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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke turns the handle on Eric’s bedroom door, calls out his name and says she is there. Eric and Taylor look stunned and guilty. With no answer, Brooke opens the door just as Eric pops out from the other side. She sees him in his robe and says it is early to go to bed; she hopes he is all right. She even asks if he is alone and when he looks stunned at that, she calls out Donna’s name, then Pam’s. Then it is she that is stunned when she pushes the door further open and sees Taylor. Shocked beyond dismay, she asks what are they both thinking… in Stephanie’s bedroom. Taylor tells her she thinks she should leave. Brooke continues that Taylor is just using Eric. Eric tells Brooke to please not judge him for how he feels and what he is going through. Brooke says he may care for Taylor, but she is using him for power in the company. Eric tells Brooke that he is sorry that he is not meeting her timetable. He misses Stephanie and he always will, but he is alive and Taylor is helping him get on with his life and Stephanie would be the first to approve of that. She accuses Taylor of standing there in her underwear and how hypocritical that is after all the years of her trashing Brooke. This must be some sort of revenge and trying to take Brooke’s place in the family. Taylor assures her that she is not trying to take anything away from Brooke, not her last moments with Stephanie and certainly not her responsibilities or place in the family. She’s been alone for a long time now and she’s just trying to find a little happiness.

Steffy hugs Thomas as he congratulates her. Liam tells him just for the record, neither he nor Hope knew about the baby. Steffy says it is okay. She would have chosen a different way to tell Liam, but at least now they can move forward. Even Hope now will be better off. Thomas says he knows he has not always been Liam’s biggest fan, but….with the baby coming and knowing how much he means to Steffy, he’d like to put that all behind him and welcome Liam into the family. Hope is sitting in her office trying to sketch, but mainly just moping until Oliver comes in and says he is sorry and tries to cheer her up. He starts with a story that once he was into this blonde girl and she was into him. When they broke up he was out one night and got this….he shows her a tattoo on his ankle. It’s the Chinese symbol for Hope. She lets out a big laugh. He’s glad so now he will cancel his appointment to have it removed. All he wants is for her to smile again. Thomas and Steffy discuss the fact that their mother is dating again and that it is Eric, a man who can appreciate her and treat her as she deserves. And the fact that it will irk Brooke is okay too. Now all she can do it sit back and watch Taylor become the Forrester matriarch. When Brooke keeps harping and even says this isn’t the first time Eric has turned to someone other than Stephanie, Eric blurts out that he’s in love with Taylor. Taylor tells Brooke to stop being selfish. It is not her job to tell Eric what he can do or who to see. This is happening whether Brooke likes it or not. Brooke follows Eric down the stairs as he is trying to show her out. She stops him and turns him around and says that she doesn’t care what spin he puts on this, this is wrong. Flat out, Taylor is using him and she is not going to leave here until she gets him to understand. Taylor joins in and tells Brooke to go ahead and do whatever she has to do to follow Stephanie’s wishes, but just not here. Just leave them alone. They are happy together and are following their hearts….certainly something Brooke has preached about herself for years. In fact, Brooke is the last person who should be calling this a seduction or power play. Brooke grits her teeth and berates Taylor for all the accusations she has made over the years about her and now thinks she will just stand there and let her get away with this. She will never stand for Taylor seducing Eric and using him. She will be the voice of reason; the voice of Stephanie. She would never want this. She addresses Taylor and barks at her to go back upstairs and finish getting dressed and just leave with whatever bit of dignity she might have left. Eric interrupts and tells Brooke that Taylor is not the one leaving….Brooke is, right now! Taylor adds that Brooke is so used to getting her way; she wiggled her way throughout the entire family including snowing Stephanie at the very end. Now it looks like she has worn out her welcome. Eric is the man of the house and this is his life. Brooke should show some respect and do what he says, just leave. Brooke has tears in her eyes and looks toward Eric, but he’s not showing any forgiveness. She grabs her purse and slams the door as she leaves. Eric summons Taylor into his arms. She thanks him for standing up for her. He tells her that he couldn’t let Brooke talk to her like that. Taylor points out that she won’t be the only one thinking like this if they continue. Eric says there is no if. This is a new beginning with her in this house and in his bed. Stephanie would want that. He says there is a new matriarch in the house and it’s Taylor. He kisses her and she looks over his shoulder to see Stephanie looking down on them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will could go to jail for shooting EJ.  Abe called Rafe about Abby and Chloe’s fight.  Chloe lied to Daniel about what happened with Abby.  Chloe decided not to press charges against Abby.  Daniel agreed to take Parker for awhile since Chloe was “hurt”.  Nick was determined to stop Sami from going after Gabi.  EJ warned Sami not to threaten Nick and Gabi anymore or she would make things worse for Will.  Lucas, Will, and Sonny arrived at the hospital and found Nick.  Lucas let Nick know that Will wouldn’t waive his rights to his child.  Abby and Jennifer went home and talked about what happened with Chloe.  Abby told Jennifer how Chloe used Jack against her.  Jennifer apologized to Abby about what happened.  Nick explained to Lucas, Will, and Sonny what would happen to Will’s family if Nick went to the police about the shooting.  Nick warned them that Will’s family would get in trouble for not investigating the shooting better than they did.  Will said he would just turn himself in since that’s what Nick would do if Will didn’t do it.  Sami and EJ walked in and heard what Will said.  Sami said that Will wasn’t going to admit to anything.

