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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Father Fontana that this is long overdue. She just wants them to have the happiness they deserve. She is glad he is there. It means the world to her. Hope and Liam are meant to be together but they must do it this way because of Steffy who also wants to win him back. On his way home, Liam thinks back on what Steffy said that she would give him time. But she can’t imagine that he will pick anyone else. Taylor and Steffy fill Dr. Caspary in more on what is happening in her life. Liam doesn’t know he is the father, but he needs to make this decision on his own without her pressure. There is another woman involved also who expects him to return to her. Dr. Caspary says she agrees with Taylor. Liam helped conceive this baby and he has a right to know. She tells Steffy that all this tension is not good for her or the baby. Steffy still argues that they know how the Logans operate and she will not further that feud. Oliver has more proofs but Hope has to delay that. She tells him her mother needs her right away and she has no clue what is up. Oliver tells her good luck with Liam.

Liam tries to call both Steffy and Hope to no avail, only gets voice mail. He is totally surprised when he gets home and sees Brooke…..and Father Fontana who tells him that he is there to do God’s work. He brings up the memories in Italy and his beautiful bride. He understands they have had a lot of problems since then, keeping them apart. They shared a true gift and it’s a shame to keep them apart. Liam admits there is another woman involved, his ex-wife. Father Fontana says there must be a reason that she is his ex-wife and from what he sees he can not see him having the same feelings for any other woman but Hope. Dr. Caspary conducts a sonogram and shows Steffy the pix of the little one. Perhaps it will help her make the decision to tell Liam. Taylor says today is so special and she is so glad that she is with her today with her first grandchild. She just wishes Liam was there too. Hope comes to Liam’s and is just as surprised as Liam. Brooke explains herself by taking them out back and ding dong…..it finally dawns on Hope and Liam what Brooke is trying to accomplish. Madison calls Steffy and says it is just their secret, but she has a right to know. Brooke has set up an elopement wedding and even Hope and Liam don’t know about it but are due there any minute. Taylor and Steffy grab their things and hightail it out of the doctor’s office.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Marlena got into an argument over his relationship with Sami and Brady and Kristenís relationship.  Marlena warned him not to break Samiís heart.  Abby talked to Daniel about Jennifer and Chloe.  She didnít want Daniel to fall for Chloeís lies and hurt Jennifer.  Jennifer walked in and heard their conversation.  Abby left so Jennifer and Daniel could talk.  They ended up arguing over Chloe staying in his apartment.  Daniel thought Jennifer didnít trust him.  Kristen was torn over her plan to destroy Bradyís life.  Maggie wanted Chloe to move back to the mansion.  Chloe didnít want to go back because Victor threw her out.

Maggie was on to the fact that Chloe pushed Victor to throw her out.  Chloe told Maggie that she (Maggie) was afraid that Daniel would leave Jennifer for her.  Marlena ran into Kristen and they got into it over Brady and John.  Marlena walked away when John called her.  Daniel let Chloe know he wasnít staying at the apartment with her.  Daniel left to take Parker to see Maggie.  Chloe decided to take the time to scheme.  John let Marlena know he was going to be out of town for a while longer.  Before Marlena could say anything, John hung up.  Kristen went back to her room and was furious with Marlena.  She told herself that she made a mistake by not letting Brady go.  She was determined to destroy him despite her feelings for him.  Brady went to Kristenís hotel room to talk to her.  They ended up making up.  Chloe went to Jenniferís place looking for her.  Abby ended up telling Chloe where Jennifer went.  Jennifer went to buy Abby a dress.  Jennifer saw Daniel with Parker and wanted to make things right with him.  EJ and Nicole ran into each other and he let her know that heís back with Sami.  They had a little heated battle.  Nicole took her conversation with EJ as a sign and decided that she should leave Salem for good.  A man showed up at the chapel and put a gun on Eric.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Laura boards the Haunted Star and goes up to Luke on the deck. He wonders if she is in trouble. She says she came to see Lulu because she heard they were going to be grandparents again. Lulu opens a box that she thinks is from Dante and finds that it contains a rock on a skewer. It isn't from Dante. She finds an unsigned card taped to the inside of the box top. Michael wants Starr to go home with him. She says she will ask Lulu, but Lulu beats her to the punch and says she is leaving early to spend time with Dante. When they go outside, they run into Luke and Laura. Lulu shows them the anonymous Valentine's Day present. Luke and Laura think Helena might have sent the Ice Princess diamond. Luke crushes the coal and finds that it is an empty shell. Laura wonders what message Helena is trying to send Lulu. Dante and Lulu go home. Luke tells Laura that someone appears to want to remind them of the ugliest part of their history. Scott Baldwin appears and asks who Luke thinks he is calling ugly.

