Thursday 3/14/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick chases Maya down the street but does not catch up with her until they get to her apartment over Dayzee’s. He muses that he wanted her to like him for himself. He knows he should not have pretended to be something he is not, but their connection is real and she needs to know that. Taylor lays the law down to Brooke. It is a new day around here and she answers to her. Brooke says to hell with that. Taylor says she can make this easy on herself or not, her choice. She’s there to stay so Brooke better deal with it. Steffy says she will try to stay out of Hope’s life, but she will not disappear or leave FC as Hope has asked. Hope tells Steffy that she has given it a lot of thought and Steffy owes her that. Steffy has Liam and is even going to have his child. She has no idea how that makes Hope feel. She is reminded of that every single day. Steffy says Forrester is in her blood and will be for the rest of her life. So Hope better not get any crazy ideas that she is going anywhere. Taylor tells Thomas to slow down. Deep down he knows he is doing an amazing job. Finally their family is being recognized. Brooke tells Bill she still can not reach Rick. He tells her to forget it. What they need to do is resurrect the Bedroom Line and she can still model for it. He has gotten his hands on the old financial records and the line was a huge money maker back in the day. He says her image in the lace teddy is worth about a $100 million. She says she can’t say no to that.

Taylor tells Eric that Thomas has some great new ideas and he’s almost ready. They both want their sons to do well and she doesn’t blame the company’s downfall on Rick completely. She thinks Eric will be pleasantly surprised. If anyone can pull the company out of this mess, it will be Thomas. Steffy tells Hope that for the last time, she did not trap Liam and she is not going to apologize for this child. She will not let Hope or anyone else make her feel guilty for that. Hope says she feels sorry for Steffy as part of Liam will always be with her. She hopes she will go plan her wedding, but have some decency. And for the record, she was the one who told Liam to marry Steffy, so Steffy has won. But Hope can’t stand around and watch her plan the wedding or watch the baby grow. It’s too hard. Rick says that everything about Maya and meeting her was real. After everything he learned about her and her background, he admired her more. She said he had many opportunities to tell her the truth about himself but didn’t. It’s hard for her to get past all of this. She thought he was homeless and she trusted him enough to let him spend the night in her apartment. He apologizes to her and says he really did enjoy spending time with her and only wants good things for her. He knows he will see her gorgeous face on that big screen some day. He leaves and tells her to take care of herself. Both say goodbye to each other with a tear in their eyes. When he is least expecting it, Brooke walks out seductively to Bill and unwraps her robe to reveal a sexy teddy. She says he can look, but not touch. He exclaims that she looks fantastic. She has the perfect body and this is just what the company needs. He gives her a pep talk about saving the company and that she alone can do this. She finally says she is in. He gives her a big hug and she thanks him for believing in her. He comments there is no bigger fool in the world than Ridge Forrester for letting her go. Bill tells her that he would do anything…..anything……for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Rafe woke up next to Kate when he got a shocking phone call.  Rafe found out that Stefano was back in Salem.  Kristen wanted Brady to have breakfast with her and Stefano, but he told her he was going out with John.  Gabi let Nick know that Will showed up at the pub and wanted to talk to her.  Nick seemed panicked by that.  Sonny thought Will should have a cover story for why he signed away his rights to his daughter.  EJ dropped the bomb on Sami that Stefano was back in Salem.  Sami was upset that EJ kept that info from her.  Kristen was surprised that Brady didnít tell her about meeting John.  Brady wasnít sure how sheíd react to it.  Kristen wanted to go with him, but he wanted her to give him some time alone with John first.  Stefano thought John was trying to ruin Kristenís plan, but she wouldnít let that happen.  Nick kept Gabi from calling Will by reminding her that itís her wedding day.  Nick ended up texting Will instead.  Nick wanted to see Will.  Kate didnít think that Stefano would ever be back in Salem. Kate thought that she and Rafe should think about ending their arrangement.  EJ assured Sami that nothing would change with Stefano being back in town.  Sami was upset that EJ didnít let her know that the one person who could help her son was back in town.  Sonny wondered why Nick wanted to see Will on his wedding day.  Will thought Gabi told Nick he went to see her and thought Nick changed his mind about their arrangement.  Sonny didnít want Will to get his hopes up, but Will wanted to find out. 

