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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Almost mesmerized, Brooke looks into Bill’s eyes as he strokes her hair and forehead and asks if there is anything he can do. He says he knows what she was hoping for her daughter and he’s sorry that is not going to happen. She says baby or no baby, Hope will always be in Liam's heart and he was ready to commit to her today before Steffy showed up. Bill says he knows, but Liam has now made his decision and a baby trumps everything. Not only is this decision good for Steffy and Liam but for Hope as well. She has a new beginning. She’s strong and resilient and she will bounce back. And he brags this will make him the youngest grandpa on record. She chuckles at least one who is still a stallion. He advises her to do something that she does best – Forrester Creations. He wants her to go to Eric and ask him to let her help run the company together with him. He is sure that Eric is sitting alone in that big old house right now and there is nothing he’d like better than to have Brooke by his side. Thomas is working late on sketches and Taylor chastises him for not being out on a date. Perhaps if he shaved his stubble of a beard then perhaps he’d get one. She shares with Thomas that she and Bill are going to be grandparents and she just stopped by his office to tell him.

Steffy discovers that Liam has almost nothing in his frij and they playfully act out their catching skills and end up with raw squished egg between them. They change clothes and she says it feels good to wear one of his shirts again. She hopes they make them in maternity size. He asks about cravings and she says yep, just wait til he sees the anchovy and artichoke pizza she ordered. He beams that he wants her, the baby and everything that comes with it. Eric reads a note from Pam that she’s gone to a knitting class, his meal is in the oven and she will call tomorrow. He starts to make a martini, then doesn’t. He calls Taylor and asks about Steffy and wants to see Taylor and hear all about it. She says she will be right over. Thomas senses there is a special man in her life the way she talks on the phone. She answers yes and holds up a pix of Eric. He’s shocked and surprised but tells her that he just designed a dress that will be perfect for her for tonight. Eric is happy to hear it all worked out for Steffy. He kisses Taylor and hopes this is going to be a wonderful evening for her. Liam looks at a baby website and says it is going to be a fun nine months. There’s even such a thing as a father having sympathetic symptoms. He just wishes she didn’t have to go through the first part alone. She says it is okay; she knows what the future is gonna be, just the three of them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer talked to Abby about what happened with Daniel.  Jennifer regretted her decision to give Daniel an ultimatum, but Abby assured her that she was right.  Daniel went to Chloe to make sure she didnít bother Jennifer.  Kristen told Brady that she was held prisoner when she left Salem.  Eric and Nicole were talking about why she wanted to leave town when Rafe showed up at the church to get a statement about the attempted robbery.  Nicole was upset because Eric didnít want to pres charges against Kevin.  Nicole decided that she would press charges instead of Eric.  Nicole and Rafe left the church.  Kristen told Brady that Stefano rescued her and that she made a deal with the devil to go free.  Abby and Jennifer continued to talk about Daniel and then they talked about Abbyís relationship with Cameron.  Daniel warned Chloe not to mess with Jenniferís head because Parker would get hurt.

Chloe wanted to know what Daniel meant about Parker getting hurt, but he didnít tell her.  He ended up leaving the apartment.  Kristen continued to tell Brady her story about Stefano paying for her freedom.  Kristen said that Stefano wanted her with him to rebuild the DiMera Empire now that Lexie is gone.  Stefano also wanted Kristen to live at the mansion.  Kristen cried while telling her story to get Brady to change his mind about moving in at the DiMera mansion.  Chloe called Anne to babysit Parker because she was determined to find out what Jennifer said about her.  Daniel showed up at Jenniferís place to talk about her ultimatum.  Daniel told Jennifer that he canít cut Chloe out of his life.  Nicole and Rafe were at the coffee shop and Kate showed up while Nicole left the table.  Nicole came back and saw Kate and Rafe together.  Chloe ran into Abby and they got into it over Daniel.  Kate was able to cover the fact that she was talking to Rafe by mentioning Gabi and the baby.  Nicole ended up asking about Gabi too.  Kristen finally convinced Brady to move into the mansion with her.  Daniel promised Jennifer that he wouldnít let Chloe bother her.  Abby continued to tell Chloe off about coming between Daniel and Jennifer.  Abby ended up telling Chloe how Jennifer wanted Daniel to cut all contact with her.  Brady ran into Marlena at the pub and told her that heís moving into the DiMera mansion with Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke Lavery calls A.J. after having watched Tracy hide her key in a book. He breaks into the house and finds the book, but before he can open it, Tracy comes running into the room wielding an umbrella. When she sees it is Duke, she wants to know why he is in her house. He says he wanted to talk to her about Anna. When she tells him that Anna and Luke broke up, he hugs her and grabs the key from the book behind her. He asks to use the restroom, but he goes and gets the jar of Pickle-Lila and leaves with it in his pocket. A.J. is with Elizabeth Webber at the hospital when Steve Webber is wheeled into the emergency room. Olivia tells Elizabeth that Heather is alive and that she stabbed Steve. Elizabeth lights candles in the chapel and thinks about the conversation she had with Steve when he asked her to be his best man at his wedding. A.J. assures her that Steve isnít going to die. Heather goes to Wyndemere and walks in on Rafe with Danny.  He tells her that he knows she is Heather Webber and that she is crazy. She says her name doesnít matter and demands that he hand over the baby. He refuses. She tells him that Sam is an unfit mother that doesnít deserve a child. She tells Rafe that Danny is her second chance. She says she failed her son Steven Lars. He says he failed his mother, too, but he isnít going to fail Danny. He tells her that it is his fault that his mother was stabbed to death. Heather, remembering stabbing Steve, hugs Rafe and tearfully says she is sorry. She tells him that she isnít going to try to take Danny. She says Danny isnít her son and that her own son could be dying right now, but she canít do anything to help him. She gets on her knees and prays for God not to let Steve die. Olivia prays for Steveís life at the hospital. Elizabeth and AJ pray together for Steve in the chapel. The surgeon that was working on Steve goes to the triage area to report to Elizabeth and Olivia.

