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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Steffy that she is not going to let her trap Liam. Steffy says a child is not a trap. Hope reminds Liam that they said vows in Italy and the Father still considers those valid. They have handled situations before so they don’t have to let a pregnancy affect them. She even accuses Steffy of conveniently being pregnant as soon as Liam knew the truth from Rick. Steffy interrupts Brooke and Taylor arguing and says she is not going to put any pressure on Liam to make his decision. Hope tells Liam that Steffy is just so good in making things look innocent. All she has to do is smile at him and he believes her. She’d like to know that it won’t be that way this time. She begs him not to be tricked into something that he’s not ready for. He makes it sound so noble that Steffy does not want to pressure him. She knows it sounds unreasonable to him and she’s not saying this to be cruel, but maybe Steffy calculated this all along so that he thinks it is his decision. He really needs to think about this before he makes his decision.

Despite conflicting views, Rick tells the others at Dayzee’s just tell them where they are needed and they will fill in. Caroline still insists she will do this, but not today. While leaving, she says next time just give her some advance notice. Maya comes in and Rick waits on her. There is a spark in his eyes when he looks at her. Anthony also talks to Maya and says she can always order something to eat and not just have coffee. He finds out that she can sing, dance and act. He introduces her to the mike and says a Hollywood agent might be watching. Rick is mesmerized when she sings. Afterwards, he tells her that was amazing and introduces himself. Brooke tells Steffy that all of this drama doesn’t change anything. Liam will make his decision and he can help her raise their child, but it will be with Hope at his side. Steffy says they don’t deserve any more chances. It always ends up the same. Hope says she knows he wants to believe Steffy and he believes the best, but she differs in his opinion that Steffy has changed. She is only truthful when it benefits her. She doesn’t want him to always wonder what he doesn’t know. She just wants him to remember what he was feeling before Steffy came with her news. She knew just how to play this. Don’t let her do this. Don’t let her take him away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami screamed out for the doctor.  Rafe and Will wanted to know why Sami was still at the hospital.  Maxine said that Gabi was going into labor.  Brady and Kristen talked about living together.  Kristen suggested they live in Stefanoís house.  Gabiís pain continued to get worse.  Nick demanded that Sami tell him what she did to Gabi.  Kate and Lucas met at the coffee shop and talked about Will, Sami, and the baby.  Kate wanted Lucas to stop Sami from making things worse.  Nick, Will, and Rafe the riot act for upsetting Gabi.  Will wanted Sami to leave the hospital.  Kayla and Cameron wanted to give Gabi something to stop her contractions.  Gabi was afraid the drug would hurt the baby.  Kristen tried to convince Brady that it would be a good idea to move into the DiMera mansion.  Sami explained to EJ what happened to Gabi.  EJ tried to make Sami feel better about her role in Gabiís problems.  Lucas promised Kate that he would try to talk Sami into leaving Gabi alone.  Sami finally called Lucas to tell him about Gabi.  Lucas, Kate, and Sonny (who overheard Lucasí call) rushed to the hospital.

Kate and Lucas arrived at the hospital.  Sonny also showed up at the hospital to see Will.  Lucas found Sami and talked to her about what happened to Gabi.  Maxine let everyone know that the doctors gave Gabi something to stop the contractions.  Gabi continued to have cramping.  Lucas was upset that Sami went after Gabi when she promised she wouldnít do it.  Lucas eventually comforted Sami when she was worried about the baby and blamed herself for what happened.  Brady and Kristen continued to argue over them staying at the mansion.  Kayla and Cameron told everyone that Gabiís contractions stopped.  Cameron explained that dehydration and stress caused her contractions.  Sonny took Will to the coffee shop.  While Will was in the bathroom, Sonny looked in Willís backpack and found a card with his name on it.  Sonny read Willís card.  Nick found Sami at the hospital and told her that she blew it and it was all over.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia and Sonny tell Kate that Trey is dead. Kate refuses to believe it. Sonny tells her that Trey, Kristina, Michael, and Starr were in a crash while they were trying to rescue Johnny from Connie when she had kidnapped him. She concludes that that she didnít kill Starrís daughter and boyfriend, but she killed her own son.  

Tracy tells Luke that A.J. has panic attacks, so she has grounds to oust him. He tells her that she saw Laura and her fiancť Scotty Baldwin on the Haunted Star. Tracy says she was under the impression that Lauraís mental capacity had improved. Luke says he was tempted to throw Scott off the boat He says he wonít let Laura marry Scott. Tracy tells him that it is not his responsibility to rescue Laura, but notes that Luke has never stopped loving Laura and she thinks it is kismet that Laura arrived in Port Charles only hours after Anna broke up with him. Luke insists that he and Laura have been over for a long time. Tracy thinks Luke has not moved in from Laura. He protests that he moved on with Tracy. Luke suddenly thinks of the Ice Princess replica that Lulu received. He says he initially thought Helena Cassadine sent it, but now he isnít so sure. He thinks Scott sent it. Scotty goes to the Haunted Star to talk to Lulu. He wants to put the past behind them and start over with a clean slate since he is going to be her stepfather. Laura comes in and says she thought Scott was going to wait for her and break the news together. Scott leaves so the two women can talk privately. Lulu canít believe that her mother is getting back together with her first husband. Laura explains that they reconnected in Paris and their old feelings resurfaced. Lulu wonders why Laura didnít mention her engagement when she came to visit the other day. Laura says she hadnít accepted Scottís proposal yet. Lulu concludes that Laura made her decision to marry Scott because she saw Luke kissing Anna. Laura wonders how Lulu knew about that. Lulu says Elizabeth told her. Lulu wonders what would have happened if Laura hadnít seen the kiss. Laura admits that seeing Luke with Anna was evidence that Luke has moved on. Anna tells Alexis that Lucy Coe set fire to a trash can and escaped before her transfer to Fern Cliff. She tells her that John and Rafe also escaped during the diversion, with the help of her daughter, Molly, who is in an interview room. Scott goes to the police station and asks to see Lucy Coe because he is going to be her attorney. Anna tells him that Lucy is not in custody. She reluctantly reveals that Lucy escaped, and tells him that even if she hadnít, she wouldnít be there because she was on her way to Fern Cliff. Anna is surprised to hear that he and Laura are back together. He says he heard that she was seeing Lauraís other ex, Luke. She tells him that she and Luke broke up on Valentineís Eve.  Scott goes back to the Haunted Star. He extends his hand to Lulu. At her motherís insistence, Lulu shakes his hand.

