Tuesday 3/19/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke celebrate over a glass of champagne. She does warn him that if anyone, like Katie, was to walk in that they may take it wrong. He says even Katie would not spare them the joy of this moment. Brooke reminds him that Taylor sure won’t give him a pass though, she will not take this lying down. At that, Brooke drapes herself seductively across the bed behind them. She goes on how motivated and alive she feels now….and it’s all because of one special person. She puts out her hand and covers his while she smiles. Caroline pouts and feel awfully embarrassed that she is standing there half naked in front of Rick, and he is not interested in a quickie and can only look at the sales reports. She teases him by kissing him and then accuses him of not responding so he must be thinking about someone else….. she will scratch their eyes out. When she leaves, Rick feels stifled and the first word he utters is Maya. Maya confesses her day at the Forrester Boutique to Dayzee. She’s shocked when she finds out Dayzee is also a Forrester since she is married to Marcus and Eric is his adopted father. She wants to believe that Rick is real, but she finds it hard to accept that he’s not also a homeless person that she can relate to. She would like to be liked for herself, not as a charity case. Dayzee says she is glad nothing happened between Maya and Rick. As far as she knows he is pretty hot and heavy with Caroline Spenser and they will probably get married. So maybe she better forget Rick as she has already had enough heartbreak in her life. Taylor continues to tell Katie that her concerns are valid. There has already been a kiss between her sister and Bill and now they will be alone and working closely and that line most likely will be crossed again. She doesn’t know how it started or where it may go, but it’s worth watching for. Katie listens to the rants and finally tells Taylor that she has heard enough. She goes to the phone though and calls Donna to say she will take her up on that babysitting she offered if she can come back over.

Bill pours another glass for Brooke, who doesn’t think it is a good idea. She already feels a little tipsy from the first glass. Bill overrides that and pours one anyway. He says he knows Katie now wants him to be someone he is not. He’s arrogant, he’s brash and pigheaded, but he’s also very passionate about everything he does and anyone he loves. Katie used to be drawn to that, but now she is repelled. Katie started out only wanting to soften his edges and that was okay, but now she wants to transform him completely. He states that he is who he is and he will not put up with that from her or anyone else. Brooke says she could talk to Katie again for him. Bill says he would like nothing more if she could help him with Katie. She used to be a lot more like Brooke. She goes on about how much she likes lingerie. It makes her feel so glamorous and sexy. He says she is back in the spotlight; back in the days when she was Queen of the fashion world. He wishes Katie was more like that. She would send him to a sex therapist if he dared ask her to put on a teddy now. Bill laughs and picks up Brooke and swings her around and they both lose their balance and fall on the bed. Katie walks in on this compromising sight and demands Brooke let go of her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Brady claimed he didnít hear John and Marlena talking about Kristen.  He said he was surprised to see John and Marlena together.  Brady wanted Marlena to join them for dinner because he wanted to be a family again.  EJ and Kristen talked about Brady and Sami.  Abby and Anne had an argument about Jennifer.  Abby managed to miss Cameronís exchange with the mystery man because of her argument with Anne.  Nancy and Chloe talked about Daniel and Jennifer until Maggie showed up.  Maggie put Chloe on notice about her behavior concerning Daniel and Jennifer.  Jennifer talked to Daniel, but she didnít understand why he didnít know why she was upset.  Daniel didnít want to be upset anymore.  Brady told John and Marlena that he wanted to be part of a family.  John assured Brady that he was part of a family, but Brady became upset and called John a liar. 

Brady told John and Marlena that he heard what he said about destroying Kristen.  Brady also noticed how happy Marlena was at the idea that Kristen would have been out of his life.  Brady said that he was finished with both of them.  EJ and Kristen continued to talk about Brady.  Cameron stopped Anne from arguing with Abby.  Maggie and Chloe went back and forth about Chloe interfering in Daniel and Jenniferís relationship.  Jennifer thought Daniel was talking to her about Jackís memory.  Jennifer let Daniel know that Jack wasnít the reason for their problems.  Daniel believed that it might be too soon for them to be together since sheís still grieving Jack.  Daniel thought Jennifer was using Chloe as a reason to end things because she wasnít over Jack.  Nancy was eavesdropping on Daniel and Jenniferís conversation.  Anne told Cameron and Abby off again until Cameron threatened her.  Maggie gave Chloe one more warning about staying away from Jennifer and Daniel before she left the apartment.  Daniel let Jennifer know that he was going to San Francisco for a few days.  Jennifer didnít understand why he was walking away.  Daniel reminded Jennifer that she wanted him to walk away from her.  Daniel took Parker and left.  Kristen became heated during her conversation with EJ when she assumed that he had to help her in order for her plans against John to work. Brady yelled at John and Marlena and walked out of the hotel.  Kristen apologized to EJ for snapping at him the way she did.  Abby wanted Cameron to talk to him about his problems.  Nancy went back to the apartment and told Chloe about Daniel and Jenniferís argument.  John was upset with Marlena for his fight with Brady.  John wanted Marlena to stay out of Bradyís life as well as his life.  Brady went back to the mansion and proposed to Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John and Sam kiss and make their way to the bed. John stops and asks Sam if she is sure she wants to do that. She says she doesnít know why, but it doesnít feel right. He says they started out with a forbidden attraction and the guilt between them will probably always be there. They say goodbye. Carly kisses Todd. After kissing for awhile, she asks him to leave because he terrifies her and she canít trust him.  He tells her that after losing her once, he is not inclined to keep secrets from her, especially since she said she would have stood by him if he had been honest. She says it isnít just that, but she knows they are both toxic. She says they canít be together and tells him to say goodbye and walk away. Starr and Michaelís romantic moment in bed is interrupted by a call from Starrís friend Langston. Starr tells Michael that she has to leave Port Charles.