Abby thought she would lose Cameron because she fought with Chloe.  Jennifer believed that Cameron would understand if she explained what happened with Chloe.  Daniel went to his place to find out from Chloe what really happened with Abby.  Chloe explained again what happened with her, but Daniel had trouble believing it.  Sami couldn’t believe that Will shot EJ.  Everyone explained to Sami what happened.  Sami didn’t understand why Nick would want to send his family to prison.  Nick reminded Sami that she wanted to send Gabi to prison too.  Chloe suggested that her mother help her with Parker since her nanny took another job.  Chloe claimed that she wanted to make things easier for Daniel.  Sami was making things worse so Nick wanted to keep Will away from the baby.  Nick told Sami if anyone were responsible for Will losing his rights to the baby that it was her.  Nick and company continued to argue about how Will’s family is a bad influence on the baby.  Nick tried to convince Will that he should think about the baby and sign away his rights.  Daniel went to Jennifer to talk.  She decided that they needed a break.  A notary showed up with the paperwork about custody.  Nick gave Will the papers to sign.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felicia ignores Frisco’s calls. Duke ignores Tracy Quartermaine’s calls. Felicia feels badly about everything that Tracy is going through after having done so much to make ELQ successful. She reveals to Duke that Frisco is bothering her by trying to win her back and refusing to accept that they are over. Duke says he understands wanting to be reunited with the love of your life after years of separation. Felicia points out that Duke didn’t choose to leave Anna, whereas Frisco chose to leave her and their daughters.

Olivia goes to Steve’s hospital room in her wedding dress so they can get married right away. The hospital board clears Sabrina of any wrongdoing. When Sabrina checks on Steve, Olivia says she is glad that she stopped by so she can see that her crush is officially off the market. Sabrina says she is glad to see that Steve is off the market and wishes them both the best. She admits that she didn’t really have a crush on Steve; she just said that she did because she was embarrassed to admit that she had a crush on someone else. Olivia advises her to tell her real crush the truth.  Maxie runs into Frisco on her way to help with Olivia’s impromptu wedding. Spinelli runs into them so Maxie introduces the two men. Frisco is less than friendly. Maxie asks Frisco not to make trouble for Spinelli. Frisco spots Britt and mentions that she is using crutches. She believes he caused her fall in the parking lot. He says people with bad karma seem to have accidents. She says she let Maxie off the hook, so they are done. He corrects her that they are done when he says they are done and that she still needs to clean up the mess she made for the nurse. She tells him that the board cleared the nurse. He tells her not to forget his final demand for her silence about his grandchild. She gives him her word. He doesn’t think that is worth much and will get back to her with his terms. Patrick observes Frisco talking to Britt and asks her what she did to get on his bad side. She says he was just concerned about his daughter’s treatment. Patrick tells her that she needs to learn how to treat people. She tells him that she can’t do anything to hurt his precious student nurse and hobbles away on her crutches. The list of student nurse graduates is posted on the wall. Britt gloats when Sabrina sees that her name is not on the list. Maxie goes to Steve’s room with a maid or matron of honor dress. She isn’t sure which, but it doesn’t matter. Elizabeth says she is actually the best man. Olivia asks her if she will stand up for her, too and be both. Elizabeth is honored and goes to change into the dress. Elizabeth runs into AJ in the corridor immediately after Michael has told him that it is his turn to find someone smart and beautiful like Starr is. AJ asks her if she would like to go on a date with her sometime. She says yes. She goes into Steve’s room, where Maxie has brought in the minister. They exchange vows. The minister gets to, “I now pronounce you,” when officers from the Memphis police department arrive to arrest Steve.

