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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke apologizes to Bill for barging in on his family like this. He sighs and says she’s not; Katie and the baby are sleeping. That is pretty much her routine now. She spends most of her time in the nursery. He doesn’t know exactly what to tell Brooke about Eric and Taylor. She repeats again that Taylor doesn’t love Eric. She is only using him. Eric is very vulnerable right now. He slept with Taylor, he let her move into his house and he appointed her son as Vice-President. Bill doesn’t want Taylor to have any more influence over that company. Too late, Brooke thinks, and she suspects it will only get worse. He mulls it over for a minute and says there is something that she is gonna do. He wants her to run FC. Per Hope’s request, Liam drops in to see Hope at her office. He’s somewhat reluctant to be sure they have privacy and Rick isn’t hanging around. Rick is on his break at Dayzee’s and is sitting with Maya. He wants to hear more about her music, but she says later as she has a job to do first. He perks up when she says she could use some help. And she will even pay him, not much but what she can. Maya takes Rick to a little room and says it is Home Sweet Home. They both probably want the same thing in that they will live in a mansion someday. He helps by putting some nails in the wall to hold pictures and wags a lot of boxes into the room. She tries to pay him $10 so at least he can eat good tonight. He refuses but says he will accept a little kiss, and he kisses her on the cheek.

Hope tells Liam that she has given this a lot of thought and there is something she wants him to do – marry Steffy before the baby is born. He can’t imagine why she would want him to do that. She says because it is the right thing to do. It’s the right thing for Steffy and for the child as well. As much as she is hurting right now, she would never want to hurt the child. And the only reason she can think of that Liam wouldn’t marry Steffy is because of her. She points out that her mother and father did not stay together. Liam did not grow up in a home with both a mother and father either nor did Steffy. That cycle needs to be broken…starting with “us.” She really wants him to do this. And she meant not us, but Liam and Steffy. This is not easy for her. Part of her wants to claw Steffy’s eyes out. The other part wants to forget this is even happening, but it is. There is a baby coming. He has to protect that child; he and his wife. She wants him to promise that he will marry Steffy before the child is born. She’s relentless and keeps badgering him to promise her. She will be okay. She will be working and having a good life. As she is about to walk away, he grabs her by the arm and finally says he will do as she asks, but…..he pulls her close and hugs her, both seem to be confused as to what to do next. Steffy tells her mom that she still can’t believe it’s her and Eric as a couple but she’s very happy for her. She feels they have turned a corner and she wants nothing but happiness for her mom. Taylor says the same; she only wants Steffy and Liam to be happy. Bill convinces Brooke that she can save FC. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to Forrester Creations. She is the face of that company. When she is not convinced, he takes her to the laptop and shows her a site that is still getting million of hits….one of Brooke and her bedroom line. She agrees it did create a phenomenon and sent both Stephanie and Taylor through the roof. He tells her that she is going to re-vamp the Bedroom Line, same name, same woman in charge. But she says she is too old and a mother to boot and balks at his idea of her being the model. He tells her let him be the judge of that. Just consider it marketing research. He sits back and waits for her to undress to show her lingerie. As she disrobes, he tells her that she looks amazing and she knows it. She replies that it’s good to hear that from a man; it’s been so long. She wonders if they can pull this off. He tells her she is as beautiful as ever. They will run the Bedroom Line again and it will be a money maker and she will be running FC. Brooke wants to go check on Katie. Bill calls her Super Mom and wife too on that rare occasion when she is available. Brooke tells him to be patient but he says it is very hard sometimes. Katie is different; she wants him to be different. She wants him to fit into this idyllic mold that she has created. There’s not much that she finds she loves about him any more. Brooke tells him no; there is a lot about him to love. He confesses that there are things about the two of them, him and Brooke, that he can’t get out of his mind. She puts her hand to his mouth to shush him….then gives him a big hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe talked to Gabi about Nickís time in prison.  She let Rafe know that Nick doesnít want to talk about it much.  Eric talked to Vargas at the prison.  Sonny and Kate talked about Will, Nick, Gabi, and the baby.  Will wanted Nick to explain why he wanted Will to stay away from his baby.  Nick reminded Will how he didnít want to be part of the babyís life before.  Will told Nick how he changed his mind once he saw the sonogram of the baby.  Nick didnít want the baby to be confused by the men coming in and out of Willís life.  Will assured Nick that he and Sonny are committed and would be in the babyís life, but Nick wouldnít allow it.  Sami wanted EJ to take care of Nick, but she didnít want EJ to kill him.  EJ asked Sami what would happen if he did die.  She wanted to handle Nick in a different way from that.  Chloe went to the church to see Nicole.  Chloe and Nicole ended up fighting when Chloe asked her for her help to get Daniel back.  Nicole thought Chloe was using her and didnít want to help her.  Vargas said he wanted to be in the rehabilitation program at St. Lukeís.  EJ told Sami that he would do right by Willís daughter and wouldnít murder Nick.  Nick didnít think he and Will were getting anywhere with their conversation so he walked away.