AJ goes to General Hospital to talk to Elizabeth, but Felix runs interference and doesnít let AJ onto their elevator. He asks two nurses where Elizabeth was going. They tell him that if she wanted him to know, she would have told him. He asks what it will take for them to help him. They make him buy tickets to the Nursesí Ball. He finds Elizabeth and Felix at the Floating Rib. AJ tells Elizabeth that he isnít with Carly and never was. He tells her about his deal with Carly and that he backed out of the deal because he didnít want to lose Elizabeth over it.  Elizabeth agrees to go on another date with him on the condition that he performs a number with her at the Nursesí Ball. He agrees without hesitation.

Lucy tells Scott Baldwin to marry Laura immediately -- before she finds out that Luke is single. They go to the court to get a marriage license, but they arrive 5 minutes too late. The clerk refuses to make an exception as does the mayor. Lucy threatens to go to the press with the real details of the Steven Clay case. Lulu tells Laura that Luke and Anna broke up. Olivia finds a package outside of Luluís apartment. Luke tells Lulu not to touch the package because he doesnít think itís really from his sister. Olivia notices that the package is ticking. Dante tells everyone to get out. Bobbie calls to verify that Lulu got the package and tells her what it is. Lulu opens the package to retrieve a teddy bear with a clock in its belly that is supposed to be a sleep aid for the baby. Olivia looks at it and becomes faint. Dante insists on taking to the hospital. Luke confirms to Laura that he and Anna broke up. Laura gets a call from Scott and abruptly leaves. Lulu tells Luke that he is thick if he doesnít see that Laura came to Port Charles to find Luke and that she only accepted Scottís proposal because she thought Luke was off the market. Laura arrives at the courthouse wondering what is wrong. Scott tells her that everything is fine and that he called her there so they can get married right now.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the wedding reception, Summer asks Eric for a Forrester original. Sharon appears at the door which unnerves everyone. She announces that she is only there to pick up Faith. Sharon wishes Victor and Nikki good luck and then leaves with Faith. In her hotel room, Tyler visits Leslie and finds out that she visited their father in prison. At Jabot, Phyllis and Ashley argue about who will take care of Jack. Adam lets Jack know that Victor is on to them and knows that Adam got rid of Stephanie’s body. At Sharon’s home, Dylan tells Faith how beautiful she is then plays a game with her while Sharon watches. Ashley tells Phyllis how grateful the Abbott family is to her for taking care of Jack while they couldn’t. Ashley asks Phyllis what she wants from Jack. Ashley surprises Phyllis when she asks if she loves Jack. Jack asks Adam what his plans are concerning Victor. Nikki and Victor have the first dance as husband and wife. Ashley appears at the wedding reception and is welcomed by everyone. Noah reprimands Summer for wanting to text while at the wedding. Summer resents his interference. Leslie tells Tyler that by looking into their father’s eyes, she knows he did not kill their mother. Victor and Nikki wonder where Katherine is. Katherine sits alone as she tries to remember what she forgot. Ashley and Victor have a civil conversation. Faith hugs Dylan good night after Sharon tells her it is time for her to get her pajamas on. Dylan tells Sharon about his life overseas and how a girl named Ara saved his life.

Michael senses the rift between himself and Lauren and the way she refuses to open up to him. Michael asks Lauren for the truth, but she refuses and just walks out. Jack finds Phyllis sitting on the sofa in his office. Phyllis tells Jack about her conversation with Ashley. Phyllis is apprehensive about her relationship with him. Ashley talks to Billy about Jack’s addiction. Eric talks to Neil about the new fashion line at Jabot and offers to give Neil some pointers. Victoria and Nick propose a toast to Nikki and Victor. When Lauren enters the coffeehouse and sees Carmine, she starts to leave, but he stops her for a conversation. Jack tries to boost Phyllis’ morale without much luck. Nikki becomes so nervous while trying to cut the cake that Victor has to help her. Sharon is impressed by her new kitchen but is sad that Dylan is leaving town. Nick asks Avery to drop Gus’s case, but she still refuses. Alex and Noah have an argument over Adriana, which Abby has to referee. Ashley tries to get Abby to go back to New York with her, but she refuses. Tyler refuses to go to see Gus. Avery catches the bridal bouquet at the wedding. Carmine and Lauren talk. The bartender watches the goings on at the reception. Adam arrives at the wedding to toast the happy couple.

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