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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tries to call Eric to try to warn him about Pammy. Taylor screams as the door opens and she sees this looming figure holding a knife. Yes, it is Pam. Eric demands to know what she is doing there. With egg on her face, Pam admits that she had just heard about him and Taylor and she was…..well over the moon that it wasn’t Donna. She even springs out a bowl with her lemon bars. She admitted she did over-react when hearing his news, but she will get over it. She knows her sister trusted Taylor completely. She hops onto the bed and puts herself right in the middle of Eric and Taylor and begins laughing. Maya comes back to Dayzee’s while Rick is still there. He had just helped her move in upstairs. Rick tells Anthony that he’s never had anyone treat him just like a regular fellow and he likes it. It’s always about his last name and being President of FC. Caroline calls while Rick is still on duty. She’s all dressed up and informs him that she brought a bag of take-out sushi from this new place that she has been wanting for him to take her. She’s none too happy when he says he is working and can not get away. These people need him. It’s not like her fancy fund raising parties for her own foundation, but he thought she’d understand. Rick tries to slip away but he got locked out of his car so he calls for help and sits in the alley waiting. Maya sees him from her window and takes him a jacket since it is cold.

Pam gets the message – three’s a crowd. She leaves the lemon bars and gives the knife to Taylor to remember the night by……as if she would forget. Both Donna and Pam admit they are glad that the other didn’t end up with Eric. Maybe if Stephanie thinks that Eric should end up with Taylor, then they should too. Eric and Taylor have a good laugh over a lemon bar. Eric asks if she is uncomfortable being in this same bedroom that he shared with Stephanie for so long. She replies no, this is her home now. But she does take off his wedding ring and they kiss. He says this is her home for as long as she wants it to be. Caroline rants to Donna that she doesn’t get why Rick is so committed to this Dayzee’s all of a sudden. He could write out a huge check, end of his involvement. She misses their high life together. Maya ends up taking Rick back to her place so she can put on the heater and warm him. She even opens up some soup for him. He wonders why she is being so nice to him. She says he has nice eyes. She isn’t making this a come-on, but she invites him to spend the night and check out the couch. She would feel better with it being her first night in her new place. When she is out of the room getting a blanket, he calls the auto club and tells them they can wait until the morning. Maya says good night to Rick right after asking his last name. He says it doesn’t matter. She kisses him on the forehead. He lays back on the couch hugging her stuffed tiger and smiles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Chloe was able to take advantage of Daniel’s drunken state and kissed him.  Daniel allowed her to kiss him at first.  Stefano arrived in Salem.  Kristen told Stefano that John showed up at the mansion.  John wasn’t thrilled to see Marlena with Roman.  Lucas and Sami talked about not wanting Will to lose his child. Sami told Lucas that she had a plan.  Daniel wanted Chloe to leave his hotel room.  Jennifer talked to Hope about her fight with Daniel.  Lucas agreed to help Sam break into the police evidence room to get rid of the evidence against Will.  Daniel made Chloe leave his hotel room.  Daniel called Jennifer to talk, but he changed his mind.  Hope tried to convince Jennifer to talk to Daniel.  Jennifer heard Daniel’s message and noticed how he hung up the phone.  Chloe told Nancy how she couldn’t get Daniel to get over Jennifer.  John talked to Marlena about Brady living at the DiMera mansion.  Marlena wanted to talk about their marriage.

Sami and Lucas broke into the police station.  Roman showed up and nearly caught Lucas and Sami breaking in the evidence room.  Brady and Stefano had a run in about Kristen.  Kirsten saw John at the town square and let him know that his trick (the gift he bought Brady) wouldn’t work.  Anne was eavesdropping on Jennifer and Hope and told Chloe that Jennifer was going to Daniel’s hotel room.  Chloe wanted to go to Daniel’s hotel room.  Chloe took Nancy sleeping pills. Kristen lied to John and made it seem that Brady didn’t care about his gift.  John didn’t believe her.  Kristen assured John that he would lose Brady if he continued to play games.  Rafe got a call about a case and headed for the evidence room.  Sami and Lucas were in the evidence room and were about to get Will’s file when Rafe was about to go inside.  Anne tried to stop Jennifer from going to Daniel’s hotel, but Jennifer left anyway.  Chloe arrived at Daniel’s hotel and put the sleeping pills in his drink.  Daniel went to get ice so the room was empty.  Chloe dropped the pills in a rush to hide in the bathroom.  Daniel went back to his room and drank the mixture with the pills in it.  Kristen taunted John about being with Brady and he wouldn’t give him back to her.  Rafe entered the evidence room.  He noticed something odd, but walked out of the room.  Anne called Chloe again to let her know that Jennifer was on her way to Daniel’s hotel room.  Chloe wasn’t ready for Jennifer to show up so she had to act fast.  She got Daniel in the bed and took off his shirt while Jennifer was outside of the door.  Kristen warned John that he will continue to push Brady away if he kept using gifts to win Brady over.  Sami and Lucas continued to get to the evidence.  Chloe managed to make it seem as if she had sex with Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie finds the paper with her notes about the Pickle-Lila reverse engineering project missing. Spinelli has taken Ellie’s notes to Tracy’s house, but he backpedals and says he can’t do that to Ellie. Tracy instructs Alice to take it from him. To Tracy’s horror, Spinelli swallows the paper. Alice holds him up by the feet and tries to shake it out of him with no success. Tracy tells Alice that she doesn’t have the recipe, but AJ doesn’t have it either. Ellie retraces her steps to AJ and mentions that Spinelli was there. AJ thinks Spinelli must have taken it. Ellie doesn’t believe Spinelli would steal from her. AJ suggests that she reconstruct the recipe. She says she may not be able to reconstruct the secret ingredient. AJ leaves, saying she had better have it when he returns. Spinelli goes to the lab. Ellie tells him about the missing paper. He admits that he took it. He tells her that Tracy threatened to evict him if he didn’t take it, but that after having done so, he refused to give it to her because he wouldn’t betray Ellie. He tells her that he would rather lose his office and his home than lose her. She forgives him and asks him to give her the recipe.

