Monday 3/4/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that she didn’t get that far with Eric last night. She went to ask him for more executive work at the office and then she spotted Taylor in her lingerie in Eric’s bedroom. Bill is stunned, but says way to go, Eric! That little blue pill must be working overtime. Two lonely people together, nothing wrong with that; no harm, no foul. Brooke differs in that Taylor is using Eric in his time of grief. She did not see this coming, but Taylor now has her claws into Eric. Bill says payback is a bitch and so is Taylor. No telling what she will do next. Eric wakes up next to Taylor and commences to tell her how fabulous last night was and that he wants her to move in with him. He wants to wake up next to her every morning. She says yes. He says it is official. She is now the new matriarch of Forrester. Heck today he would even name her Queen of England if he could. Both Steffy and Thomas are worried and both looking for Taylor as it is obvious that her phone is off and she did not spend the night at home last night. Marcus introduces his brother, Carter, to Rick and hopes he can help Rick with his expertise in the legal department, particularly the patents, thus keeping him in L.A. for a while. The shipping boys show up at the beach house and surprise Thomas and Steffy when they realize something is up. Taylor and Eric are close behind and spread the good news with them. Eric says they have been dating (yeah, like no dates, just one sleepover) and she is moving in with him. Taylor wants them to be okay with this. They want to be together. Despite the short notice, both Steffy and Thomas extend their warm wishes and say go for it. They are all settling in with new lives so this will be good for Taylor.

Brooke tells Bill that this is not good for the company and since he is part owner, she thought he ought to know. Taylor already has a lot of influence with Eric and now after last night it probably will only grow more. It is so disrespectful with Taylor in Stephanie’s bed. It is not fair to Brooke or her family either. She is going to talk to Eric again and she will not allow him to make this big mistake. Rick looks at his iPhone with Maya's pix. Without mentioning her name, Rick tells Marcus about this new girl with a smile that will light up the room. Caroline calls him and wants him to make up for last night's community service and to check out a new dinner place. He cuts the conversation short and tells her that he's pulling another duty tonight. Brooke walks in on Taylor as she is moving in. Taylor says she knows this is a lot to absorb, but someday she hopes Brooke will accept it. Brooke says no, this is not her home now, this is just Taylor’s way to get back at her. She is not in love with Eric……this is no romance, this is revenge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

A notary showed up at the hospital with the custody papers for Will.  Nick wanted Will to sign the papers. Jennifer let Daniel know that Chloe wonít stop coming between them.  Sami didnít want Will to sign anything until she talked to Nick.  Sami wanted everyone to leave so she could talk to Nick alone.  Sami wanted to offer Nick a deal to keep Will in the babyís life.  Sami thought Nick wanted to punish her and not Will so he shouldnít take his anger out on Will.  Nick refused to listen to what Sami had to say.  They continued back and forth about Will and the baby.  Sami promised to stay away from the baby forever if Nick gives up on expecting Will to walk away from his daughter.  Jennifer continued to explain to Daniel why she had to end it with him.  Jennifer couldnít deal with Chloe now that she has dragged Abby into their situation.  Jennifer knew that Daniel meant well and that all he would do was say that he would make sure that Chloe stayed away from her.  Jennifer didnít think that would work.  Nancy called Chloe and they talked about Daniel.  Nancy assured Chloe that they would make sure that Chloe got Daniel back.  Will asked EJ if thereís a way for him to turn himself in without hurting anyone else.  EJ said it wasnít possible because Lucas had already perjured himself.  Lucas didnít want Will to lose his daughter.  Sami told Nick she would sing a document saying that she would stay away from the baby if he left Will alone.  Nick didnít believe a word she said.

