Wednesday 3/20/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie bursts into the room and demands that Brooke get the hell away from her husband; keep her hands off of him. Bill and Brooke pull apart and he tells his wife that she needs to calm down. This is not what it looks like. Katie tells Bill that she heard all about the re-launch of Brooke’s Bedroom and that it was his idea. She thought how sweet and supportive he was when Brooke was trying to reclaim her place in the company, but she guesses he forgot to mention that she was going to be parading around in her underwear. She realizes they have been drinking. He says she is over-reacting. She goes ballistic. He is the one drinking when she asked him not to and rolling around on the bed with her sister, and yet Bill has the nerve to say she is over-reacting. So innocently Bill says the bed is a prop, Brooke has on a costume. It’s part of her own Line. Brooke pipes up that there is nothing going on. Bill was just helping her with the presentation. Katie wonders if they think she is stupid. Katie says they have already shared a kiss and now they are launching a lingerie line together. She trusted them, but maybe she made a mistake. Rick is having coffee by himself up on the Rooftop when Taylor walks up and makes a snide remark that at least some Forrester’s have their clothes on. He says his mom pulled off a major coup and that took guts. Taylor states that it was a desperate move on her part to upstage her son in his presentation. Rick says yes and it worked. His dad liked the idea and Brooke’s Bedroom is back in business. Thomas had his shot and finished his presentation fair and square. But Brooke swooped in with a much better finale. He knows Taylor is really disappointed, but it really is what is best for the company. Taylor says no; Eric did not even have time to think about this. But when he does, she is sure he will realize that green lighting Brooke’s Bedroom is a huge mistake. Rick tells her that today just was not Thomas’s day. He will have to work a lot harder to knock him out of his presidency. He gave it a good shot, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to what Bill and his mom came up with. It’s just business, pure and simple, no hard feelings. She informs him that she just came from Katie’s where she told her what was going on and she’s not sure that she will believe it is just business. Hope is alone in Eric’s office looking at sketches when Liam comes in expecting to find Steffy. Hope says she is probably off consoling Thomas and fills Liam in on what just happened, and all due to his dear old dad. Liam asks if she is all right as he sensed something was wrong when he came in. She explains that she just came across a sketch of Steffy’s wedding dress. She thinks he’d better marry her as soon as possible as it is fitted and she won’t be able to fit into it for long. That turns into a pity party of how hard it is to see Steffy every single day and that she even asked her to leave FC. She hates it, but she can not stand to see her face, to hear her voice or even her stupid heels clacking along the hallway. She is practically preaching that Steffy has never played fair and now she has taken him away from her and it hurts like hell. They were robbed of everything. She says now it’s really over and her worse nightmare is coming true. Liam goes to her and they hug.