Anna receives the report about Heather stabbing Steve. She orders two officers transferred from the McBain case to the Webber case. She directs an officer to get in touch with the sanitarium in Alabama that Steven Clay escaped from.  Alexis asks Anna to help her with the district Attorney on Mollyís case. Anna says she has too much work piled up and that Heather Webber has just resurfaced too. She tells Alexis everything she has learned about Caleb Morley, a.k.a. Steven Clay. She says that perhaps he Clay doesnít intend to hurt Sam because he thinks she is his late wife. Alexis says she doesnít know what she would do if she lost her daughter, then she realizes that Anna lost her daughter. Alexis tells Anna that she has already lost Sam once before, when her father forced her to give Sam up for adoption. Anna goes into an interview room alone and cries while looking at a picture of Robin on her phone. Heather goes to the police station to turn herself in.

Lucy searches the catacombs underneath Wyndemere for Caleb and Sam. She drops her flashlight and then trips and falls, hits her head, and loses consciousness. When she comes to, she sees Alison standing over her. Lucy apologizes for failing to protect Alison. Alison says she is at peace with her husband now and that everything is ok. Alison says Lucy is the only one that can protect Rafe now. She assures Lucy that she has the power to defeat Caleb. Alison disappears. Lucy calls to Alison and says she is lost and needs her help. Caleb tells Sam that it is time for him to take her blood a third time so she will remember everything. John McBain calls out for him to leave Sam alone. Caleb says they meet at last. John calls him Steven, but Caleb corrects him that his name is Caleb Morley. He observes that it appears that John has some Morley in him too. John says any resemblance is coincidental. Caleb says there is no such thing as coincidence and that John was fated to watch over Livvie until he came back to claim her. John says he knows all about Caleb and Livvie, but that Caleb is not a vampire and Livvie is not the woman on the table. Caleb says that instead of killing John, he will let him watch. Caleb leans into bite Sam. John lunges at Caleb with a battle-axe. They grapple over the weapon, with Caleb overpowering John and then he ties him to a beam and waits for him to regain consciousness. Sam prays for everyoneís protection from Caleb. John tries to wriggle out of the ropes. Caleb tells Sam that he has changed his mind about letting John watch their reunion. Sam asks him not to hurt John. As Caleb approaches John with the freshly honed battle-axe, Lucy enters the room and stops him. Alison watches over Rafe.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie talks to Avery about the case she is working on for the Innocence Foundation without telling her that she is the daughter of the man she is trying to get out of jail. Avery tells Leslie that she thinks that someone else killed her mother and that her father was wrongly accused of the killing. Leslie later talks to Tyler and has doubts that their father killed their mother, but Tyler insists that man belongs in jail and is willing to testify again to make sure he stays there. Leslie thinks that it would be too dangerous for her and Tyler to testify again using their real names. Leslie tells Neil that she is ready to tell him everything about herself because she needs to talk to someone about the situation. Nick, Jack, and Abby all warn Kyle to be careful with Summer, because she is developing a crush on him and he assures all of them that he and Summer are just friends.

Congressman Wheeler overhears Avery informing her assistant that she will be going to Milwaukee for her case. He tries to ask Avery about the case, but she refuses to discuss it with him, because it is confidential. Nick is worried that Dylan keeps finding reasons to stay in Genoa City and is getting very close to Sharon and Faith. Victor surprises Nikki with a housewarming party, since the rebuilding of the main house at the ranch is finished. Nikki plays the piano for the family and Victoria notices that she is in a lot of pain but manages to hide it from the rest of the family. Nick gets a call from Avery who seems very upset about something that happened on her way to Milwaukee. Jack gets a visit from John Abbott’s ghost telling him how proud he is that he put the family back together and later. When Jack finds a pill and wants to take it, John helps him realize that he doesnít need it, so Jack crushes the pill with a paperweight and throws the contents in the garbage.

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