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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy snuggles up to Liam in bed, but wants to make sure that he's okay with their wedding and setting a date. She likes that he is looking out for her virtue. They hope Ridge will come home for this depending on when they plan the date. She says that if there is any part of him that has doubts, now is the time to say so. He thinks back on what Hope just asked and he promised her that he would marry Steffy before the baby was born. Donna is devastated when Brooke tells her that Eric moved Taylor into his house. But she thanks her sister for telling her so she won’t make a fool of herself in front of him. Brooke says that it is Eric who is making a fool of himself. She says that Taylor is jealous that Stephanie left her in charge and has now wormed herself into Eric’s life and bed. She’ll make sure that her kids will now be in charge. Donna vows they have to do something before it is too late. Pam overhears and she is heartbroken. The little wheels in her head go around and around about doing something before it is too late.

Rick doesn’t understand either that Hope asked Liam to marry Steffy as soon as he could. She explains that she wanted him to be the dad that he always wanted. Eric tells Taylor that it may be rough for a while, but most people will come around and be happy for them that they have found love. He tells Taylor that she can forget dinner; it can wait. Pam has been coming by a couple of times a week with her pot roast so he’d better let her know not to do that now. Steffy gets out of bed and tells Liam that she will be right back. He too gets out and goes to the window and looks out at the moon and stars sprinkling the sky; the same moon and stars that Hope is looking at and crying to. Donna muses to Brooke that she wouldn’t want to be Taylor when Pammy hears about this. She’s always been so protective of Stephanie and even had a secret little crush on Eric herself. At Pam’s receptionist desk, they find a large knife stabbed thru the face of Taylor on a magazine cover. They surmise that she probably is on her way there right now after overhearing them. Eric is getting romantic with Taylor when she hears a noise. The bedroom door opens and a large looming figure has knife in hand over her head.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Kristin fixed her clothes to make herself look unkempt when she opened the door to John.  Brady went to the door with his shirt open and saw John too.  Chloe demanded that Anne do something to stop Jennifer and Daniel from hugging and kissing.  Anne didnít appreciate Chloe bossing her around, but she did manage to stop Jennifer and Daniel from kissing by saying that he was needed inside the pub.  Anne told Chloe that Daniel wanted to meet Jennifer at the town square.  Chloe decided to take Danielís badge to him, but Nancy stopped her.  Nancy advised Chloe not to show her hand too much with Daniel.  Nancy wanted to be the one to stop Daniel and Jenniferís reunion. John let Brady know that he was at the mansion to see him.  As soon as Brady left, Kristen rubbed it in to John that she was with Brady. Jennifer ran into Nancy and she talked to Jennifer about Jack and Mike.  Nancy pretended to want to get along with Jennifer, but Jennifer didnít want to get along with her.  When Brady came back in the room, John told him that he wasnít trying to talk Brady out of living with Kristen.  John wanted to give Brady a gift.  Nancy and Jennifer argued over the past.  They also got into an argument over Chloe.  Daniel showed up while they were arguing and wanted to know what was going on.

Jennifer and Daniel ended up arguing when he told her that Nancy was going to be Parkerís nanny.  Jennifer thought Daniel was being clueless about Nancy just as his is about Chloe.  Jennifer said that she was done with him.  Johnís gift was a plaque from Italy that reminded him of his trip with Isabella.  Roman ran into Marlena and they talked about how she didnít know where John was.  Roman offered to track John down.  Jennifer and Daniel went back to Maxineís party, but wouldnít speak to each other.  Daniel realized he was drunk and needed a ride home.  Cameron couldnít take Daniel home so Daniel called a cab to take him back to his hotel.  Anne noticed that Daniel walked out of the pub and called Chloe to tell her about it.  Chloe decided to go after Daniel.  Marlena and Roman continued to talk about John as well as Kristen.  Brady appreciated the gift John gave him.  Brady hoped it meant that they were going to be getting along again.  Kristen didnít seem too thrilled with the idea.  Maxine and Kayla advised Jennifer to go talk to Daniel.  Jennifer didnít feel like going to him after what happened.  Chloe showed up at Danielís hotel room with his badge.  She noticed that he was drunk and offered to make him something to avoid getting a hangover.  Daniel wanted her to leave, but she wouldnít go.  John walked in the coffee shop and saw Marlena and Roman hugging.  Stefano was on his way back to Salem.  Maxine convinced Jennifer to talk to Daniel tonight before it was too late.  Chloe noticed that Daniel was staggering and wanted to help him out.  Chloe took advantage of Danielís condition and kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

AJ tells Carly to tell him who the mystery Quartermaine heir is, now. Spinelli tells Tracy that he canít steal the Pickle-Lila recipe from his girlfriend. She gently mentions that she happens to own the building where the Jackal & McCall office is. Ellie and Starr gather the foods that match the chemical content of the sample, but when they taste what they put together, it isnít quite right. Spinelli arrives at the lab just as Ellie discovers the secret ingredient, and he congratulates her on her success. AJ goes to the lab. Ellie tells him that she has isolated the chemical makeup of the missing ingredient and she just needs to figure out what food has that chemical content. When she reaches for her notepad to show him, she finds the page missing. Spinelli goes to Tracyís house with the missing page.

