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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tries to say more, but Brooke cuts him off. He asks if she can deny the feelings they have. She says no, he has become very important to her, but........ He says good. He's glad that he matters to her. Katie gets up from her nap and interrupts. Brooke says she was on her way out to see Hope as she had something to tell her about Liam. Bill wants time alone with Katie, but again she keeps putting Will in the middle and wants to spend more quality time with him, without a nanny. She has to put Will first. He wonders how long that will take for them to bond. She begs him not to be angry. He says he is not angry, just frustrated and lonely. She promises to make this up to him. She excuses herself to check on Will again and then returns and tells Bill that he has her whole attention. But instead of attention to Bill, she wants to know how he feels about this whole situation with Eric and Taylor. She thinks it is great since neither are getting any younger. Bill tells her to be careful of saying that as he doesn’t think Brooke is exactly going to be congratulating them. In fact, she is going to be fighting and he is going to help her. Liam finds Steffy at home and he unexpectedly tells her they need to make plans beyond fixing the nursery. She’s stunned when he says they need to pick a wedding date. She recounts that she is satisfied with the way things are now so maybe they shouldn’t change that. He tries to tell her all the ways and reasons why they should besides that it is the right thing to do. He gets down on his knees and asks her to be his wife. Brooke drops in on Hope and asks how it went with Liam. Hope says she thinks he heard her this time. She told him to marry Steffy. Brooke doesn’t understand why she would tell him to do that. Hope does a lot of explaining of why she thinks the baby should have both parents married to each other. It just wouldn’t work for her to marry Liam and they share custody of the baby with Steffy. She would do that in a heartbeat if that is what Liam wanted but she won’t tell him that. She has to let him go.

Katie isn’t sure how Bill and Brooke think they can come between Taylor and Eric. He says he doesn’t think he can there, but Brooke can insinuate herself more into the company and that is what they intend to do. She needs to get back into the game and then she can’t be squeezed out. The Bedroom Line was a huge success before and can be again. And if Taylor is making a power play, this will put an end to it. He’s surprised that Katie agrees 100%. Brooke has had a miserable year with losing both Ridge and Stephanie and she thinks this would be terrific. She will even speak with Brooke. Bill says she doesn’t have to. He already has and Brooke will do it. Hope tells Brooke that Liam has moved on and she needs to do the same and see what she can do without him. Brooke is supportive and says there will be plenty of young men out there lining up to see her. Hope says no, she is not thinking of that. She wants to better herself, see what she can do on her own. She likes Oliver, he’s a good friend, but he’s just not Liam. Steffy tells Liam that she was not expecting this, but if he wants a wife, then he has one. They start jibber jabbing about when, where, how. She says he knows how cynical she used to be but there is nothing negative about Liam. He’s so positive and she knows he is gonna be such a good influence on their child. They will be a family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Victor was upset when he found out that Brady was moving into the DiMera mansion.  Nancy arrived in Salem and she and Chloe started scheming against Jennifer.  Victor warned Brady that he wouldnít be welcome back if he walked out the door.  Nancy wondered if Chloe would be able to get Daniel to love her the way he did.  Chloe explained why she wanted him back.  Maxine and Kayla tried to play matchmaker for Jennifer and Daniel.  Maxine and Kayla wanted Jennifer and Daniel to attend Maxineís party.  Anne was eavesdropping on Maxine and Kayla while they talked about Daniel and Jennifer.  Maggie assured Brady that their relationship wouldnít change because heís going to be at the DiMera mansion.  Anne told Chloe about Maxine and Kayla trying to play matchmakers by getting Jennifer and Daniel to go to Maxineís party.

Daniel went to his apartment and saw Nancy.  She made it seem as if she was worried about Chloe.  Daniel seemed as if he believed Nancy.  Kayla tried to talk some sense into Jennifer about being with Daniel.  Brady arrived at the DiMera mansion.  Kristen was determined to start new memories.  Brady told Kristen about the run in he had with Victor.  Daniel and Jennifer went to Maxineís party and kept looking at each other.  Daniel wanted to talk to Jennifer alone.  Daniel and Jennifer realized that Maxine was playing matchmaker.  Anne watched everything that was going on at the party and told Chloe about it.  Anne continued to watch Jennifer and Daniel and talked to Chloe about everything she saw.  Anne didnít think it look good for Chloe.  John showed up at the DiMera mansion and noticed that Kristenís clothes were messed up.  Brady walked toward the front door with his shirt unbuttoned and saw John too.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

