Monday 3/18/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/18/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Brooke break from each other as Rick hollers from the other side of the curtain. He can’t believe what he just saw ~ his dad re-launched Brooke’s Bedroom Line. She gushes that she thinks this moment will be golden for him. She thanks Bill for their first venture together. He says he will always be there for her. Thomas congratulates Rick, but adds that his mother saved his butt by doing what she does best, taking off her clothes.......a 50 year old woman strutting around in her lingerie, what a concept. Thomas tells Rick that his days as President are numbered, so enjoy it while he can. Rick accepts the congratulations, but tells Thomas to never disrespect his mother again. Taylor admonishes Brooke for hi-jacking her son’s presentation and parading around in her skivvies. She can’t believe Bill is in on this too, but he says he has a financial investment here to protect. Thomas is relatively bright and talented in his opinion, but Brooke’s line was very profitable before and history often repeats itself and it can be again. And on this Thomas is wrong. FC is not about warehousing, click and buy. It is high end, classy. Brooke is going to pull this up by her bootstraps and make the company viable again. She has nothing to be ashamed of. Brooke says Bill is right, this is all about the bottom line. Taylor corrects her and says no, this is all about Brooke being an attention junkie. This act is fifteen years old. She can’t just dust it off and re-package it and pretend that it is fresh and new. She tells Brooke that she looks like a fool – a desperate, aging fool. Brooke says she realizes this galls Taylor on so many levels. Taylor says yes but it isn’t going to happen. Eric had to leave for the wedding in Genoa City and when he has time to think about it, he will reverse this decision. It’s not only absurd, but very undignified. Bill says this is just what the company needs, a shot in the arm and he’s behind it 100%. Taylor laments that yes that is apparent. He has become Brooke’s #1 fan. Brooke counters with just like she has become Eric’s. Taylor says at least he is available. Bill adds that the more he is around Taylor that the more he realizes she could use a few sessions on her own office couch. Maybe then she could step back and let go of this personal baggage concerning Brooke and realize how profitable this could be. Brooke tells Bill not to bother. Taylor is no business woman so she can’t think like one. Brooke steps up to Taylor’s face and says this is the way it is going down. They will not let FC pinwheel into the future that only Thomas can see. They will do what works and Brooke’s Bedroom Line works and there is nothing Taylor can do to stop them. Thomas tells Rick that he knows Rick would like it if Thomas took himself out of the loop, but that is not going to happen. He is not going to move on. Rick says he realizes this is a very rough time for Thomas. He is very talented and it would be to everyone’s benefit if he would just get on board. Caroline comes waltzes in on Rick and Thomas and I do mean waltzing, acting all sweet and cutesy, saying how much she has missed him and isn’t this better than hanging around Dayzee’s. Thomas leaves. She is glad the presentation went so well. She thinks Brooke looked amazing. With his back turned, she unzips her dress down to her bra and panties and coos to him that Brooke isn’t the only one who can strip to her underwear. He is so aghast that he can’t help but spit his drink out. She whispers that all he has to do is come and take it.

