Monday 2/25/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick remains friendly with Maya. He encourages her to eat, but she says she is not hungry. She’s waited on tables before and tells him that he will get the hang of it soon. She shows him how to peel a hard boiled egg which he had never done and she gives him a quick glimpse of her background and why she came to L.A. She pays her bill, leaving more of a tip than what she ate. He asks her to come back and sing….and if not that, at least for something. Liam tells Hope that she’s not being fair to Steffy. She did not tell him about the pregnancy because she did not want to influence his decision of which one to choose. Hope agrees until Steffy found him about to make a decision that she didn’t like. It certainly was no more unfair than the insta-wedding. That was not part of any decision on his part. Hope admits that he’s right and says she didn’t like that either, but her mother has a way of doing things like this. And then she went along with it when she thought that was what he wanted. Taylor can't stand it any longer and announces that she is going back into the living room. Brooke stops her and Steffy adds that she just needs to give Liam more time with Hope. She tells them that she has learned to have patience; why can’t they? Brooke reminds her that it wasn’t patience that brought her here today to announce she was having Liam’s child. Steffy says no; she actually came to save him from the trap that Brooke set. Taylor jumps in and tells Brooke that her daughter has serious issues. There are times that she thinks her dignity has been compromised and she shuts the door. Some doors once they have been closed can not be re-opened. And she adds Brooke should know that better than anyone by now. Steffy remarks to Brooke that she is not trying to get a rise out of her. She admires her persistence. She doesn’t know of another mother that would be this devoted to her daughter’s happiness. And give credit where credit is due. Of course, she was trying to pressure Liam to make this decision.

Hope tells Liam just forget about being fair to either her or Steffy. He needs to just do what he wants, not what he thinks he owes either one of them. He thinks that is a little childish just thinking of me, me, me. Getting married never has been so hard, so much damage and grief. He’s not sure there is any way to fix that. She laments that they can get beyond this. Everything they ever wished for can still be theirs. She believes that and she wants him to believe that too. Those other problems were in the past, this is now. He finally admits that while he loves her, he wants to be the man that she sees when she looks at him. He knows that man would not walk away from the child that he helped conceive. Maybe someday they will tell their kids about Puglia, but some things can not be undone. He kisses her. She says she knows Steffy loves him, but no one will ever love him the way she does. Tears well up in Hope’s eyes before she takes off and runs down the beach.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nick yelled at Sami because of what happened to the baby.  EJ warned Rafe about being with Kate.  Kristen wanted Brady to move into the mansion, but she pretended to understand.  Will wanted Sonny to forget the card that Will wanted.  Sonny let Will know that they canít be ďjust friendsĒ.  Sami warned Nick that she wonít be threatened by him.  Sami walked away and walked in on EJ and Rafe talking about her.  Kristen made it seem as if Stefanís failing health was the reason why she wanted to move into Stefanoís place.  Kristen was about to leave Victorís place when Brady stopped her.  Kristen smirked because she was convinced her plan worked. Brady decided to move in with Kristen.  Will and Sonny talked about Brian as well as whether they should be together.  One thing led to another and they ended up in a bedroom kissing each other.

EJ and Sami talked about Nick and Gabi.  Sami told EJ about her conversation with Nick.  Marlena ran into Brady and wanted to talk to him.  He wanted to talk to her too.  Kristen called Stefano to find out when he was coming home.  She told Stefano that she got Brady to move in with her.  Stefano was upset and said that he wouldnít come home at all.  EJ was upset when he thought Nick threatened Sami.  Sami let EJ know that Nick said he paid for his crimes, but other people didnít.  EJ wanted to call Nickís parole officer, but Sami convinced him not to do it.  Will and Sonny talked again.  They talked about getting back together.  Stefano didnít want Brady in his house.  Kristen convinced Stefano that it was a good idea for Brady to move in the house.  Brady found out about Gabiís condition after the fact and was mad that no one told him about it.  Marlena didnít think he would take the call about Gabi.  Brady decided not to tell Marlena that heís moving in with Kristen.  Will and Sonny made love.  Nick demanded to see Will.  Kristen told Stefano to pretend to be sick when he comes back to Salem.  After she hung up the phone, she saw Brady in her room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Someone watches Starr from the nearby foliage when she takes flowers to the location where her boyfriend and daughter died. Michael arrives and says he came because it is the anniversary of that day that he made the promise that he couldnít keep that he would save her family. She tells him that there was nothing that he could have done and that he shouldnít feel responsible. She recounts all the ways that he has been there for her since that day. They reminisce about the events that led to their becoming a couple. When they leave, the person in the bushes goes to the flowers and picture that Starr left as a memorial to Cole and Hope.