Sami and Nick continued to argue about Will and the baby.  Sami put her foot in her mouth by saying a murderer (Nick) shouldnít raise her sonís daughter.  Sami realized she messed up by looking at the expression on Nickís face. Sami apologized for saying it, but Nick didnít care.  He didnít want to talk to her anymore.  Nick ended up walking away from her and walking in on Will talking to EJ about his rights to his daughter.  Daniel was determined not to give up on Jennifer.  Daniel kissed Jennifer and left the house.  Nick urged Will to sing the papers.  Will thought it was wrong, but Nick wouldnít change his mind.  Daniel went to his apartment and had it out with Chloe about Jennifer.  Will signed the papers giving up his rights to the baby.  Sami apologized to Will for her role in him losing his baby.  Will understood and said it wasnít her fault.  EJ reminded Nick that he defended him years ago and thought of Will as a son so he didnít approve of what Nick was doing to him.  When Nick didnít seem afraid, EJ reminded Nick that he didnít want to mess with the DiMeras.  Nick walked away and visited Gabi in her hospital room.  He told Gabi that no one would bother them and they could get married so soon, but she ended up agreeing to get married.  Nancy called Daniel and talked to him about Chloe.  Nancy told Daniel that she was worried about Chloe and thought she should have been over him by now.  It turned out that Nancy called Daniel because it was part of a plan she and Chloe cooked up so Chloe could get Daniel back.  Will was upset over signing away his rights to his baby and Sonny comforted him.  Sonny realized that Nick was plotting against Will for a while and used Sami as a reason to go after him.  Sonny was convinced that Nick plotted against Will all along because heís gay.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina breaks the news to Felix that she isnít graduating with him. Patrick thinks Britt has something to do with it so he goes to confront her. Britt denies it and says he has to face the fact that Sabrina either didnít know the material or was too distracted by her crush on ďSteve.Ē Patrick tells her that he is going to find out what happened with Sabrinaís final exam and that if he finds that Britt sabotaged it, she will be out of a job instead of Sabrina. Felix returns from asking Epiphany about it and says Epiphany said Sabrina passed the exam ďwith flying colors,Ē but that they think she cheated. Steve and Oliviaís ICU wedding is interrupted by Memphis police officers who have come to arrest him for murdering a patient in Memphis. Olivia protests that Steve was exonerated when Maggie Worth confessed to it. The detective says they investigated the suicide note and found that it was forged, and when they tracked down the forger, he told them that Steveís mother, Heather Webber, hired him. He says that further investigation turned up a mysteriously misplaced file that implicates Steve. The detective says they will extradite Steve to Tennessee when he is well enough to travel, and then he leaves the room. Olivia says she is going to call Alexis, but Steve says he doesnít want a lawyer and that he isnít going to fight it; he is going to plead guilty. Olivia wants to finish the wedding ceremony, but Steve says this is not the way to start a marriage. She doesnít care; she wants to marry him now. He wants her to wait for him and get married after he serves his time. She tells him that she wonít ever give up on her dream.

Mayor Lomax tells Anna and D.A. Martinez that the media are portraying fugitives as heroes. She expresses her disappointment that a 15-year-old girl got them out of jail and that the police department couldnít tell one of their own from a serial killer. While Molly is watching the news report, Kristina runs down the stairs and says Sam and Danny are gone. Molly sees them on the television. Sam makes a statement to the media that she and her son would not be alive without the aid they received from John, Rafe, and Lucy. She pledges to fight for their freedom as they fought to save her life. The mayor wonders how she can press charges against the three when a widowed mother is telling the media that they saved her and her child. Anna says Rafe and John were wrongly arrested and escaped on her watch so the only resolution is for her to resign. She hands over the letter of resignation that she had already written. Mayor Lomax tears it up and says she wonít accept Annaís resignation, saying that it would reflect badly on her as well. Mayor Lomax, Commissioner Devane, and D.A. Martinez go to address the press. The three prisoners join the three officers of the court. Mayor Lomax makes a statement to the press that John, Lucy, and Rafe were working with Commissioner Devane to use unconventional tactics to catch the serial killer that had kidnapped Sam and Danny, and that D.A. Martinez is not pressing any charges. The mayor thanks them for their service to the city and says they are free to go. D.A. Martinez tells Anna not to arrest anyone that she doesnít intend for him to prosecute.