Nicole and Chloe continued to argue about her wanting her help with Daniel.  Chloe thought Nicole didnít want to help her because she was still in love with Daniel.  Nicole assured Chloe that she wasnít in love with anyone.  Eric walked in on them so Chloe took that opportunity to get on the music committee.  Will ran into Kate at the coffee shop.  Will thought Kate knew what happened when she said she wanted to help him.  It turned out that Kate didnít know anything about Will signing away his rights.  During their conversation, Rafe gave Gabi his blessing to get married to Nick the next day.  Gabi was excited that Rafe changed his mind.  Nick walked into the pub and Gabi let him know that Rafe gave them his blessing.  EJ wanted to make sure that Nick went back to jail.  Sami was okay with that plan.  Gabi talked to Nick about his time in prison.  He didnít give her too many details about his time in prison.  Gabi told Nick that Rafe saw his file and she wanted to know why he covered up being stabbed.  Nick didnít give her any details about it.  He talked about how he fell in love with her when he came back and how they are going to be a family.  Vargas was in his cell and flashed back to an intense conversation he had with Nick.  Vargas was determined to get revenge on Nick.  EJ and Sami talked about how they planned to take care of Nick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate goes to see Sonny and tells him that she is sorry that she hid behind Connie when she found out that Trey was her son and that she hid again when she found out that Trey had died. She says she wants to start a new life and that she hopes he is part of it because she loves him. He asks her if she can forgive him for failing her. They officially get back together and seal the deal in the bedroom. When Sonny goes to sleep, Connie torments Kate.

Spinelli looks for the Pickle-Lila, which is steps away in the lab where Ellie is reverse-engineering it. Ellie tells him about her project. Spinelli thinks of his assignment for Tracy, which is to get the recipe when it is reconstructed. He asks Ellie about her progress. She tells him that since she is working on a secret recipe for a private client, she is unable to share her findings with him. Lucy goes home to the Quartermaine Estate. Tracy tells her that she doesnít live there anymore and that she is no longer co-CEO at ELQ. Lucy tells Tracy not to think about cheating her out of her rightful position. Tracy admits that they are both out. She tells Lucy about AJís coup. Lucy says they will take ELQ back and she will get CoeCoe Cosmetics back on its feet, but that none of it will matter if she doesnít have Kevin. Mac tells Kevin that Feliciaís abrupt departure from the Floating Rib was to meet her ex-husband, Frisco Jones.  Kevin wants to go find Felicia and find out if Frisco is putting the moves on her. Mac says it is Feliciaís decision to make and that he can only hope that she chooses him. Kevin empathizes. Lucy goes into the Floating Rib looking for Kevin. She tells him that she is madly in love with him and wants to make it work. He stops her babbling by kissing her. Frisco runs into Anna at the Metro Court where he is hoping Felicia will meet him. He expresses his condolences for Robinís loss and his congratulations for Anna and Dukeís reunion. She admits that sometimes when she looks at Duke, she still gets an image of Faison in her mind. Frisco is confident that Duke and Anna have an unbreakable bond. Duke arrives to join Anna for dinner. He gives her a diamond heart necklace. She says she canít accept such an expensive gift knowing that ELQís assets are frozen. Duke thinks about the briefcase full of cash that Tracy gave him to find the last jar of Pickle-Lila. He insists that he can afford it and puts the necklace on her. He tells her that he doesnít want to focus on the past anymore; he wants to start a new future together. Felicia meets Frisco and tells him to leave town. Frisco reminds her of their special moments from the past. They talk about Georgie since it is her birth date. He thinks that Georgie might not have died if he had been there. Felicia says there is no way to know that. Frisco says he isnít going to push Felicia, but he isnít giving up either. When he leaves, he leaves a locket for her with ďLady of my heart,Ē which is what he called her when they were young, engraved on the inside. She cries.

