Tuesday 3/12/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick wakes up on Maya’s couch and feels like he’s in a dream. She’s sitting not far from him at a little table putting on her makeup and combing her hair. He smells coffee and she says it is a waft from Dayzee’s downstairs. She brings him some rice cakes and tahini, but he says he really ought to be going. She says no; she’d really like him to stay. She finds herself pouring her heart out to him about her being in prison, having a little girl that was adopted and then tragically killed before she ever had a chance to hold her. Rick is very sympathetic. He can’t believe she did anything so bad to go to prison, but he says it is no shame to have to have her daughter adopted. Carter meets with Erik about some legal moves against the internet rip-offs. Pam and Donna can't stop her; Caroline comes into the office in a huff looking for Rick. She unloads big time on Erik about trying to have a relationship with his son who is never there for her. He reminds her how important their public service. She says she hates to sound like a brat, but the line he is feeding her sounds like an excuse. She rants that when she makes a date with a guy, and goes to the trouble of fixing her hair and putting on heels and a hot little designer dress, then he’d better take her some place to show her off and not to a homeless shelter. Rick treats these unfortunate strangers better than he does her. And by the way, they are less sober and less bathed.

Caroline is introduced to Carter and later he asks Marcus about her. Marcus teases him that she’s very high maintenance. She’s from New York and her sport is shopping and going to restaurants with small plates….and she’s Rick’s girl. Maybe he should set his sights on Maya. He tells Carter that Maya has moved into that little apartment above the restaurant. Rick tells Maya that he wants to take her out right now and they get off the bus on Rodeo Drive. She says she doesn’t belong there. He tells there is no harm in trying a few things on; might even be a good surprise. He grabs her by the hand and they skip across the street. He kisses her twice right in front of FC.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Jennifer saw Chloe in Danielís hotel room.  Jennifer believed they were together and walked away.  Chloe was proud of herself, but heard Daniel call out Jenniferís name.  Sami and Lucas struggle to get the evidence box containing the evidence against Will.  Sami and Lucas hide when they heard Rafe go in the evidence room.  Rafe managed to see Lucas hiding.  Chloe noticed the empty glass and thought about how she drugged his drink.  She thought she might have used too many pills when he didnít wake up right away.  Chloe snuck out of the room and called Daniel on the phone.  Chloe made it seem as if she werenít in the room and that she was at home.  She apologized for kissing him.  Daniel wanted to see her and talk.  EJ arrived at the DiMera mansion and saw Stefano with Kristen and Brady.  EJ was surprised to see Brady there.  Kristen and Brady left the room and ended up making love.  EJ and Stefano were alone and rehashed why their relationship was strained.  EJ eventually let Stefano know that he wasnít trying to go down memory lane.  EJ was happy to work with Stefano again.  Stefano wanted EJ to move back into the mansion with his family.  Rafe wanted and explanation for why Lucas was in the evidence room.  Lucas struggled to come up with an explanation.  Rafe didnít believe him.  Rafe wanted Sami to come out of hiding.  EJ didnít want to move back to the mansion.  EJ told Stefano how he was back with Sami and they wanted a relationship based on honesty.  EJ didnít want his help.  EJ walked off.  Stefano refused to let Sami come between him and EJ.  Sami came out of hiding when Rafe threatened to arrest Lucas and send Roman after her.  Sami wanted to know how Rafe knew she was there.  Rafe said he smelled her perfume.  Jennifer was upset that Daniel slept with Chloe after one fight.  Chloe started to tell Nancy about her scheme, but she remembered to call Jennifer.  Chloe knew Jennifer would be upset with her and hung up.

