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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya can’t believe that Rick is just going to walk in the door at this FC store on Rodeo Drive. He says it will be fun, just trust him. Eric has called a meeting and tells Thorne that he is going to tell the family and get everything out in the open. Thorne replies good, he thinks he should as he has nothing to hide. Eric wants to make sure it is okay with Thorne. Thorne says he is fine; he just wants Eric to be happy. Donna is the next one in and she closes the door. Eric says she is early and she replies that is better than being too late. He apologizes and says he knows he should have been the one to tell her about his relationship with Taylor and not to have to hear about it from Brooke. She says it is okay. She is a big girl so she understands and her Honey Bear is a man with needs. She did not expect him to roll up into a cocoon when Stephanie died, so he’s moved on with Taylor……for now. But if that ever changes, she is there to assist him in any way she can. Pam walks in and tells Donna to cool it, she’s looking really desperate. Everybody else files in and Eric tells them to take a seat. He will make this quick as there is something he wants them to know. He starts with the first punch. He asked Taylor to move in with him and she has accepted. She will be a presence in this company and he doesn’t want to hear any gossip or speculation about it. Brooke says it will get out. Eric says he knows, but it is not up for discussion. Taylor laments that she knows everyone will not be thrilled about this because of the sensitivity of Stephanie not having been gone that long. Brooke agrees with that. Thorne races back into the office and says they need to address another issue. They need to get Rick in here as they have the latest sales numbers and he won’t be happy.

Rick kisses Maya again just before they go into a Forrester store. She says they shouldn’t be in there since they can’t buy anything. This is crazy; just look how the clerks are looking at them. He tries to convince her they just think she is someone famous but don’t know who. He tells the sales clerk that Maya would like to try on some of the latest gowns. Another clerk comes up to him and calls him Mr. Forrester and he quickly asks if she will help him stay incognito for now and just treat him as anyone else off the street. He helps Maya pick out a few gowns although she thinks he is nuts. He tells her that she can be queen for the day, so enjoy. It gives him great pleasure to do this by the look on his face. Maya models some stunning gowns for him. He says WOW, she is absolutely beautiful. She says she knows he is a guy but these dresses are more than just beautiful, they are a masterpiece. Thorne shows the group the sales figures and they aren’t good. Both Thomas and Steffy blame Rick for not delegating more duties. He is steeped in tradition and it’s not working. Eric is irritated that Rick is not there and no one knows where he is. Taylor tells Eric that it might be time to try something new. Brooke says no one is making any changes without Rick being here. Taylor counters with why not, he is not here and took himself out of the loop. Despite Brooke’s disapproval, Eric goes along with Thomas’s proposal that he come up with a second plan by this afternoon. Hope surprise Steffy by telling her that she’d like her to go. She has everything – Liam, the baby coming and it’s torture for Hope to see her there at work everyday. She thinks it would be best for Steffy too without all the pressure and stress. Taylor tries to comfort Eric by saying the company will be in good hands. Thomas is taking after his father and she’s stepping up. He’s an artist and can lead them into the future. Eric has to leave and tells Brooke to be sure and give Rick the proposals this afternoon. If he has any more questions, just get in touch with Thomas. Brooke confronts Taylor and says this is far from over. Eric just said what she wanted him to say that they were a couple and that he wasn’t going to tolerate any gossip. Brooke says she knows what Taylor is doing and she won’t allow it (how many times does she say that). Taylor is not going to push her children out of Forrester Creations! Rick has only been President a couple of months so they have to give him a chance. Taylor says perhaps, but he’s not off to a very good start. Brooke says but Taylor is. She spends one night with Eric and then she is moving in and now she is making herself very comfortable in his office. Taylor says yes she is feeling pretty much like a Queen and Brooke should know what that is like. She pretty well moved through the entire family. She was with Eric and then left him for Ridge and ultimately drove Ridge right out of the country. And after many years of torture to Stephanie that probably drove her to her grave, she thinks Brooke has a lot of nerve to make her feel guilty. She opines that it is a new day here, so Brooke better get used to it. Maya puts a stop to the modeling and tells Rick they need to go. She admits it was a lot of fun but they aren’t customers so they shouldn’t waste any more of the clerk’s time. Another clerk walks up and calls Rick by Mr. Forrester. Maya is stunned when the lady mentions a corporate account. Maya turns to Rick and demands to know what is going on. Reluctantly he confesses that he is Rick Forrester, President of FC. She is appalled that she met him at Dayzee’s. She knew he had another job and was just volunteering, but not this. He is all these people's boss. She storms out before he can say more. He runs after her but the light catches him and she gets away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Brady managed not to hear Kristen and Stefano talking about her plans against John.  Brady ended up leaving the mansion.  Will wanted to talk to Gabi about what Nick wanted to do to him, but Hope showed up so he didnít say anything.  Will did find out that Gabi and Nick planned on getting married the next day.  Nancy went to Danielís hotel room and talked about Chloe.  Nancy looked around and found Chloeís sleeping pills.  She managed to get them but Daniel noticed them.  Chloe met up with Jennifer and decided to tell her that nothing happened with Daniel.  Hope talked to Gabi about her wedding plans.  Rafe showed up at the coffee shop and talked to Sonny about Nick and Gabiís wedding.  Rafe told Sonny that Nick and Gabi were getting married the next day.