Sami thought Stefanoís mole at the police station could get the evidence against Will out of the evidence room.  Kate was worried that Stefano would hurt Rafe. Rafe wasnít worried about Stefano.  Stefano and Kristen continued to talk about John ruining her plans.  John and Brady met at the coffee shop.  John told Brady that he had no choice but to accept his relationship with Kristen.  Brady wasnít sure he believed that.  Nick confronted Will about talking to Gabi. Nick wanted to know what he was going to say to Gabi.  Wills aid he was going to tell her not to marry Nick.  EJ wanted to stop Sami from getting Stefanoís help.  Sami wanted EJ to be on her side to get Stefano to help her.  Brady wanted John to explain to him why he changed his mind about Kristen.  Nick didnít think that Gabi wouldnít believe Will.  Nick reminded Will that he would destroy all the people who covered up the fact that Will shot EJ.  Nick claimed that he didnít want to see Will go to prison.  EJ warned Sami that Stefano would want something from her in return for his help.  Kristen showed up at the coffee shop when Brady questioned why John thought she was using him.  Sami was willing to take the chance and work with Stefano.  Sami agreed to wait until Willís backís against the wall.  EJ said there may be another way for Stefano to help if they need it.  Brady had a phone call so Kristen took that opportunity to ask John what he was really after.  Sonny saw Will after Willís meeting with Nick.  Will realized that heís wasting his time with Nick.  EJ let Sami know that Stefano wanted them to move into the mansion.  Kristen warned John that the only way to get to Brady was through her.  Kristen rubbed on Johnís fingers while she talked to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

At the Floating Rib, in the middle of her launch party, Connie demands that Sonny tell her if he slept with her because he wanted her or if he really wanted to be with Kate. She tells him that she will show him what telling the truth looks like. She gets onstage and announces that she wrote the sex scenes in ďLove in MaineĒ and that Molly wrote the rest. Agnes Chu, the publicist, is suddenly nice to Molly and escorts her to talk to the reporters. The guests love the sexy scenes and wonder what Molly wrote. TJ explains that the sex scenes would be nothing without the story that Molly wrote. Molly canít wait to have her name put on her book. Ms. Chu asks Mac if he is married. She gives him her card and tells him to give her a call if Felicia and Frisco get back together. Sonny takes Connie to his house and tells her that he loves both her and Kate. Connie tells him to choose. He wants them to be integrated into one person. He says Connie and Kate need each other and he needs them both. He dares her to come to bed with him and see how long it takes for Kate to come out. He says the only way to stop bouncing back and forth is to see a doctor. She is afraid to lose herself. He tells her that he will stay by her side no matter what.

Lulu asks Dante what he thinks their baby will look like. He says all babies look like aliens. Dr. Westbourne suggests that Maxie get another obstetrician. She agrees to do the sonogram that Maxie came for. Dante and Lulu are excited to see what they believe is their genetic childís sonogram.  They thank Maxie for the amazing gift she is giving them. After they leave, Maxie tells Britt that she felt no attachment to the baby before, but itís different now that she has seen it. Spinelli has terrible heartburn from eating the Pickle-Lila recipe rather than giving it to Tracy. Michael goes to the lab and asks how Ellieís progress on the recipe is coming along. She says Spinelli ate it. Ellie suggests that they get a doctor to remove it. Elizabeth sends Spinelli into Room 2, which is where Maxie is. He marvels at the little miracle that he sees on the screen. Noticing how sullen Maxie appears, he concludes that it has all become real for her. He tells her to focus on the gift she is giving to Dante and Lulu. Ellie comes into the room to check on Spinelli and is surprised to see Maxie in there. Spinelli shows Ellie the sonogram screen. Ellie says she already ran into Dante and Lulu and that they showed her the pictures.