Luke goes to Laura and Scottís room at the Metro Court and accuses Scott of sending the Ice Princess replica to Lulu. He tells Laura that Scott is in Port Charles for vengeance. Scotty surmises that Luke just canít accept that Laura has moved on with him. He threatens to call security, but Luke leaves voluntarily. Laura tells Scott that Luke has moved on with Anna. They go to the Metro Court restaurant where Laura is surprised to see Anna and Duke kissing. Laura says she has lost her appetite so they return to their room. Laura finds it appalling that Anna is cheating on Luke. It strikes her that perhaps she was mistaken when she assumed that Luke and Anna were together. Luke invades Tracyís silence at the Quartermaine Estate when he storms in ranting about Scott Baldwin. Tracy tells Luke that he is unable to think clearly when he is in Lauraís presence because he cares too much about her. When Duke pays the bill, the server tells him that his money is counterfeit.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael walks around the apartment and notices the pic of him and Lauren on the mantle. Michael calls Lauren for them to meet and talk. Lauren is alone in her hotel room. Carmine is behind the bar when Abby walks up and jars him back to reality by ordering a beer brought to her table. In the hospital, Dylan cares for his father. Nikki finds it difficult to play the piano anymore. When Victor comes downstairs, Nikki says she doesn’t know for how much longer she will be able to play the piano. Billy awakens with a terrible cold. Victoria walks in with a glass of the Abbott concoction that he'd made her drink when she was sick. Adam tells Sharon all about his staff at the house. He is just about to get her luggage when Nick arrives on his doorstep. A doctor stops by Nikki and Victor’s to inform them of the symptoms and treatment for MS. Dylan’s father gives him advice concerning Avery and wonders how Nick really feels about her. Nick asks to talk to Sharon alone, but she insists on Adam being there. Victoria urges Billy to drink the concoction but he refuses. Nikki becomes upset over her MS, but Victor is there to comfort her. Adam asks Nick where he was when the whole Newman family turned on Sharon. As Abby and Alex have drinks together, he notices that she keeps eyeing the bartender and calls her on it. At first, Abby denies it, but then she gives in and admits that she was watching Carmine. Abby tells Alex about the time that she rode her horse in there naked.

Michael and Lauren meet at the coffeehouse to talk. He tells her that he resigned as D.A., but she still refuses to return home. Nick warns Sharon about Adam, but she stands her ground and insists that she is staying there. Victor gives Nikki a diamond necklace to celebrate their upcoming wedding. Abby invites Alex to go to her father’s wedding with her, Lauren, and Michael which results in Lauren leaving in a huff. The Abbott children all gather at the ranch house for the rehearsal dinner. Adam soon arrives which unnerves everyone. Nikki and Victor force Adam to leave. Dylan’s father tells him that he needs to make some decisions concerning the house. Lauren returns to the Athletic Club angry and barges upstairs, with Carmine right behind her. They make love in Lauren’s hotel room. Adam comes home and tells Sharon that he does not expect a thank-you card from his father or Nikki. Dylan calls someone to discuss selling the business. Nikki collapses.

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