Sonny confesses to Connie that he has come to like her. He says it isn't about Kate, he wants Connie. Michael and Starr see Connie and Sonny going into a stateroom engaged in a passionate kiss. After Sonny and Connie make love, Connie says that it has been a long time. She clarifies that the time with Johnny wasnít making love; it was using sex as a weapon to hurt Sonny. He asks her what she feels now, and she says she feels like she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but she is going to prison for kidnapping Johnny, hitting that girl with her car, and killing her son. Sonny tells her that Diane will get her acquitted. She tells him that this is the happiest moment of her life. They go to sleep. Kate wakes up and wonders where she is.

Spinelli spends Valentine's Day with Ellie in her apartment. She tells him that Maxie went out with a man that she thinks is her father. He is glad to have the privacy. He gives her a diamond bracelet. They dance with her feet atop his. He gives her a copy of her favorite movie and they watch it together. Maxie tells her father that her doctor blackmailed her into ruining a nurse's life. He asks her what this doctor is holding over her. She confides that the baby she is carrying isn't Dante and Lulu's, but hers with Spinelli. She says she didnít tell Dante and Lulu because she thought it was a miracle that she could still give them a baby, but her doctor said she would tell if she didnít do what she says. Frisco says he can take care of it. Britt writes a note and then goes up to Emma and apologizes for saying she didnít like her. Emma runs. Sabrina catches her and gives her a hug. Emma says Britt scared her. Felix gives her a party favor and says it is a magic wand. She says poof, Britt is gone. Felix takes Emma to the nurses' party. Patrick tells Britt not to speak to his daughter again. Britt says that if Patrick lets Emma be rude to adults, then he will have an uncontrollable child later. Patrick tells her to stay away from Emma. Britt gives Sabrina the letter she wrote earlier and tells her that it is a copy of the letter that she sent Dr. Quartermaine. Sabrina and Patrick read the scathing review in which Britt says Sabrina is incompetent and unprofessional. Patrick says he is going to tell Monica how capable Sabrina is. He gives her the Valentine that Emma made for her. Maxie and Frisco go to the hospital. Frisco tells Britt that her reign of terror is over. He tells her to stop blackmailing Maxie and not to even think about telling Dante and Lulu that the baby Maxie is carrying isnít theirs or reveal that it is Spinelli's baby.  He tells her that she has to clean up the mess she made with Sabrina Santiago. She asks him why she should comply. He tells her that he is a fixer, that he gets paid to kill bad guys, and that she is a bad guy. Olivia and Steve go home and find the door open. They look around and find everything is the way they left it. Olivia asks him if he checked the shower to see if Sabrina Santiago is waiting for him in there like in her vision. Steve says the only thing he is interested in is making out with Olivia. They make love on the floor and then he goes to take a shower. She quips that Sabrina had better not be in there. She hears a crash and Steve stumbles out of the bathroom holding his stomach where he has been stabbed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club bar, Tyler tries to assure Leslie that they will not be found out. Avery lets Nick know that he is the only man she wants to be with. Out on the snowy highway, Sharon checks on Dylan’s condition after he ran off the road. When Dylan comes to, he is disoriented and calls out the name of Sully. Chelsea calls Chloe to come to her hotel room. Lily tries to assure Cane that their marriage is stable, and she doesn’t want anyone else. Nick puts on some music and Avery starts to dance. Sharon tells Dylan that the ambulance is on the way, but he refuses to go to the hospital without Sully. Leslie reminds Tyler that Lily has a husband and cautions him to be careful. Lily tries to make Cane understand that she cannot live without him. Sharon calls Avery about Dylan. Adam visits Chelsea and wants to know what she had to tell him and why she became so upset.

Chelsea reminds Adam that she was upset about seeing Sharon in her shirt. Chelsea orders Adam to go back to Sharon. Chloe arrives at Chelsea’s door and is surprised when she sees Adam there with her. Avery and Nick go to the hospital to check on Dylan. Sharon explains what happened to him. The doctor comes out and tells them Dylan’s condition. Avery asks to see Dylan while Sharon and Nick talk. Nick warns Sharon about getting involved with Adam again. Avery gets up to leave, but Dylan asks her to stay. Cane and Lily make love. Marcus sees Leslie and Tyler at the Athletic Club bar and asks them to come forward and help in Avery’s case to keep the man behind bars who killed their mother. Chelsea refuses to tell Adam that she is pregnant. Furious, Adam leaves. Chelsea lets Chloe know that Adam moved on with Sharon and will not tell him that she is pregnant. Adam calls Sharon to check on her safety. Sharon asks Avery if she knows anyone by the name of Sullivan. Leslie refuses to get involved in this case concerning Avery and their mother's killer. Avery tells Nick that she has closure now and she wants to move on. Chloe lets Chelsea know that Adam will want to be part of his child’s life. Sharon visits Adam. Adam asks Sharon what is next for them. Dylan dreams of the war and Sully. At home, Nick and Avery say they love each other.

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