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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke, Steffy and Taylor are stunned that Liam comes back inside without Hope. He tells them that she is gone. Brooke can’t believe that he just let her go, but he said he did. She grabs her purse and goes to find Hope. Steffy immediately runs to hug Liam. Taylor smiles and says he made the right choice. She knows they have a lot of plans to make so she is going to take off too. Hope is devastated as she sits in the car. Brooke hops in and comforts her. They both agree that Liam didn’t have to make this choice. He could be a father without marrying Steffy, but Hope knows he grew up without a father and how that affected him and he would not want a child of his to be raised with two separate parents. Liam is just not wired that way and Steffy knew that also. Brooke still isn’t so sure that Steffy didn’t plan this. Hope says it doesn’t matter now as Liam will not turn his back on his child nor Steffy either.

Bill is in his office thinking about the kiss with Brooke. Taylor waltzes in and surprises him with the outstanding news that they are going to be grandparents. Liam opines to Steffy that this is such a surprise, but he hopes she is happy. She says she is and hopes he is too. He half-heartedly grumbles that he is, but he’s still trying to process it all. She comments that she knows it is a big, scary proposition and he needs more time to let it all sink in. He doesn’t actually say the words but starts to ask can he feel her……she takes his hand and places it on her tummy. He smiles and says twice “we’re having a baby.” She says she can’t wait to see his face the first time he holds this child. She knows he will be an amazing father, but he doesn’t have to stay with her to do that. She knows he is thinking about Hope and if he wants to be with her, then go be with her. Holding back her tears and sniffles, Hope says she is trying really hard not to be resentful as she wants to be happy for Liam as she knows he will be a wonderful dad. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. She was the one who was supposed to be having his children. They didn’t stop loving each other, but it seemed others always had an agenda and got in the way. Brooke tries to convince her that what seems impossible today may just be an obstacle to work through tomorrow. (Brooke, you’re adding to her misery by giving her false hope. Know when to throw in the towel). Hope says she can not compete with a baby. Brooke offers her support and asks if there is anything she can do for her. Hope doesn’t think so. Now it’s Steffy’s house, the house where she will be raising Liam’s child, the man who should be hers. She can’t be here anymore. Brooke says she will get her home. Bill is positive but Taylor is not so sure that Hope is out of the picture. Liam has been known to fluctuate before (you said a mouthful there). Bill likes the idea of Grandpa Dollar Bill. But he is sure this will be a big blow to Brooke. Taylor offers then maybe she should butt out of trying to plan other people’s lives. Bill feigns a meeting he needs to get to. He thanks her for the news and says they need to get together for a dinner and celebrate. Steffy repeats again that she doesn’t want Liam to be with her just because she is the mother of his baby. They can actually share custody. Emphatically he says no, they are raising this child together, living in a stable home, all the things they never had. He vows that he knows where his place is, it’s with her. She says only if he is sure; she can not be second. He says he is sure. Bill finds Brooke at the cabin. He can’t deny that he is happy about the news Taylor just told him. Brooke says it has been a long, disappointing day and she hopes he is not there to gloat. He says no, but that is why he is here as he thought she could use a friend. But he thinks Liam made the right choice. When a man makes a family, he has to take responsibility for that and he’s proud of him for doing so. He also knows Hope is hurting and he’s there for Brooke, whatever she needs. She leans on his shoulder and sheds a tear. Steffy can’t believe all of his is real; that they are back to this place. It is going to be so good, he won’t even be able to imagine. Hope is in her bedroom putting on lipstick and fixing her crying face. Finally she gives up and just crumbles on the bed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen tried to make excuses for why Brady heard her say that Stefano wasnít sick.  Eric wasnít strangled after all.  He ended up comforting the guy who tried to strangle him.  Nick was upset with Will because of what happened to Gabi.  Nick blamed Sami for everything.  Will reminded Nick how Gabi was dehydrated and that was why she had cramps, but Nick didnít buy it.  Nick mentioned how Sami changed paternity tests before and didnít know what she would do next.  Nick threatened to take Will to court to have him declared an unfit parent.  Sonny reminded Nick that he was a convicted felon and that no judge would grant him custody over Will.  Nick reminded Sonny that he paid for his crime and asked Will if he did too.  Will assumed that Nick sent the text.

Stefano told John that Brady was moving in his mansion.  John didnít want to believe it, but Stefano continued to tell him about the situation.  Stefano let John know that he was going back to Salem.  Kristen tried to use everything she could think of to get Brady to move in the mansion.  She mentioned Stefano blaming himself for Lexieís death and that she was afraid of what would happen if she didnít move in with him.  Kristen pretended that she was going to faint so Brady took her back to the hotel.  Nick continued to imply that he knew what Will did.  Nick eventually told Sonny that Will shot EJ and that Lucas took the rap for it.  Eric tried to help Kevin (the guy who attacked him) to keep him from getting in too much trouble with the police.  Nicole couldnít believe that Eric helped a man who hurt him.  Nick said he would go to Gabi and she would tell the judge everything.  Nick told Will that he caught him and wanted to know what he would do.  Nick wanted to give Will a choice.  Will had to put Gabi and the baby first or he would go to the police.  John decided to go back to Salem.  Kristen tried one more trick to get Brady to see things her way.  Kristen wanted to tell Brady what happened to her while she was gone from Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny follows Kate to the place where Connieís accident occurred. She wants to try to make the memory surface. She says he already broke his promise to stick by her when he slept with Connie. She asks him how he could leave her for Connie. He says he didnít leave her; she left him when he needed her most. He tells her about Jasonís death. He says that he is surprised that he is still standing after losing both Jason and her. She says she had no control over it. He asks her if she is sure about that. She says she doesnít have a choice when Connie takes over. She says Connie took her son away from her and she took Sonny too. He says he is still here and always will be. She tells him that she needs to mourn her son and asks him to go. He sheds a tear as he tells her that he will never stop loving her.

