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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Pam that they don’t need music. This is not a show; it’s a presentation so the cues are ready. The numbers are down. They just need a solution and he has one. Thorne says they need to finish up and get going. Marcus and Oliver are surprised to hear of this as they didn’t get a memo. Bill tells them there wasn’t one, but Brooke’s Bedroom Line was the biggest moneymaker the company has ever had. Rick walks in and tells his mother that he was out with someone, but what is going on here right now. Bill asks if he has seen the quarterly report. It is really bad; they are operating at a loss. Brooke says she does not hold him responsible as there were a lot of factors. Bill says but it did happen under Rick’s watch and Thomas is now taking advantage of that. He’s making his presentation to Eric again, but this time he has a fistful of nasty data. But they have a presentation of their own, one that could turn this company around – Brooke’s old Bedroom Line. Rick says if anyone can pull this off, it’s Brooke. She says she is doing it for the company. Hope pops in and they fill her in. Then Caroline manages to get Rick’s attention and she asks where he’s been. When he says he doesn’t have time now, she berates him for never having the time and perhaps that is why Thomas is trying to take over now. Everything seems to be ready so Brooke tells them they all need to get out there and show them how it’s done.

Donna visits Katie and asks if she’s heard about the rumblings at Forrester. Katie says yeah, only that of Eric and Taylor living together now. She’s sorry as she knows Donna was hoping for something with Eric herself. Donna says don’t count her out; Taylor is just a pest. She’s got Thomas now going after Rick’s position. Donna tries to be subtle but manages to get the conversation around to Katie’s relationship with Bill. Katie says it has been challenging as Bill doesn’t always feel she gives him enough time or attention. Donna brings up his involvement with Brooke and wonders if Katie is worried about that. Thomas starts his presentation and says it won’t take long. They all know the bad news in that the company took a big dive at the last quarterlies, and they may not recover from that unless they make immediate changes. But the good news is there is a solution and that is what he’d like to present today. Brooke tells Bill that she is so grateful for being in his good hands so she better go suit up for battle. She asks his opinion on everything right down to the color of lipstick, Cyanide Crimson. Just before Thomas is through, a glaring announcement is made by an unseen Bill. All are stunned as he introduces the new Brooke’s Bedroom Line; feast their eyes on it. A bevy of beauties march out in their lingerie and strut their stuff. Everyone in the room is amazed when the curtain is pulled and there is Brooke on her bed, sexily dressed all in red teddy, garter belt and short robe. She looks right at Eric and says this is how it could be done. It worked once so it could work again. He gets out of his chair and approaches Brooke, winks at her and says he likes it. He turns and says he is sorry to Thomas and Taylor, but Brooke’s line it is. Brooke accepts hugs from all of her family and dirty looks from Taylor, Steffy and Thomas. She exits and goes directly to Bill in the wings and hugs and thanks him for making this happen today. They really pulled this off. He looks like he wants to eat her up but holds back. She seems a little uncomfortable as they gaze deeply into each other’s eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen told John that the only way he could get to Brady was through her.  Sami was surprised that EJ wanted them to move in together.  While they were kissing, Rafe walked by and saw them.  Gabi and Nickís wedding day arrived.  Vargas was happy to be getting out of prison.  Marlena was about to go in to the coffee shop (John and Kristen were in there), but Brady managed to stop her from going in there.  John told Kristen that he was going to accept her in his sonís life.  Rafe assured Sami that he was just passing by. Sami wanted to tell Rafe what Nick did.  EJ decided to tell Rafe that Nick said horrible things about Sami.  Rafe didnít really care and walked off.  EJ couldnít believe that Sami was about to tell Rafe the truth.  Sami changed the subject and mentioned how wrong it is to move into the DiMera mansion after what Stefano did to him.  Nicole tried to convince Eric not to let Vargas move in the church.  Vargas was ready to go after Nick.  Nicole was worried that Vargas would hurt him.  EJ told Sami that he wouldnít move back to the mansion without her.  EJ let Sami know that Kristen and Brady were living at the mansion too.  Sami was not happy about it.  John wanted to bury the hatchet with Kristen and Brady.

Eric thought Nicole would be more compassionate toward Vargas since she was in prison.  Eric didnít want to talk anymore and went to the prison.  John wanted to invite Kristen and Brady out for dinner.  Kristen left the coffee shop and question what John was really up to.  Sami didnít want to live with Kristen.  EJ said that if they wanted Stefanoís help, they would have to move in with Stefano and Kristen.  EJ also said that she would have to try and get along with Stefano and Kristen.  The Hortons and the Hernandezes prepared for Nick and Gabiís wedding.  Kristen showed up at the hospital to goad Marlena.  Kristen rubbed it in that she and Brady were with John.  Marlena claimed that Kristen wouldnít get to her, but Kristen didnít believe that.  Kristen let Marlena that Johnís assistant called her about their dinner plans.  Marlena was upset by what she heard.  Gabi and Nickís wedding started.  Vargas was getting ready to leave the prison.  Brady was upset when he thought John was lying about wanting to make things right.  John explained how he was upset with Marlena and was surprised to find Brady with Kristen.  John apologized and hoped they were still on for dinner. Sami contemplated moving in the mansion to help Will.  Kristen and Marlena continued to argue about John until Kristen walked away.  Eric arrived at the prison to get Vargas.  Vargas was convinced that Salem was the right place for her.  Nick and Gabi got married.  Brady met up with Kristen and told her that he thought John still had her in his system.  Marlena met with John and they talked about Kristen and Brady.  Marlena figured out that John was back in town to destroy Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Starr that AJ and Carly are back together. Starr tells him that it isn't true and recounts the whole story of his mother kissing AJ in front of Todd to prove that she had moved on. She says Carly asked her to back up her story. She adds that it wonít work because Todd can tell that it is a pretense and that he isnít going to stop trying to win Carly back. Todd unexpectedly arrives at Carlyís door bearing doughnuts and gives her a hard time about AJís absence. He tries to extract information from Josslyn, but Carly intervenes and tells him to leave. A few minutes later, the Easter Bunny arrives at her door with a basket, a stuffed bunny, and balloons. Carly demands that he give it a rest and takes off the head to find that instead of Todd, a delivery man is wearing the costume. He says some guy from Australia bought the deluxe package.

