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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The wedding guests gasp as Steffy announces that she is pregnant. Rick shows his dad every little detail on the suit for the male model. Eric likes it but seems pre-occupied, He informs Rick that he is proud of him for running the company, but there is more he can do. He has signed him up for a few hours of community service. Taylor tells Brooke that she has no shame. She knows she is behind what is happening here. Brooke justifies it by saying Hope and Liam have been robbed repeatedly from having a life together. Hope agrees and if that is what is happening, then Liam won’t stand for it if Steffy is lying. Steffy asks a still speechless Liam to forgive her for having to tell him this way. None of that matters right now. All that matters is that he is going to be a father. Rick and Caroline kiss in the office. She flirts and says that she didn’t mean to run his dad off. It’s okay as he had something to take care of, Rick says.

Brooke tells Taylor that her daughter is beyond reproach. Taylor says at least Brooke is willing to admit now that Steffy did not get pregnant on purpose. No birth control is full proof. Steffy tells Liam that she knows he is a good guy and there is no way that he would have let her walk out the door if he knew she was carrying his child. But as much as she loves him, she needed to know that he wanted to be with her for her, not for being the mother of his baby. As much as she loves this baby, it was never her intention to have this baby or start a family. She knows there are people out there who will think that she trapped him. She knows she should have been more careful, so she will take responsibility for this. He finally speaks. He says he should have been more careful too. They have a lot of decisions to make and need to know what to do now. Rick surprises Caroline by taking her to Dayzee’s. He says he needs to change and she needs an apron. He explains they are volunteering for community service. She’s less than thrilled as they already had plans. She wants to leave. Hope wants to go out and talk to Liam too. Taylor says no. This should just be between Liam and Steffy as they decide their future. Brooke says despite the dramatic interruption, this changes nothing. Hope agrees, Liam can still be a father to this baby but he doesn’t have to marry Steffy. Steffy shows the sonogram to Liam who is blown away. She tells him that she will not be an obligation to him. She will not pressure him. Yes, her heart will be broken if he goes through with this wedding with Hope. But they can raise this child and now the only question is will it be together as a couple. Hope walks back in while Liam is touching the sonogram pix and he can barely look Hope in the eye.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was determined to keep Gabi and Nick from keeping the baby from Will.  Rafe and Will tried to stop Sami from making things worse, but Sami didnít listen.  Gabi suddenly had a pain in her stomach.  Chloe went to Victorís s mansion to pick up Parker.  She asked Maggie if she heard from Daniel and Maggie wanted to know why.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to stay away from Chloe.  Nicole kept trying to revive Eric.  While he was unconscious, she declared her love for him.  Eric eventually woke up.  Will and Rafe wanted Sami to stay away from Gabi, when she tried to help.  Gabi didnít want Sami hear her.  Rafe told Sami to stay away from Gabi.  Will and Rafe wanted Gabi to go to the hospital.  Nick walked in and wanted to know what was wrong.  When Sami suggested Gabi rest, Rafe wanted to talk to her.  Jennifer explained to Daniel how he could share custody of Parker without seeing Chloe.  Daniel threw up in his face that he could have stopped him from seeing Jack.  Eric assured Nicole that he was fine. He let her know that he heard what she said.  Nick wanted Sami to leave the pub. Sami and Nick got into it again.  Gabi ended up having stomach pains again.  Eric didnít hear Nicole say that she loved him.  Maggie and Chloe got into it over Daniel and Jennifer. 

Daniel tried to convince Jennifer that Chloe will not come between them, but Jennifer didnít believe that.  Gabi arrived at the hospital.  Will, Nick, Rafe, and Sami went to the hospital too.  Rafe warned Sami to stay to of the way.  Will was upset with Sami for giving Gabi a hard time.  Daniel assured Jennifer that he would keep Chloe away from her.  Jennifer didnít agree with Daniel so they continued to argue about it.  Daniel let Jennifer know that he wasnít going to give Jennifer what she wanted.  Nick talked to Rafe about how he wasnít there for Gabi and that he would be from now on.  Will argued with Sami about what happened to Gabi.  Sami tried to make it right with Will, but he didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Abby went to Victorís house and found out that Chloeís staying at Danielís place.  Jennifer and Daniel didnít resolve their issues, but they did say they loved each other.  Kayla and Cameron let Gabi know that her baby was okay for now.  Nick thought Gabiís pain was his fault.  Gabi told him that it wasnít his fault.  He promised that he would protect Gabi and the baby.  Sami apologized to Will and Rafe for fighting with Gabi.  When Rafe, Will, and Nick were talking, Sami snuck into Gabiís room to apologize to her.  Sami woke Gabi up and wanted to apologize to her.  Gabi ended up having cramps again.  Maxine rushed to Gabiís room and announced that Gabi was in labor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael tells Sonny that he saw him go into a stateroom with Connie last night and stayed the night. Sonny says Connie is gone and that he has to find Kate.  Michael tells Sonny that when Kate is ready to talk, he can explain that it was Valentineís Day and Connie reminded him of Kate. Sonny says that isnít what happened. He says he was with Connie because he wanted to be with Connie. He tells Michael that he has developed feelings for Connie, but that he loves Kate and has to get her to understand. Kate is asleep on Steve and Oliviaís sofa. She wakes up with a start when she remembers what happened last night. Sonny calls Connieís phone. Olivia answers it and tells him that Kate is fine, she is at Steveís apartment, and she doesnít want to talk to Sonny. Kate wonders why Sonny gave up on her and slept with Connie. Olivia tells Kate how hard Sonny tried to get her to come back. She tells her about Connie humiliating Sonny at the altar with the revelation that she was already married to John Zacchara and that Johnny agreed to the marriage because Connie knew that Johnny, not Kate, killed Starr Manningís family. Kate wants to go see Starr and asks Olivia if Starr still lives with Trey. Her last memory comes back to her of seeing Trey wearing the same medallion that Joe Junior was wearing when he raped her. She realizes that Trey is Joe Juniorís son, and therefore her son. She is excited to know that her son is alive. She wants to go see him. Olivia says she canít do that.

