Wednesday 2/20/13 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 2/20/13 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Liam and Hope are stunned at what Brooke has set up and expects them to be married. Brooke tells Liam that he said in Italy that he’d never miss an opportunity to tell Hope that he loved her. Now is his chance. She says they do not need to go back to Italy. Their life is right here, ready to begin right now. They laugh at all they have been through and Brooke still putting them through. Hope tells her mother that she doesn’t want Liam to feel any pressure into getting married. Brooke agrees and says no pressure, but she just knows what needs to be done. Father Fontana joins in and says he can see their love is persistent and to him they are still married. Nothing has been broken and they are not lost to each other. Today will only be a reminder of the vows they said that other beautiful day in Italy. Hope and Liam look at each other, not knowing quite what to do. Meanwhile Steffy and Taylor are barreling down the highway to Liam’s. Taylor says she told Steffy that Hope would not wait. Steffy tells her just get there as fast as she can. Liam is not getting married today. Taylor questions whether Liam might have said something to her indicating his decision. Steffy says no, he would have come to her first if he was going to get married. This is an ambush. Taylor agrees, if Brooke is in fantasy land, she won’t be subtle about it.

Eric and Rick work closely together fitting some models with new designs. But Rick is in a huff because Thomas once again ticked him off with his new innovations. He clearly makes changes without listening to Rick. He doesn’t respect him or his authority. Eric is agreeable to sitting down executive to executive and discussing this, but Rick doesn’t think that will help Thomas’s attitude. Rick says people are looking to him for leadership. Eric says he’s looking at him too for that and expects him to work this out. Rick clamors that Thomas has brought nothing to the table so there is no reason to make him VP. He wonders who it really benefits. Eric thinks back on the kiss with Taylor. Rick is called down to shipping by Thorne. Madison walks in and reluctantly tells Eric about what she knew and that she told Steffy of Brooke’s plans for Hope and Liam to marry today. He’s not mad at her; he said she did the right thing. Steffy will make sure that they don’t marry. Without a word of approval from Liam and Hope, Brooke turns it over to Father Fontana. He says he knows they have been tested, but he would not be here today if in his heart he didn’t think they were meant to be husband and wife. As Steffy and Taylor drive up and jump out of the car, Brooke tells Hope that she loves her and she is so proud that they found their way back together. For some couples that is not possible. She hands Hope the rings. Hope takes them and tells Liam that she took hers off to prove a point and that was wrong. She wants to pledge herself to him by having him put it back on. Liam grins and slowly takes the ring. Steffy bangs on the door; Taylor sees what is happening on the beach and Steffy yells for Liam to stop just as he is slipping the ring on Hope’s finger. She runs to the site. Brooke tells them they are interrupting and need to leave now. Steffy just can’t believe this is legit, what Liam really wants is to marry Hope. She tells him that she needs to tell him something important and they need to be alone. When no one moves, Steffy leans in and whispers in his ear that she is pregnant. Liam as always is speechless with that confounded look on his face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer was going to talk to Daniel, but Abe stopped her.  By the time Abe was finished talking to Jennifer, Daniel was gone.  Nicole saw Rafe at the coffee shop and told him she was leaving Salem.  A man put a gun on Eric.  Julie found out that Gabi was supposed to get a paternity test.  Gabi told Julie that Will wanted her to have it.  Julie suspected that Sami was behind the idea.  Sami explained to Will that it was a good idea for Gabi to get a paternity test because Gabi and Nick could take the baby from him.  Eric tried to talk to the guy with the gun, but he didnít want to hear it.  The gunman hit Eric with his gun.  Rafe thought Eric was the reason why Nicole wanted to leave town.  Nicole assured Rae that Eric wasnít why sheís leaving.  Nicole felt that she didnít have a reason to stay in town. Rafe said he would miss her.  He couldnít believe that he actually felt that way about her.  Rafe and Nicole ended up talking about Sami and EJ being together.  Julie and Gabi talked about how Samiís making things worse for Gabi, Nick, and Will.  Julie was determined to stop Sami from making trouble for Nick and Gabi.  Chloe and Jennifer had a heated conversation about Chloe living in Danielís apartment.