Todd goes to the Metro Court. Carly doesn’t understand how he can be there when he should be in court. He informs her that he is free and ready to be with her, if she will have him. She lies that she is with someone else now. He asks who. She sees AJ walking in and says it is him. Todd knows Carly hates AJ. Carly kisses AJ to prove it to Todd. Sabrina tells Felix that she is going to tell Patrick how she feels about him and that Elizabeth is going to take a chance on AJ. When Sabrina is getting up the nerve to tell Patrick, Epiphany brings Sabrina’s nursing exam. Sabrina opens the envelope and tells everyone that she failed the test. Then she says she was kidding and that she aced it. Everyone hugs her. Epiphany tells her that she is going to find out who tried to frame Sabrina. Sabrina reminds Patrick of the time that she said she had a crush on Steve Webber and reveals that her crush was really on Patrick. Felix tells Elizabeth that it is her turn as he pushes her purse into her hands and tells her to go meet AJ.

Sonny wonders to himself about Kate saying she doesn’t know anything about the broken mirror in his living room. Shawn, TJ and Molly go to Sonny’s house and say they hoped that Kate would return Molly’s book that Connie stole. Sonny tells them that Kate isn’t there. He says he will call Kate. Connie goes to Olivia and Steve’s apartment to crash until she figures out how she is going to make Sonny pay for sleeping with Kate. Olivia comes into the living room, crying after saying goodbye to Steve, who has been extradited to Memphis to serve his time for killing a patient. Connie pretends to care. She says men always do whatever they want and mentions men who say they love you and then sleep with someone else. Olivia, believing she is talking to Kate, says Sonny only slept with Connie because he thought Kate was never coming back. Sonny calls “Kate,” tells her about Molly’s book, and asks her to set the record straight so that Molly gets credit for her work. She says she will make the appropriate calls and attend the launch party at the Floating Rib. Connie rushes out of Olivia’s house, saying she has something to take care of. Molly thanks her uncle and then she and TJ go outside so Shawn and Sonny can talk. Shawn asks him about the broken mirror. Sonny says he doesn’t know what happened and that he hopes everything is ok.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack tells all about himself and his love for Nikki as well as his love for Phyllis which has lasted down through the years. Jack also talks about the Abbott children. At the Athletic Club, Jack walks into the bar and finds Phyllis, sitting at the bar. Jack asks her why she didn’t answered his calls. When she refuses to answer, he gets the feeling that she is avoiding him and wants to know why. Nick comes home and finds Avery asleep on the sofa. She says that she stopped by the previous evening and found Sharon there, checking on Faith. Avery lets him know that someone was tailing her. Neil brings Leslie coffee to her hotel room and finds her in the process of packing to leave town. Chelsea comes into the coffeehouse, looking for Chloe. As Chelsea hurries out, she bumps into Dylan. Kevin and Dylan exchange a few words before Chelsea returns and tells them that her car won‘t start. Dylan offers to look at her car so Chelsea hands over her keys. Kevin reprimands her for giving her car keys to a stranger. Dylan comes back in and tells her that her battery is dead then offers to take her where she is going. Nikki and Abby fill the nurse in on how Victor is having a wedding ceremony for Nikki everyday that she is in the hospital up until their real wedding day. Nick encourages Avery to give up on this case, but she refuses. Avery tells Nick about the car that was following her. Leslie tells Neil that she is going to Milwaukee to see her father. Neil begs her to stay in Genoa City and let him protect her. Victor tells Abby that they have no judge to perform today’s ceremony. Avery tells Nick that Leslie is Gus Rogan’s daughter and the woman murdered was Leslie’s mother. Jack tries to explain to Phyllis about the drink that he ordered the night before. Phyllis lets Jack know that she might not be as good for him as he thought.

Jack and Phyllis still argue over the drink that he ordered when he is a recovering addict. Dylan brings Chelsea home to the Athletic Club. As they go in the door, Dylan bumps into Phyllis. Neil and Leslie kiss and make love. Nick and Avery find her apartment ransacked. Victor arranges for another wedding for Nikki. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis orders a whole case of brownies and insists that she is cursed. When Kevin tells her that she is “toxic,” Phyllis gets upset. Chelsea goes all to pieces in front of Dylan. Dylan tells Chelsea about a friend of his and gets her laughing. Avery is upset over her apartment being ransacked but refuses to give up on the appeal. Kyle comes in and finds Jack hard at work and can’t help but think that this has something to do with Phyllis. Neil and Leslie enjoy being in bed together until she receives a call from her father. At the hospital, Dylan finds out from a nurse that his father just died.

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