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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On Rick’s shift at Dayzee’s, he keeps eyeballing the door hoping Maya will come in. Finally she does and he says he will be on break soon if she’d like company. He suggests her song really touched him and he’d like to help her get started with her career in L.A. However, Caroline sneaks in and wants to kidnap him. Bill’s business meeting was called off at last minute so he tells Katie that he will spend the day at home with her, lucky her. She’s more wrapped up in the baby than he’d like and wants to slip away and have some lunch, take a drive, spend some alone time together. Katie nixes them having a nanny as she wants to be hands-on. He kisses her but she has her mind on handling the baby.

Brooke and Taylor become contentious when Taylor wants to unpack boxes and Brooke is insisting that she is taking advantage of Eric and should not move in. It will cause a scandal. Taylor laughs and says she can not believe Brooke is using that word considering all she has done over the years. Brooke keeps calling it a power play because Taylor's family has always come in second to the Logan’s. But she warns Taylor that is not happening; she won’t allow it. Caroline huffs out of Dayzee’s when she speaks with Rick and he won’t ditch his duties and take her out to dinner. She pouts that she has already made reservations, but that doesn’t sway him since he takes this community service seriously and she knew that. Rick tells Maya that he is sorry she had to overhear that. He would never leave his job here and Caroline was just upset. Eric comes home and finds out he just missed Brooke. He tells Taylor that he’s feeling very good about himself the last few days. He will have a talk with Brooke. She’ll come around and understand. If this is where Taylor wants to be, then this is where she belongs. Brooke heads straight to Bill’s and tells him that Taylor has now moved in with Eric. Now she can even whisper sweet nothings in his ear and tell him what to do. Taylor has been waiting for this for decades and now there is no Stephanie. There’s just a very vulnerable Eric. She may have fooled him, but she won’t fool her. She will not let her get away with this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

After Kate and Rafe made love (again), she wondered what they were doing together.  Sonny told Will that Nick didnít think gay people should have kids.  Kate wasnít sure if she should be with Rafe since heís a cop and sheís Stefanoís ex-wife.  EJ talked to Kristen about Samiís problems with Nick.  Sami went to Eric and talked about the baby.  Will didnít want to believe that Nick would have turned against him because heís gay.  Nick and Gabi told Hope that they are pushing up the wedding date.  Nick snapped at Hope when she wasnít sure they should rush the wedding.  Nick apologized to Hope for his attitude.  Gabi wanted to know why he was so jumpy.  Sonny continued to convince Will that Nick doesnít want him to raise his daughter.  Will didnít want to believe that he signed his rights away to a bigot.  Nick explained to Gabi about what happened to him in prison.  Eric and Sami started arguing when he reminded her that she was going to be with Rafe not long ago.  Sami also talked to Eric about everyone ganging up on Will.  Eric advised Sami to talk to Rafe before being with EJ, but she said it was too late. Kristen advised EJ to do something devious to his enemy, but EJ felt that her plan was too extreme.

Sonny convinced Will that he should get help with Nick, but Will thought he had help with EJ.  Sami and Rafe ran into each other at the town square.  Rafe told Sami that Gabi was released from the hospital.  Rafe wanted to put everything behind them.  He wanted everything to work between them as well as with Nick, Will, and Gabi.  Sami looked shocked by what he said.  Hope and Eric were going to help an inmate who was about to be on parole.  Rafe talked to Sami about how much he cared about Will.  Rafe knew Sami would spoil the baby.  After Rafe walked off, Sami realized that Rafe didnít know that Nick blackmailed Will to sign away his rights to his daughter.  Rafe walked into the pub and overheard Gabi saying that she and Nick were getting married soon.  Will met with Sonny at the park and wanted to talk about signing his rights away to his baby.  Vargas showed up at the prison to see Eric.  Will wanted to know if Sami were the reason Nick wanted him out of his babyís life.  Nick admitted that he did it because Willís gay.  While they were making love, Sami told EJ that she wanted Nick gone.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick asks Epiphany why she thinks Sabrina cheated on her final exam. Epiphany says no one has ever gotten a perfect score on that test, and that she received an anonymous email that said Sabrina had a copy of the answers, which they found in her locker. Patrick says Britt is framing Sabrina. Epiphany says she canít accuse Britt without some kind of proof. She hands Sabrina the box containing the contents of her locker and tells her to leave her badge with HR. Sabrina tells Epiphany that she has never cheated on anything in her life and that it isnít fair to dismiss her without the chance to prove them wrong. She tells Epiphany to give her the exam, right now, and watch her take it. She says she is not some anonymous lie ruin her chances to have the career that she worked so hard for. Epiphany agrees to let Sabrina retake the test. Patrick is impressed that Sabrina stood up to Epiphany. Epiphany tells Patrick that she never pegged Sabrina as a cheater. She says she never thought Britt was good enough for him and Emma. She encourages him to wait for someone who has a heart that is big enough for both of them. Epiphany gives Sabrina the test.

