Thursday 2/28/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that she fought the good fight, and he respects that, but she has to accept that Liam is now with Steffy. He encourages her again to go to Eric and get back deeply into the company, perhaps even involve Hope with her line. He won’t stop until she agrees that she will go tonight. Now he needs to go see his son. Liam avows again that he wants to be with Steffy because of her, not just the baby. She fills him in some of her cravings and he’s looking forward to all of them. Eric tells Taylor that she is going to be the most beautiful grandmother in the world. But after the day she had, he wasn’t sure that he’d want to come over tonight. They are sure that Stephanie would approve. He nixes a martini that he and Stephanie shared; time to let that go. He pours a fine sparkling wine and tells Taylor that she glows. She exudes happiness about the baby and now this; a perfect ending. Eric says it is not over yet. He guides her into a slow dance.

Bill bursts in…..and I do mean bursts in on a dirt bike with a bag of goodies at Liam’s and announces that he is going to be a granddad, and they will just have to excuse him for being so thrilled. He tells Liam that this is a new bond; they will be the first hands on fathers in this family. Taylor tells Eric that the chicken is to die for. She can’t tell him how much it means for him to care for her. She always thought Stephanie was the luckiest woman in the world to have him. And now they are together as more than friends. Eric leaves her for a little while and Taylor finally goes upstairs to find him. He has roses about and the bed covers turned down, just ready…… and then shows her a Forrester Original…a sexy nightgown and asks her to try it on. Brooke lets herself in with her key and slowly follows the music upstairs and calls out Eric’s name. Eric and Taylor have this shocked look on their faces as Brooke turns the door handle.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Lucas showed up at Samiís office to talk to her about Nick, Gabi, and the baby.  Sami was convinced that Nick is trying to keep Will away from the baby and that Gabi will eventually jump on board and do it too.  Lucas warned Sami not to assume anything, but Sami told him that Nick all but said it to her face.  Sami let Lucas know that she had a feeling that Nick knew something and that he was going to use it against Will.  Sonny and Will talked about what Nick knew and how he was going to use it against Will.  Nick had a dream about Vargas (an inmate) choking him.  Vargas told Nick that he owed him and that he was going to pay up.  Hope woke him up from his dream.  Hope and Nick talked about Gabi as well as the baby.  Nick told Hope how Sami badgered Gabi to get a paternity test.  He also told Hope that Will as well as his family is trouble.  Chloe and Abby argued over Chloe trying to come between Daniel and Jennifer.  Lucas wanted Sami to tell him more about what she thinks Nick knew about Will.  Sami let him know that it wasnít about anything specific. Nick was talking as if he knew something and she believed that he knew something.  Sami let Lucas know that she planned on bugging Nick until he admits to what he knows.  Lucas said he would try to get the info from Nick since no one is mad at him.  Lucas wanted Sami to stay out of it and let him deal with it.  Lucas left Samiís office and he was upset when he left.  Gabi was awake and wanted to see Nick.  Nick wanted Gabi to stop thinking about Sami because she wonít be a problem for her anymore.  Sonny didnít want Will to worry about Nick.  Will believed he had a reason to worry.  Will had to find a way to stop Nick.  Sonny looked up some info and noticed that the Statute of Limitations is still running.  Sonny let Will know that even though he was a minor when he shot EJ he could still be charged.  Sonny told Will that he should get a lawyer.  Abby and Chloe continued to argue about Jennifer and Daniel.  Abby was ready to walk away from Chloe, but Chloe grabbed her.  Chloe let Abby know that she was the one that was trash. Chloe continued to insult Jennifer and that made Abby get upset with her.  Chloe mentioned Jack and how Abby was betraying her dad. 

Sami thought about her conversation with Rafe about Gabi.  Sami remembered that Gabi was almost thrown in jail.  Sami was determined to get leverage against Gabi.  Sami was on her way to the hospital.  Nick informed Gabi that he was going to make sure that Will and Sami donít cause trouble for them.  Sonny wanted Justin to help Will out with his case.  Will didnít want to let Justin know that he shot EJ.  Sonny didnít think it would be a problem.  Lucas showed up while they were talking and wanted to talk to Will alone.  Will didnít want Sonny to leave since he knew everything about the shooting.  Will let Lucas know that Nick showed up and told Sonny everything about the shooting.  Nick left Gabiís room to make a phone call.  Nick checked to make sure the papers were drawn up.  Nick wanted the papers notarized and sent to University Hospital.  Sami saw Nick in the waiting room and demanded to talk to him.  Chloe continued to throw Jack up in Abbyís face.  Abby became enraged and grabbed for Chloe.  Daniel and Jennifer were walking by and broke up the fight between Chloe and Abby.  Vargas was looking at a calendar that had an x on Feb 27th.  March 15th was circled on the calendar.  Lucas wanted Will to tell him everything that Nick said.  Will believes that Nick wants him to stay out of his childís life.  Sami let Nick know that he will not keep her out of her grandchildís life.  Nick reminded Sami that she nearly killed her grandchild.  Nick told Sami that he will keep Gabi and their baby safe.  Sami reminded Nick that the baby is Willís and not his.  Nick let Sami know that there was no way he would let a b*tch like her hurt Gabi or the baby.  Sami slapped Nick.  Lucas couldnít believe that Nick wanted Will to give up his rights to his child.  Lucas wanted to know why Nick changed his mind about Will being in his childís life.  Will let Lucas know that it was because of Sami.  Nick apologized for insulting Sami.  Sami believed that Nick was bluffing about what he had over Will.  Nick reminded Sami that he paid his debt to society and that she couldnít use his past against him in family court.  Sami let him know that he had a bigger problem than his record.  Will talked to Lucas about how Sami pushed him into asking for the paternity test and thatís why Nick found the dirt on him.  Will was ready to give Nick what he wanted.  Lucas couldnít believe that Will was going to give Nick what he wanted.  Will said that he had to give up his daughter.  Sami told Nick that he may have paid his debt to society but Gabi didnít do it.  Sami warned Nick that he would let her and Will be in the babyís life without Nick interfering.  Nick wanted to know what Sami would do if he didnít listen to Samiís threat.  Sami would have Gabi declared an unfit mother.  Sami would also tell what Gabi did and she would go to prison.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steveís surgeon tells Olivia that Steve is out of surgery and that the prognosis is good. Dante joins his mother at the hospital and tells her that Heather Webber turned herself in.  Elizabeth appreciates that AJ stayed with her. Olivia and Elizabeth each have a turn visiting Steve in the ICU. Dante asks Olivia if she really had a vision about Steveís stabbing before it happened. She confirms that she did and laments that she never knows when or where her visions will play out so they really donít do any good. She says she still doesnít know what her vision about Maxie with the dog means. He tells her that it came true when Maxie tripped over a dog on New Yearís Eve. Steve tells Olivia that in the future, he will take all of her visions seriously. She tells him that she wants to marry him as soon as possible because she doesnít want to waste another moment.

