her decision. She tells him about Georgie. He tells her that he wants to get back together with her mom. Maxie tells him to leave Felicia alone. She tells him that he canít expect Felicia to take him back after he hurt her repeatedly. He says true love is worth fighting for. Ellie asks Spinelli if he wants to have children someday. After pondering it for a minute, he says yes. She tells him that she doesnít want to have any children because it would be unfair to bring a child into a world whose resources are already dwindling. Spinelli takes Ellie home. Ellie is snappy with Maxie when she offers a slice of pizza. Maxie asks Spinelli if everything is ok. Spinelli says it will be.

Felicia ignores Macís call and tells Anna that she is too much of a coward to talk to Mac about Frisco. She says Mac is her rock and she wants to be with him, but that old feeling resurface when she is with Frisco. She shows Anna a picture of her wedding to Frisco and wonders why she canít let it go. Anna says she isnít the right person to ask, and shows Felicia the picture of her wedding to Duke that she keeps close at hand. Duke tells Mac that he knows Felicia loves him. Mac says he canít compare with the memories with her first love. Duke points out his situation with Anna and says memories arenít enough. Duke tells Mac about his date with Anna that ended badly because he paid with money that turned out to be counterfeit, thanks to Tracy Quartermaine, and that Anna had to pay the check with her credit card. Mac says Duke can still get Anna back. Anna tells Felicia about her perfect date with Duke. She says that if Duke is always willing to cut corners, even if it means breaking the law and that as the Police Commissioner, it isnít an appropriate relationship. The two women decide that it isnít practical to rekindle relationships from 20 years ago. Felicia goes to the Floating Rib and tells Mac that she met with Frisco and told him to leave town. Mac asks her if Frisco wants her back. She says yes. He asks her how she feels about it. Frisco comes into the Floating Rib. Mac punches him.

Dante finds a box in front of his door that says it is from Bobbie. When he opens the door, he finds Lulu unconscious on the living room floor. While he is tending to her, someone hits him from behind. When he regains consciousness, Lulu is gone. Laura and Scott are waiting for Lulu to arrive for the wedding. Instead, Luke arrives to crash the wedding. Scott says it is obvious that Luke is there to stop the wedding. Luke confirms it. He says Laura can marry anyone she wants, as long as it isnít Scott because he isnít the right man for her. He calls Luke and tells him that Lulu is missing. Luke relays the message to Laura and blames Scott. Laura and Luke rush off to go to Dante and Luluís apartment. Anna arrives at Danteís apartment and he runs through the sequence of events starting with the family get together. He says they got a package that they thought was from Luluís aunt Bobbie because Bobbie said she sent a bear with a clock in it, but that the package from Bobbie just arrived, so the first bear was a plant. He finds it disturbing that someone knows that Lulu has an Aunt Bobbie and knew that she was sending a bear. Anna has the officers take the bear. Dante blames himself for leaving Lulu alone knowing that she received another mysterious gift recently.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The show did not air today due to basketball.

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