Katie tells Donna that Bill just seems to want more of her so maybe she should try to plan something special for him. Donna is shocked when she hears that Katie actually knows that Bill and Brooke kissed while she was away. She wouldn’t want Bill to turn to someone else if Katie wasn’t available. Katie says she has not talked to Bill about this. It was something that Taylor said she saw and she confronted Brooke and she promised that it would never happen again. It was her idea to throw them together in the first place when she had post partum depression so it seem a little hypercritical of her to be suspicious now. Taylor heads straight to Katie’s. She says she came directly from FC and her sister is up to her old tricks, flaunting herself in her underwear. Not only that, but she is with Katie’s husband and Taylor knows the signs, they aren’t good. It’s only going to lead to headaches and heartaches for Katie. Bill tells Brooke that she killed it today so she should just forget that crazy woman. Her opinion is irrelevant. He thinks standing there on the bed in her underwear was just like any other day at the office. She’d better strap in as once production has began, they are off to the races. She gushes that it makes her feel so alive. She’s doing it for her children too. Her success is their success and it’s all due to Bill giving her the confidence. He says it looks good on her. So let Taylor choke on her bitter pills, they will be in this together all the way. He pours them some champagne. She’s not sure that is a good idea but he insists they make a toast to the celebration.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Abby wanted to know what happened to Jennifer since she looked upset.  Jennifer thought about Chloe being with Daniel.  Jennifer didnít want to talk about it so she mentioned Cameron.  Abby remembered that she was going to meet him at the hospital.  Marlena wanted John to talk to her.  John thought Marlena was someone he could trust, but he wasnít so sure anymore.  Marlena didnít want Brady and Kristenís relationship to ruin their marriage.  Roman showed up while Marlena and John were having their heated discussion.  Brady told Kristen that he didnít think that she was out of Johnís system.  Kristen wondered if John was jealous of their relationship.  Cameron received a mysterious call about being late with a payment.  Daniel talked to Maggie about his problems with Jennifer.  Daniel also let Maggie know that he was going away, but she didnít think it was a god idea.  Maggie advised Daniel not to go on the trip when his problems with Jennifer were unresolved.  Chloeís latest scheme included trying to get Danielís name on Parkerís birth certificate.  Daniel ended up calling Chloe and told her he was going to be at the apartment.  John and Marlena went back and forth about what he has in store for Kristen.  Marlena wanted John to trust her, but he couldnít do it and walked away.  Brady wanted to believe that John is sincere, but he wasnít sure if he still had feelings for Kristen.  Kristen suggested that they get married.

Kristen claimed that she didnít want to get married.  She wanted to see Johnís reaction, but Brady didnít want to lie to him.  Kristen changed the subject and mentioned how she wanted to check on Jennifer.  Before she left, Brady assured her not to worry about John because he would never let John hurt her again.  John made reservations for his dinner with Brady and Kristen. John promised Isabella that he would get their son back.  Daniel arrived at his apartment to tell Chloe that hew as going on a conference.  Nancy suggested taking Parker to visit Craig and Joy so Daniel wouldnít miss Parker.  Marlena values her friendship with Roman, but wanted him to keep his distance.  Roman suspected that Marlenaís request and informed her that he was a phone call away.  Kristen went to Jennifer and they talked about Daniel and Chloe.  Kristen advised Jennifer to go after her man.  Daniel thought it would be a good idea if Nancy went back home because things werenít working out.  Chloe assumed Jennifer said something to Daniel, but hew as clueless about what she meant.  Chloe told Daniel how she told Jennifer that she kissed him.  Daniel was surprised because he didnít tell Jennifer.  Chloe thought Daniel already told Jennifer, but he said he hadnít talked to her.  While they were talking, Nancy brought Parker in to see Daniel.  While Daniel and Parker were gone, Nancy apologized for ruining things for her, but Chloe said she didnít.  Marlena went to see John to talk about how he hasnít tried to reach out to her the way he is trying to reach out to Kristen.  Jennifer told Kristen that she was going to walk away from Daniel.  Kristen insisted that she work things out with Daniel.  John didnít want to talk to Marlena anymore, but she refused to leave until she had the answers she needed.  A mysterious man showed up at the hospital to see Cameron.  Abby found Cameron and saw the man counting up the money Cameron gave him.  Jennifer found Daniel and wanted to talk about everything.  John told Marlena that he wouldnít give Kristen another chance in a million years, but he couldnít let Brady know that.  John didnít want to lose Brady forever.  Marlena was happy that Kristen wouldnít win.  John went to the door and saw Brady there.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John tells Rafe that he can stay with him instead of going back to the group home. He says he has been thinking about moving out of the motel into a permanent home anyway. Alexis arrives and tells them that she talked to Child Services and that they said John doesnít meet the requirements to be a foster parent.  She takes Rafe away. John has a minor tantrum. Sam comforts him. He kisses her.