Eric continued to try and talk the robber out of robbing the church.  The robber wasnít moved by Ericís speech.  Will thought Sami was trying to run his life.  He wanted everyone to get along.  Sami still thought Gabi should get the paternity test.  Julie walked in Samiís office and wanted to talk to Sami.  Chloe and Jennifer continued to argue over Daniel.  Nicole showed up just as the robber was going to shoot him.  The robber ended up grabbing Nicole.  Eric begged the man not to shoot her.  Julie told Sami that the paternity test was not necessary.  Sami thought Gabi put Julie up to talking to her.  Daniel took Parker to visit Maggie.  Daniel and Maggie talked about his relationship with Jennifer.  Maggie told Daniel that Jennifer called him to apologize.  Daniel said that he never got Jenniferís message.  The gunman wanted to take Nicoleís jewelry.  She told him that it was the only thing of her motherís that she had left.  The robber didnít care and wanted it anyway.  Anne went to see Chloe at Danielís apartment.  They talked about Jennifer.  Anne told Chloe that Jennifer was going to poison his mind against her.  Daniel went to see Jennifer and they talked about their fight.  Sami saw Gabi at the pub and wanted to know why she sent Julie to talk to her.  Will and Rafe walked in and heard Sami giving Gabi a hard time.  Rafe warned Sami to leave Gabi alone or they would talk to a lawyer.  Gabi wanted them to stop fighting.  Nicole managed to get away from the robber by kicking him.  Eric and the robber started fighting and Eric got hurt.  Things got touchy for Jennifer and Daniel when she had an odd request.  Jennifer wanted Daniel to stop seeing Chloe.  During Sami and Rafeís argument, Gabi had stomach pains.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke and Laura wonder who from their past is trying to haunt them with the ugliest part of their history. Scotty Baldwin appears and asks Luke who he is calling ugly. Luke tells Scott that he had better not have any intentions of messing with his family. Scott tells him to relax; he is there with Laura. Luke canít believe Scott is still stalking Laura. Scott says he doesnít need to stalk his fiancťe. Laura confirms that they are engaged. He asks her why she wants to marry Scotty. Scott says it is because they were childhood sweethearts. Luke recalls that Scotty let Laura think she had killed her stepfather. Scotty says Luke raped Laura while she was married to him. He says they are putting things back the way they were before Luke messed everything up. Luke says he wants to hear it from Laura. Laura says she loves Scotty and wants to marry him.

Todd tells his cell mate, Rafe, to look on the bright side that they are safe from McBain, who is another cell. Todd tells Rafe that he has his back because he saw John kill someone too. He says Lucy Coe is nuts, but she was right about McBain. He says Heather Webber was crazy but she was still a person. Rafe says Heather Webber tricked him into giving her Mollyís nephew. Todd says he saved the baby from being taken by John. John says he didnít do any of the things he is accused of and that the real killerís name is Caleb. Todd laughs at the notion that John would accuse a vampire. John says he never said Caleb is a vampire, but he does look like him. He points out that he was in jail when Todd says he saw him. He says Caleb is still out there and other people are in danger. John reminds Todd of how hard it was to prove his identify after his twin brother had impersonated him for years. Todd agrees to believe Johnís story if John will believe his. John says he already believes Todd saw someone that looks like him strangle Heather. Todd says the other McBain said something about the baby making it easier to get to the mother. John tells them about Calebís obsession with Livvy Locke and Samís apparent resemblance to her. Alexis and Shawn go to Samís apartment to check on her, but she doesnít answer the door. Shawn offers to pick the lock, but Alexis prefers to open the door with her key.  When they find that Sam isnít there, Alexis calls Kristina, who hasnít seen Kristina either. Alexis is afraid that someone took Sam and Danny. Alexis says Heather might not be dead. Duke startles Anna at pier 52. He wishes her a happy Valentineís Day and says he was tempted to send her flowers, but he didnít know if she would be receptive to it. He tells her that is trying to figure out how to salvage ELQ. She says she is trying to figure out if there can be two John McBains. Duke says it is possible that there are two McBains; after all, there were two Dukes. She says she is afraid to rely on her instincts now. He reminds her that she is Anna Devane. He tells her that he is still in love with her. She tells him that she broke it off with Luke. They almost kiss, but her phone rings. Alexis tells her that Sam and Danny are missing. Shawn, Alexis and Anna go to the jail. John is about to tell them about his theory about Caleb using Danny as bait to get to Livvy, but sees that something is wrong and asks them what is going on. Anna tells him that she came to see if they were all where they were supposed to be. She reveals that Sam and Danny are missing.