Kate concludes to Sonny and Olivia that her sonís blood in on her hands because she and Connie are the same person. She wants all the details. They tell her that he seemed fine and then he collapsed and went to the emergency room where the doctors did everything they could to save him. Olivia says Trey had an aneurism and was brain dead so they had to make the decision to disconnect life-support. Kate says Connie isnít Treyís mother; she is, and that it wasnít Connieís decision to make. Sonny says Trey was an organ donor and that his gift saved other lives. Olivia says Connie didnít want to sign the papers and that she took it just as badly as Kate is now. Kate canít believe that Olivia and Sonny are talking about Connie as if she is a person when she is just a symptom. She concludes that Sonny was so convinced that Connie was a person that he slept with her. She says neither she nor Connie will ever come back to him now. She runs out of Steve and Oliviaís apartment with Sonny at her heels. Steve calls Olivia and says it appears that her vision of his stabbing isnít going to come true just as her vision of him in the shower with Sabrina didnít. Suddenly, he collides with Sabrina on the stairs and she spills water from a vase on him. On the anniversary of the lab explosion, Patrick goes to an AA meeting and shares his story about turning to drugs to deal with the death of his wife. He goes into the chapel to light a candle for Robin and sees Sabrina lighting a candle. He turns to leave so that wonít intrude, but she invites him to stay. She says she canít stop thinking about Officer Carlson. She says she wanted to be as amazing a nurse as her late mother was. He canít believe he never knew that her mother had passed away and concludes that they should know more about each other since they are friends. She tells him that her father wasnít able to pull it together and take care of her the way Patrick is doing with Emma. Instead, he sent her to live with cousins in Puerto Rico. She tells him that she wears her motherís stethoscope to keep her close. Patrick says Sabrinaís mother would be proud of her. He tells her to have faith in herself. They light candles for her mother and Robin. Elizabeth catches Steve eating doughnuts in the AA meeting room. He admits that he is stressed about Oliviaís vision of his death. She says they donít always come true; the one about a shower with Sabrina didnít. He tells her that actually, it did; he and Sabrina were wet together because of spilled water, and now he is worried about how Oliviaís other vision will play out. Olivia opens her door, thinking that Kate or Sonny has returned, but Heather is standing there holding a butcher knife.

An officer alerts Anna that someone has broken into DeWitt Hall at the University. Anna and the officer leave to apprehend John, Lucy, and Rafe. John decides to go to Wyndemere because that is where Lucy had her dream about Caleb. Lucy says she should be the one to go because she is the slayer. John insists that Steven Clay is not a vampire and says he wonít be able to protect her because he will be unarmed. She says Steven Clay is an alias. She says they donít have to be unarmed and points to the wall where Dr. Mosser has a collection of ancient weapons. Rafe insists upon going as well so he can confront Caleb. Anna and the officer find Dr Mosserís office empty. Anna sees the article about Steven Clay that John looked up on the Internet. She sees the pictures of Steven Clay and Livvie Locke and concludes that Lucyís story could have some credence. She notices the wall has tags describing weapons that arenít there. Caleb welcomes Sam home when she wakes up on the sofa at Wyndemere. She tells him to stay away from her. He tells her that she is in no danger from him and that they are now reunited forever. She tells him that she is not Livvie. She wants to know where Danny is. Danny is in his stroller a few feet away. Caleb says he would never harm her child. Sam realizes that she is unable to move and concludes that Caleb has drugged her. She then realizes that she has a bleeding wound on her neck and concludes that Caleb has bitten her. He tells her that she will remember who she is and what they are to each other. He says she set the events n motion when she stole his ring, but he has already begun to put things back the way they should be. He says they each hurt the other and they each had a child with someone else, but that he accepts her son and wants her to accept his. She says he must love Livvie very much to go to all this trouble, but insists that she is not Livvie. Caleb says he will need to take her blood three times for her to remember.  As he is about to bite her again, Lucy calls out to him and tells him to come out. She kicks open the parlor door. John retrieves Danny from his stroller, but Caleb has Sam in hiding. Lucy says Caleb could be anywhere because he is a vampire and he can fly. John says that maybe Caleb is just a man and is hiding in a closet.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon and Adam have breakfast at the Athletic Club. Adam lets her know that he reached a decision about his life. Avery and Nick have Belgian Waffles for breakfast. Nick lets her know about Nikki’s condition. At the coffeehouse, Dylan and Phyllis come face to face, but she doesn’t really remember him. Mason asks Jack for a job at Jabot. Tyler lets Leslie know that Neil has been asking him questions. Neil, Cane, and Lily decide to give Chelsea and Chloe a chance to show their designs. Gloria, Chelsea, and Chloe arrive for the meeting but then Jack also arrives. Lily notices the eye contact between Cane and Chelsea. Phyllis finally remembers Dylan and wants to know what he is doing in Genoa City. Adam kisses Sharon bye. Nick witnesses the kiss and reprimands Sharon for her actions. Tyler tries to get Leslie to go to the parole board in order to keep the man in prison who killed their mother. Chelsea lays out her ideas before Neil, Cane, and Lily. Jack leaves the decision up to Neil. Neil agrees to give Chelsea, Chloe, and Gloria a chance. Nick warns Sharon about getting involved with Dylan and Adam. Sharon tells Nick that she will date whom she pleases, and she will hire whom she pleases. Dylan calls Avery to tell her about his meeting with Phyllis.

Mason asks Adam for his job back; but when Adam asks Mason what is going on between Victor and Marcus, Mason refuses to tell him. Adam refuses to give Mason his job back. Nick walks in and offers Mason a job at the Underground. Dylan and Sharon go over the new ideas for her kitchen. Phyllis visits Avery to discuss her brief conversation with Dylan. Phyllis calls Avery a “hyprocrite” for having an affair while still married but always reprimands Phyllis for her actions. Sharon mentions Sullivan to Dylan and there is sudden stillness until Dylan asks Sharon how she know about Sullivan. Sharon lets him know that he called out his name when he was unconscious. Nick warns Adam to back off of Sharon and leave her alone. Adam refuses to do Nick’s bidding. Avery accuses Phyllis of being incapable of loving a man. Dylan visits Avery to warn her about Phyllis. Sharon shows Adam the new renovations for her kitchen. Adam asks Sharon to move in with him while her kitchen is being renovated. Neil pries into Leslie’s life and asks her who “Valerie” is. Leslie becomes upset over Neil’s questions and tells him that he is always prying into her life and for him to leave it alone. Cane becomes jealous when he sees Tyler and Lily talk. Nick and Avery discuss her conversation with Phyllis. Phyllis seeks comfort from Jack as they kiss. Sharon accepts the offer to move in with Adam. They kiss passionately.

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