Molly worries about Rafe. Sam pretends to be Alexis to get a call through to Rafe and then informs Molly that Rafe left the group home. Rafe shows up at Johnís door with a black eye and says he didnít have anywhere else to go. He tells John that the boys in the group home were talking trash about his mother so he got into a fight. John wants to talk to the group home supervisor, but Rafe tells him not to bother because he isnít going back. He asks if he can stay with John. Sam calls John and is relieved to learn that Rafe is there. As she and Molly are on their way out of the Floating Rib to go to Johnís, Todd walks in. He congratulates Molly resolving her book issues. Sam gives him attitude and leaves. Molly and Sam go to Johnís house. John announces that he is going to call Social Services and that Rafe is not going back to that group home. Toddís daughter, Dani calls him for the second time to tell him that he is a terrible father, and hangs up on him. The Easter Bunny deliveryman goes into the Floating Rib where Todd pays him for his services. Todd turns on his laptop and watches Carlyís living room by way of the hidden camera in the stuffed bunny.

AJ feels badly that he had to let Elizabeth think he was back together with Carly as part of the deal for Carly to tell him who the missing Quartermaine is. Felix canít believe that Sabrinaís declaration to Patrick was a bust and Elizabethís date with AJ was a bust too. Lucy goes to the hospital with Kevin so he can have his head injury checked. She finds Felix, Sabrina, and Elizabeth to talk to them about the Nursesí Ball. She tells them that they will be partnering with The American Foundation for AIDS Research. Sabrina breaks the news that Tracy Quartermaineís funding was rescinded. Lucy ignores the comment and continues the meeting. Elizabeth goes out to take a call and runs into Kevin. She offers to escort him to Radiology. When the elevator door opens, AJ, Ellie, and Spinelli get off. Spinelli recognizes Dr. Collins and wonders if he could help them retrieve Ellieís memory of the missing ingredient. Kevin says it will probably be an hourís wait for Radiology so he agrees to go to the lab with them. Kevin hypnotizes Ellie and has her focus on the diagram that she drew. AJ wants to explain to Elizabeth what happened at the Metro Court, but she isnít interested in hearing it. Carly calls AJ and demands that he come to her house. When he arrives, Todd watches him arguing with Carly about their agreement. Elizabeth returns to the meeting where the atmosphere is still strained because of the money issue. Lucy tells them to stop stressing about the money, because it isnít going to be an issue. They still brainstorm about putting on a cheaper event until Lucy shows them a large check from an anonymous donor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Victoria discuss how Nick will protect Avery from the person who is following her and breaking into her apartment. Nikki comes in and hugs Nick and asks him if he is going to help Victoria with the wedding preparations. Nikki asks them to scale back on the wedding plans but they both refuse. Avery, Leslie, and Neil discuss Gus having killed Leslie’s mother. Dylan and Chelsea make love and wake up together. Adam and Victor discuss how Stephanie died in Jack’s home and Adam dumped the body. Chelsea assures Dylan that she usually doesn’t do this type of thing, then kisses him good-bye. Adam advises Victor to kick back and enjoy a game of golf. Adam calls someone to do something for him. Nick overhears a conversation between Marcus and Bob in which they are planning something big.

Avery and Leslie meet with Gus. He reminds Leslie that her name is Valerie which her mother gave to her. Leslie becomes hysterical and rushes out of the room. Avery and Gus exchange looks through the window. Nick and Victoria discuss Victor’s friendship with Marcus Wheeler. At the Athletic Club, Adam listens to a conversation between Nick and Victoria. Valerie comes back into the room to see Gus and then asks him why he killed her mother. Dylan lets Chelsea know that he is going back to Chicago. Chloe comes in and sees a glow on Chelsea’s face and knows that she had sex. Chloe won’t let it rest until Chelsea tells her who the man is. Chelsea refuses to tell her the man’s name. Victoria informs Adam that Victor and Nikki’s wedding is tomorrow. They warn Adam not to do anything to ruin the day for them. Adam meets with his informant who tells him that Victor is definitely hiding something. Victor and Nikki share an intimate moment, remembering their first wedding day. Victor announces he has a surprise for her. Gus tells Leslie all about his life with his wife and what happened the night that she died. Leslie sees tears running down Gus’s face and knows that he didnít kill her mother. When Leslie tells Neil, she begins to cry and asks him what has done. Avery tells Gus the appeal date has been set for next week. Gus begs Avery to get him out of here. In his hotel room, Dylan remembers his time with Chelsea. Chloe lets Chelsea know that she found her baby daddy. Victor surprises Nikki with diamond earrings. The informant tells Adam that Victor definitely has something on him.

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