Rick asks Taylor is she is running to Katie to try to stir things up. Taylor sits down and says Bill and Brooke had asked her to look after Katieís well being and she has been treating her as her psychiatrist. She knows how important her marriage and family are to her. She also knows Brookeís history. Sheís doing it again. She is starting another inappropriate relationship. Rick tells her that she is so full of it. He knows that she did not go running to Katie out of concern for her, but this is about Taylorís unending battle with his mother. He doesnít even like Bill, but heís in-laws now and friends with Brooke and has been very helpful. But he sees it now. If his mom gets within five feet of any man, then Taylor has an issue with it. She does not want Brooke to be happy or successful. Taylor repeats this is the way it always begins. She knows, she has lived it with Brooke and this will be like a powerful drug for her to be with a handsome, powerful man and her wearing next to nothing. She doesnít want to see that happen to Katie. Rick gets up and sternly tells her to bite her tongue. Get over it; she needs to get on with her own life. Stop talking about his family and stop obsessing over Brooke Logan. Brooke tells Katie there is nothing going on between her and Bill and she canít believe Katie is insinuating there might be. All of this was very exciting and they were just toasting to their success. Katie mentions she could have taken time to put some clothes on first or move the celebration off the bed unless she just didnít want to. Brooke urges her sister to just step back and be happy for them. Perhaps she could even join the festivities. Katie accuses her of drinking with her husband, encouraging him when she knows it is an issue with Katie. Brooke says in her opinion, Bill does not have a drinking problem. Katie lashes that her opinion doesnít even count. It is none of her business. And how dare Brooke give her advice on how to deal with her husband when it has nothing to do with Brooke. Brooke says Bill needs support. He needs someone to listen to him. Brooke laments that most of the time Katie is not available or perhaps just not interested. Katieís mouth is almost hanging open at this point. Brooke continues that Bill has been coming to her as a friend for acceptance and understanding, because he is not getting it from Katie. Brooke asks Bill to let her talk to Katie alone for a few minutes. He listens outside the door. Brooke berates Katie for making this drinking issue into a big deal when it isn’t one. She can not lecture a strong-willed man like Bill. She tells Katie that he loves her and adores Will. She doesn’t think Katie knows what she really has in Bill. Katie scoffs to just listen to Brooke, such admiration for her husband. She says she knows this is how it always starts. She gets that she wants to save the company, but she’s not that naïve. He’s a man and here she is dressed like this, alone with him. She and Bill are family and she will not be one of Brooke’s victims. They both know her history and she knows what happens when she gets caught up in following her heart and ends up in bed with the wrong man and it sure as hell is not going to be hers. Brooke may think she can have any man she wants. Brooke doesn’t know where all of this is coming from, but assures her that she doesn’t even see Bill that way. Katie says, oh yes, she can hear it in her voice, see it in her eyes when she wants something and feels compelled to go after it. She knows Brooke thinks she can just take her husband from her with her lingerie and her flirty little giggle. She doesn’t know how or when, but it’s coming. She will make that move. She will cross that line and not be able to take it back. Brooke doesn’t know what is wrong with Katie. Has she been taking her medication? Katie yells that she is leading her husband down that path of destruction. Bill has heard too much and comes back in. Katie rushes to him and says everything is all right, but he won’t be drinking with her sister or approving teddies or working with her in any way, shape or form. He asks if that is an order. Katie says he needs to tell Brooke. She needs to get any ideas like that out of her mind and she needs to hear it come out of his mouth. She tells him that he is her husband; he is the father of her child, so tell Brooke, she needs to hear it from him. She pleads again to just tell her. She waits for Bill’s reply, but he only glares at her and doesn't speak.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady proposed and Kristen accepted.  Kristen wanted to know what changed his mind.  Daniel thought he might still have time to work things out with Jennifer.  Chloe wanted to get a seat on Danielís flight.  Nancy tried to talk her out of it.  Kristen didnít want to know why Brady changed his mind, but she did ask about John and Marlena.  Brady admitted that he didnít need his mind changed.  She accepted Bradyís reason and kissed him.  Nancy was able to convince Chloe not to go to San Francisco after all.  Daniel decided to go to Jennifer and tell her that he loved her.  John tried to call Brady, but he wouldnít answer the phone.  Kristen wanted to celebrate their engagement, but Brady had to do something.  Nick wanted Gabi to move into the Kiriakis mansion with him.  Gabi agreed to move.  Nicole went to Danielís apartment to see Chloe, but ran into Nancy.  Nicole wanted to put Chloe in her place about Daniel.  Jennifer ran into Chloe and Parker at the town square and got into an argument.  Daniel arrived at the Horton house to talk to Jennifer, but Abby told him she was on her way to Smith Island.  Eric, Hope, and Vargas showed up at the pub for a drink.  Daniel and Abby talked about Jennifer.  Kristen showed up at Jenniferís place and ran into Daniel.  Nicole badmouthed Chloe to Nancy.  Nancy wanted Nicole to leave, but she refused to go because she planned on raining on Chloeís parade.  Chloe and Jennifer argued over Daniel.

Hope visited Nick an advised him to seek counseling for when he was in prison.  Vargas talked to Eric about his time in prison.  Brady met John so they could talk.  John assured Brady that he didnít want Brady to get hurt.  John asked Brady for a second chance.  Kristen asked Daniel if he ďdid itĒ.  Chloe and Jennifer went back and forth over Daniel.  Daniel didnít know what Kristen meant.  Kristen asked Daniel if he slept with Chloe.  Hope talked to Vargas about Nick being in prison and she wondered if Vargas knew him.  Vargas said he knew who Nick was.  Vargas asked Hope if Nick was part of the release program.  Eric let it slip that Nick was married to Gabi.  John wanted Brady to say something to him.  Brady told him that he was marrying Kristen and walked away.  Chloe went back to Danielís apartment and found Nicole there.  Jennifer went to the Horton cabin.  Daniel wanted to know where Kristen heard that he slept with Chloe.  Kristen told him that Jennifer told her what she saw at his hotel room.  Daniel denied sleeping with Chloe.  Kristen told him how Chloe told Jennifer nothing happened between them.  Daniel was relieved by the news and left.  Nicole told Chloe that her application to work on the churchís music board was rejected.  Nicole left the apartment so Chloe wanted to celebrate Daniel and Jennifer being over.  Gabi told Nick that she wanted to celebrate with Nick and Will once the baby is born.  Nick was upset and didnít want to celebrate with Will.  Gabi wanted to know why he has a problem with Will.  Nick told Gabi how Will signed away his rights to the baby.  Daniel showed up on the island and came face to face with Jennifer.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly and Sam drink together after ending things with Todd and John. Carly tells Sam that if she is trying to stay faithful to Jasonís memory, he wouldnít want that; he would want her to be happy. Anna goes to Johnís motel room to get his badge. He wonders if the mayor changed her mind and wants to prosecute him after all. Anna says the Bureau has recalled him and that they are sending a plane to get him. He says he would be mad about them interrupting his life, but he doesnít have a life. He asks Anna to look out for Rafe. He packs his duffle bag. He and Anna polish off his bottle of whiskey and he leaves. Anna cries. Starr starts packing a bag. She tells Michael that Langston didnít tell her what the emergency is. She doesnít want Michael to go with her because AJ and ELQ need him. Todd knocks on their door and tells them that Carly dumped him. Starr says Carly mustíve figure out that he destroys all his relationships. He concludes that she is talking about herself. He says he canít lose her too. She tells him that it isnít up to him. He offers to take her to Los Angeles in his jet because he already has it fueled to go to Llanview. Michael encourages her to take Toddís offer. Todd asks Michael to tell his mother that he probably isnít coming back and that she has a great face. Michael and Starr kiss goodbye. Starr promises that she will be back before he knows it.