Molly tells Kristina that what Mayor Lomax said isnít what happened. Kristina says their motherís head would have exploded if Molly had to go to Juvenile Hall at the same time that Kristina is completing the terms of her suspended sentence. Molly says she would be more concerned about breaking their motherís heart. Molly says she is going to the police station to congratulate their mother, but Kristina says Molly is going there to see Rafe. Rafe tells Lucy that he saw his motherís ghost at Wyndemere. She tells him that he isnít crazy and that Alison came to her too. Rafe says Alison said Caleb is his father. Lucy is sorry that he had to find out that way, and says it is just shared DNA. He is afraid that he will become like his biological father. Lucy suggests that when he thinks of his biological father, that he should look at the man that looks just like him. She says John McBain is a good man and a good role model. Lucy still doesnít get why John and Sam look so much like Caleb and Livvie. Molly arrives at the police station. Rafe tells her that Caleb really was his father. John tells Sam that it must be hard for Rafe to deal with seeing his mother murdered and then finding out that the killer was his father. Sam wonders where Rafe will go and what he will do now. Anna takes Lucy to the morgue to see Steven Clayís body to verify that he is really dead. She notices that his ring is not on his finger and asks where it is. The morgue worker says Clay was not wearing a ring. Lucy says she tried to take it off of him when he was killed, but it wouldnít budge. Anna says someone who has been in contact with the body must have taken it off. She says she will look into it. She asks if Lucy is ok now that she has seen the body. Lucy looks at it suspiciously, then she says Caleb is really dead, but that he isnít really Caleb, because Caleb was just a story that Steven Clay told, and that he is not a vampire; he was just a man. When Anna and Lucy walk out of the morgue, Lucy has an eerie feeling and looks back. The morgue worker takes Calebís ring out of his pocket and puts it on. Before he covers Steven Clayís face, however, the body turns into himself. Caleb covers the young man's face and walks out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Baldwin home, Fen asks if he told Lauren his decision to step down from being D.A. Michael says he hasn’t told her. Jack, Billy, and Phyllis discuss launching a new lipstick color. On the phone Nikki reminds Victoria to come to the rehearsal dinner planned for that night. Abby and Kyle are seated at a table at the coffeehouse when she sees Summer come in. Abby instructs Kyle not to look at her. Summer soon joins them. Lily and Cane apologize to each other for the fight that they had the night before. Summer reminds Kyle of the promise that he made to help her with her Physics. Kyle agrees to help her which unnerves Abby. Jack tells Billy that his relationship with Phyllis has nothing to do with Nikki’s upcoming marriage to Victor. In the outer office of Jabot, Billy warns Phyllis not to hurt Jack. Fen urges Michael to call Lauren. Lauren and Carmine are in bed together, but she promises that this can never happen again. Victoria calls Billy to come home. Kyle quizzes Summer on Physics. Lily tells Cane that Tyler was at the office when she got there the night before. Michael thinks about his and Lauren’s conversation from the night when she told him that she was moving out. Paul visits Michael to see how he is doing. Michael lets Paul know that he and Fen had a talk. Carmine tells Lauren that this secret is safe with him. Fen visits Lauren in her hotel room.

Abby visits Jack and Phyllis to let them know that Kyle and Summer are hanging out together. Fen lets Lauren know that he and Michael talked. He urges Lauren to talk to Michael. Lily and Cane talk and reconcile their differences and then kiss. Michael tells Paul that he hasn’t heard from Lauren. At the coffeehouse, Phyllis lets Lauren know about her and Jack, but Phyllis notices that something is not right between Lauren and Michael. When Summer asks Jack for an internship at Jabot, he agrees. Jack wonders if this is about Kyle working there. Summer lets Kyle know that Jack gave her an internship. Kyle asks Jack if he knows what he just did. At home, Billy mixes up a concoction that soon makes Victoria feel better. When Phyllis questions her about her marriage to Michael, Lauren says she left the house and took a room at the Athletic Club. Abby orders a cup of coffee from Carmine then notices how happy he is and suspects that it must be due to a woman. Phyllis finds out that Jack gave Summer an internship.

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