Kate wakes up with a start in a stateroom on the Haunted Star. She wakes up Sonny, who calls her Connie. She informs him that she is Kate. Sonny is thrilled that Kate came back to him. He tells her where they are and how long she has been gone. He tells her that they didnít get married because Connie came out and married Johnny. She asks him why they are in bed together. She wonders if Connie drugged him or pretended to be her. He says he knew it was Connie that he was taking to bed. She gets mad and leaves.  She wonít answer Sonnyís calls on Connieís cell phone. Olivia hears a crash in the bathroom. Steve stumbles out profusely bleeding from a stab wound in his stomach. Steve stops her from calling 9-1-1 because he is fine; it was a vision. He says the crash she heard was the mirror falling off the bathroom door. She says a broken mirror doesnít bode well for their wedding. She is afraid that he will be the serial killerís next victim. She suspects Heather is the killer and she wonít believe otherwise until a body surfaces. She reminds him that Heather survived jumping off the hospital roof. He says Heather wouldnít kill him. Kate goes to Olivia and Steveís apartment and has a tearful reunion with her cousin.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Neil discuss Jack and how hard they work at their jobs: Neil at Jabot and Nick at the Underground. Neil advises Nick to spend time with Avery. At the hospital, Avery finds Dylan already gone. Sharon talks to a contractor on the phone about repairing her roof when Dylan knocks at the door. At the office, Chelsea looks at pastries and gets sick so she puts them in the garbage. Cane walks in and asks what is wrong. At Jabot, Lily looks through some paperwork when Tyler comes in and tells her that she brightens up a room just by being in it. Leslie and Marcus bump into each other at the Athletic Club. Marcus wonders why Leslie will not come forward to testify before the review board to keep her mother's killer behind bars. Victor asks Mason if he followed through and changed Sharon’s meds. Mason says he hasn’t done it yet. Victor orders him to get busy and get it done. Adam watches them. Nick finds out from Avery that Dylan checked himself out of the hospital and evidently left town. Sharon advises Dylan to be careful. Sharon confronts Dylan about his relationship with Avery. Dylan thanks Sharon for calling an ambulance for him, since the accident was her fault. When Sharon complains about how long it will take to get her roof fixed, Dylan volunteers to do it. Mason agrees to do his bidding as Victor gets up and leaves. Adam confronts Mason about working with Victor. When Adam senses that Mason is working with Victor against him, he fires Mason. Avery lets Nick know that she made her choice when she hugs him.

Adam goes to see Victor to question him about his involvement with Mason. Victor tries to deny it, but Adam sees through him and tells him that he fired Mason. Tyler continues to question Lily about why she is mad at him, but she insists they are only colleagues. Cane interrupts them. Lily kisses Cane at the elevator to show Tyler that she is indeed in love with Cane. Avery spies Dylan with Sharon. Dylan informs Avery that he is staying in town to repair Sharon’s roof. Sharon leaves Avery and Dylan alone. Dylan assures Avery that he is not stalking her. Nick walks in and sees them together. Dylan congratulates Nick on winning Avery’s heart. Victor gets the P.I. to run a check on Marcus Wheeler. Adam bumps into Chelsea at the Athletic Club and asks her what she wanted to tell him. Chelsea is about to tell him when she sees Sharon walk in.

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