Michael tries to distract his mother so she wonít be sad because of Toddís trail. She insists that she has nothing to do with Todd, but Michael thinks she is in love with Todd. Carly says it doesnít matter because Todd is going to prison but even if he doesnít, she wouldnít take him back. Michael goes to the lab and offers to take Starr to her fatherís hearing. Diane tells Todd that Johnny Zacchara refuses to call off his men that intend to testify against Todd. Todd has opted to have a bench trial without a jury. Heather Webber is the first witness. The judge doubts the credibility of her testimony, as she has been deemed criminally insane. To everyoneís surprise, Heather claims all responsibility for the baby switch. The prosecution calls Pete Fillmore as the next witness. Pete Fillmore isnít there. Todd is overjoyed that there is no case without the witness, but then Fillmore comes running into the courtroom. On the stand, Fillmore says he and his associate were tailing Heather Webber that night and that they followed her to a shack in the woods. He says they watched her from through the window and saw her switch two babies and take one of them outside and give it to Manning, who then gave it to another lady. He says Manning didnít seem to be aware that it was a different baby. The prosecution says the story doesnít match his earlier statement. Fillmore says he lied in his earlier statement because his boss told him to implicate Manning. Starr and Michael arrive at the courtroom and find only Diane there. Diane tells them that it is over. Starr thinks she missed her fatherís departure to Pentonville. Diane says Starr lacks faith and that the charges were dismissed. She says she can only guess that Todd is off somewhere getting his life back.  Carly sees the latest news article about Todd regaining his freedom. Moments later, Todd arrives at the Metro Court and walks up to her.  

Elizabeth tells Sabrina about Steveís arrest. She says Steve thought it was important to tell the truth about what happened and that Sabrina should follow suit by telling Patrick the truth about how she feels. Sabrina doesnít want to lose her friendship with Patrick. Elizabeth says she needs to be honest with herself about AJ. Sabrina says Elizabeth just needs to figure out if AJ is worth the risk.  Elizabeth sends AJ a text message to accept his dinner invitation. She tells Sabrina to take her own advice and apply it to Patrick. Sabrina calls Patrick and tells him that she needs to talk to him. When Sonny goes downstairs to make breakfast, he sees that the large mirror in his living room has been shattered. Kate pretends that she doesnít remember breaking it last night when she saw Connie in the mirror. At breakfast Kate tells Sonny that she has an errand to run before going to see her psychiatrist. Sonny presses the importance of her treatment. When Sonny goes back upstairs, Kate looks in a piece of the broken mirror and says this is her life. From inside the mirror, Kate demands that Connie let her out. Connie says she is back and she is going to make Sonny pay for cheating on her with Kate.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren and Michael have a long talk during which she gives him the “it's not you, it's me”” speech, but he insists that their relationship is strong enough to survive anything. Lauren decides to return home. She and Michael make love. Later she goes downstairs and finds two text messages from Carmine on her phone. Lauren lies to Michael saying that the text messages are from telemarketers, and she needs to go to the kitchen for some water. In the kitchen, she responds to the messages from Carmine. Chloe suggests to Chelsea that she find a man to pretend to be the father of her baby, but Chelsea decides to tell Adam the truth. When she goes to Adam’s house to tell him about the baby, she finds him with Sharon. She is so hurt that she decides not to tell Adam about the baby.

Avery tells Leslie she recognized her and Tyler from an old photo Gus Rogan, their father, has of them as children. Avery tries to persuade Leslie that Gus is innocent. Leslie pleads with Avery to drop the case before lives are ruined. Avery refuses to drop the case, so Leslie goes to speak to Tyler. After a long discussion, Leslie decides to disappear again if Avery is able to free their father from jail, even though Tyler tells her he doesn’t want to start a new life again. Nikki gets dizzy and has blurry vision, so she calls Victor who calls an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Victor asks for Abby’s help to plan a wedding every day for Nikki until she is well enough to have a proper wedding. Nikki gets her first surprise wedding at the hospital with Abby acting as clergy.

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