TJ is upset that Molly is at the police station with Rafe instead of celebrating her freedom at the Floating Rib with him. He thinks Molly has moved on to a new pet project now that he is on the straight and narrow.  Shawn suggests that TJ ask Kate Howard to give back the book that Connie took from Molly, and then he will be a hero in Molly's eyes again. Rafe's future is uncertain now that he is an orphan. Molly suggests that Alexis let Rafe stay with them. Alexis thinks having a teenaged boy in the house is an extremely bad idea. She asks her how Molly thinks TJ would take it. McBain talks to Social Services and tells Rafe that they can only get him into a group home for tonight. Alexis says she will do everything she can to help find a foster family for Rafe. John tells Rafe that he isnít going to go anywhere until he knows Rafe is in a safe place. He waits with Rafe until the social worker arrives to take Rafe to the group home. Alexis and Molly join Shawn and TJ at the Floating Rib. TJ cheers Molly up by telling her that Kate Howard is back. Connie taunts Kate in the mirror at Sonny's place. Connie says Kate stole her life and that she is going to take it back. Kate wonders why Sonny was so quick to be with her if he cares so much for Connie. She says Connie isnít a real person. Connie tells Kate that she has it backwards; Connie is the real person and Kate is the alter ego.  Kate shouts that she isnít going to let Connie take her life. She throws a figurine and shatters the mirror.

Tracy tells Luke that Duke stole the last of the Pickle-Lila and that she has already orchestrated her revenge. At Metro Court at the end of his first date with Anna, the waiter informs Duke that the money he tried to pay the bill with is counterfeit. Anna is worried that Duke has returned to his old ways. He assures her that the money came from a transaction with Tracy Quartermaine. He admits that the tried to put one over on Tracy, but apparently it backfired and Tracy put on over on him. Anna pays the bill and the two of them go to see Tracy. Laura can't believe she saw Anna kissing Duke at the Metro Court. She concludes that Anna is cheating on Luke. Scott says it isn't their business. While Scott is in the shower, Laura slips out and goes to the Quartermaine Estate to tell Luke about Anna and Duke. Tracy wonders how she got in. Before Laura can mention the kiss, Duke and Anna come in. Tracy is beside herself about all these people coming into her house uninvited and wonders where Alice is. Anna says she flashed her badge and that she is there on official business. Tracy says she had better have a warrant. Duke says he is going to press charges for Tracy passing counterfeit money. Tracy says she will press charges too, for breaking and entering and for theft. Luke takes Laura into the foyer and asks her what she wanted to tell him. Before she can answer, Scott bursts through the door.  Luke goes to find Alice to ask her about everyone being able to walk right into the house. Anna says she will have to arrest both Duke and Tracy. Neither wants to go to jail so they recant their accusations. Tracy kicks them out and pours herself a drink. Luke comes into the room and takes the glass out of her hand to drink it himself. He tells her that Baldwin showed up and talked Laura out of saying whatever she came to say. Anna tells Duke that she is the police commissioner and that she can't socialize with someone whose first instinct is to break into someone's house. She ends it with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael goes to Lauren’s hotel room to talk, but she is still making love to Carmine. She tells Carmine to hide then opens the door to Michael. She is still angry with him and doesn’t know if she will ever forgive him. Michael goes to Crimson Lights to tell Kevin that he has lost Lauren for good. Kevin advises Michael not to give up on his marriage and decides to play Cupid for him and Lauren. Lauren can’t stand the guilt she feels for cheating on Michael twice with Carmine, so she tells him to leave to be alone. Kevin calls Lauren and tells her to hurry home, because he thinks Michael will do something crazy. Lauren finds Michael in a room filled with candles and two glasses of wine pleading for her to come back home. Sharon tells Adam she has decided to quit her job at Newman Enterprises and move out of his house, because she needs to learn to be independent and stop using men as a crutch. Adam isn’t happy, but he respects Sharon’s need for independence. She tells him she likes the new man he has become and now all he needs to do is find love. Adam doesn’t think love is for him, so he takes off his wedding ring and puts it on the table.

Nikki’s family is worried when she doesn’t awaken after fainting, so they call the doctor and an ambulance. Nikki finally awakens so they cancel the ambulance and her doctor arrives to examine Nikki. The doctor thinks Nikki should postpone the wedding and drop by his office tomorrow. Heartbroken, Nikki tells Victoria that if the wedding is postponed for too long, she wonít be able to dance with Victor, which is what she loves to do with him. Victoria later tells Billy that she is terrified about how MS will progress with Nikki, since she can’t avoid stress married to Victor. Billy tells Victoria that Nikki needs her family to believe that she can beat this disease. Billy promises Victoria he will be there for both her and Nikki. Nikki remembers all the special times when she danced with Victor and cries because she fears that she will never have a wedding. Victor calls someone to say they had to postpone the wedding. Nikki is heartbroken, but he needs help because he has an idea that will cheer her up.

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