In exchange for playing along with Carly to make Todd believe that she and AJ were a couple, AJ wants her to reveal the identity of the missing Quartermaine. Carly wishes anyone besides AJ had walked in when she was talking to Todd. She tells him that she will reveal the name when Todd is convinced that the two of them are a couple and leaves her alone. Carly suddenly realizes that she has to do damage control and leaves. Todd goes to Starrís apartment to ask her help him get Carly to break up with her new boyfriend, Michaelís father. Carly goes to Starrís apartment to give her a heads-up. Todd tells her that Starr already filled him in on Carlyís non-relationship. Starr tells Todd that Carly and AJ are together. Todd tells Carly that he is going to prove that she belongs with him. He leaves, and Starr asks Carly what is going on. Carly tells her the story about AJ happening to be there when she was convincing herself not to take Todd back, and that she kissed AJ even though it made her sick to do it. Starr agrees to keep Carlyís confidence.  Michael asks Elizabeth about her date with AJ. She tells him that she isnít having dinner with AJ because he is busy making out with Michaelís mother. Michael says his parents hate each other. AJ goes to the hospital and asks Elizabeth why she didnít show up for their date. Elizabeth says she went. Michael says that Elizabeth said she saw AJ kissing Carly. AJ thinks of his deal with Carly so he doesnít reveal the reason for the kiss. He tells Elizabeth that he never meant to hurt her. He tells Michael that he is with Carly. Todd goes to the Metro Court bar to drown his sorrows. Dani, his daughter with Tea Delgado, calls him, says she hates him, and hangs up on him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis tells Kyle that Jack wants to take her away for a long weekend. Alex asks Chloe if she and Kevin are still interested in making money. Chloe finds out that Adriana is Alex’s sister. Lauren feels on the spot when Michael asks her what else is going on. Lauren makes up the excuse that she was hesitant about coming home at all. To avoid further questions, Lauren rushes out to go to the office. Lauren calls someone to say that she needs to see them. A Hindu preacher performs another wedding ceremony for Nikki and Victor with them reciting their own wedding vows. Phyllis lets Kyle know that she is apprehensive about her trip away with Jack in case she does something that will make him turn back to pills. Summer witnesses a tender moment between Phyllis and Kyle. Jack interrupts Kyle, Phyllis, and Summer. At the coffeehouse, Chloe tells Alex about Delia. Dylan tells Chelsea all about his life and then asks about her life and where she calls home. Lauren arrives at the Athletic Club to meet Paul but upon entering, her eyes and Carmine’s meet. Paul rushes up to interrupt her.

Lauren thanks Paul for meeting her, but her eyes remain on Carmine. Paul asks her if she wants a drink, because she keeps watching the bartender. Kyle lets Summer know that John Abbott founded Jabot before he turns her over to another intern to show her the ropes. Jack and Phyllis discuss their upcoming trip and her reservations about it. Nikki thanks Abby for helping Victor plan these special little ceremonies for her. The doctor comes in with Victor and lets Nikki know that the tests showed some very encouraging news. Lauren goes home, looking for Michael but he is not there. Lauren gets a call from Carmine. Nikki and Victor arrive home. Michael joins Paul and finds out that Lauren just left him. Paul meets Alex and mentions to him that he saw his resume. Kyle walks in on Jack and Phyllis kissing. Jack lets him know that they are celebrating their upcoming trip to Istanbul. At home, Michael lets Lauren know that he needs a break from the law, but he will give her her space in order to make this work between them. Chelsea takes Dylan home to his hotel room, and instead of her leaving, Dylan takes her in his arms and kisses her while pulling her into his hotel room.

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