Maggie showed up at Jenniferís and they talked about Daniel.  Chloe finished telling Nancy about using sleeping pills on Daniel.  Daniel showed up at his apartment to talk to Chloe.  He wanted to go out and get some fresh air.  Maggie convinced Jennifer to talk to Daniel about what happened.  Jennifer decided to go, but didnít think it would do any good.  Sami and Lucas didnít want to explain why they were in the evidence room.  They wanted Rafe to arrest him.  Rafe thought they were trying to dig up dirt on Nick.  Rafe told them that he was investigating Nick because he wanted to make sure that Nick was on the up and up.  Rafe decided to let them go, but they couldnít keep sneaking in the evidence room or he would arrest them.  Daniel told Chloe that they wouldnít have contact with each other anymore because he loved Jennifer.  Jennifer went to Danielís hotel room and noticed that he wasnít there.  She wasnít surprised and thought he was with Chloe.  The sleeping pill bottle was beside the bed, but she didnít notice them.  Sami and Lucas went to the coffee shop and talked about going back to the evidence room.  Lucas didnít want to do it, but she wanted to.  EJ showed up to find out what was going on.  Sami was ready to do the plan again, but Lucas wasnít willing to do it.  Jennifer saw Daniel at the park.  Chloe hid so Jennifer wouldnít see her.  EJ warned Sami not to trust Rafe as far as Willís concerned. Daniel tried to talk to Jennifer, but she slapped him.  Brady noticed that Kristen was gone from the bed and went to look for her.  He saw her with Stefano while she was talking to him about destroying John.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia packs up Steveís things to put them in storage until he gets out of prison. Sonny goes to her place looking for Kate. Sonny and Olivia talk about Kateís strange behavior today. Olivia thinks Kate is stressed. Sonny suspects that Connie is back. Agnes Chu, a demanding planner from the publishing company, is in charge of setting up the launch party for "Love in Maine." TJ tells her that Molly is the author of the book. She tells them that the party is for adults and tells them to leave. TJ announces on the microphone that Molly as the real author. Alexis tells Ms. Chu that she is Mollyís attorney and reminds her that they have charges pending. Ms. Chu says Alexis has no proof to back up her plagiarism claim and that the publishing company is prepared to countersue for slander. Shawn says Kate Howard can clear it up. When Connie arrives, she lets everyone think she is Kate, and then she takes the stage and announces that she, Connie Falconeri, is the author of the book. As Connie reads an excerpt, Molly is appalled at the literary nightmare that her novel has become. Molly reads some of the book and determines that it is pornographic. Shawn calls Sonny. When Sonny arrives, Connie says her sequel will be about a two-timing man-whore. Ms. Cho asks Mac how that man got in. Mac invites her to tell him to leave because no one else is going to. Connie confronts Sonny about seducing her and then turning around and sleeping with Kate.

Sabrina admits to Patrick that she only said she had a crush on Steve Webber because she didnít want to admit that her crush was on Patrick. He doesnít know what to say. She says he doesnít have to say anything; she just needed to get if off her chest because her silence felt like a lie. He gets paged and has to leave abruptly. Sabrina is afraid that her declaration has ruined her friendship with Patrick. Patrick tells Epiphany about Sabrinaís crush. Epiphany is glad that Sabrina finally spoke up. He says he never thought of Sabrina in that way and he didnít know that she had feelings for him. Epiphany says his player instincts have dulled if he didnít see it. Elizabeth arrives at the Metro Court for her lunch date with AJ and finds Carly kissing him to prove to Todd that she has moved on. Elizabeth leaves. Todd doesnít believe Carlyís pretense for a moment because he knows she hates AJ. He thinks she just wants him to work at proving she should take him back. AJ backs up Carlyís story and has fun toying with Carly. When Todd leaves, AJ tells Carly that he expects her to repay him for backing her up. Elizabeth returns to the hospital and ignores AJís calls. She tells Sabrina about her would-be date. Sabrina tells Elizabeth about her encounter with Patrick. The two of them think they are defective. Elizabeth apologizes for pushing Sabrina to tell Patrick how she felt. Sabrina says that at least it is out in the open now and she doesnít have to wonder anymore.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chelsea is depressed because Cane wonít work with her anymore. Chloe suggests she make Cane the fake father of her child, but Chelsea wouldnít do that to Lily.  Chloe tells Chelsea she has to find a fake father of her child fast, because she wonít be able to hide her pregnancy much longer.  Dylan decides to leave town, because he doesnít feel he has a reason to stay anymore.  Cane tells Lily that he told Chelsea he canít work with her anymore. Lily decides that she wonít work with Tyler either. Avery finds a flag lapel pin that she thinks belongs to Wheeler in her apartment. Nick goes to confront Victor demanding to know about his relationship to Wheeler.

Leslie decides not to hide from her past anymore and asks Avery to arrange a meeting with her father.  Avery tells Leslie that she will go with her to talk to her father.  Leslie lies to Wheeler and tells him she is going to Milwaukee to testify at her fatherís hearing. Later Wheeler calls someone on the phone asking the person to handle a project for him.  Nick warns Congressman Wheeler that if anything happens to Avery, he will come after him.  Chloe sees how disappointed Chelsea is after Cane tells her that he wonít be working with her and instead be working with Neil.  Chloe thinks that Chelsea has a crush on Cane.  Dylan tells Avery that his father died, and he doesnít know what to do. She encourages Dylan to pursue his dream of becoming an architect. 

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