Sonny tells Carly that Kate resurfaced right after he slept with Connie. She compares him to Todd. He says Todd will soon be in prison with her other dirtbag boyfriend, Johnny. Carly says at least Todd and Johnny are two different people. They admit that neither one of them knows what to do about their love interest. Todd sees Heather alive at the police station. He tells her that she didnít deserve to die at the bottom of the harbor. He asks her what is up with skewering her son. She says it was an accident and asks him why he has to be so mean to her. She tells him that the District Attorney has asked her to testify against Todd, but that hurting her son was her rock-bottom and that she turned herself in and accepted responsibility for everything that she and Todd had conspired to do. Todd manages to choke out a thank you. She tells him that it wonít keep him out of Pentonville because Johnny Zaccharaís associates claim to have witnessed the baby-switch. She suggests that he convince Johnny to call off his goons. Todd says Johnny will never do him a favor after he stole Carly from him. Heather points out that Carly is not with Todd now. Todd suddenly screams that he wants to talk to his lawyer. An officer lets him make the phone call. Todd gives Heather the phone and tells her to call Steven Lars. She tells Steve that she wishes she could take back everything she has ever done to him and wishes him a happy life with Olivia. An officer takes Heather to the transport van. Todd calls Diane and tells her to try to get Johnny to back off.

Dante tells Steve that his mother is going to a maximum-security mental facility. Steve believes she belongs there. Dante asks how the wedding went. Steve tells him that the Memphis police, who had a warrant for his arrest, interrupted the wedding. Dante concludes that the Memphis PD figured out that Heather manufactured the evidence that had cleared Steve. Steve tells him that he canít give Olivia the life she deserves from prison. Dante says he agrees, but says he hates that his mother will lose Steve and be alone again. Steve tells Dante that his mother apologized to him and that she seemed to mean it. Olivia goes home in her wedding dress and tells Kate that she and Steve didnít get married. Kate says Olivia deserves better than a quickie ceremony in the ICU. Olivia says there wonít be a wedding at all. After she cries to Kate, they talk about Kate missing the chance to know her son. The two of them go through Treyís backpack to get a glimpse of who he was. Kate opens an envelope that is full of articles about her. Olivia says Trey wanted to get to know Kate, too. Olivia tells Kate that Sonny loves her. Kate tells Olivia that she hadnít considered what Sonny must have gone through. Olivia goes to see Steve. Kate goes to Sonnyís house.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle is happy when he persuades Neil to let Summer work in the fashion division helping Chelsea and Chloe. Summer however, persuades Jack to let her work as his assistant, because she wants to learn the business firsthand not in the fashion division. Kyle assures Phyllis that he and Summer are just friends and he will keep things professional between them. Summer overhears the conversation between Kyle and Phyllis, but she is determined to change Kyle’s mind about her. Summer has a daydream about Kyle giving her a passionate kiss while they work together at the office. Leslie tells Tyler that she will do whatever it takes so that Neil doesn’t put his life in danger to protect her. Leslie advises Nick that he should advise Avery to drop her Innocence Foundation case if he really loves her.

Adriana discreetly reminds Katherine that she needs to buy a gift for Nikki and Victor’s wedding and later tells Katherine that her grandmother died of cancer, because she waited until it was too late to get treatment. Adriana thinks Katherine should talk to a doctor about her lapses of memory. Mason tells Sarge that he got fired from Newman Enterprises because Adam found out that he was tempted to spy for Victor, although he never followed Victor’s orders. Mason tells Sarge that, if he had obeyed Victor, he would have a good job now and not be stuck in a dead end job like Sarge. Jack agrees to talk to Mason and try to get him back on the right course. Dylan tells Sharon he was never good with kids until he went to war and the troops would go to orphanages and give candy to the children. Later a local family helped him recover when he was injured, and a little girl Faith’s age named Ara read him stories and thought of him as a big brother. Dylan gets a call that his father’s condition has worsened, so he heads to Chicago and decides to bring his father to Genoa City with him. Phyllis has lunch with Jack but is called away to work. She returns to lunch just in time to stop Jack from drinking a glass of wine.

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