Molly tells Alexis that Lucy Coe convinced her that Caleb has Sam and Danny and that he is coming for Rafe next. She adds that if anyone can protect Rafe and find Sam and Danny, it is John McBain. Molly tells them that she doesnít know where they went. Shawn tells Molly that T.J. is hurt and upset and that he will not take this news well. Molly asks her mother if she thinks it is better to have John behind bars or looking for Sam. Lucy, Rafe, and John go to the University to look for clues. Caleb asks Lucy if Caleb is really his father. McBain finds a book with information about the history of the ring and the Morley clan. Lucy points out that she has already told John all that. She tells him that Caleb has used the alias Steven Clay. John looks up the name on the Professor Mosserís computer. He finds an article that says rock musician Steven Clay was committed to a mental institution in Alabama in 2003 after suffering a psychotic break in reaction to the death of his wife, Livvy Locke-Clay. The article has a picture of Livvy, which confirms her resemblance to Sam Morgan. It continues to say that during his trial for at least seven murders, he insisted that he was a vampire and that he would find and reclaim his wife. It says Clay has recently escaped from the institution. Lucy tells John that she had a dream in which Caleb told her that nothing would stop him from getting to his son. John wonders if it was really a dream. Lucy says if it wasnít a dream, one of them would be dead. He asks her where she was when she had the dream. She says she was at the creepy place on Spoon Island. Sam wakes up at Wyndemere. Caleb says, ďWelcome home.Ē

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Jabot, Jack thanks Kyle for calling Abby to come home. Summer and Phyllis hang out together at the coffeehouse until Phyllis has to go to work. They discuss Jamie and how Summer let Phyllis know what went on and that she and Fen are planning on running away. Michael tells Lauren that he will try to fix things between them and him and Fen. Michael asks Lauren if something else is bothering her. Billy and Johnny spend the day together while Victoria is gone. Nick and Victoria arrive at Victor and Nikki’s. Jack tells Kyle that every time things go wrong, he wants to take a pill. Phyllis interrupts their talk. Jack asks Phyllis go out to dinner with him, but she feels he has something else in mind. Fen joins Summer at the coffeehouse and lets her know that his parents are all over him for them wanting to run away. Fen lets her know that he can never trust her again. Billy tries to get Johnny to go to sleep so he can get things ready for his surprise for Victoria. Nikki informs Nick and Victoria that she has MS. Victoria and Nick promise Nikki that they will all support her during this ordeal. Fen comes home, hugs Lauren, but refuses to have anything to do with Michael. Michael tries to apologize to Fen, but it only results in another argument. Paul and Jamie arrive at Michaelís and lets them all know that he is moving to Washington, D.C. Phyllis considers going out to dinner with Jack. Nikki doesn’t want her family to treat her like an invalid. Nick and Victoria hug Nikki. Jamie apologizes to Fen for all the trouble that he caused. Summer calls Kyle for help. Phyllis asks Kyle to join her and Jack for dinner, but he has plans with Summer. Phyllis tells Kyle to bring Summer along. With tears in her eyes, Victoria comes home and seeks comfort from Billy.

Fen refuses to eat any pizza that Michael offers him. Lauren goes to talk to Fen and encourages him to talk to Michael. At the coffeehouse, Jamie tells Summer that he is leaving town. Summer sees Kyle come in and leaves Jamie sitting at the table. Kyle invites Summer to dinner with him, Jack, and Phyllis. Summer happily hugs Kyle. Nick walks in and catches them hugging. Billy gets down on one knee and asks Victoria to marry him again. After Michael and Lauren argue, she decides to move out. Jamie asks Paul why he helped him. Paul tells Jamie about Ricky. Kyle congratulates Nick on the new club. Phyllis accuses Jack of deliberately having Kyle come, so she would go out to dinner with him. Victor gets word that the ranch will be ready the first of March. Nick questions Summer about her and Kyle and advises her that he is too old for her. Summer lets Kyle know what Nick said about him. Fen comes home and finds out that Lauren moved out. Michael wants to talk to Fen but he refuses. Lauren arrives at the club and goes upstairs. Billy presents Victoria with a wedding band. Victor and Nikki set a wedding date.

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