Rafe sees Alisonís spirit watching over him at Wyndemere. He apologizes for not being able to save her from Caleb. She tells him that it wasnít his fault and that she is at peace now and with his father. He tells her that Caleb claimed to be his father. She admits that Caleb took advantage of her and that he is indeed Rafeís biological father. Lucy arrives in the underground room below Wyndemere just as Caleb is about to kill John McBain with the battle-axe. He says she has made it convenient for him to kill everyone at once. Meanwhile, John and Sam try to loosen their restraints. Lucy shoots a silver-tipped arrow from her crossbow, but Caleb catches it mid-air. He takes Lucy by the throat. McBain is able to free himself and get Caleb off Lucy. Lucy goes to free Sam while Caleb and John struggle over the arrow. Sam says Calebís name, distracting him. . He thinks she remembers being Livvie. John stabs Caleb in the heart with the arrow. Caleb falls to the floor. John takes the fake fangs out of Calebís mouth and puts them in Lucyís hand. He says the man is not a vampire; he is Steven Clay, a man who lost his mind when his wife died. Sam says he loved his wife so much and that she hopes that they are together in peace now. Sam and John go upstairs, but Lucy stays with Calebís body. Sam and Danny are reunited. She thanks Rafe for keeping Danny safe. John tells Rafe that Lucy will be up shortly and that Caleb is dead. Lucy says she isnít crazy; Caleb is. She concludes that Caleb is just playing with them to make them think they have won. She tries to take the ring off his finger to remove his power, but it wonít come off. She says she is done; she wonít give him one more day of her life. When she leaves, his ring glows.

Tracy taunts Monica about the hidden jar of Pickle-Lila. Monica tells Tracy that if she really intended to save ELQ, she wouldnít hide the last jar of Pickle-Lila; she would have it mass produced. Tracy says thatís a good idea, she will have a lab analyze it and give her the recipe. She goes to the pantry and finds the relish gone. She accuses Monica and AJ of stealing the relish because the only other person that has been in the house is Duke Lavery, and he doesnít know Pickle-Lila exists. Duke takes the jar of Pickle-Lila that he stole from the Quartermaine mansion to Michaelís apartment. Michael calls AJ to come to his apartment. Starr says she knows how to reverse-engineer a sample as she is a chemistry major and self-proclaimed science geek. AJ hires her to do it.  AJ tells Duke not to come into the office for a while, lest they tip off Tracy about their work relationship. AJ goes home to the Quartermaine mansion and plays dumb when Tracy says she knows he stole her relish. It strikes Tracy that Duke might not be as clueless as she thought. She calls his number, but he doesnít answer because the caller ID says ďcaller unknown.Ē

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie tells Neil that she and Tyler changed their names to escape their past and their real names are Valerie and Davis Rogan. Leslie explains that she testified at her fatherís murder trial because she saw him standing over the lifeless body of her mother. Leslie also tells Neil that Congressman Wheeler is pressuring her to testify at her fatherís new trial to make sure he stays in jail. Dylan sees that Avery’s brake lines were cut; and through a process of elimination, Nick figures out that someone doesn’t want her to free her client from the Innocence Foundation. Nick confronts Victor about his involvement with Congressman Wheeler and Avery’s case. Victor promises Nick that he will make sure that no harm comes to Avery. Nick agrees to be the best man at Victor’s wedding to Nikki.

Chelsea overhears Sharon telling Adam she will move in with him while her kitchen is being remodeled. Then Chelsea decides to leave town until her baby is born. Chloe thinks that Chelsea should tell Adam about her pregnancy, but she refuses to pressure him into reconciliation because of the baby. Neil has a talk with Congressman Wheeler asking him to stop pressuring Leslie to testify at her father’s new trial. Victor also talks to Congressman Wheeler and tells him to leave his family and Avery alone or everyone will find out how his daughter died and why he is trying to keep an innocent man in jail. Sharon goes on a hike with Faith and Dylan, but she twists her ankle during a snowball fight. Dylan checks on Sharon’s leg, and they look away for a second. When they call for Faith, she doesn’t answer and they are unable to find her.

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