A.J. sends Elizabeth flowers at work and thanks her for dinner last night. Steve tells Elizabeth about Oliviaís vision of him being stabbed to death. Elizabeth says Oliviaís visions come true, but not exactly as she sees them. He asks her who the flowers are from. When she tells him they are from A.J., he starts with the over-protective brother routine. A.J. suggests to Tracy that she come work at ELQ to work on Pickle-Lila together. She tells him that her father left Pickle-Lila to her in his will so it is hers. She says the only job she wants is the one A.J. stole from her. A.J. clutches his chest and falls to the floor, but Tracy thinks he is faking a heart attack and doesnít help him. Tracy finally dials Elizabeth for him and Elizabeth walks him through getting his breathing back to normal. Tracy drives A.J. to the hospital and gives him a hard time about being a CEO that has panic attacks when he is under pressure. A.J. tells Elizabeth that Tracy might be right.

Molly takes pictures of Sam and Danny to the police station to aid in the search. Lucy looks at one of the pictures and recognizing Sam, says Caleb Morley thinks Sam is a woman named Livvy Locke, with whom he is obsessed. She adds that Caleb will also try to get his son, Rafe. Molly tells Lucy that Caleb got a police officer to take Rafe out of jail, and then he killed the officer and told Rafe that he was his father. Lucy says Molly must get Rafe out of jail with the keys that she has taken from Officer Daniels when he cuffed her to the table. She tells Molly that the way to save Sam and Danny is to be ready for Caleb to come after Rafe.  Rafe tells John that Caleb told him that he is his father. He says Caleb had pointed at a boat when they were on the pier and said that it was coming for them. Molly goes to the holding cell and tells Rafe that Lucy wants her to get him out. John says he needs to get out too. Rafe now believes that John and Caleb are two different people and tells Molly that he thinks John can help them. Lucy takes Officer Danielsí matches when he puts down his cigarettes. She sets the waste basket on fire to create a diversion for Molly. She runs out of the station while the officers are putting out the fire. Downstairs, Molly unlocks John and Rafeís cells.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria visits Victor to discuss the picture and article about Adam in the newspaper. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea is about to tell Adam about the baby when she sees Sharon, who had just come in the door. Chelsea continues to watch Sharon and doesn’t give Adam an answer. Dylan arrives at Sharon’s door much to Noah’s surprise. Noah asks Dylan what he wants. Dylan says that Sharon hired him to fix the hole in the roof. At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Chloe discuss where they are going to hang out now that they are about to lose their home. Jill comes into the living room and sees Katherine on the phone. Jill wants to talk but Katherine hangs abruptly. Adriana arrives and informs Katherine that she is going to accept the job offer. Jill is completely beside herself as to what job Katherine has offered Adriana. At the Athletic Club, Nikki lets Jack know that she will tell Victor about the MS when she feels he is ready to hear it. Abby joins Jack and Billy in Jack’s office at Jabot. Billy is surprised that Abby wants to work at Jabot since she was so flighty in the past. Abby begs Jack and Billy to give her a chance. Victor reminds Victoria that she lost interest in Newman when she married Billy and that is why he lost the company. Chelsea enters the coffeehouse and interrupts Chloe and Kevin. Chelsea tells Chloe that she made a decision about the baby. Sharon talks to Adam about possibly getting back together with Chelsea, but he tells her that he made his decision. Jack tells Victor that Nikki has MS. Victor thanks Jack for stopping by and telling him. Jill demands to know what job Adriana is accepting. Katherine tells Adriana what the job entails being her personal assistant. Dylan tells Noah that Sharon knows everything about him and Avery. Faith rushes in and hits it off with Dylan. Sharon watches the two together. Chloe suggests to Chelsea that they start a baby line in honor of her baby. Billy and Johnny join Chloe and Chelsea.

Noah reprimands Sharon for getting so close to Dylan after the reason why he came to town. Victoria confronts Adam about the article in the newspaper. Adam reminds Victoria that Newman is flourishing with him in charge. Nikki comes home and begins to rub her hands not knowing that Victor is watching her. Victor kisses her hands and hugs her. Nikki lets Victor know about the MS. Kevin arrives at Katherine’s just in time to find out that she hired Adriana as her personal assistant. Billy allows Chelsea to hold Johnny. Victoria comes in and sees them. Nikki barges into Jack’s office to reprimand him for telling Victor about the MS when she wanted to tell him when the time was right. Victoria warns Billy that Chelsea is inching her way back into Johnny’s life. Adam arrives at Sharon’s and sees Dylan there. Kevin argues with Katherine over hiring Adriana. Jill lets Katherine know that Adriana is just after her money. Adriana joins Noah at the coffeehouse and lets him know that she will be working for Katherine. Chelsea refuses to tell Adam about the baby and will hide the fact that she is pregnant.

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