Elizabeth stabs Steve with a pin to fulfill Oliviaís premonition that he would be stabbed. Elizabeth asks him about their wedding plans. He says he hasnít given it a lot of thought, but he wants her to be his best man. She accepts. He says that the only thing that they have to work on now is Elizabethís taste in men. A.J. visits Elizabeth after his first therapy session. He says he has come to realize that root of his stress isnít just from ELQ, but from his past. Heather goes to Oliviaís house and announces that she survived John McBainís attempt to kill her, but that Olivia wonít be so lucky. She holds out a butcher knife and says everything is Oliviaís fault and that she wouldnít have had to start a new life with her new little boy if Olivia hadnít turned Steve against her. Steve goes home and finds Heather and Olivia struggling over the butcher knife, Olivia with a gash on her right arm. Steve tries to stop his mother. Heather plunges the knife, stabbing Steve instead of Olivia. When the EMTs arrive, they say the police are on the way. Heather slips out when everyone is focused on saving Steve. Elizabeth is on duty when the EMTs wheels Steve into the emergency room. Olivia tells Elizabeth that Heather is alive.

Molly worries about John McBain, Lucy Coe, Rafe, Sam, and Danny as she sits in an interview room at the police station. She tells Shawn that she is supposed to be the good daughter and that she feels bad about breaking Alexis and T.J.ís hearts. T.J. comes to visit her and tells her that her arrest is all over the news. He says she is finally famous, just not for writing a book. Shawn says it isnít T.J.ís job to make things worse for Molly. T.J. asks Molly why she risked so much for a guy she doesnít know. She says she helped John and Lucy, too because they are the only people who can save Sam and Danny. She says she would do anything for Sam and Danny, even if she wrecks her own life in the process. He tells her that he has been so focused on being angry that he hadnít thought of it that way. They apologize to each other. She says she loved the Valentineís Day gift that he gave her. Meanwhile, John, Lucy, and Rafe find Danny alone at Wyndemere. Caleb has carried Sam into the catacombs beneath the manor. She wants to go back to her son. He tells her that her son is safe with his son and that they will have both their sons back soon. John knows that Caleb and Sam must be in the tunnels and knows how to open the passageway. Lucy and John both forbid Rafe to come with them. John says Rafe has to stay there and keep Danny safe. Lucy gives Rafe a medal of Saint Michael as a safety amulet before she and John enter the tunnels. When they come to a place that branches off, they split up. Caleb tells Sam that she will remember everything once he has bitten her two more times. He lays her on a table and bites her. He tells her that it is time for her to cross over to the other side and become as he is. She falls unconscious. Caleb puts her in a wedding gown and sprinkles rose petals on her. She wakes up and finds that her hands are bound. He shows her a picture of his wedding to Livvie. He says it is time for her to say goodbye to this life. She says she doesnít want to die. He tells her that it isnít death; she will be born again into a new life. As he is about to bite her for the third time, John McBain yells for him to get his hands off Sam. Cole hears a noise and thinks it is John and Lucy returning, but it is Heather coming into Wyndemere.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill accuses Adriana of stealing a diamond watch she just had repaired. She and Katherine argue because Jill doesn’t trust Adriana. Adriana finds the watch beside Katherine’s laptop which Katherine remembers putting there when she inspected the repairs the jeweler made. Adriana tells Katherine that it's okay to be a little absent-minded and assures her that her secret is safe. Kevin later calls Chloe and considers stealing valuables from the mansion and blaming Adriana. When Chloe says that isn’t a good idea, Kevin claims he was only kidding. Michael decides to resign as DA and offer the job to Christine. After a long talk with Paul, she decides not to pursue a civil suit against Phyllis and take the DA job, because she knows sooner or later Phyllis will commit another crime, and then she can put her in jail.

Kevin and Christine both try to persuade Fen to forgive Michael, but he is still hurt and angry that his father didn’t believe he didn’t push Jamie off the roof. When Carmine flirts with Lauren, she gives him the cold shoulder, but in her room, all she can think about is making love to him. Abby sees Lauren and Carmine together talking and thinks that she is his new love, but he denies the accusation and turns down Abby’s offer to reconcile and start a new relationship. Abby buys Alex a drink to try and make Carmine jealous, but it doesn’t work. Phyllis tells Jack about her argument with Avery. She thinks that Avery is right; she destroys every decent relationship in her life. Jack tells Phyllis that he knows everything about her, the good and the bad, and he isn’t going to leave her. Phyllis and Jack make love, and afterwards she asks him to court her. Alex asks Michael for a job at the police department, but he hesitates because Alex lied to him about the reason he first came to town.

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