Hope let Gabi know that she and Nick could have the wedding at the Horton house.  Hope was thrilled to let Gabi know the news.  Brady ran into John at the town square and they began talking about Kristen.  Jennifer didnít believe that Chloe didnít have sex with Daniel.  Chloe continued to explain to Jennifer that what she saw was a misunderstanding.  Jennifer was through listening to Chloe and walked away.  Stefano saw Kristen in the living room at the mansion and questioned her about Brady.  They began to talk about her schemes against John.  John told Brady that he would try to accept the fact that Brady was with Kristen.  Brady was happy that John seemed to have a change of heart.  Nancy lied to Daniel about her pills.  She said that she dropped her blood pressure pills.  Daniel let the situation drop.  Anne showed up at Danielís apartment to see Chloe.  Anne wanted to know why Chloe told Jennifer the truth.  Chloe said that it was better to tell her the truth and put her spin on it.  Chloe said that Daniel loves Jennifer and it would only be a matter of time before they realized that everything was a misunderstanding.  Will showed up at the coffee shop and talked to Sonny.  They talked about Nick and Gabiís upcoming wedding.  Will didnít like how his babyís going to be raised by a bigot.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today GH did not air due to interruptions by ABC news.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea’s mother Anita arrives and discovers that she is pregnant, because Chelsea gets nauseated when she smells her mother’s perfume. Chelsea pleads with Anita not to say a word about her pregnancy to Adam. Dylan tells Sharon he will be leaving town as soon as he finishes her kitchen, because he has no reason to stay anymore. He also tells Sharon his father died. Chelsea sees Dylan looking sad and offers him an ear to listen if he needs to talk. Adam overhears a conversation between Victor and Congressman Wheeler and worries that the congressman will try and hurt Victor, so Adam heads to see Wheeler to find out what he has on Victor, but the Congressman catches on that Adam wants information from him.

Jack tells Phyllis that he is falling in love with her which scares her, and she asks Lauren for advice, but Lauren is distracted by her own problems. Lauren tells Phyllis that she did something awful to Michael. Phyllis tells her to be honest with Michael or the secret she is keeping from him could ruin her life. Victor tells Congressman Wheeler that he knows he broke into Avery’s apartment, because she found a flag pin that looks like the one the congressman wears on his lapel. Victor tells Wheeler he can tell the press about how he set up Jack, because he doesn’t care if people find out. He is surprised that the Congressman is willing to let his daughter’s name be dragged through the mud. Victor tells the Congressman that he won’t rest until he finds proof that he cut the brake line on Avery’s car and broke into her apartment. Wheeler talks to a man and tells him that he needs to get rid of a few thorns in his side and he was thinking of doing it at a wedding.

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