Spinelli goes to the Quartermaine mansion where Tracy asks him to steal back her relish. He isn’t interested in stealing. Tracy tells him that she wanted to ask Duke Lavery first, because he has no morals and she thought he could use the income being that he is unemployed. Spinelli reveals that Duke isn’t unemployed; he works for ELQ. She realizes that Duke stole the relish for AJ. Frisco goes to the Floating Rib and is pleased to see Duke after all these years. He comments that it is as if nothing has changed. Frisco asks Felicia if he got his message that asked her to meet him at the Metro Court at 8 pm. Without waiting for her answer, he says he will see her there, and leaves. Mac overhears from nearby. Duke goes to the Quartermaine estate. Tracy commends him for using the front door this time. She tells him that AJ stole her relish and that after last night’s display of his larcenous skill set when he broke into her house, she would like to hire him to get the relish back from AJ. She opens an attaché full of cash. When Duke leaves, Spinelli comes in from the terrace. He agrees to spy on Duke and AJ. As Tracy expected, Duke goes to AJ and tells him that Tracy hired him to steal the relish back. Ellie and Starr work on reverse-engineering the relish in the General Hospital lab.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon calls Nick and tells him that Faith got scared and ran off when she saw that Sharon had hurt her ankle, and now she is lost on the property. Sharon tells Nick that she can’t walk and needs him to pick her up by the elm tree where they used to have picnics. Dylan is able to find Faith who, at first, doesn’t wake up. When she awakens, Dylan takes her back to Sharon, Nick, and Avery who are all worried about her. Faith’s crush on Dylan grows stronger, because she thinks he is her Prince Charming who woke her from a deep sleep. When they get home, she doesn’t want him to leave, so he promises to come back and visit her tomorrow. Nick tells Dylan that he will always be grateful to him for finding Faith and bringing her home safely. Dylan and Nick both agree that Avery shouldn’t go to Milwaukee for a hearing on the Innocence Foundation case, but she is determined to rent a car and go do her job.  Avery buys Dylan a beer, and they talk about his mom and dad. Avery tells Dylan that his mother gave her the recipe for his favorite chocolate chip cookies a few years ago when she saw her in Chicago. Dylan tells Avery that his father hasn’t been the same since his mother died, and his health has gotten worse.

Nick and Sharon read a bedtime story to Faith until she falls asleep. They are both grateful their little girl is safe. Tyler heads to Lily’s place for her to sign a budget proposal for the new fashion line. He tells Lily that Cane and Chelsea are meeting at the office about the new clothing line. Lily decides to have a business meeting of her own with Tyler. Cane isn’t happy when he arrives home to see Lily having a glass of wine with Tyler. After they argue, Lily goes to the office to work, and Tyler tells her that he would never treat her as badly as Cane did tonight. Cane manages to persuade Chelsea not to leave town and give up a wonderful opportunity just to get away from Adam.  Michael and Fen have a long talk and apologize to each other for all the mistakes they made. Fen promises to make things right with Jamie. Michael tells Fen that he quit his job as district attorney, because he loves him and Lauren more than his job. He asks for another chance to be a good father and husband. Unable to stop having fantasies about Carmine, Lauren goes downstairs for a glass of wine at the bar where she talks to Carmine. When she's back in her room, Carmine arrives for a visit, and they make love.

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