Lucy sees Todd at the Floating Rib and asks him to buy a table at the Nursesí Ball. He isnít interested. Todd watches Carly and AJ via a camera hidden in a stuffed bunny that he had delivered to her house under the pretense that it was from Jax. They confirm his suspicions by discussing their agreement to fake that they are in a relationship. AJ doesnít want to play along anymore, but Carly tells him that he has to if he wants to know who the Quartermaine heir is. He tells her that Elizabeth saw Carly all over him. He says he lied to both Elizabeth and Michael and he isnít going to do it anymore. She tells him that if Luke finds the heir before AJ does, then AJ will be out of ELQ. Todd goes to Carlyís house and shows them the camera in the toy. AJ is relieved that the farce is over. Todd tells Carly that her pretense proves that she loves him. She kisses him

Scott sees Laura looking at an old photo album. She says she was looking for a picture of Lulu as a baby. Scott asks to go with her to visit Lulu, but she doesnít want him to go because she wants mother-daughter time. He gives her a proper engagement ring and asks again if she will marry him. She says, ďYesĒ again. Olivia doesnít want to go to Dante and Luluís apartment because she is too upset about Steveís arraignment. Dante refuses to leave without her. Luke is the first to arrive at the young Falconeriís apartment. He tells Lulu that Scott Baldwin may have sent the Ice Princess replica to her. Luke tells her that he and Anna broke up. Lulu wonders if her mother knows. Laura and Olivia arrive just as Luke is saying it doesnít matter what Laura knows or not. Olivia quickly changes the subject to the baby. Sonny wasnít able to go. The three grandparents gush over the sonogram picture. Lulu tells Laura that Luke and Anna broke up. Luke asks Dante to look into Scott while heís looking into Helena about the Ice Princess. Olivia finds a gift bag with Luluís name on it outside the apartment door. The card says it is from Lukeís sister, Bobbie. Luke tells Lulu not to touch the package. Scott runs into Lucy at the Floating Rib. He tells her that he and Laura reunited in Paris. Lucy tells him that he should marry Laura before she finds out that Luke and Anna broke up.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Jabot, Jack is on the phone with Candace making the final plans for his trip to Istanbul with Phyllis. He has a surprise visit from Ashley, who he welcomes home. At the Newman home, Nick gives Faith instructions on how to be the perfect flower girl. Avery arrives to accompany the family to the ranch for the wedding. Michael and Lauren prepare for the wedding, but she doesn’t seem to be quite herself. Victoria gives Billy instructions on how to care for Johnny, but he rushes her out the door to do her bridesmaid’s duties. Victoria knows he is up to something, and she warns him not to ruin this day for Nikki. After Victoria leaves, Billy makes a call that they are good to go. Abby helps Victor prepare for the wedding. Nikki looks at her diamond necklace and earrings as she remembers her first wedding to Victor. Jack asks Ashley for forgiveness in helping to run her out of town. Ashley commends him on the work he has done at Jabot by starting a new fashion line, but she thinks he is off is mark by getting involved with Phyllis again. Marcus and Bob put the final touches on their devious plan against Victor. Marcus makes it clear that he wants Bob to disappear after he has accomplished his mission. Victoria and Abby arrive to give Nikki her wedding gifts but not the traditional something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Instead Abby gives her a sexy red nightgown, Victoria gives her a shiny new penny. Abby gives her a fuzzy garter, and Victoria gives her an eternity bracelet. Billy arrives at the wedding with a special guest. He takes Reed upstairs to surprise Victoria, Nikki, and Abby. Victor thanks Billy for bringing Reed. After Jack points out Phyllis’ good points to Ashley, she asks him if that is why he is taking Phyllis to Istanbul with him. Phyllis comes in and asks Ashley if she has a problem with that.

Eric Forrester from Forrester Creations arrives for the wedding and is introduced to Abby. Michael and Lauren give their condolences to Eric over the death of Stephanie. Alex and Abby have a chat, which Nick doesnít like too much as he keeps a watchful eye on Abby. Jack and Phyllis try to explain to Ashley that this is not a romantic trip for them to Istanbul. Victor and Nikki’s wedding begins with them reciting their own vows. Marcus waits patiently in his office until the deed is done. The bartender at the ranch also watches the ceremony with a watchful eye. Victor and Nikki are married.

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