Lulu tells Luke that Laura still has feelings for him. Luke tells her that it is over between Laura and him. Laura goes to the courthouse wondering way Scott had her rush over there. Scott tells her that he wants to get married right now. Lucy goes to the Floating Rib to get Kevin. She tells him that they are going to Scottís wedding and that he is the best man. He says heíd rather be bitten by a vampire. Mac tells Kevin that Scott is not a threat to his relationship with Lucy. Kevin relents and goes with Lucy. Mac calls Felicia and says they need to talk about what is going on between Frisco and her. Laura tells Scott that Lucy Coe will absolutely not be her maid of honor. Scott calls Lulu and tells her to throw on a dress and come to the courthouse. Lulu tells Luke about the call, and he says that settles it; Laura is marrying Scott. Lulu keeps pressing the issue. He tells her that he is not an option for Laura. He tells her to go change clothes and go to her mother. She says he needs to go and stop the wedding. Luke tells Lulu that it isnít uncommon for children to have fantasies about their parents getting back together, but that it isnít going to happen with Laura and him. Laura still isnít sold on getting married so quickly. Scott wonders if it is because of Luke. She says it isnít. He admits that Anna told him weeks ago about her breakup with Luke and that he was afraid she might change her mind about marrying him if she knew Luke was available. Lucy and Kevin arrive with a dress and bouquet for Laura. Laura says she is ready to get married. She changes into the dress. Lucy is about to send Mayor Lomax a text message to let her know that they are ready when Luke comes in.

Dante takes Olivia to the hospital after a fainting spell. While she is alone in the exam room, Olivia hears loud ticking. She thinks she sees Luluís teddy bear clock with the alarm ringing. She goes to get Dante and tells him to go check on the bear. Patrick returns with Oliviaís test results and reports that everything was fine except that she is a little dehydrated. Dante says he is going to take her to get something to eat, but she tells him that he has to go home and get rid of that bear. The bearís alarm goes off in Luluís hands and she falls to the floor unconscious.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Ashby house, Cane returns and finds Lily making crafts with the children. Lily lets Cane know that Tyler went out of town. Tyler visits Gus in prison. Gus is glad to see him but Tyler doesn’t return the sentiment. Gus tells Tyler that he has Belinda’s eyes. Carmine and Lauren play a memory card game. At the Newman ranch, Adam proposes a toast to Victor and Nikki. Kyle stops by Jack’s office and finds Phyllis there. They discuss Jack and Phyllis’ upcoming trip to Istanbul which was Kyle’s idea. Billy hushes Adam before he can tell everyone about Victor hiring a prostitute to seduce Jack in his home. Victor walks up to join them. Leslie lets Marcus know that she visited her father in prison and she believes that Gus didn’t killed their mother and needs to be released. Gus begins to get through to Tyler, or so he thinks, that he wasn’t the one who killed Belinda. Lauren visits Carmine’s hotel room to give him back his key but soon she goes in and shuts the door behind her. Phyllis tells Kyle to back off of Summer and stop giving her ideas. Leslie finds out just how close Marcus and her mother had been. Tyler refuses to believe Gus and vows to keep him in prison. In talking to Nick, Victoria wonders what Adam could possibly have on Victor. Victor accuses Adam of bluffing that he doesn’t have a thing on him. Victor tells Adam that he regrets that they are adversaries.

Carmine and Lauren kiss and make love. The bartender tells Abby that there is no more champagne, but he will go look for some. Victoria checks on Nikki and how she is doing, but soon Victor comes to her side. Adam watches them as they hug. Summer texts Kyle to come to Jack’s office for some coffee. Summer pours a cup of coffee down her blouse and is in the process of taking it off when Kyle walks in. Nick wonders how far Marcus will go to stop Avery from appealing Gus’ case. Kyle offers Summer his jacket when Phyllis walks in and wants to know what is going on. Lily finds Tyler in the office. Lily finds out that Tyler went to Milwaukee to visit his father. The bartender calls Wheeler for an update as to the goings on at the ranch. Neil joins Leslie and finds out about her trip to see her father. Leslie lets him know how close her Marcus and Belinda were. The bartender bumps into Nick. Nick asks if he knows him. The bartender pulls a gun. Everyone begins to scream. The bartender and Nick struggle over the gun which is aimed in Victor’s direction. Adam rushes to get in front of Victor.

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